The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 6, 1930 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 6, 1930
Page 6
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t Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma Are Visi1ed/h|y Severe Storms. REPORT TWO Kansas City, Miy dadoes swept into [three] late yesterday causing two deaths and injujry to| several persons. Four tornadoes ioosed their fury on • western Okjlahome, •wrecking city and ural homes, cotton gins and smal builjlings in their paths. Mrs. C. T. Bush, three, was killed wl;en three " twisters, which Blaine county, leveled '.todr farm home three miles northeast of Grenfield. An unidei tilled negro [ man also was killed .A young boy-by tihe niime of Clevenger, was reported niissing after the storm. Four men were injured, . one inadol struck critically, when a ton Walters, Okla. City officials estimated damage -at Walters mately 3150,000.. Tllree | cotton gins were razed, a damaged, and a dofeen twister. and nearl Hter were wrecked by the A girl was injured| farms were damaged- wood. Kas. The twi| thirty boxcars from track and carried theiji i rem the right-of-was also tore up the Santa tracks'between Chase| Ellinwood. In Nebraska, the s|torm through a farming tween Grand Island arid Hastings demolishing several hpmes; PIUMAKY KULIYG Strict Interpretation III Forr<> He; erpretation I t is- mider- it the sa-me re reelection as |At K )komo No attempt will be| madp here to enforce, a strict in of the primary law, stood. It4s claimed th qualifications for voting quired for a primary in a general election, no voters will be pdrmittjed to cast ballots who have not' been residents of the prec net for 30 days, of the township-'or cb days and of the state for s x months. It has been the general opinion that the law permitted voters to take part in a primary if their •residence qualification; would be legal in the following November election. This is the rule which will apply here. Mr. and Mrs. Dudl were at Anderson Sunday TRUCK TURNED OVER. Farm Bureau Truck In Ditch North of Town Yesterday. 6.—Tor- ptates least age LLED sixty- one of struck Joe i Moorman, driver of a | Farm Bureau gasoline truck, was ml an accident at the Hertle corner north of Tipton yesterday afternoon but, escaped unhurt. His truck slipped off the road; went into the ditch on the south side of the road and turned over. * iJohn Kessler with his truck and tackle succeeded in getting the.truck righted after he had gotten into the" ditch and had to be! pulled out. Mr. Moorman was. coming" in^o" SMALL CYCLONE L mm ta TIROM DAILT TBIBtrNS HA» SElHOrH ACCIDENT. Sinall Son of j Mr. and Mi*. Floyd " Roler Brake Leg. William Floyd, the 22-months- old son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Roler; residing north of Sharns- ville,.-litteijl withserious "accident _ .Monday afternoon about 2:30, New Building at New Lan- 'while with his! mother in the chick> Tipton!from the west and in passing a.n automobile pulled over tjo the side of thei rpad. Toe w-hee! of ;his truck began shipping in the muddy road and he could n4t control the truck.' IRE AID FOR the approxi- ourth ' was a. railroad 500 The 1 homes Hines Asks Government for $20,000,000 More for Department. HOUSE MEASURE IS HH casted Damaged by Sudden Storm-Monday. , WORKERS IN DANGER five Ellin- swept yards wind Fe railroad Kas., and swept stectioji be- of Law Not by Fielding Washington, .May G.—An in-) •crease of§20,000,000 a year in the amount paid by the government to disabled veterans of the world war was proposed, by a bill presented yesterday by Director Hines o£ the veterans* bureau to the Senate finance committee. -. The bill was presented for the guidance of the finance committee, -.which is holding hearings on a measure passed recently*by the House. Hines opposed certain provisions j of the House measure which be said would result in an increased annual cost to the government of between SI SI,000,000 land $ He added that | his bill, ifjadopted, : would increase the cost about 820,000.- OftO land not more than $25,000,000. f • The House adopted Jan. 1, 1!