Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 11, 1957 · Page 9
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 9

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 11, 1957
Page 9
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** A for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MB., TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 1957 'The Raid Boy-7 New Health Chief Named PITTSBURGH I*-The Allegheny County Health Depl. today announced - the appointment 01 Dr. David C. Pricketl of Fairmont, W. Va., as health officer o' the McKeesporl distdcl itdvery" lo keep hair from falling Dr. Pritkctt, Marion Countyj off lhe na 8&™, was plain old glue? health officer the last two years. I So '"'stead, 1 visited (he guy the will assume the $13.300-a-yearj cl °? '' cc °mmended, Peter J. Mich- McKeesport posl July I. Elmer Finds Out Ahout Genes, Bald Spots NINE Fire Personnel Made Soviet Head By KL-MER WHEELER 1 was duped The doc had sold me out. How could I go home and explain that the "great medical dis- •To Get Kcnlv Personnel changes in -the City I .' r^wro: Kire Dcpartiiifiil, ivlm-h are 1 of- According to a recent poll 1 The firsl adding machine lo em- among American poetry [overs, iploy dcprcssihle keys was patent-' the best liked'poem is Longfcl-|ed by I). D. Parmelcc in February,' low's A Psalm of Life. 11830. Kndios In Decline at?l He look me into a room and sal himself in front of a large window. He didn't fool me at all. That was an old bald boy's trick, silting in DENVER, Colo, if, - Signs of'tiie "window i'ighf so' yo'uTouidn'i ne changing times: Denver cilyiscc. from the strong light, his lack lax records show that (lie num-Jof hair. her of taxable television sels jumped from nothing five years ago to 75,557 tins year. Taxable radios perigd 12.878. Michael's was fast receding. At least, f would get some information from a doomed baldy. (or the same five-year, He was most sympatlielio. 'He, dropped from 25,961 tojharcd his sou), and his head, and I ' told me how he had read volumes Money medical expenses An HFC loan is often the' best cure for medical expenses — or bills of any kind. When you need money for car or home repairs, travel, business, or to consolidate old debts, turn to HFC for help. Household ofl'ers one-day service on loans up to $1000, with up to 24 months to repay. Remember, over two million people borrow from HFC each year — it's America's oldest and largest consumer finance company. Phone or visit HFC today. Life insurance is provided on all BFC loans without exlra co«/ lo you Coih You Gel * $100 200 300 500 1000 MONT 14 pfmh =24.62 48.44 HLY PW 20 !>*,-» $ 6.72 13.44 20.16 38.88 56.81 MENT F If pejmti $10.05 20.09 30.14 46.09 90.58 LANS 6 piymti 518.46 36.92 55.38 89.34 175.43 iivlndt teitl oj the Ivan ijr duls. Ckajia tm loans abate vnder the Inditsltial Fina*e* OUSEHOLD FINANCE 12 South Centre St., S. E. Cor. Baltimore 2nd Floor— PHONE: PArkview 2-5200 Laans Made la RfsidtKls oj tvetnby Towns A. Njivc and Kaymciiid I.cidinser.ldappst and is mm- liviii" i The latter throe are liM.M ;is;mm»Um suburb. Kliruslic lilicrmcn lo (i)ierate the in a Wil- liehev. the ear .se:it .Soviet I'arly boss, wheel n[ lhe department's 85-fout was interviewed in a CDS jhowk and l.ufrfcr ciKjlne. -r;m> Jimu 2. To regular chauffeur. Ki'Cd 0 Polls, (Jeni-ifc D. HoWilzcll. Itii-li- ard II. Smith.' Halpti !•:. ,Mu- I honey. Calvin II. Will, Louis 10. llarlung and Robert II. Meister. Chief Parker said the depart- mem now has ll> paid regular chauffeurs, five extra chauffeurs and )1 tillcTincn. ile said part of his program is an attempt lo have a regular driver at each station replaced |by another regular driver on off- liuly days or vacations wiih an ;xtra driver available in eyent_of emergcncv. "It all comes down In chromosomes" and genes." n tha hair, on diet, on disorders] f lhc scalp and skin and the mind f the condemned bald hoy. "It all comes down to chrolno- omes," he told me, and when I sked him what new disease this A'as he laughed and explained. He told me that lhc male and he female each have chromo- omes in them, and that the unit- ng of, these at conception determines many things, such as the olor of lhe skin, eyes, and whether the child would be a boy ,irl, tall or short. Inside one of lhe chromosomes is a gene that is bad. A malicious gene. .For if we get it. we lose our hair. Thai's science's own explanation. "Just remember Ihis," said Peter, the near-bald, "the next time some ad or someone (ells you he can grow hair on the proverbial billiard ball." Now, if yon are a woman, you've a betler chance of not gelling