The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 7, 1930 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
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Wednesday, May 7, 1930
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Entered as second class matter, Oct. 4, 1S95, at post office at Tipton Ind., under ,the act of March 5, 1879. ' i : - • i : i VOIA-ME-XJsXV, Xii. lSp TIPTON, INDIANA, WEDNESDAY EVENING, MAY 7, 1930. BEING CHECKED Bt THE BOARD No Changes Fouhd by Commissioners From Figures Announced. BESULTS IN TOWNSHIPS Precinct Corrmif eemlen Will Meet Soon to Organizations ' The smoke of tin tic was]}- Wednesday noon :i lfi elect ion -rommissioi ing tlio vote-without changes from the nonnood, the sitiinti|on eepied by defeated splendid manner. A defeated candidate! Perfect all d w ers i'lndigestion" Victim Learns I- H_- was Shot in tin* Stoin..ili New York, May 7.—Wh'.n Anthony Agrista awoke;day, his stomach pained him so severely thai he suspected ah attack of indigestion. He called his family physician. > [ While lie prepared to examine Agrista he asked him it he had met with any accident. Agristal had an argument with sonic men. the before, he said, and one struck him in the face. The examination showed Agrista has been shot in the stomach. He was rushed to a hospital, where his condition is said to he critical. GARY SEES REPEATERS II Convicts Under Doi Six Chicago. Women andj Three Gary Men Held for Conspiracy. AT SHARPSVILLE primary bat- for the nomination for judge oii| the jRepnhli- Tribune can ticket, stated l< man Wednesday m-o had more friends in th<[ county than he realized. "Tfhey were my friends." said Mr "they'evidently savedj money this fall and the p.rjl!s.'.l Oilier didates took their smiling manner and: defeated ones were the j first to, congratulate the winners Township contests, places created con teres! and workers their favorites. T\vo| enumerated in the morning edition of were 1 in Madison townships. In the f Hall. Hoy Hobbs. and Charles Retl seeking the nominal)ion gone iiv lb the' •anvass- finding any results "aa- I - jvas - ae- | delates in A. Fletcher. BAIL OF $10,000 EACH Women Attempted to Vote j in Different Precincts, ; Is Charged. Missionary Societies Will Hold All-Day Session There Friday. TIPTON PEOPLE GOING iiiuq that he If let chor. "for me lime and a defeat at jlefehjed can- osses in a many of (he in I •ssveral iderable in- Ivere jbusy for contests not. .•ote in the the i Tribune iind rmer Jlesse Wildcat J. O. Myerly erford were visory board hienil ers Democrat ticket. The highest are nomina ed a: are Hoy Hobbs with 34| Jess Myerly with 31 Rotherford with ~C<!\. M-r.| Hall received 171 In Wild eat town turns-fronij Xo. •! njiake jthe total vote for assessor <n fhoiRepuhl can ticket as follow !17. Crouch SO and Mr Xot later than precinct -committeemen tify to the chairmen of ties, vice^committeqmen ship ;tho re- Arnistrong fturkhardt 2!), Armstrong being nominated. "Thursday will the eer- the par- of the opposite sex and oi May 10 the precinct committeemen will meet and organize by electing) a chairman. Not later than tyay l;3th •county clerk will ( suit of the primar retnry of state and vassing board will' lGth to canvass the votej Candidates at the fejeent pr", mary whether they had any ex- for ad- on the three (nd th (>;•:• voles: and Charles ertify the the re­ s' toj the seethe stale can- meet on the pense or otherwise are to file an expense account with the county clerk. The law requires that this he done not later than June 5. The question of the chairmen •who'will .take charge of the campaign in this county, is now troubling party workers, and each party is looking alxiut for a person who is willing to tackle this important job. required M'SIASTEIt IS TICTOIRIOUS. Independent Wins South Dakota G. O. P. Scaatc Nomination. Sioux Falls, S.