The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 6, 1930 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 6, 1930
Page 5
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mi TRIBUNE CLASSIFIED ADS FOR SALE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE OR house, two lol tui-ky avenue. ITRAPET—G-room irage, Ken- pne 5S5. C-1S5! FOR SALE OR TJRAD property, deuces in acre farm, sev Fra nliles of Rood market, in Clint land, fair bariji have you (311 c no Clin< Co., Franktoih, liid. JTOE SALE PERSONAL PROPERTY FOR SALE— low corn. FOR SALE—' calves. Dei -Aroma. FOR SALE—Ol IS months Atlanta phonl FOR SALE—No. 5 U real bargain une Press. FOR BALE—Glmd beans. Plioi Noel Todd. FOR SALE — spring coat. ; as new; prii 2G50. ' FOR SALE—T with taiideni| tion; pricec liarr. Phone FOR SALE- seed corn; lkive of 192U croji, alsl ply of 192S Windfall, rotate. 1 FOR SALE— chick startei er oil, Cod milk. Grows; OR TRADE Ph ral Inkfoifl; [nutty, good house; what on Finance 0 busj hone ihels good yel- 1XS, Tipton. p-lSS hree Hu jne Id. [uernsey hull, S. E. Miller. P-1S7 Ut ?: !o I: B'lac ize 3| •actor ; in $10] Cold. crop. er and Co. bi=S FUR SALE — chicks, 11c. LOOK-! LOCI White, Buff R.-.i.s: Wliit <IotI<-.<.- : 3luff —?».«« IKT per 500; ?sr..(>0 White ami' r, 1>er 100 straisl 511.0". Ailil le are shiitpeil. :! eaeli Monday : horns caeh W » H :ive KOO <1 sati: pleased. ICach e<l. Hoosier town. Inil. FOR RENT FOR RENT 4- house. Pliojie FOR RENT—G| cation pod house, good lb'- call 4t 441 North Main. c-b FOR RENT- West WashiAejon 1483. FORi KENT—N 230 E,. 4339. Bansoiu-Bakejry. FOR RENT—-5 ., Diehl'street. Ivor thenji :iv !• FOR RENT — Store your base; burner or parlor heater for the ! summer; also household goods: i clean and dry. Phones 23 and! ;;0. .1. J. Kessler. c-lS9 j —Week old, 11c; 2 weeks, 13c; 3 weeks, 15c; growing fine; we sort our chicks well before selling-; you will like them; come; can -not he shipped; open every day and eveniiig. Hoosicr Hatchery, Micliigantown, Ind. c-18? ! for TiptonJ good resi-j also iju-r FOR RENT—7-room cottage, bath j MONEY TO LOAN and toilet: some fruit; good garden spot: possession at once; ! FEDERAL FARM LOANS at 5% 235 N. East street. Inquire S. j T. Hobbs, Elwood, Ind. P-1S5; per cent; prepayment lege. D. S. Phares. privi- c-tf c-isT FOR RENT — Three furnished i PLENTY OF MONEY AT 5% pe downstairs rooms for light J - cent, from 1 to 10 years, with housekeeping at 320 West Jef-j pre-payment priviliges; best ferson street; outside entrance.i loan in the state. Standerford Phone_355(i. c-tf j & Standerford. c-tf l cows with lies. Phoiie • p-ist> nderwood; a ;o. The Trib- T " tf FOR RENT—three unfurnished j FARM LOANS Best Uans in roWs, ground floor, outside en-1 state; 5 to 20 .years; interest trance. Phone 31G!b-^ p'-lS6 FOR RENT- bath, 909 or 4229. -House, 5 N. Main. rooms and Phons 36 ' c-ti: annual or semi-annual with full payment privilege. Fielding' & Fielding. - c-tf Says He Slew When Victim Ob- : jetted to Dirt. . of Windfall Kokomo -and FOR RENT—Choice office rooms, also light housekeeping rooms, modern, Masonic Opera House Blok. Inquire of j Charles Warne, secy. Phone 271. tf Mam-hu soy pO. Windfall. p-is'u broadcloth |S or 40. good .00. Phoiie C-1S5 or htir .se tnsi good cundi- ('lnmhiiie •liiith. c-lS-1 oodburno KH'-day few bu .slie .ls a good sup- F runic 'i'ca-1. P-1SG Badejiioch's , Baby omjaiiis Cod Liv meal, butter better, fast- ear Campbell if All l^eavy Tip-Top Tipton Hatchery. c-lSG per 1 own ' 't- ! U per , • Wlte nil w •illl .-sr :fa<-tic oni.-r latelu hoo. _ ll-eshm-ns—js.oo Slit r.i-alinias. •hick when 50 n SS. Heavy's iMlnes.lay. 1,.,-ir- ay. "in" i-liiolis 11. You will It,carefully sort- ry. -Mielii^iti- tf rooms and b^th; parage. Pfrohe q-tf FOR RENT —liodenk 5-room double, good lo uitioi ' rent." Phone] 22011. 