>30, as the last date when disability would be presumed to havei been caused by war service. Hines told the committee he favored; Jan. 1, 1925. This feature of the" House measure caused a stormy debate in that body. Sent to Sanitarium. drenching rain followed the. collapse of the building. , The wall had been erected to the first story and the frames^had been set-this week. All this work must be done over in addition to clearing away the debris. Contractor Thomas estimated roughly that his damage would amount to more than $400 and added that only last Saturday he took out insurance on'the work going on at-.New-Lancaster and Hobbs. Wjillard Campbell of the Nevada community left Saturday for a sanitarium twelve miles from Colorado Springs. Mr. Campbell has 'been suffering with tuberculosis; for some time. A donation was jtaken and, the man was sent hoping to return much improved. Prof. Segrist Will Be Missed by Studciits and Others. Attorney A. A. Fletcher was at Indianapolis Monday attending the, j hearing of bankruptcy of RoylBiddle. -. ' ' ' Mrs., C. E. Tompkins was in Anderson Sunday and spent the day iwilh her daughter Mrs. Fred Scott and husband. Mrs. H. E. Grishaw was at In dianapolis Monday and visited with friends. How Much Should a Funeral Cost? We believe that the funeral should 'reflect accurately-the standard of living of the deceased. To _ fall below tliftv standard. is - not good -taste: To Bpend more, than can be afforded -without hardship Is mistaken sentimentality. If is always our poller to ;mcet tile needs-of each particular, case. Whatever they pay he the high standards of - our service! .are: -alwajar ined> *V vV ; ^.:> L- Several w-orkmen on the 'new school building which Contractor D. .L. Thomas is erecting at New Lancaster, had a narrow escape from injury Monday . afternoon about 2:30 when', a. miniature cyclone which preceded a downpour of rain, dipped into the building, razing the south .wall of the structure, twisting beams and ruining tlie iron sash. Contractor Thomas, who reported the unusual occurrence when he returned to Tipton Monday evening, skated that the lives of some of his men were endangj ered as they barely had time to scramble? down from the scaffolding when the wall collapsed Working on the walls at the time .were Clen Henry, Eb Heaton^ William Hoke, Omer Williams and Fred Curry. One of the. men called attention to a small dark funnel shaped cloud which was approaching from the west. A strong wind was coming with it with some rain and the men began to hastily leave the scaffolding, theijjast one barely reaching the ground when the wall collapsed. , The 'automobile of Mr. Thomas which was parked, near the building was whirled against the temporary office building erected on the grounds and slightly damaged. Small frail frame buildings standing near the wrecked building were not damaged in the least the twister seeming to dip down into the school building and then raise and disappeared in whirlwind southeast. £ jen. park, ij Whe'n the rain storm jcame Monday afternoon, ilL\\. Roler hastened to the poultry ::ird I to-see that the young chtck_ns j were/protected froin the rain and ithe child accompanied -her. In running about the yard the lad tripped over a wire and fell in such manner as to break his left leg' between the knee and thigh. A physician; was called and after giving the,chyd first aid treatment, ordered!him taken tjo the Howard county hospital where Xray pictures were taken. Mm* Taeadbr, May 6, . Senator Says Federal Judgeships Are Offered for •" Parker Support. GETS 93,000 HEART BALM. Milford Man Receives Damages From Physician. OFFICES x ARE RIFLED Light Vote Is Predicted as Monday's Rain Will Not Retard Farm Work. EXPECT EARLY COUNT LEAVES GOLDSMITH SCHOOL. Prof, and Mrs. Howard Segrist', nowlyweds, of Gofdsmith, left on Saturday for the former 's home at Nappanee after a \few days' stay in Goldsmith and Tipton. Prof. Segrist, who was "coach N at tlie Goldsmith school for the past two years has resigned his position, hut has not yet accepted another. He is anxious to secuTe a school where there is a gym, as his especial work is in this department. He has done exceptionally fine work in the Goldsmith-school and they would have liked to have kept him another year. | Instead of the iriends at Goldsmith having lots of fun with the newlyweds. Prof. Segrist. and Ma bride successfully eluded all their efforts to flnd v them and give them a Joy ride. Thursday they quietly slipped away from Goldsmith and spent: the night?. Friday night a n old-lashloned charivari had - been planned ^and••• the - _ merrymakers waited until' midnight before they rave up andfdtspersed.'