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The Knoxville Journal from Knoxville, Tennessee · 1

Knoxville, Tennessee
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Sunday, October 19, 1930
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Prints the Moit NewsLoc' al, State, National and Intern. tional, and Prints Most ' 4 : of it First. , , -Leased Wires of 'ASSOCIATED PRESS (AP) 1. UNITED PRESS - (UP) UNIVERSAL' SERVICE (US) Direet Leased Wires to Washhigten; Nashville and Memphis - VOL. 7, NO. 12. Inhalators Urged To Save Lives Of 50,000 Babies NEW YORK, Oct 1E(AP)-- From 25,000 to 50,000 American babies who now die under three -weeks of age can be 41aved by use of fire and police department methods of restoring respiration. - - - Thus Professor Vanden Henderson, of Yale, America's foremost poison gas authority, Informed the New York Society of Anesthetists in an address -tonight , , - This means that by substituUng inhalators for the old fashioned slap given to start baby howling, and so to breathing properly, an army of young lives can be saved. It is a new field, Professor Henderson said, which cameo as a development of the koRwledge about vale of breathing carbon dioxide that has virtually wiped out the pneumonia which once followed-operations, and which holds encouragement for combating the great winter pneumonia outbreaks.- Carbon dioxide is Vest known as the fizz In soft drinks. , 19 Hurt In Crash! DETROIT, Mich.; Oct. lg (UP) Nineteen passengers on a high school bus, most of them members of the Ferndale ugh school team, were injured, several of them seriously. tonight, when the bus was hit and overturned at a street Intersection by an automobile. Bomb 15 iscovered ! SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 18 (A) A dynamite bomb which police said contained enough explosive to wreck a block of -buildings, was found today in the ticket booth of the Alhambra. theatre, owned by the Nasher brothers, whose Royal theatre was bombed last June. The bomb wee made of ten sticks of dynamite, contained in a galvanized metal box. - .8 and its Get $2,300! NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 18 VP) Three hooded-bandits late today robbed the Family Loan company. occupants - of a skyscraper office suite in the business district, of $2,300, after aweing the company manager and two women employes with revolvers and curses. They then escaped through the building's corridors. ; $40,000 For Debut! NEW YORK, Oct. 18 (UP)--Despite stock market slumps, the cost of debut pties along New York's Park avVd-ue wili remain-at 840,000 east', Martha Maynard, socJai director who,arranges a num , saki. AAA n..tJA IT as a sw.sar. aanaaan ber of these wstints annually, de dared today.- t - Seize Liquor Cargoes! NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 18 (P). Customs agents here today unloaded an estimated $50,000 worth of choice liquors from the "Mystery' Girl" and the "Norma," luggers prepared Thursday night at Bayou Molo. on the Louisiana coast. while guards related a thrilling story of the captures and escape of crews under fire. - - Padlock s Demanded! - , WASHINGTON. Oct. 18 GiP) A letten demanding that padlock proceedings be instituted at once Against a piece of government prop erty here allegedly used tor tilt , sale or intoxicating , liquor was sent today to United States it- -torney Rover by the Crusaders. an organization opposed to prohibi' tion. The exact location of the premises was not given beyond a statement that it was included "in , the government triangle in the 300 block of Tenth street." Sentence Aged Women! SZOLNOK, Hungary, Oct. 18 GO The trial of nine elderly women accused of poisoning their husbands or other relatives ended to--day with one defendant being sentenced to -death. Another was sentenced to life imprisonment, five more received terms ranging from five to fifteen years and the cases cited against the remaining two were dismissed. - FinanceMeetingl. The council finance committee will meet Monday afternoon with Director of Finance John C. Borden and City Auditor Herbert H. Cox. The audit for the fiscal year ended September 30, - 1930, will probably- be finished by that time and ready for consideration. If it is, Mr. Cox will then present the audit to the entire council at the meeting Tuesday night. Grand Jury Eyes Chicago Police, Gang Alhance CHICAGO, Oct 18 (AP)--The Tribune said today that the grand jury now in session is devoting most of Its time to the alleged alliance of the Chicago police department - with criminals of Chicago.