Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on September 5, 1963 · Page 4
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 4

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 5, 1963
Page 4
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CJifNlon 4'lt.v Toloflrnm Thursday, September 5, 1963 Young Hobby Club Ail Can Play Fishing Game By CAPPY DICK The hnmemndp fishing game described today for hoys and t(irl s to innko can provide a lot of fun at a b irthday partly on any other occasion when the kids Ket together. There may be any number of players. From shirt cardboard cut a number of fiifi shaped as in Figure I. Make several sizes — some six inches long, others five inche s long, others four inches long and still others three inches long. At (.he bottom of each cut a narrow flap which, when folded outward, will serve as a prop to hold the upward. Wi'h • paper punch, make a neat, round hole in each fish's head. On each fish print n point value, making the largest worth the most' points and the smallest the fewest points. For eacli p1aye r prepare a fiSli pole (Figure 2). This is simpfy a thin stick'with a string and a hook tied to it. The hook- is-made from a paper clip. To play the game, place the fish on the floor a s in Figure 3. Give each player a' fish pile. The players surround the fisjh and at- lemnt to snare them on their hooks. Set a time limit, stich as five minutes. The player whose fish have the highest total point" value at the end of that time is the winner of the game. Tomorrow: Decorative Wire H«n«<|e» For Potted Plant*! No Racial Stress in KG KANSAS CITY (AP) — The lowering of racial barriers in Kansas City has been without the stress that developed in some other cities Mayor Ilus \V. Davis said. Ho urged the city's new human relations director, Richard A. Anderson, to take the positive approach on handling racial matters. "Kansas City is western enough" the mayor said, "to be fairly flexible in its attitude toward people. Our people, for the most part, are not frozen in their attitude." He said Negroes have moved into some traditionally white housing areas. "II has not been without stress and strain," th ( . mayor said, "but if a Negro has the money, he can buy a good home in Kansas City near a good school." Anderson, a graduate of the University of Kansas, came from a human relations |*).st in Kalamazoo, Mich, NEW! Start the school year right with.. The first completely new college desk dictionary in ten years: WEBSTER'S SEVENTH NEW COLLEGIATE In the last ten years, the r.nglisli language has changed tremendously. This biand-new MertiamAVt li- ster includes 20,000 new words and new meanings. 1 30,000 entries. Gives everything needed lor full understanding, accurate use of words. So start the school or college yeui right by getting tlie best desk dictionary that covers liAJjy'j English language: Websrci 's Seventh New CoTleguie — only $5.7? unindexed; $6.75 indexed. NORRIS DRUG STORE Gord«n City, Ks. i*S5 v "7 7 Money Savers! 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No. 1 1 Qc Neotariiies Larg« ft Swe«t IQt Tonitoes Large Sliceri Tube 23< Yams Try 'Em Candied A 90^ Oelery Hearts Crisp & Tender , k , 29< Pag* 9 4'lf.v Thursday, September 5, I' !~ HEALTH CAPSULES1 | liy Mtrhnrl A. IVlll. M.I). -j VIM AT CAUSES PIZ2INE-3-,-. vJU'.iT IN THE MORNINUG vVHCN VOU GET UP * IT OPTEN MEANS THAT TH(?' ALCOHOL OK SLEEPING PILL VOU HAP THE NIGHT BEFORE HASN'T WORN OFF VET. MONPAY: SCHOOL LUNCHES. •• tUftlth C*p»til#t i)iv»i hftlpful inloim*tioft , It ttnot Intended lo b« ol * aitgnoitle natur4 Shows Closo Ties American Dollar Push Hits Target By SAM DAWSON AP Business Now, Analyst '"'" NKW YORK (An—Moves '*(«'! streniithcn the American dollMr 1 ' nre .scoring some initial succivi^ii" In world money marls. The dollar has advanced slight/ ly against th t > Swiss franc and t)iq° (Ionium mark. A greater sco'ro ling been made against the Brlllsjh pound sterling Which has dipped to a two-year low In terms ? j^ American money. Whilo the U.iS. Treasury gold, ilocks have shrunk a little roorq,- his summer, Britain's gold ; nml ronvi.Tlihlo currency reserve,* also fell in August, off about $11);0.' million. ,,,,, None of this nwessarily foi'e<.<: casts airy great upsurge In thft. lollar's position. Nor (Inert /It cause any n-al alarm in European" money capitals. >.,,• It does show I ho close ties b<?« l.wuun Western currencies uii<J-. oconomli'.s. Some Britons in particular aru saying that tli 0 of finis,. to HtrQiigtltun the ditllar are the:cause of the pound's woaknofiSi, temporary as they expect it'.to be. It's n neat trick to slrengllidn one (•(Hintry'ij position without- weakening another's. That's onn reason so much interest, is attached to the mooting in Washing Ion later this month of the rectors of th,, World "Bunk the international Monetary Fund, charged with policing the financing dealings of the Western world well as cticoura'ging their ccono* ic growth. Europeans have been watchhig Ihe American finnnclnl movow;. First was higher interest rates'to< kervp lomlable American tlo'lliv^d. al home. Second was llu- propot{nU" now being debated in CutigrnsH,'la- in x American purchases of f6'r- eign securities from foreigners*; with the same goal in viinv. '•.'.," Since American capital has been the great |HK>| from which Europeans could draw sinon World War II, airy drying up ,»(!> these available funds will be ftvlU. The British pound this wcv-k dipped liclow Hip official rate of 1 $ to llu- American ilollar. Part. I nf the decline can be traced t<> Britain's balance of trade problem. British imports have been ri.t- ing and now top their exports llniu weakening the- pound. Much of this Ls seasonal, roprosonliutf- purchases of raw materials. .• But Die British blame part of Iho fall on tint American financial, moves. Faulty Wing Brakes Cause of Plane Crash BHUS.SEUS, Bi'lgitim (AJ Faulty wing brakes p ciiiuscd the plane crash that killed 7!) persons, including the IH-mein- b«r U.S. figuri; skating team, in February 10(51, the Belgian Ministry of Communications said Tuesday. Tim figure skalers, en route to w o r 1 il cliampionshtps, were, among •!!) Americans killed whrn the Boeing 707 of Belgian Sabenu Airlines crashed at Brussels Airport. AIR CONTROL 112 South Main BR 6-8072 Heating—Air Conditioning Gutter and Down Spout We will initall air-condi< tioning on your present heating system, or on new heating system. No mone,y> down. 1st payment due in April, 1964. We will carry payments up to 5 years. "BUY NOW PAY IN APRIL" Thl> offer good until Nov. 30th

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