-In connection with the iSharlrarf, they also planned a^brldaLshower as, an ^expression of their good-will. There was a' larf/e^number ( of<-_gifts that the iiewlyweda irllL appreclatef In their, "new-home and^ these' were left "at the homeWiWf. a^a~Mrs ItelphsGiwn^^enVtWaerenaderB faileAto Jnd^hag. „- *' " Primary election morn opened bright and fair with sunny skies and for this reason a light vote was expected to be cast during the day. The rain of Monday which was badly needed was not sufficient to stop farm activities and ground breaking and corn planting- continued following the showers, with the exception of a few places in the low ".lands. Taking advantage of every minute at this time to get their, crops started, farmers in many .places stated they would not stop to vote, being satisfied to permit the selection of candidates to be made by persons not- so busy. Good men are running for offices on each ticket and while there is some interest in several of the races, the general apathy of the public has been "noticeable throughout the primary campaign. Polling places opened at 6 o'clock Tuesday morning and will remain open until 6 o'clock in the evening. The primary campaign'in this county has been one of the cleanest ever conducted there being no mud slinging. The claims by both sides that combinations were being formed in certain quarters 'or the purpose of trading votes was bitterly,denied by leaders in both parties. f When the polls opened Tuesday morning there was little activity. In Tipton a few scattering voters cast their ballots earf^ while on their way_to work. •~ At the polling places in Tip'tbh the prediction was made tha't results would be known by 10:30. or 11 .o'clock." ' i A Great 1 Game. The baseball game at Sand Island^ Sunday between the Perfect Circle team and Circus John's outfit front. Kokomo, was a thriller and ended only in the fouteentfc inning. The; locals opened the season with a victory, the score being 9 to 8. The Perfect Circle team played good ball and every indication points to.a strong aggregation for Tipton this summer. - \ ~- , Making Fine Recovery. . t 1 < 1 < ' Walter Leisure of Windfall,,was at the Howard-countyhospital-on Sunday to see his wife..Mrs. Fein Leisure, who'was operated a week ngo forVppendieltU.: : '.He^r«portf that she Is g«ttlng^ along'nicely. and Washington, May 6.^ —Charges of. vote-buying, and denials i by the administration of partisanship opened: the second^ weekj! of debate' in the Senate j yestej-day over confirmation of Judge John J Parker of North Carolina, i Senator Ashu'rst, (Democrat, Arizona), former | cowboy' picturesque-debater, charged that Federal judgeships were being offered . for votes for Parker and with the consent of Parker. In the midst of this uproar Senator McKellar (Democrat, Tennessee), a foe' of Parker,.informed the Senate that his office had been ransacked last Saturday.. ; {• • . , .. j. • • Senator Smootj (Republican, Utah), Who is supporting Parker, announced that his office had been entered; too, byia" thief. Senator Brock .(Democrat, -.Tennessee), said his office also had been visited. Earlier in the day. Senator Stephens (Democrat, Mississippi) read to the Senate a letter from Attorney General Mitchell assuming full responsibility for the appointment, of Parker and denying - that ^partisanship played any part in the choice. ! | Columbia City, Ind., May-. 6.—Damages of $3,000 were jnwarded toi Glenn T. Davisson, ace 33, of Mllford, by a^ Whitley circuit court jury which' heard the $50-, 000 suit brought by him against Dr. Charles E. Thomas, ago 55 Leesburg physician. Davisson charged'his wife's affections were alienated by DV. Thpmas.• The case,had been sent here from Kosciusko, county. OW WMBKMAh FIS11IXG FLEET MISSING. 30i to 00 Men May lie Victims of Storm Off Korea.. Tokio, ; May'6.