- The jurors, the paper declared, are aroused over the revelations of Frank Lawler, Capone beer runner, concerning payments to police squads and also over the less recent discovery that a list of hoodlums slated for arrest had fallen Into the hands of Capone lieutenants - before warrants were issued. For the first time since this newest war on crime has been launched the present Jury Is getting the benefit or the previous Jury's labors; according to the Tribune, which reported that G. F. Slaughter,-foreman of the September Jury,. Is conferring daily with the October jury. I 4 HORTON ENDS WEEICS TOUR IN CAMPAIGN , . Model Highway Benefits Are Outlined In Address At - Jasper. ' - GOVERNOR-IS CHEERED A - MUCH DURING SPEECH No Tax On Property-Owners For Good Roads, State Executive Says. JASPER, Te4In., Oct. 18 (pl..) Governor Henry Horton closed a week's speaking tour of East Tennessee here today In his campaign for re-election with an address outlining benefits of Tennessee's model system of highways, which he declared are being constructed without a cent of tax on the property owners of Tennessee. The governor spoke to a crowd of more than 500 persons who packed the Marion county court house to overflowing. In spite of a marked hoarseness, the result of a severe cold from which he has been suffering for , several days, the governor's address was declared by many here to be one of the most forceful of his entire career and was punctuated by 'frequent and vigorous applause. The governor was introduced by Mrs. Willie Spears, widow of the former attorney general. At the conclusion of his address, Mr. Horton was presented a bouquet of flowers by ,Mrs. August Patton, of South Pittsburgh, '"as a token of the love and loyalty of the Democrats of Marion county, who are confidently looking forward to another term of your able leadership." , "These flowers are emblematic of the virtue and purity of womanhood." the , governor responded, "and I know that these qualities will radiate from you through life to be an inspiratipn for the awakening of an that Is best and highest in the manhood of the great state of Tennessee." , , "Stands Ace High" - Judge L. R. Darr, of the eighteenth judicial circuit, who presided, declared after the address that the governor stands, 'race high," in Marion the result of his good roads development be pointed out that one of the twenty great bridges on the highway-program is now nearing completion at Hale's Bar near Jasper. ...'!Ilecarried the county 14::th last general election two vyars ago by a substantial vote," Judge4Darr said, "and he will exceed this majority in November". - ' - Byron Pope, -assistant attorney general f the eighteenth judicial circuit. predicted that Governor Horton- would carry Marion county (Continued on Page 8, Col. 2) BRIBE PROBERS MEET MONDAY Marsh Slated To Appear Here 'Before Board. - 1 Investigation of the alleged bribery attempt probe will be resumed Monday at 9 a. m, when the special Investigating committee will meet In the City Hall council chambers at 9 a. m. Examination of Charles Coffman, a member of the firm of Cooper-Coffman, local realtors, and Miss Hazel McClain clerk In the Moe, Is planned for the Monday million, according to Judge John W. Green, chairman of the Investigators. Coffman will probably be asked about the mysterious telephone call he received on September 24, the day after Councilman Charles R. Wright had Imade public the negotiations with a Memphis bond salesman, George M. Anderson, over an "option" on his store building, which Wright termed an attempt to buy his vote. - - Coffman was called by some woman who said her name was "Helen" and instructed to get' the 6500 option fee back from Wright and return it to her, W. T. Harmon, veal- (Continued On Page 4, Col. 6) - M'BRIDE SEES DRIER CONGRESS THAN EVER WASHEIGTON, Oct. 18 (A)An assertion that granting the predictions of the ,wets, the coming elections will leave ten more drys in the senate and thirty more in the house than voted originally for the Eighteenth amendment was made tonight by F. Scott McBride, general superintendent of the Anti-Saloon league, in an address before the international convention of the Disciples of Christ. NANKING, Oct. 18 (.43)--A new, China, united' and strengthened. rising above the ashes of rebellion and anarchy, is envisioned by President Chiang Kal-Shek, who announced ambitious plans today for the republic. Unified Nation Looms - With the northern revolt apparently crushed and a. punitive army sent into the south central provinces to subdue Communists hordes' who took advantage of the nofthern defection to pillage undefended cities. President Chiang expects a unified, chastened China to emerge and effect rehabilitation along the following lines: .1h , 1 Trcrp1 (i Uitited, Progressive- Ch,ina Rising From Ashes Of War ONLY KNOXVILLE PAPER CARRYING ASSOCIAT ED PRESS NEWS' f $29,000 SIIORT, OF CHEST GOAL Soliciting Will Be Resumed By 100 Workers.Monday.