00m 51. modern c-|t£ FOR RENT—Attractive 3-room lower apartment; excellent location; modcrir; good 'heat in winter; cool in summer; back lawn; garden space; garage; £35 per month. Phone 591. c-195 WANTED WANTED —Wall paper cleaning. Phone 509. Ray Hunter. p-ISS WANTED—Two or three furnished rooms for light housekeeping. Phone 12. P-1S5 WANTED.— Lady without incum­ brances to do general kitchen work and cooking; hours S:0.0 to 6:30. Box 36, Tribune.. tf LOST AND FOUND <fijN is in LOST—Bunch of keys In brown leather case. Mrs. J. R. Coleman. C-1S5 LOS/T Brown genuine leather pocketbook; left in ladies' toilet, court house, Saturt ay night; name, Marjorie. Gross, inside; reward. Arthur Grosi, Tipton, route 3. Phone Golflsmith. C-1S4 MISCELLANEOUS RADIO SERVICE—We Ispecialize on experi. service work on all makes of sets; full line tubes, batteries, etc. McJunkin Radio Shop. Phone .20X7. c-tf Get Bal- haviuir a Modetn house 416 street: iTour reasonable C-1S4 FOR RENT —Holf o| double: four . .rooms,,sun rtom, bath. 615 E- Jefferson. Phone 2146. p-186 ice sleeping room. Wa|Bhindton. Phone c-184 FOR -RENT-^T-Modertr rooms ovir Phone 80. room! with cottage, on garden spoj.; c-18 8 .MOVING ANYTHING? ser Bros, prices first .large truck just added to pur line. w.c are equipped to haul large as well as small amounts of furniture, freight or livestock, any time and anywhere. Clyde 1149; George 1624. p-190 FOR SALE OR TRADE 1926 Chrysler "4" Coupe. 1025.- Studebaker 5 -pass. Sedan 1926 Essex Coach. 1924 Ford Sedan. 1925 Dodge Coupe. 1 SERVICE MOTOR CO. Phone M. The Daily Wheeze "Yes,-I'm-sorry I married you; so there!" "Oh! You were no young bird when I married you." "No, but considering what I got, you must adinit I was an early bird." Cleveland, 1 May 6.— Police announced today that C. E. Scoville, age fifty-seven, former patient at the Massillon State Hospital for the Insane, signed ' a confession to the murder of Mrs. Nellie Cummins, Kerr, . sixty-five-year-old nurse. ; Scoville was arrested last night not fai\ from the abandoned theater where Mrs. Kerr's body, clothed only in a man's overcoat was found. Police say he admitted strangling her to death in a fight ^e cause she objected to dirt in the suite where he told her he was going to make his office. The slaying occurred April 13, according to Scoville.. Scoville, :;i. grocery salesman, said he cliokod Mrs. Kerr with one of her stockings, removed her clothing in the hope of preventing identification and"then tossed the body to the bottom of a stairway, where it laid until yester day. The critic who says people no longer meditate should observe the ambulances stopping at busy intersections. Plucked Eyebrows Pass. Paris, May 6. .— Plucked eyebrows have g,one out of style with shingled hair. Beauty parlors here report a big drop in the number of clients who ask to have their eyebrows thinned to a mere hair's breadth since ringlets, chipnons and all the other practices of the up-to-date, coiffure come into usage. Notice of Administration. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed by the Judge of the Circuit Court of Tipton County, State of Indiana, administrator of the estate of Molliq Hughes, late of Tipton county, deceased. Said estate is supposed! to be solvent. ; - LLOYD HUGHES, May .5, 1930. Administrator. PURVIS & iPJURVIS, • Attorneys. 1S4-90-96-202 r • ; Tribune want ads get results. spent Saturday : in while there was taken vefy ill, it being necessary to summon a physician who ministered to his needs. - He was brought to his home by his nephew, Harold Ware of Greentown, who happened to be in Kokomo Saturday Mrs. Ted McKinney spent Sunday with George Burton, father of the latter in Sheri dan. The week end guests of Home From Chicago. Ray Pyles returned Tuesday from a trip to Chicago where he had been looking after some business affairs. Mr.