this gene that roulelles itself around with lhe good genes. You see, to "win" the had gene if you are a woman doesn't count. You AnVKRTISKMKNT CONSTIPATED? ' New laxative discovery un-locks bowel blocks without gag, bloat or gripe Consiipaljcir, is caused by vhal doctors call a "trinfiy" colon thai, inilead of retaining moisture as it should, does the. oprosile: , ()t)S lhc cotan o[ so much moisture that as conlenls become dehydrated, so dry dial Ihcy block the bowel- so shrunken Utat they fail to excite or stimulate the urge to purse that propels and eipcls waste from your body. ' lag cjpacily, plus COLON-AID'S utetch- itimutalina bulk So effective it litres even cli/onic ronslipalion over- nJEl]lj CoujNAIn is )fl w smoclh so gcmle it has proved safe even for women in critical slajes of pregnancy c . , ., upc " or «> °" » bulk, salt or drug laxatives, COUINAID neither blorus nor^pripci; v.on'1 interfere \\ilh absorption* of vn^mini and olhcr valtt- - able food nutricms; in daifcal tests be bald. Ibalri woman. ' j ^"""f' c ° n5 ."P alm S contents of did not came rash or olher reactions Here is how he explained this! " of course, if you haven't in-1 bow'cl'inust be 'icmoiMncil^Sewrt ll ' sa P h J» f ° 1 °S" 1 al &>cl: Herein; tone, point: Iheriled the bad gene, and yours is I bulk must be brought to your colon >our • y nd COLONAID exercises It seerns every part of us, fromi one of lnosc curable cases, youi 10 S-T-R-E-T-C-H STIMULATE it to "' '~ " normal urge to purge. -------- ..„. ---- t —„,.*. . ull . Further, it told whether you'digei (wo of them. Then you are a! rc 2 al ° nomsl rcjjuiaritj', lhe do; " Ibalri ' "" n e « our fallen arches to our falleni" are h °Pe- 177"','",,", """ """'" '""^ ""--lo-ukc iablet form a. any dr,« hair, is made up of cells. Trillions', ' Dlri S'our doctor tell you aboutp?™' "' . lava " vcs . on|y COI.ONUD, counter, today! Only 9Sc for the (>b ofthem. I how the clogged-up condition In each cell there are the| lllc sebaceous gland may be cans- chromosomes. 24 pairs of them— : '"3 premature falling of hair? Did •IS in all. I he tell you that lhe hole in your What's a chromosome? It's a! llair nlo - v hc '«"" a nervous, up- chain of genes. j sc t. worried or just plain curably Let it be sufficient to sav that diseased condition?" . ., ' araa ""« ncw h"iive discovery tablet package, brings positive relic ' """"'" COI.ONA.D 5 great mo m u ,i-. at less than 2c per lablci. Ask For Free How To Paint Booklet PAINT-THE MODERN WAY WITH SurfaTone WALL FINISH • Guoio"" r&Mxi K»«" <?c «« ^•**^ 0 nl^^ evcr used wJlei. No brusi ' hmalkS> ! W ^n7'odor. Fifteen «-.nounp»e.s.ModO hun(lrcds ., r o ot washes, $ .^^r pleasant odor, frnm which h' £ -'?• ^^ isa8 ^e'^ baSeP2 ONLY $' i.69 'OMLOM .49 iToUART G. C. 138-148 Baltimore St. CO. Cumberlanc the 24 chromosomes in the male will pair off at conception with .he 24 chromosomes in lhe female lo become the newborn child. By come unknown process the chromosomes split, each half go- a different cell to mul- 1 said no lo both. He told me to make sure the doc covered these two situations while I still had some hair left, and lhal if these were not my causes of loss' of hair, then to return lo him. ing into tiply. If these 24 pairs match, the child is a girl; if nol, well you guessed it, the unmatched become a boy. Still »-ith me? This is the process that determines what we will inherit from pop and mom at birth; and if it sounds complicated; remember III give matic cure," you the he said. psychoso , losing the hair is complicaled. loo. ' ll 'erc was hope? asked him what in thunder this discovery was. He fold me it was for the "incurables." the doomed bald boys, thej "Curlys" in life. I was determined not to give up. Didn'l Michael and lhe doc bolh lell me lhal while there was fuzz, 11 \ HOME OWNERS \\/APARTMENT OWNERS \ COMMERCIAL USERS Now here is what Peler J. Michael told me gives or takes away our hair. LOWEST PRICE EVER I walked home. I was so absorbed in these final "hopes" that I actually forgot lo wear my hat until a friend yelled: j "Hi. Baldy!" ! When f got home I kicked the' dog into the yard. He was shedding nice long handsome hair's all over the den rug. The beast! .NEXT: Doc gives Elmer a slcrn lesson in hair hygiene. 1 <Copyricrit, 1957. hy Elmer WTieder 1 (Distributed by NEA .Service, Inc.) No Beef Now WINNIPEG itf-AMerman A. E. Bennett, amateur chef who had been challenged to prove his ^cooking prowess, obliged hy [placing Ihrce succulent, beautifully-browned sleak and kidney pies on the desk of city hall reporters. Their verdict: delicious. 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