- DRIVE- MEETING CALLED Plans Will Be Made To Visit Every Pledge Prospect. , - A band of 100 men, who have served as leaders in the Community 'Chest for more than a, week, will start out tomorrow in an effort to raise 229,000 needed to put the drive for $171,898 over the top. Dr. Fred F. Brown, chairman of the initial gift& committee in the campaign, as leader of the emergency committee recruited to complete, the campaign, has caned a meetin of all workers Monday at noon at the First Methodist church basement auditorium, when final plans will be made to visit every prospect in the city. "We believe in the agencies of the Chest, and we believe that the blessings of God are upon this present campaign. We will not give up until the goal has been reached," was the message from Dr. Brown last night. $600 Donated 'People who have not teen approached by a solicitor, and there are thousands of citizens in this group, will be asked to give," Dr.' Brown explained. "Numbers of them really want - to give something and Friday more than 2600 was telephoned to Chest headquarters. - "Aren't there thousands of other Knoxville persong who wnl do the same thing?" Dr. Brown asks, "The Chest's headquarters on Market street may be reached by dialing 2-1848. - "In the present crisis, there are probably many who may see their way clear to increase their contributions," ,Dr. Brown said., "The (Continued on Page 8, Cot. 8) NEW TABLOID BARES - - GOVERNMENT NEWS WASHINGTON, Oct. 18 6417)--A new tabloid newspaper made its appearance today in the capital. It bore the title "Washington," and 'described itself as "a journal of information and public opinion concerning the operations of our national government," published with I the cooperation of the Republican national committee. First, eradiciation of COXIM1- nism and banditry; second, rehabilitation of national finances; third, creation of efficient. honest governmental , administration; fourth, achievement of industrial 'development; fifth. development of natTO at and local autonomy, thereby paving the way for true democracy. L Drive Against Banditry "Our campaign against banditry and Communism already has begun,".the president said.. "It Is expected that within six months the objective will be achieved. "Rehabilitation of ' the national (Continued on Page 4, Cot. 5) , KNOXVILLE, TENN., SUNDAY Boy, Woman Set New Air Records NEW YORK. Oct: 18 tR)--Vwo new. trans-continental air speed marks were established todayo one by a boy of sixteen and the other by 'a young woman who already held records for barrel rolling and looping. The first in was Miss Laura Ingalls. who landed at Roosevelt Field with a flying time Of twenty-five hours and thirty-five minutes from Los Angeles. A little later Robert Buck dropped down ot the Newark airport after twenty-three hours and forty-seve nminutee the air since leaving Los Angeles. Buck beat the junior record made recently by his friend Ladle Sc7liteider. Miss Ingalls didn't beat any record because no had ever made an officially recorded flight from the west coast before,1 but she established a mark for other women to shoot at. Buck brought back with hint the junior record for both west i and east directions and Miss Ingalls would have had two records, 1 too. If she had not bad sucn keen 'corn-petition. She flew out in thirty hours and twenty-seven minutes but before she had time to turn around and start back Mrs. Keith Antler cut Use record to twenti-fire hours and forty-four minute& Tomorrow both Mrs. Miller and Elinor Smith were dcheduled to take off from Los Argetes in assaults on the Ingalls tristward time but Miss Smith had to postpone ler try until late next week to permit her to keep an appointment here Monday and she left for New York today. REBELS atAin BIG VICTORIES 1 General Advance , On Wide ' Front Is Reported. 