\V.,, li/Iay 7 — Senator William! H. McMaster, independent'Republican,! and Governor W. J. Bulow,- Democrat, were nominated for | United States senator from South Dakota; • port now "j held by McMas ter, according to; unofficial re- tBrnBf^oday. on Tuesday's state prtMry The Woman's Home Missionary societies of the Methodist churches of the. Logansport district will hold aji all day district convention Friday at Sharp'sville. The, sessions will convene in the Sharpsville Methodist church Friday morning. • .Mrs. E. F. ITilkert of Logansport will be one of the speakers on the program. Mrs. Hilkert was ni the program for the spring luncheon given at the Kemp Methodist church by the Woman's Home Missionary society ofKemp church and will be remembered as an exceptionally fine speaker. The young People of the churches will have charge of the evening program. Dinner and supper, will be served in the church. All members of the local Missionary society and its Auxiliaries and the Queen Esther Circle are urged to attend this district convention. Gary, Ind., May 7—Six Chicago women and three Gary men' are held in default of $10,000 bail each here today on charges of conspiracy to violate election laws in tlie Lake county primary election Tuesday. A charge of transporting voters for illegal voting also may be filed against <ihe men under the, federal statutes. The women are accused of attempting to vote in different precincts. • .Charges of irregularities in Lake county elections have been made frequently in other years. Several grand juries investigated the last general election, and indictments were returned by a federal grand jury. ARE HOPEFUL OF !E Eelfeved^a ^T -r of Revolu-' i tion in India Has Now' Passed. TROOPS IN CONTROL Jersey fc'aimcr Takes-Horse in lli.iisc to Kscap." ['.,".1:1: . - Dacnata. N.J., May. 7.— men and volunteers 8I;J' the grass:end lirinh fire:! near here entered the farm house of • John Cole one day this we*It, to get a brief respite from the terrific heat of the burning brush. .'• In the kitchen they found Cole and his plow horse. The farmer said he had rescued the animal from the barn, which "had burned down, and had been forced into the house because of the heaV. The' fire fighter:; saved Cole's home. L PACT EDURE ; I SETTLED j Present. Military Precautions Are Adequate for General Safety. FAST WORK IN FIRE DRILLS Stiarson Will Be First Wit- nsss Eeiore the Seriate Cor.rr.itte:*, ILEED SEES . VICTORY •i Senator Says He Is Certain Public Will Approve Lon."on Treaty. School of City Wed-; nesday Morning. | Atrial view of inmates of the Ohio State Penitentiary being marched to meals. In view of the rebellious mood of the men .» double guard has been placed in the prison grounds. In the background are members of the Columbus City police force fully j London, May.. 7.—Government • circles in India were represented ; here this afternoon as confident,. • notwithstanding widespread riot! ing which has followed the arrest j of Mahatma Gandhi, that they, ^ j an control the situation here, j ' ; ' . They realize the probability ot j SgVEEAL RUNS further disturbances by mobs, al-' legedb" aroused "by agents of - the i All-India National congress,- but apparently do not expect any con- I , prepared to cope pending uprising. CUD.IHY WAS LKAVIXG. Police Find Alleged Accomplice of Clyde Jones Away From Home MOVK- ABOUT MAY* lOTIf. New Quarters For A. & V. Store Are About Completed. Workmen, who have been engaged in the remodeling of the Leatherman building on North Main street since it was vacated by the Citizens National iBank, are endeavoring to finish so that the change can be made about the 10th of the present month. Contractor W. R. Shook has had a force of men at work since the bank moved and they.have about finished. [The firm of Parker & Basey is doing the decorating and this will be completed in time for the move, it is believed. i The front of the building is being painted a deep red, the color used by the A. &'P. stores for all of the organization. Police at Frankfort, who arrested Mike[Bower at that plaee who has been missing ever since the, trouble in which Clyde Jones former Goldsmith man was engaged at Frankfort, came near losing their star witness against Bower "who is held on a booze charge. Charles Cudahy, at • whose home Jones was arrested following the killing of a Frankfort policeman told the police at :iis trial he secured liquor from Bower and was intoxicated while Jones was at his home, where found by the police. Cudahy was found to hare left his home and taken his clothing, hiit when located "by the officers denied having tried to make a j getaway, saying he was away on I account of family trouble. Cudahy is out on a suspended sentence. Complete AVork. J. J. Kessler and his men were at the Hobbs' v school building Wednesday and completed the' setting of the boilers in ihe new. building. The boilers in the new building at New Lancaster -which was wrecked by the storm of Monday evening were not injured when one of the walls collapsed. Banker8 in World Bank Have Agreed on the Bond Shares for Each Country | London, May 7.