—Advises-to the Rengo News Agency from Seoul today said, a dozeli fishing-boats, each.ofjwhich carried'three-to five men, were missing of Mokpho, southern Korea, as the result of a storm. ! " * I : M: E. Orchcsti-:i. Regular rehearsal of the orcW estra'of the Kemp Methodist Sunday ; school Wednesday evening |at the church at 7:30 o 'clock. Every member is urged to h!c present.; ! ' ' - -. % - " Back On, the Job. Ray Cox, partner of Jesse Colej man .in the East Jefferson"• street garage, who has been 'wrestling with an; attack of cold was bade on the job Tuesday. ' • I . . •: HAS THE "MOTHER'' IN YOUR HOME A CHECKING ACCOUNT If not, what better time than this, on the eve of Mother's Day, to provide her with a hank account of her own, so that she nuy pay the household bills in a systematic, sensible aad trouble-saving way? Sixty-five per cent of all purchases! are made by mothers.; Thipy should be paid by means of check. ^Why not open a checking account for your own mother, or jhe mother of your children, today?' Farmers Loan&Trnsl Co. THE BANK OF THE PEOPLB .'-'"•-•• ' '. ; ' ! I A Voluntary Member of the Federal Reserve System ' Only Bank In Tipton Cownty Under Botit'Btata cad Federal Supervision. 1 i Lo(lj ;i* Tonight. Severe., Heart Attack. Mrs. Ora Gray, residing 2 miles southwest of Grooms /vine, suffered a severe heart attack Friday of last week, and is still confined to her bed. AH day Saturday her condition was critical, but there was an improvement Monday. The attending.physician has ordered her to remain in bed and perfectly quiet.j j; Home Quarantined. The home of Mr.-jand Mrs. lie Cline and family in Les/Prairie Center community J was pla-ced under quarantine Saturday, their four-year-old daughter, j ! Mary- Francis, having scarlet fever. The child was reported as quits ill Sunday, and Monday. j BASEBALL RESULTS; i American Association. Toledo, 9; Kansas City, 5. St. Paul, 4; Indianapolis, 1. i Columbus; 6; Milwaukee, 3. • Louisville, 15; Minneapolis, 2. American League. New York, :5; Chicago, .1: Boston, 18; Cleveland,- 3.' Detroit, -3; Washington, jl.' Philadelphia, 4; St. Louis, (12 Innings.) I 4 Regular meeting of the K or P. lodge this eveniHg at. ' Z:B0F o'clock at the hall.. Members are all ask'ed to bo present: .-. ,HOGS GE.NERALLV STEADY. General Sales at ?10.:t5 Tuesdjiy ^. '< —Cattle.1 *1 ices Lower. ' Indianapolis. Ind.,. May 6.—Receipts on hogs. 4,000; cattle, 1,"400; s calves, C50; sheep, 200. Hog prices early • today at the local live i stock market' we're generally steady with sales at 510.35;; heavier liinds sold up to' §10.25 and underweights at $10 down;sows were steady at. $9.25 down. . Cattle bidding was lower with little trading.: calves were, steady at: $10.50 down, and sheep were strong, with clipped lambs at $10 down: I Local Grain Market. (Hobbs Grain Co.) No. 2 Soft Wheat- $ .92 Oats ; ;_ Y .35 New Corn, No. 4 yellow, . per 100 lbs. ---1.00 Local Prodcbe Market. . (Moore & Moore) Butter — _35c Eggs 20c ' National League. New York, 9; iPiittsburgh, 1. ! Cincinnati, 10; Boston, 6. i, Philadelphia at Chicago,; rain. Others- not scheduled. > . T THOR and EASY WASHERS Wife Saving Service HIS M. fe-Teraon. IndianapoUs Produce Market. Eggs—Indianapolis jobbers of-, feri country shippers for st'riptlf fresh stock, delivered ;it Indiana-: polis, loss off, 20c a dozen... Poultryj—Jobbers, paying for fo\vls, ! 4 Vi lbs. up, 21c. pound;' Leghqrns.i 17-18c; broilers, 1% to 2%! pounds, 23-27c; Sick, cull and humpback poultry not . '.bought; roosters, "j7-1.0c; . ducks, ' 8-10c; geese,' full-feathered, '7c; guineas; young, $6 a -dozen; old, $4; squabs, 11 pounds tq the dozen', $4.50; .old pigeons,.-.75c dozen. Butterr-^Jo.bbers' selling prices for. creamery butter, fresh firsts No. 1 i; 40-414c a pound. Butter Fat — Indianapolis buyers; are paying 3.8c a pound delivered at Indianapolis.- i _ _ ' -* I -.! "' ; • Cornstalk Bond station ery (paper made from com stalks) consular size, packed in boxes, 50 <r 'each. -Tribune 'Press, i tf NOTICE. We Have • Wefl Lifted Park: Sunday ^itli^rj^^^f 3 mm Bee V* BefoM Yon Bnir ~ Tires and Accefsoriei H. J. COHRADER 4 CO. We Are Now Showing Ten Beautifulj Patterns for Your Selection .at f Sl.OOyd. NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR LAYING Suite & Barrum WE SELL GOLD SEAL CONGOLEUM RUGS A Year, OAVE you valuables, "papers,, trinkets, letters or heirlooms thatf- are worth protecting at a cost of less than one-| half cent per day? • .. \ j Then you require a Citizens National steel] safety box, j beyond the reach of theft and fire. Citizens National Bank TIPTON, INDIANA The Only National Bank in Tipton County r» jSNUINE GOLD SEAL RUGS in all sizes Vand patterns to make your selection easy.

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