1 , PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil. 1Oct. 18 (A).Widespread victories over Brazilian government troops were c1aImedIna communique Issued here today at revolutionary headquarters. . , It was stated that a force commanded by 'Colonel Mirondolino Machade defeated a detachment of Santa -Catharine. -loyal troops at Anitapolls, killing three and capturing thirty-three. The federal commander. Fat:trio Silva I was among the dead. Captured equipment included seventy rifles. three machine guns and 60,000 rounds of ammunition. - The communique continued t: - -"From Ponta Grosse come- ad-vices that a general offensive has been initiated on the entire southern borner of the state of Sao Paulo. Our advance guards 'Itave already clashed with the enemy which yielded ground along the entire- front. "In the state 'of Minas Geraes our forces continue their victorious operations. A strong column under the command of Colonel Aristarcho is already near Julz de Fora.- A column led by Artuzo Bernardes has penetrated into the state of Goyaz,- taking the city of Cryztalino Formosa aThe ' northern army, 'under the command of Juarez Tavora, continues the invasion of Bahia meeting no -resistance. - - - MORNING, OCTOBER 19, 1930., , - JOBLESS HUNT WARM SHELTE Winter Ps Advance Guard Adds -1 : Hardships. - t ; I GOOD GRID WEATHER' Overociated Millions 'Crowd Football Stadia. ' (By the Associated Press) i Winter's advance guard brought hardship to the ranks of the unemployed and a contrasted joyous' atmosphere - to the national foot-, ball ensemble in the United States yesterday. With Snow cloaking many northern states and -the cold penetrating far southward. even jails were thrown open to homeless persons.! Many were turned away from hav-i ens of refuge. - - ! Shelter for Homeless - .71 .A- charitable institution at .,l'itte-; burgh. Pa., sheltered 1,000 destitute men and women. Several score could not be admitted to the Cook county jail which gave lodPi ing to 138 persons driven from the streets by the first freeze this autumn. -The Salvation -Army at Chicago cared for '500. - - - - I The other side of the picture showed overcoated rooters estimaa. ted to total more than two and one-half millions, 'witnessing gridiroU clashes made zestful ty nipping football weather. ' , I Temperatures moderated under a bright sun while the gridders vorted over the midwest but severer weather was due to play a capricious encore overnight. 1 Six Deaths Reported - 1 Six known- deaths were charged. to the cold -wave, five of them in Canada. , . - Starting in midweek In the Rock-i les with hlizzards, the storm pushed 'eastward and today had spread a mantle of snow over the Adiron-i decks in New York state. - Transportation was hindered. an air mall plane was forced down by the storm and communication lines were crippled in a widespread area In the east. . - - ' Storm warnings were given on the upper and lower Great Lakes,i along with warnings to small craft; and snow was predicted for most of the territory,which already has had snow ranging from flurries to drifts sveral feet deep. ZEPPELINON-RAILS ' MAKES 94-MILE RATE BERLIN, Oct. 15 (US)--With the fastest greyhounds' on the sea, the most successful airthip in the Graf Zeppelin. and the ,largest airplane in the Do-X. Germany today sprang another sensation in- fast transportation on land,: - - - The "Zeppelin on,wheels, a ver car twenty-six meters long, and eighteen tons in weight; was driven over rails at a speed of ninety-four miles an hour. propelled by a regular air propeller- and a, 500 horsepower "engine. This Strange craft looks every bit like a land Zeppelin with its steamlined body. -Today's trials were .held near - , Hannover. , .1 CONFESSION...CLAIMED 1 IN DETROIT KIDNAPING DETROIT:Def. 18 (41)Van riling, assistant. prosecuting attorney; announced today that he had obtained a full confession on their part In the - kidnapping of Dr. Frank L.' Mahal), of - Highland Park. October42, from two youths arrested today. - M 13,'RVENJ'NG!'S :RE.GIME...-IVINS, IN'..:',..R.ICS:.T.Aci. Germany's Coalition Rule Gains Big Victory In - Hard Fight. ,, BEDLAM'BREAKS LOOSE, AMONG THE FASCISTS Stability In Government Is , Seen In Chancellor's - New Triumph. , BERLIN, Oct. 19 (Sunday) (.4:1-- Germany's new Reichstag wound UP its first; brief and tumultuous seasion ;shortly, after' raidnight today and adjourned until December 3, after giving a sweeping vote of 'confidence to Chancellor Heinrich Bruening's coalition government. ' The vote of confidence, 318' to ' 236, a margin of eighty-two votes In the chancellor's favor came late Saturday evening and virtually assured the 'government's triumph. The government then proposed adjournment till December. Vote Amnesty Act - The deputies, however, accepted a motion by the Communists, the Nationalists and the 'Fascists to discuss amnesty for all political prisoners except those who had corn-ranted violence upon a member of a government. They took a brief TOCOOS. ' - Reconvening at five minutes past midnight, the