-and Mrs". George Parreut and son, George Jr., of South Bend, were the Sunday guests of Mr: and Mrs. Ray Pyle and fanir ily, oh South Independence street. Mrs. Pyle, who had been visiting in South Bend with Mr. and Mrs. Parrent and family, accompanied them to Tipton.. WINDFAIil,. Sanford Weaver is making a slow recovery after having been ill the past four weeks with pneumonia and complications which followed. He is now able to sit up a few hours each day. -Mrs. Weaver is how ill with stomach complications. / Mrs. Maude Clifton lias returned lionie after spending the week with friends at Spiceland, Cambridge City and other places. She was accompanied home by her son Roy who spent the week end here. - . and the Worst is Yet to Gome and Airs. Frank Null were: and Mrs. Wheatfield, Remington guests were Beckett of Mrs! lyn Shoulty! Mr. Mr Ezra. Whitehead of Mrs. James Lucas of 'and on Sunday other Mr. and Mrs. Geo! Indianapolis,| ^Arthur Whitehead and family of Elwood Mrs. Charles Steidle has gone to Cincinna|ti to spend the week with relatives. James Sholty, Miss Eve- and Miss Agnes DeWitt were the Sunday guests of Prof. J. H. |Bracke.myre and fam ily at Cicero. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Thatcher and Mr. and Mrs. Burl Thatcher attended the [funeral service of I Oliver Thatcher nearji Groomsville Friday. Mr. and |Mrs. Verl Beach and son Jack Edwin and Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Beach were entertained at 6 o'clock dinner Thursday evening at thejhome of Mr. and Mrs Lawrence Sanders in Tipton, the occasion being the thirtieth an niversary of the birth ; of Mrs, Sanders. j > Mr. and Mrs. Tom Owens were .entertained at Sunday dinner at the country home of Mr. and Mrs Joshua Cottingham. . .Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Trimble entertained at a delightful dinner party Sunday the following guests: Mr .j and Mrs. Fred Allen of Richmond, Mr. and Mrs. Alda Trimble of Elwood, Mr. and Mrs, K. B.'Trimble, Mr. and Mrs! L. C Trimble and family, Lester Miller, Robert Wilburn and Lee Rhorer' and family of Kokomo •Mr. and Mrs. . Loyd Burkett and son Billy Jean of Hobbs were- the Wednesday evening sup We Are 44 Yean Old—-We Ham Lived Co™*,'. flpMcU De P re*ian. »d Fttlc 44 XjeMi and Have Never Paid Lesa Tbaa 9% am Straps GBT XHK FtnX SIGNIFICANCE OF THAT BTaTBMBHT. j Assets, April 30,1930 .. .$642,654.^1 Contingent Loss Fund . 15,000.00 Undivided Profits, April 30, 1930 14,252.^4 Next Dividend June 30, 1930 TIPTON BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION . THE OLDEST SAVINGS INSTITUTION IN TIPTON Talk It Over With Oar Secretary, J. A. Lewla of JUr. and Mrs. Verl For.Balef 1927 S-doar Bnick; 19f« ' 4 -door matter* kaftan; 1**6. Studebaker, loar door»; 192S Dodge, fonr doori. Other IJied Car* Priced to Sell JTIPTON BUttK^O™ W. JeaTerapa St. rWUmt 1*1 'coroejamfc Chirrd*^ coach. 1**9- ChevroleOfcoWV 1929 .Chevrolet «oaeb, ^Itti Essex sedan, .lS27<.ChnrlOT.3'«" sport roadster, J$27.rcftvifolet coach. per guests Beach. -Mr.'.a.nd JMrs. Walter Riffe of Kokomo spent. Sunday with Mrs Abbie Dennis and daughter Miss Jessie Dennis. Mrs. Jennie Mills and grandson Bobbie Bor'st of Elwood 1 caiije Friday and! spent the' week end with her soJn Walter Leisure. ' Miss Genevieve Simmons was the Saturday night guest of Miss Elva Shaw. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hadley who spent the winter at Palm Beach, Fla., .arrived home ^Saturday.' Both are much improved and feeling much better than when Assisting hostesses', •. were Mrs. Toni; Edwards, Mrs. Minnie Snyder, Mrs. Ed Liidwig; Mrs. Dorothy Bailey, Mrs. James' Crum and Mrs. J. O. Zehner. In the ab sence of both the president and vice president, Mrs. R. Ll Wilson presided. Mrs. Louise Kelso led the devotional service. Readings were given by. Misses Agnes' DeWitt and Miss Ahnabellfi 1 Kleyla; piano solo, Mrs. Carl-;Scudder and vocal solo by Mrs. June Mitchell was crowned . the May Day queen. Mrs % Carl ! Scudder was awarded the contest prize. Dainty refreshments were .served by the hostesses. The May meeting will be held at the! country home of Mrs. ; B. C."- Heath. . Mr. and Mrs. Frank button Fred Meyncke and fainily and Cornelius Cpverdale, and family attended a birthday- dinner. at the-home of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Gorbet near Curtisville; j Sunday The occasion was the' fifty-first birthday of Mr. Gorbet. • Clarence Naslr and family of Simms were the Sunday' evening guests of Mr. and* Mrsj. .-Frank Dutton. •'-'.'/.' Miss LaFreda Edwards, student of the Muncie. Normal siient the Week end with her: pareuts Mr. and Mrs. Tom Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Hobbs and ehil dren of Noblesville were also week end guests'at the ; Edwards home. • " ';. Mrs. Gordon Hadley' attended a May Day program at' DePauv^ University Saturday and on Sun day attended -the Mother's Day program at the Methodist church She was accompanied home by her daughter Miss Isabelle'Hart­ ley who came to" see her grand parents, Mr, and Mrs. J.-C..Hadley. Robert Bon Durant arid .hii parents Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Bon Durant returned to Greencastle Monday mornings to resume their school work. Mrs.'J. A.'Butner went to Martinsville Friday where she will take treatments for a few' weeks having' been- bothered with rheumatism for. sometime. W. R. Bailey of Indianapolis is spending the week with his mtith er, Mrs. Sardis Francis and is assisting her with, her spring work. . Mr. and Mrs. Will '. Miller - of Kokomo were, the Sunday guests of Mrs. Margaret Croyie. j Mrs. Zana Cole of Kokomo who has been the guest of friends has returned home.-She contracted a deep cold while here and because of feeling badly .returned home. " Mr. arid Mrs. William JJing- from. rheumatism and it is only with difficulty that he is able to get around in the house. Mrs. Arthur Erwin of the Hemlock community who was formerly Miss Marie Ryan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Ryan of tlement of said estatn. anil ihat the same^ will come up, for examination and action of said Circuit Court on the lath day of May, 1030, at which time all heirs, <;re- ditors or legatees of said estate are required to appear in said court arid show cause, if any tljiere , be, why said account and vouch- Windfall has been quite ill with! ers should not , )(J ap p rDVei ,. an infection of the legs that was caused from'a kidney disorder, is slightly improved. Mrs. Erwin is unable to Valk and is the mother of two small children. Notice of Administration. I. .... Witness the clerk and scaf of said Tipton Circuit Court, at Tipton, Indiana, this 10th day! of April l!>:;o | (Seal) IKV1.V Mli.LKR. ; 172-17S- Clerk Tiptijn lS-t-190 Circuit Cilurt. Xoiice to Heirs, Creditors, Ktc. Ian •they/ went away: : Bert Leisure spent } Sunday with Mr.' and Mrs. ^George .Leisure. I Mr. and {Mrs. Alonzo Wert|: spent Sunday with relatives .near Anderson. | 1 Charles Steidle of the Danville Normal spent the week end with his parents^ Mr. and Mrs. 1 Chas. Steidle. I Miss EJya- Shaw was the Sw- day dinner vieve SlmmpndB Mr. ,and at Arciidja, guest of Miss Gepe> Mrs. Pete Whitman Mr. and Mrs. N B;| B Whitman - of Cicero and; Mr.rand Mrs. *#UIU| Owensby at Atlanta Vera antertained at Sunday dinner at % the home of Mr. and Mrs. worth of Anderson audi Mr. arid Mrs.' B. B. Perry of.