Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on March 4, 1952 · Page 10
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 4, 1952
Page 10
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TEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., TUESDAY, MARCH 4, 1952 Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker Housewives Urged To Plan Work And Use Assembly Line Methods BEST-DRESSED MAN FROM MARS?—No, but he was one of the best-dressed -men aboard the cruiser Albany when the ship recently joined, in cold-weVther exercises near Greenland. The training exrcise gave the Navy an opportunity to test face masks, electrically heated suits and other gear tor use in Arctic weather. Culture Pact MADRID —(INS)— A Cultural Treaty between Spain and the Philippine Islands has been ratified by both governments. The agreement regulates academic ratings and •«ts down rules for the practice of professions. SAFEST CAR BED EVER MADE! NEW KANTWET CAR BED AND SEAT WITH EXCLUSIVE SAFETY FEATURES Year« ahead m design — stronger, §«fer—the only car bed meeting every Mfety need. More convenient, too. Initially washable with t damp cloth. Handles for easy carrying. High and low (2-position) hangers. Heavy-gauge leather-grained plastic in two-tons blue —complete with ONLY P*d. " If Iht mokeri ol flu \ f% f j »omou« KANTWET T.« ~ PoslunzedCribMolrren Ham Operator Plans To Wed Former Mate MIAMI, na., (/P)—Cupid used shortwave radio to »«nd & Miami amateur operator » leap-year marriage proposal from the wife who divorced him 30 years ago. It was quite a, get-together for 55-year-old Charlie Buckshorn of South Miami and his former wife, Edna, who lieves in Covington, Ky. "We'll make it for keeps this time," said the radio Romeo. Buckshorn, whose call letters are W-4RBQ, had become friendly with a. Covington ham and had mentioned that his former wife lived in that area. Yesterday Buckshorn made contact with his Covington airwaves pal on W-4CIM and asked if he had ever met his XYL. (In the lingo of hams, XYL means "ex-young lady"). Then W-4CIM switched over to a ;elephone "patch" (in ham language, a patch is a telephone hookup to a shortwave radio transmitter) and out of the loudspeaker came the voice of Buckshorn's old love. "I wish you could see me," said Edna. "I'm sitting here in my red Jajamas and even though I'm not on my knees, I'm asking you to marry me again." "By golly, you're simply a good little woman," answered Buckshorn, 'We tried it back in 1918 and it didn't work so well, but we'll make t for keeps this time." Firm, safe, roomy, comfortable. A happy slumbtrland for babj on his travels. Converts in seconds. Back, seat and arms fully padded. High and low (2-position) hangers. E.V.Coyle's 45 Baltimore St. Radio Romance French Forces Bombard Reds SAIGON, Indochina, f/P)—French bombers and heavy artillery pounded the Communist-led Vietminh in a string of fortified villages southeast of Hanoi today. It signalled a new drive to wipe out enemy infiltrations in the Red River delta. The French high command said fighting centered along the Bamboo Canal, 70 miles southeast of Hanoi. The command said the operation was progressing favorably against one Vietminh division. South of Hanoi French mobile units combined to pursue fleeing iVetminh units. Yinor in Taste Test- Switches to Calvert S. Robert Vinor, Rochester garage owner, made his own taste test between Calvert Reserve and his former brand. "Without knowing which was which, I picked Calvert," he reports. "It has a smoother, mellower taste. Calvert's my brand from here on!" CALVERT RESERVE Blended Whiskey -86.8 Proof-65% Grain Neutral Spirits. Calvert Distillers Corp.. New York City By DOROTHY ROE Associated Press Women's Editor If Mom suffers from backache, bad temper and housemaid's kriee, it might be a good idea to send her to an industrial engineer instead of a doctor. .Instead of a tonic, she probably needs a work simplification course. An expert in these matters is Dr. Orpha Mae Thomas, associate professor of home economics at Teachers' College,- Columbia University, who combined household science with engineering for her Ph.D. and now teaches future teachers how to do things the easiest way. Dr. Thomas believes that every household should be organized on an assembly line plan, and demonstrates how it can be done with a list of "ten commandments for housewives": 1—Make a list of your household jobs. Check those most tiring and time consuming and figure out which can be eliminated, rearranged, simplified or combined. For instance, says this expert, new detergents make it possible to eliminate dish-drying. Stainless steel tableware for every day use eliminates silver polishing. Seersucker and terry cloth fabrics cut down ironing. 2—Survey your kitchen- and rearrange it in work centers. You will find you have a mix center, where most of your baking and food prepration is done; a cook center, which is the stove; a cleanup center, -which is the sink u.nit. If you can't move the big equipment, at least move small tools and supplies to the center where they are used. Your electric mixer, bowls, flour, sugar, shortening, spices, mixing spoons .and packaged mixes should be stored at the mix center, preferably next to the refrigerator, where you are in easy reach of milk, butter, eggs and such. Cooking and -baking utensils, of 'course, should be stored in or near the stove. 