—The International bankers who met at Brussels last week have agreed on the division of the first German reparation bonds under 'the Young i - • ii plan'among the various'markets, according to the Brussels correspondent of the Financial Times. I Of the total of $300,000,000, according to this accoant. It was proposed by Gates W. McGarrah, president of the Bank for International Settlements who presided, that France should take over 9100,000,000, England 160,000,000 and America $80,000,000. Montaga Norman, a^rernor of the Bank of England, la reported to hare protested that the amonnt suggested lor London - was more than he was prepared to', accept and the French delegates are said to have explained that while they desired to take as large a portion of the loan as possible, they did not - think they could assure the underwriting of so large a share as $100,000,000. Eventually, -according to this source, it, was arranged that the various nations should • take amounts, as follows: France and the United States, 980,000,000; Britain, 940,000,000;: Holland. 930,000,000; Sweden, 925,000,000; Switzerland, 916,000,000 and Belgium, Italy and Germany, 910,000,000 each. The Brussels correspondent cf The PinaBclal^Tlmea.adds that the ratevotvtnterest on the bonds was finally^agreed upon as.6 pet cent by'the bankers. AGAINST DENNIS Tipton High School Student Accused of Reckless Driving in Hobbs. with any im- certed revolutionary • movement and believe the measures already ; adopted will suffice to keep the : agitation within safe limits. Moderate Indian opinion j represented as supporting i government. ! 'Washington. May 7.— Inten Good Time Made in All themn getting the London naval treaf j !)' ore fie senate, the foreigji i rotations committee today! turnr |1 • its attention to plans for hearin:! (in the pace the committee, tv; I mnralie; of which were delti- s to tli" London conference, wis ..ailed nto closed session to j settle all irunedinte problems of ] ].; .icedure. No . witnesses v.ei-.» j summoned for today. ' the ci'.y i it i. s expected that tlenry I.i MADE j *; in all Fire drills schools took place Wednesday moriiing' and'some remavka'hi" gond . time was made al «r- !i is 1 building. The drill was mr>m re- Stiuison. secretary of the American delegation, will be the tirst witne:-. ?nd after hi« teftimony the senate naval conimitte, will I)IK1) IX-OHIO,. .Mrs. Elln Fiillertnn Was III Many Alonths With Cancer.' the jalistic because of the presence of j start hearings .on eertaiit ph 'ise :j . a .r-itv fire'truck, ;\U the firemen ! of the treaty. ' i * . ' . i . i : in uniform and police present toj Snator David A. Reed (Rep.. assist in lending the right sort oil Pa ), a delegate, who tarried in) color to the exhibitions. OtfTy th:i i Europe for a short holiday and last ni-^iitj Word was received by relatives in Tipton Tuesday of the death of All Students in City Schools , Mrs. EU->. Fullerton. ' wife . of principals of the buildings .vera \ reached New York notified of the impending tests .-,o | eame to Washington for , todav'si the teachers and ' the students ! meeting of the committeel He said he was confident that in Special Program Friday Afternoon. ONLY A MOCK TRIAL thought at first there was really j a fire hut there was no disorder j whpn the tre.ty is fully under. _ ,.