Reichstag was in no mood fof debate, having exhausted its strength in that direction during the day. The deputies immediately began to vote on the amnesty proposal, which was carried by 395 to. 147. The motion to adjourn was then brought before them and was passed by a mere rising vote. Announcement of the government's victory was received ' by Communists and Fascists with boos and catcalls. Vote Was Expected Outside the Reichstag building, everything was quiet. A strong force of police kept watch all.durtug the evening and was still on guard when the deputies began to go , home. The :rote of confidence hat! been generally anticipated, in view of several government successes on previous votes, but it was surprisingly large. - The test of strength came on a motion by the coalition parties to proceed,tp the order of Itus day,and virtually ignore' the motions of non-confidence.- ' - "Swindled' is Cry At the moment when President Paul Loebe ruled that the coalition motion took precedence over the others and should be immediately (Continued on Page 4, col. 8)' URGE LOVETTE AGAINST REECE G. O. P. Delegation From First Expect Reply Monday. GREENEVILLE, Oct. 18 (Spi) 1 Republicans to. the number of 200. I assembled her this afternoon, representing' every county in the First district, and called on General O. B. Lovette to urge him to trter the race for congressman as an independent, opposing Congressman Reece. General Lovett will make a decision Monday morning. perhaps. Since Sam W. Price, of Johnson City, who ran in the primary election against Reece, has withdrawn from the races many friends of General Lovette have urged him to enter the lists. The-visit today by a delegation representing every county is a continuation of the individual requests that he make the race. - No decision. hak been made by General Lovette as to the race. the 'requesting having been taken under advisement, with an answer expected Monday morning. - -General Lovette was attorney-general 'of -his Judicial circuit for eight years. the circuit including several counties in the First con gressional district. and he is widely known in these and other counties. CHILD, LOST 3 DAYS IN MOUNTAINS,'EOUND - , TONOPAH, Nev., Oct. IS (UP) Clothed against the dangers of the mountain. night in the luck that seemingly follows childrenand not much else three-year-old Jackie Sullivan, since Thursday an unwilling wanderer through , the haunts of mountain 'lions, was found by searchers today, alive and well. and wailing lustily for his mother. , , Speedy Plane And C Grid Photos For J6 "If you can't get a red bird, a blue bird'll do," runs an old-time melody. But the Nashville Tennessean's Red Birda pulsing modern bird of metal and motors manned by a pilot and carrying two newspapermen, staff photographers, and photographs of the Tennessee-Alabama gasne at Tuscaloosacame through. The Tennessean, sister paper of The Knoxville Journal, had sent its own special plane to the Alabama city to get photographs of yesterday's mighty gridiron struggle between Tennessee and Alabama for The Journal and the Tennessean.' Auto Helps, Too - ,Rushing to Nashville - yesterday afternoon to pick up photos was the Ford phaeton, driven by L. C. ,. ll-iG--''...:.Well.1...7-Sées ,Another - War In Very , Short Time LONDON, Oct. 18 (AP)H. G. Wells, the writer, today predicted the probable outbreak of a war within a very short time in an address ikt a conference of the National Council for the-1 Prevention of War. - - ,-"Some sort of accident," he said, "might happen next year or the year after. it is as close as that." - He criticized the peace movements for failing to prepare an effective plan of operation. Mr. Wells said he devoted 200 days of bard work annually to prevent the "war- -system". from continuing. - , - BALLOT PROBE .'....i.ogli..y,:.rig,,T Witnesses - Called In- Nye's Memphis Inquiry. BOTH PARTIES EYED Democratic Leaders' Await Showdown Wednesday. - : MEMPHIS; Tenn., Oct. 18 (Sa) With preliminary work completed and nearly a score of witnesses summoned for appearanCe; both the members of the Nye senatorial campaign fund investigating committee and Shelby Democratic leaders are awaiting the showdown at Monday's hearing. , , Chairman Gerald P. Nye, Republi can, of North Dakota, today heard the final reports of his investigators who, for two months have been prying into the conduct of last August's primary. ' Both Parties Eyed., I Late in the afternoon, the chairman was visited by Attorney-GeneralW. T. McClain and County Attorney Lois D. Berjach at his invi taUon.Xhey explained in detail-the Tennessee