3—Simplify your work by buying things needing a minimum of care and preparation, such as packaged mixes, frozen foods, plastic place mats, paper .napkins and so on. 4—Combine your jobs by using equipment for mulUple handling, such as trays to carry a number of articles at once, wheel Cables for transferring food and dishes from kitchen to table and back, laundry carts and so on. Oven meals can cut cooking time and effort. 5—Do as much of your work as possible sitting down. Adjustable ironing boards make it possible to sit while you iron. Kitchen counters and work tables should have stools or chairs of proper height. 6—Have the utensils you use at each work center within easy reach. Your knife rack should be on the wall above your cutting board. Store heavy equipment at or near counter height. Saucepans should be hung on hooks above and around the stove. 7—Store electrical equipment at place of use. You don't have to put everything out of sight. Your kitchen is a workshop. 8—Duplicate equipment if you use it in several places. For instance, have a measuring cup at the sink and also one at the mix center. Keep a broom, dustmop and cleaning supplies upstairs as well as down. 9—Do something with both hands at once. Lift muffins from pan two at a time, take two cups at once from rack, if you *re cutting green beans, cut a whole handful on your board, not two or three at a time. ,10—Arrange all your work to progress in one direction—from pan to mix center to stove, with no waste motions. Dishwashing should be arranged on a production line basis, usually from left to right, with counter for stacked dishes, wash sink, rinse sink and drying rack in a compact straight line. Allied Leader (Continued from Page i) minute brush with 50 of the Russian-built jets near the Yalu River boundary between Korea and Manchuria. Red Rail Lines Cut Fifth Air Force planes cut Red rail lines in 86 places Tuesday in their daily attack on Communist supply lines. There was no report of any major action along the ground front. The Reds wheeled up big guns and loud speakers and bombarded U.N. lines with leaflets and broadcasts. The propaganda blasts were aimed at Republic or Korea soldiers on the eastern front. An Eighth Army briefing officer said the Reds broadcast similar messages Sunday. The Reds boasted the captured ROK soldiers were now fighting on their side. Communist casualties fell off almost 50 per cent in February, the Eighth Army officer said. The toll for February was 9,093, ft drop of 7,391 from January. Dancer Dies In Plane Crash Bride Accused After Husband Shot To Death WASHINGTON — (7P) — John H. Kornarens. 42-year-old Washington' beauty shop operator, died'yesterday from a gunshot wound police said was inflicted by his bride at their home Feb. 17 . They said Mrs. Kornarens, 24, a fashion model, will be charged with murder. She is now free on $5,000 bail on a charge of assault with Intent, to murder. When police arrived at the Kornarens home the night of the shooting, Kornarens, wounded in the chest, told police "a man opened the door and shot me." Officers said Mrs. Kornarens, the former Dorothy Gaskin!, admitted later she shot her husband with a 32-caliber revolver after he had thrown a wall mirror at her during a quarrel. She had bought the gun for him as a birthday present. Police said Mrs. Kornarens told them she spent at least two nights in the attic just before the shooting, observing her husband's actions and taking notes of them. American ballet dancer Joan Katzman (above), who danced under the name of Harriet Toby, was one of 38 persons killed when a four-engined Air Prance plane crashed just after taking off from Nice, France. Miss Katzman, who was born in Brooklyn, New York City, was a member of the Marquis de Cuevas Ballet Company, and appeared in Cannes the night before the crash. Couple Wedded For 70 Years, Hubby Refuses To Give Advice WAYNE, W. Va.—(#}—Mrs. Virginia Watts of nearby East Lynn today celebrated 70 years of married life with the man her father said was "no account." Both Mrs. Watts and her husband, Alderson, are 88 years old. It was 70 years ago today that Virginia's father suspected something was up and locked'his daughter in her room. The undaunted young woman slid down a rope of bed 'sheets. She and Alderson traveled by horse to Ironton, O., about 40 miles away, to be married after a marriage license clerk in Catlettsburg, Ky., turned them down , because they were only 18. Virginia's father was so angry that he wouldn't speak to them until the next Christmas. "At Christmas church services," Watts said. "Mr. Ferguson slapped me on the back and invited Virginia and me over to his house for dinner. After that, he said I was the best son-in-law he had." Watts refused to give any advice to young married people. '"They wouldn't listen to it," he said, "so it would be a waste of my time and theirs." Mrs. Watts advised girls planning to be married "to walk out to get married instead of slipping away like I did." In discussing their marriage, Mrs. Watts told her husband "not to let folks laiow how foolish I was then." "You weren't foolish, Virginia," her husband protested. "You know I was the best catch around." The Watts have five sons, two daughters, 16 grandchildren, 30 great grandchildren and one