«! Kokomo were the Sunday guests! o'f' Mr: and .Mrs. J. d.. Day who accomr panied their daughter and' husband to their home in Kokomo. Mrs. L: R; Varih'orn attended' a meeting at Kokomo Tuesday. , Mr. and Mrs. Fred .Lott were the "guests of Friends in Tipton Sunday.- Rev.' R. L. Wilson attended a ministerial meeting at .Kokomo Tuesday. W. V. v Ware of Jonesboro was the guest of - relatives, here Tuesday., i •-. . :'Dr. J. R. fHildrup, - pioneer physician of Windfall has Been confined, to -his home- for -several weeks by illness. He is [suffering Belwll'i Drag Stort -Xa|««ik Ktctr\o Radios tJWIMDFALL Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed by'ithe Judge of the Circuit' Court of Tipton County, State of tntli-j ana, administrator of the estate of i Pansy Goodman, • late ot Tiptoi • county, deceased. Said estate is. supposed to be solvent. ! HERMAN A. GOODMAN. April *S. 19S0. Administrator. A. A. FLETCHER, Attorney; . 17S-S-i-!)0-3(i In the matter of the estate ot Marcus VariBiblier. deceased. In the Tipton Circuit Court, February Term. I!l3n. . Notice is hereby uiven that I^'liis G. Sericht. as executor of the estate of Marcus' Vanl'ibber, deceased, has presented and his account and vmiehers in settlement of said estate, and tire same will come up for e.\| filed final that iiui- nation aiid action of said Circuit Notice of Atliniiiistration. Court on the liith day of at which time all heir> . . j ditors or legatees of said - " [are required to appear in Notice is hereby given that the! court and show cause, if any Undersigned, has been appointed : why 'said account and vtr. by the Judge of the Circuit Court • should, not be approved, of Tipton County, State of'I;idi-i Witness the clerk ami ana, administrator of the estate of'said Tipton Circuit Court, at, Cora C.Caylor Wheatley, late of; ton, /Indiana, this 19th il .Tipton county, deceased. Said es-j A-pril. tate is supposed to he solvent. ! (Seal) ' ' . J. H. CAY.LOR April 28, 1930. CHRISTIAN & WALTZ. Attorneys. 17 S-S 1-9 0-3 C 171-177- Exec-utor. [ l,s:j-l.s9 HtVIN MILLKI Clerk Ti| Cin-uit <i Notice of AilininLstratioli. Notice to Heirs, Creditors, Etc. May, c restate said here hers il <•£ Tip• of m niirt. Notico is hereby given that the undersigned lias been appointed - ' j l,y the Judge of the Circuit Court In the' matter of the u.state of of Tipton County, State o'. Indi- Erasmus Biiby, deceased. In the, ana. executor of the estate of Tipto.ii Circuit Court, February ; Jciin P. Leininger. late of Tiptou Term, 1930. - . j county deseased. Saul estp Notice is hereby given that Dud- supposed to be solvent, ley Fielding, * as. administrator of ' EDWARD J. LEININGiliR, the estate of Erasmus Bilby. de-April l-l.' 19."n. Exi|i ceased, has presented and tiled his] GIFFO.RD & GtFFORI). account and vouchers in final set-' Attorneys.. lii«-7: lite 13 tutor. 7S-84 WOOL Wanted 10,000 Pounds BEST PRICES PAID Will Send a Man to Shear Your Sheep ZEHNER & ZEHNER WINDFALL, IND. f| PHONE 37 Baby Chicks DO YOU SELL US WIXTEK E(!0S.' HERE IS' THE WAV TO DO IT! Trvour BABY CIlloKW and seejliu dil't'uivuce. QUALITY CHICKS THAT LIVE, LAY AXI) I'AY Call or write x'or prices. Fear - Campbell Co. Tipton, Indiana. I rei^r ^>tTfSr««iaV property »r wr-« r t«g« tof^jmitpeUax^ 01irer«I ilMerAownar^ O. Fo-W Nitrogtn f or the 30U in its most dednbla and convenient fqrm. A/Wonderfol fertiliier for lawns, gardens, tree^-and shrnbg. Put up in handy 10-ponnd bags, at, each— ASK FQ|L TREE BOOKLFT Hotpv Co.

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