election laws and methods of -procedure in Shelby primaries. While neither were Subpoenaed for the hearing, they will attend in order to answer any legal question that may arise concerning registration, poll taxes and every phase of an election; - That the committee intends to Investigate both Republican and Democratic ' affairs, was revealed today when Dr. Neumon Taylor, chairman of the Democratic primary board, and United States Commissioner Lester E. Brenner, Republican primary chairman, were the two first witnesses served subpoenas by deputy United States marshals. - - Other subpoenas included the names of Memphis and Shelby county citizens, most of whom served as election officials. They-will testify Monday. They are Yandell Haun, attorney; Ed Crenshaw, county court clerk; J. S. Hicks, secretary of the Democratic primary board; Frank Gailcir, county trustee; Frank Fernandez, W. A. (Continued on Page 4, Col. 5 BIG WELCOME FOR IL T. TEA Parade To Be - Held,; :When Grid Squad Returns -Today. big welcome will be given the Tennessee gridiron- warriors when ' they. arrive at the Southern station at 7 a. 331. today from Tuscaloosa, ' Ala., according to plans made by city officials and campus leaders. When the Vol football -players embark from their special cars: ' they will be met by a resounding blast from the - sirens of a dozen or more city fire engines. ordered out by City Manager George Demptiter. The studentsthat is, all who trtained in Knorville instead of ,go, lug to Tuscaloosahave decided to I meet the train and stage a parade 1 up Gay 'street.- 'The' R.- O. T. C. band wiU lead the parade- if it has returned in time. Fire engines, a r motorcade - of city- politellofficers and ,students will -comprise the remaindar of the parade. , - A 4MdC1anahan. of the rester. Motor company, and accompanied by W. 'W. Ayres. automobile editor of The Journal, and Jerry Carter.'member of the state highway patrol. The car made the trip in four hours. The photographs of the game which appear in today's bsue of The Journal were sent from the gridiron to the office of the Nashville Tennessean. Plates were made 'there in remarkably short time. and then placed in the Ford car and rushed back to The Journal. - Plane Nearly 'Lost But before the pictures were received at Nashville. the little red monoplane winged its way more (Continued an Page 743, Col- 4.) ,- PRICE 5 CENTS.- Raging Alabama Horde Sweeps Crippled Tennessee Ailde In Stubborn Battle. - U. T; 'FIGHTS TO LAST; HACKMAN GOES OVER McEveraarsity Ends, Sit On -- Sidelines As Team Fights - Gamely. , - By BOB MURPHY - - -Journal Sports Editor TUSCALOOSA,-. Ala., Oct. 18--. - Somewhere in the land of the set- ting sun it is written that all good things, must- end-,-even life itselL This afternoon a raging torrent of destruction swept over Denny 'field and.brought an end to Tennessee's long 'string of - football victories. Alabama humbled the Vols 18 to 6.: - It was Home-Coming day for Alabama and the old -grads returned to the arms of their alma mater Baw a courageous but weakened Tennessee team suffer the--firlat setback that has been registered against the - Orange and White since 1926. - . , Tennessee's Record Tennessee - entered the game with a, record of - thirty-three won and. none lost. It was Vanderbilt who last turned the trick. But to-, night they occupy a place on the side of the championship road, and 1., Alabama has avenged two success ive defeats chalked up by the men , of bleyland in 1928 and 1929. , Huddled ott the sidelines, so pitiful because of their helplessness, sat- Gene McEver, Fritz Brandt, and Paul Hug, three wounded Vol warrtors, . Serbral times it seemed they- almost choked back the as Wade poured a continuous string of man power against the Vols. - ' . . , - -- And when you speak of man - power,-Alabama has-it to spare. " It was a series or battering thrusts through the heart of the Vol line which carried Alabama to victory. Three times they crossed touch- ' down territory, and numerous other times they thundered at Tennessee gates.