„ r it an v place. "stood. American public opinion ot. IluntsviUe.l _^ I would approve it without quali- which Tuesday! Thc Hre truck -and firemon j flcation _ WOOL MAKKKTIN'G. I I An event of unusual interest to the students in Miss Carter's public speech class at the higii ! school, is a mock trial now in progress* Charles Dennis, vaudeville actor ; of more or less note, is on trial before Judge Dan Simpson > and a jury, on charges of reckless | driving and disturbing the peace j and. serenity of the city of Hobbs. It is alleged in the indictment, returned by a special grand jury last week that Dennis turned the! corner: on \State Road 28 at ter-j riOc speed, with cutout open and much horn blowing,, causing, n\i- merpus citizens to flee for their lives. i In attempting to escape the on-| coming juggernaut; a Mexican j hairless Great Dane pup, belong-! ing to Miss Enid McGuire, was j killed, and. Miss 'McGuire herself sustained a broken arm and other serious injuries when she j stumbled over; the curb and fell against a telephone pole in her effort to find a place of safety. She appeared in court swathed in bandages and with her arm in a sling. If Dennis is convicted on the reckless driving charge, it is said Miss McGuire will institute suit for personal "-damages. • Edwin Pickering is conducting the . prosecution, and Russell Downes is appearing for the defense."" The procedure is marked with much bickering between opposing-counsel, and healed arguments oyer objections to nearly every question asked by either al^ torney. The case formally got under way Tuesday with the -selection of the jury and: opening statements by opposing counsel. In selecting the jury, the: prosecution challenged one talesman for cause, and the defense excused two, one on the grounds that he might be prejudiced in his judgment, because at,< one.' t| me he. was severely whipped by the defendant, and the other on^ the ground that as the defendant owed him a considerable .amount of money, lie. (ContiBned on Page I) I Stuart Fullerton j Ohio | morning, after a long'illnes-s due| weire stationed near the building j to cancer complications. Mrs.' FuK where the test was to take place. i lerton was a cousin, of the latei When the school alarm sounded, NATIONAL MUSIC WEEK ! Moll Katon. Mrs. H. .1. Reed and) the truck made a. run to., the L |mHi||la o rKJln i ZJ „j„ n H«.H Granville Katon. i - . . (.school, hose was rushed into ihe j * " Mrs.•Charity Katon.has been at"j building before all students had j ! j the Fullerton home for., 'several (.marched out and there was All! Tho Indiana Woo , Grower.-, j In observance of National i weeks assisting in the' care of! tlie appearance of fii-e fighting. i \ SSO ciation tffiliatfd with the! Music Week, the schools of the; Mrs. Fullerton. The deceased is.' At theJhigh school building th -J ! cnwii -orf •««• ti.o • hasband, five!. Aid at I i '>dcra> Farm llonr'I. city will have a. Ispecial program • survived by the -jstndents were out in 1 min. Friday afternoon! at 2:00 o'clock• daughters and- four sons besidesi seconds. At the First ward build- at-lhe high school gym. The! pro-! other- relatives. "Miss Bessie Pul-j j 11R . t | le children were out in .iO gram will be in-jcharge of jWissj lerton,. well known nurse at .the! se . eon( i s - a . nt j this included the is- Viola Kohlmeyer, music super-! Robert Long hospital at Indian-] s j s ' t j IIK 0 f a few crippled chiTdrc -;i visor in the schools and taking! applis, and Mrs. Ida Mertz,' wife.! wllo , w attending school tl;-re part in the program will bej thejofJDr. Mertz of Indianapolis;, also] At TMrd - tne - bH i, dinK '-' j Indianu Farm Dureau has joined | with other wool producing organizations in availing itself of the wool marketing plan sponsored by the Federal ; Farm Hoard. Tipton county woi|>I producers who wish to avail themselves of this service may deliV- seconds. At St. ! or wool to the Tipton County pupils from the [First and Third j a trained nurse.-are daughters of ! W a K yjenfed in Ward schools and the Junior jhigh i the deceased and have visited in j ^ )]n ^ pai . 0( . hia , s( . hool the buUa .-i Farm Bureau Service Station. Tipton frequently-with the Reed';. - . • •• ' , . „„ « , ' : ing was vacated in 20 seconds and Katon families. .' ' ,,. and at the Lutheran school the Funeral services will be held' . . .