great- great grandchild. Deficit Likely V To Be Reduced WASHINGTON— (P?) —Some top government experts optimistically predict the federal deficit this year will be about two billion dollars less than President Truman estimated in his annual budget message in January. The President forecast the government would drop $8,200,000,000 in the red by the end of the fiscal year, June 30. With only four more months to go, some authorities figured today the red ink entry actually may be much nearer six billion. A few predicted it will go even below that figure. The difference means a lot, not only to fiscal officials but to the man in the street. The more the government goes into the red and has to borrow to pay its bills, the more it tends to fan inflation and push up prices. Red Official Dies MOSCOW — (If) — N. V. Pronin 46, deputy minister of the timber industry, died yesterday. Bus Drivers Strike SAN- FRANCISCO—W)—Full impact of the Pacific Greyhound bus strike hit commuters today as 3.50C drivers and other employes stayed away from their stations in seven wester* states. 'GodhMytti In New Soviet Encyclopedia ROME— (IP) —God is a myth, according to the "Great Soviet Encyclopedia for 1950-51," now being translated by the Polish State -Publishing House of Warsaw. Veritas, bulletin of news from behind the Iron Curtain published here by the Christian Academy of Czechoslovakia, today gave two excerpts from the Soviet work. Its definition for God: "A mythically invented personality. Progressive materialistic and scientific opinion cannot be reconciled with faith in God . .. one of the highest duties of Soviet man's progressive education is the destruction of all survivals of religion and faith in God." Of the Old and New Testaments: "In reality both Moses and Jesus were only mythical persons '. . . the Old and New Testament are full of contradictions and nonsense." Breakfast Habit FORT COLLINS. Colo.—(INS)— Colorado A & M home economists contend that it is more important for a child to form the habit of eating a good breakfast during his early years than the.habit of washing his face, brushing his teeth or tying his own shoe laces. You too can Answer the Call Whether the ringing call for help comes from O scarred battleground or from an area torn by disaster, we can ... we must answer that call! Through the Red Cross we can answer humanity in distress with warm food, medical care, life-saving blood, shelter — whatever our fellow American needs desperately. The Red Cross can give our answer— but only if we make their humanitarian service possible with our contributions. So let no call for help be in vain . . . give as generously Of possible to your Red Cross! Give Enough.. .Your Red Cross Must Carry On!... First Federal Savings and Loan Assn. 56 North Centre St. Phone 362 Open Monday Evenings from 7 until 9 GIs Wounded In Korean War Have Better Recovery Chance LOS ANGELES—(/PI—The Army's surgeon general says wounded soldiers who reach forward hospitals in Korea have more than twice as good a chance of recovering than World War II wounded. Maj. Gen. George E. Armstrong said the precise mortality rate is 1.8 deaths for every 100 patients reaching a forward hospital. The mortality rate in World War II was 4.5 and in World War I 8. 3. Gcnen.l Armstrong, addressing n College of Medical Evangelists Assembly yesterday, said the frostbite Cases in Korea this year have total- led onjy 700 against 4400 at the same time last year. He credited better clothing, foot powder, and frostbite precautions for the decrease.' The General said 65 per cent of the wounded return to duty without leaving the Far East and another 15 per cent return to duty after treatment in the United States. Amputees frequently return to the battle zone as a matter of choice. He told of a mechanic who lost a leg but returned to his motor pool. Armstrong credited teamwork of medical men, rescue crews and helicopter evacuation for the decreased 'death rate. Deatli Toll 100 In Train Crash RIO De JANEIRO, Brazil— (IP)— More than 100 persons were killed in a train collision near here today. About 200 suffered injuries. The wreck was the worst in Brazil's history. A train crowded with .commuters coming into Rio de Janeiro crashed into a stalled passenger train near the suburb of Anchieta, about 19 miles southwest of the capital. ' Bodies were strewn about the wreckage and some were seen floating in the nearby Pavuna River. Two cars on the passenger train were derailed at Anchieta. The commuter train which hit it was en route from another suburb and traveling at a high speed. The Dismal Swamp is the stamping grounds of raccoons, otters, snakes, bears, wild ducks and deer. IT'S BEAUTIFUL One of the best values you'll find anywhere... Famed Artist Dies NEW YORK-WVHoward Chandler Christy, 79. one of the nation's best known magazine illustrators and portrait painters, died yesterday. One in seven agricultural workers in Britain is a woman. T«ffM Here Is High Style, Luxurious Comfort—At a Money-Saving * Low Price! Richly Tailored in Sculptured Mohair Frieze! CUSTOMER PARKING LOT . .. You are invited to park your car on this lot free of charge. It is maintained especially for the accommodation of our customers. a new \ \ a flavor you'll enjoy.. FORT PITT BStWING COMPANY H, PA.

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