- -only to be turned back In the shadow of the goal. Gallant Rally After taking one et the worst physical beatings any football team has - Sever - gone ' through, the gallant ...Tennessaeans,. rallied .1tr the final quarter and thrilled crowd of .18,000 by marching' down the field to a, touchdown. It was Bob-'. hie Dodd and Buddy Hackman,' the two remaining members of the famous - triumvirate, who - bore the (Continued on First Sport Page) QUICK RESULTS ALWAYS Stating that she obtains quick results from Journal classified ads, Mrs. F. W. Gies, of No. 1800 West Clinch avenue, was given further evidence of that great reader interest of The Journal. She placed a small classified advertisement In this newspaper last Sunday to rent rooms. The one ad brought forth a number of inquiries from responsible parties and the avorns were rented very quickly. , The resultful ad follows: PON. ONE Oa TWO gentlemen desiring a real home. with private family, large front room, bath and shower, plenty hot .water, steam heated brick home. 1800 W. Clinch. btal 8-4976. DIAL 24141 FOR SETTER CLASSIFIED RESULTS WEATIIER - TENNESSEE AND KENTUCKY - Fair, continued cold Sunday; Monday increasing cloudiness. (Data compiled at the local office. U. S. Weather Bureau, Brownlow - Building. for,The ,Knoxville - - - 7. Saturday, October 18; - - - 7 a. m. p. m., Barometer t 30.13 30.03 Dry- bulb 40 49 Wet bulb 38 41 Relative liumidity , 45 - Wind- ...SW-3 , W-7 Weather ' .Clear. , Clear. Highest temperature today 57 Same date last year 74 Lowest temperature today - 88 Same date last year 43 Mean temperature today .48 Same date last year 58 Normal temperature this date 49 - Accumulated excess In tempera, ture since January lst (de- ,' . grees) 582.- Precipitation for 24 hours end- ing 7 p. m. today (inches) - .00 Total precipitation since March .- 1st (inches) - 21.71 Total deficiency In precipitation - since October 1st (inches) .15 Sunrise 5:48 a. in. Sunset 4:54 p. rn. ' - HOURLY TEMPERATURES 4 a.. 12 noon. 53 - -5 a., 39 1 p. m.......55 6 a. 2 p. m.......57 a -m. 40 - 3 e m.......58 8 a. m.......48 4 p. m .55 ' 9 a. - 5 p. in 53 10 a. m.......51 8 p. m 51 - 1,1 a. in 52 - 7 p. to. 49 ' ' RIVER REPORT - - - The Tennessee river st Knoxville will fall slowly Sunday. , . . . . -e, . . ' . WEATHER CONDITIONS .. ELSEWHERE ' WASHINGTON. Oct. 18 (AP)----The . following is the official weather bu- refill record of temperatures and rainfall in the principal cotton-growing areas and - elsewhere for the past twenty-four hours ending nine p. m.: Station. Wiens. lir rem. Prec. Asheville ........42 . 42 .00 Atlanta .58 - -44 .00 Birmingham. ....84 40 , MO Chicago ..... . p 88 30 .00 Denver 60 - 32 .00 Detroit ,...32 32 ' .00 Galveston - 12 62 Jacksonville 78 66 ., ,00 Los Angeles - 74 58 .00 Memphis , .62 - 44 - IMiami . 88 - 76 Mobile Oa ' '54 - 00 New Orleans 70 , 60 - .00 1New 'York . 52,,' . 44 .38 I San Antonio; 72 t 56 .00 San Francisco 82 58 .00 ouma morrow - - Ir Frt bat - use Me tiOI 1 der mo - for 8 of - 1 ttn, 1 ton hoN Prc ear He ad abc dio t out toll boll Ing out bes drI Ids, Sit On n Fights PHY - - Editor , Oct. - , ot the set- hat all good life itselt. g torrent et 4 Denny 'field 1 Tennessee's 11 victories. - - - - , . . . , . - - . . , --., , . . 0 . , . , . . , ub ASSOCIATED Pit.t.i..SS . 411- ' - . - UNITED PRESS - (UP) ' ' I) 1111: nall:il .04C14'41-,,w 1111:( .. r114(:( , Prints the' Most News--Local And I State, Nations1 and Interns- -- UNIVERSAL; SERVICE (US) ,. -"IMP , Direet Leased 1Vires to 'Wamhhigton; - tional., oafncli Prints Most .. . t E. p ' Nashville and Memhis. 1 ONLY KNOXVILLE PAPER CARRYING ASSOCIAT ...ED PRESS NEWS' - VOL. 7, NO. 12. - - ' IfaVOXVILLE, TENN., SITINTDAY- MORNING, OCTOBER 19, 1930., --- ' ' Bt. , . . , ... - -- - , , , - PRICE 5 CENTS. ---.. . m, I G S ; . , , , Inhalators Ilrged , , HORTON ENDS 1 , , - . . . . U . To Save -L LAT e s cs TOUR. , The Opposition s Proposition . . ,. RUE N ' 7 . Elided. , , ... Of 50,000 Bauies WEEK'S 4), ------:--------- .,, , , , , . ,, . .. -, , ----,---, ,-- -- - - WINS , , NEW YORK, Oct 1V(AP)-- eke Oele;b ,,, :. d (40 ''''' ,-, - : REGIME m a r . I c . " , -.--. G (L cD1 - -; , s , From 25,000 to 50,000 American G IN AMPAI N ,-- , , babes who now die under three rily- ! , , . ,i-'' . , - i-weeks of age can be saved by . tri C use of fire and police department " --- -- '1.1'14'l.t4'4 , , . win s .. 8 M O ' --- .t.... af 201 1 V 1 - 1. t7 1 UT - methods of restoring respire- , ,--- .rI ( ,- - 4 s , Coalition - Rule . .. 11 1-de ' on. - Model Highway Benefits Are -4-'''' N.'7, ga. it,e,TP-4w , THAT f . , --- , L ONIC ':- Germany's V 2 Thus Professor Vanden Hen- - 4' Ar Jr , ," .0. I; , ! do, 1 j.:00WN N PLANT 1 -- derson, of Yale, America's fore- - Outlined In Address At , 1 roc t---r i it - alt , , . ' Gains Big Victory ' In Wlls , Sees Ragng Aabama . H. G. ei .'l Hor 1 de - v4 ' ... , . . - . f most poison gas authority, in- - Jasper , , . ' ' H ADolz ,, - - . . Hard Fight. Another War In Sweeps Crippled Tennessee This means that by substitu- - formed the New York Society - , , ' of Anesthetists In an address - AA ? kJ 1 -' A a) , , , - -tonight , GOVERNOR IS CHEERED 4- 4 a-.ims.. 6 ' 11 - ; , .1 I ' - THIS ON 1 , BEDLAM BREAKS LOOSE - , , "rrz Arlo - ' ting Inhalators for the old fash- - MUCH DURING SPEECH , -. - .,L.FQ s' ' - ' -' AMONG THE FASCISTS V- ery Short Time -. Aside in Stubborn Battle. , - - - toned slap given to start baby - - - - , yll'7".e Is e - ''''.