„ , • , _, i cime was 45 seconds, at the 1 lite home Thursday, afternoon ' '- At one of.the buildings an schools. ( An urgent invitation is extended to all the patjrons, music lovers and those interested in : the schools and in music and note the progress being m'ade through the schools. "The program will be made up. mostly will include the first grades in their folklore and other songs and ress through the! of singing and children of the hlso music prog- rades into the m • m - " ' j amusing incident occurred. Two Mrs. bene Goar and two daugh- j teachers were thc first out of the ters of South West street have re- jbuilding. turned home, from a visit at j : Mayor Griffith and Councilman Cleveland, Ohio with her sister, {'Mcllitosh viewed the drills and Mrs. Roy Sa bens and husband. *''bpth were favorably impressed. Junior and Senior high The orchestra clubs of the high assist in making the program | one of merit and entertainment | and the i glee I schoo) will also j Hoover Forces Have Planned Showdown on Tariff Bill and They See a Victory An udvance to growers of tit- teen cents per pound will be made at once and when the wool has reached the terminal warehouse a second advance based ou grade will be made, which; will be around five cents per pound average. ; Fiiuil payment on the wool witi be made when It is sold. Growers are given an opportunity in promoting the Federal Farm Board's marketing program and at the same time j getting around twenty cents per| pound advance. and" worthwhile, those interested make note'and Patrons are asked be present.: andj to! to; show their !appreciation of the work being done in our schools. Favornble R «-|M >rt. Washington,.-May T.-rSatisfac- t ganizatipn of the Tariff Commis- jtion over— Saturday's decisive Jslon' and the rates on lumber, votes in the House against the j silver and cement. Senate's export'debenture and j Chairman Smont of the Fin- legislative flexible provisions in j ante Committeej who had favor- the tariff bill was expressed at ..ed • returning. th£ bill at once toj WORK HF.I.H I'P. Thc condition jof Prof. [jWill Smith of Elwood, who was Operated at' the Methodist hospital' at Contractor Having Hani Time Flushing Hub Highway. the White House today, where it|con-ference*. said; lie would leave! The Meneeley Construction . . . . . , campany with only a feW days' was learned that the the Senatej membership to : w . bei ,, re it to complete the tion now intends to bend every!decide the.procedure. This is now ; Hub HiKhway pr „ject wesl) of Tip- Indianapolis for the removal of two goitres, continues, very favorable for an early! recovery. His daughter | Marjorle, who has been confined to the home in Elwood with scarlet fever is also getting along liicely and tho .from: quarantine willj be lifted the home in a few days. Returns Home ated some time Charles Snyder, who was oper- ago at "the iNob- lesville hospita^ -for intestinal trouble was brought to his honiel near Arcadia Tuesday. Hels teU ting along nicely. , : i 1 iJi on "each item. The'protest of 1,028 leading economists of "the country against the bill because | of rate Increases and urging a veto by the Presi- effort jtoward accomplishing the j expected to be for separate votos same result in the-upper chamber. ! The| conviction that President Hoover will veto the bill if it contains the debenture is so strong! that Administration leaders now seem prepared to meet another Senate test on tho-clause before!sending.the tariff measure! back to conference. Consideration of ihe conference report as received from the House} was deferred until end of the debate'on the Parker nomina'' tion. J Six points of. disagreement remain to be' solved in the bill. They, are the debenture, the flexible tariff provisions, the -' reor- ton, is encountering difflculty on account of wet weather. Making a start Moriday the cohtractor laid 321 f-ei of concretii before be *a* rained but and since that time has been unable to .resume. . dent was brought to the Senate's ( pi;ins were made to start Iponrtng attention briefly; when Koii.jior ) Wednesday morning, but [an ear- Harrison, Democrat, of Mtssisslp-! \ r morning irain caused a! change pi. had the.document inserted: .ii i ; n this. i The Record. The east end of the road, will Additional protests from fo> | not be molested during'the *mm- eign countries were sent by • the State Department to the House and 'Senate committees on the measure. France',, the Netherlands and. Italy' 1 bare sent further com- Itlaints on behalf of their nationals. ' . • :.'-i : : mer according to latest j repwts and materials wilt be I placed thereon to get it In condition for the coming i winter, the road was badly cat «p w! the heavy rains followed den thaw.

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