- , , , - ' ' LONDON, Oct. 18 ( U. T- ,FIGHTS TO LAST. ) APH. , , howling, and so to breathing - , , .. G. Wells, the writer, today pre- . HACKMAN GOES OVER properly, an army of young lives No Tax On Property-Owners ------ -41. - - a - ----,,,,.. , el--, 4 .' , awl Stability ithpin a very short me , , lity In Government Is dieted the robable outbreak of - - a war ti can be saved. , . - It is a new field, Professor For Good Roads, State -1, --s-"-, ,- '...,ri Seen In Chancellor's in an address ikt a conference .. , , ii Henderson said, which cameo as Executive Says. . - -- New Triumph. , of the National Council for the. McEver,--Varsty Ends, St On , a development of the koRwiedge -- II '. ' -,----- . , Prevention of War- - - -. . Sidelines As- -Team Fight 1 s ,, about vaikie of breathing carbon i . - e -- -, -, ' - - , , "Some sort of accident," he dioxide that has virtually wiped JASPER, Tenn., Oct. 18 (SPL) - Y' ... t-0,9' Ns " ''' , ' BERLIN, Oct- 19 (Sunday) tRi-- said, "might happen next year or - Gamely . . , t out the pneumonia which once ----Governor Henry Horton closed a A off Germany's new Reichstag wound the year after. It is as close , - followed --operations, and which week' v - s speaking tour of East Ten- ,' , -, ff,ti 4 1 Up its first; brief and tumultuous as that" .. Journal Sports ' -- holds encouragement for conibat- nessee here today in his campaign 1 '. .. is , ' ttlko tip , fIVI o 'vl. session ;shortly after' midnight to- He criticized the peace mve- t z lb 1, , , - By BOB MURPHY - - --' - ing the great winter pneumonia for re-election with an address 41.. ,-. , Ws - ,10tilf-it L it VT. ta '- - day and adjourned until December ments for failing to prepare an Editor TCSCALOOSA,-- Al8 - . outlining benefits of Tennessee's ''k N. OUtbreaks.-' Carbon dioxide is ill" - 1 ---- - ' , 3, a er g ivi ng a sweeping vote o f h 1. model system ot highways, which , 1 --. - y . 1 1 effective plan of operation. Mr. a Vest known as the fizz In soft ' confidence to Chancellor Heinrich e s sa e drinks. without a cent of tax on the prop- 1 he declared are being constructed II, 11 ------- Wllid he devotd 200 days Somewhere in the land of the set- h , I, fp 'ma Bruening's coalition government. of hard work annually ting sun it is written that all good Oct to pre- ''. t '- . -e. fts things must- end-,-even life Itselt. - ortv navnarn nt TATIOP44AA I 1 c i 1 , "1-,,2 fr, .1 4 i ' ( a IiiiiiirliktAl , ; ktfor I! 1. ...1 The vote of confidence, 318 to vent the "war-system" 'froM - This afternoon a raging torrent of ' ,---,okutilt,mnst t4;444 I - 19 Hurt In Crash! more The governor spoke to a crowd 1 I of than 50 0 persons who ' IV117,114WE 'N (01N r isvextu - I 111TRCHT Mieh - MP1 I packed the Marion county court 1 TA I - v VOL t4 irgf ( -- - - .,iroz.L.-,,,,40, k f -...........- . ' ---Th I, --AA 407,1111 . ........11 414 z - - 4 , . -6 e 4.........., :. -- ..... ,-- :,1,: ,,...1., ...i.,, ,t1,..,,..... 4 , 4 , -. ,1 -' --Ir it ; 1 . I 1 - - , ilk , -A Goo mo340, - 1 di ) ,.. s-, -dem Um. DeveLoPtims 1, ......, 4, ... . , 7,--1- , ,ORCAT 5 m otcf If ts ,. ' 44..i-d,'- '- lk...:40. -. - ......- L. , , , -- . ., pARK; . 0111111mimi......0t.motiti..-v , - i , : . . , ..... . , , ...11.11.110,.."11111......11.1.1.. , . ee ,..4.04,4...... .011001 as. ....... . - I, ..., 007 , , , .. .. gt .., , - werello. . l row. ...,...i, 111116..... ..sltd.:tIMIOP.'""--'""'''III.IW.Ngl.W-"..-...o0.'gll".''.7 7: . ' . .' -4.11111..- -4.. ..Z.41.1111'' --IPA.. . ',,.......'411 ' ' .4.1.,'"..M..........0.00.- .....,..."111'.... .. . ....zollop.. .... .. . 00110401&.. 6.'111011. .01.."11111p7". ..ii-.-.40,a..-"11111. ,11.1.111. st......---10,10-- .1111111.. ,.... .ia.011111....... ',ow -11111111111.,.. . . mP' ..........;.. It W......,-.111 kb ,011.17111.1. .........11M.,.. Alb. .....motd.....1,1s... mr......111,.. .....,....... -...r .111111.1.' .1110114' ....1111161'........2.11,11,11b.Z.-----..11toltb,.."111:1118.- 10' 111111.'s - 116,- -"Nib. . -,........0.'101' .11110.2b.44,1..- -44.1111111144.-". ..g...;..Z.ZZNI.kb.--M1.1. . , , 41:11,11114w''Ableiril.' .111111a...........,?....11b.,..1,..t.,'11".111". .Ntb....111111","Zit.......111. ' , 11111:11101:11111161411111:11,011111:111..11.11'..;1111,..'14111.1........' , t . IIIIIh' 11011.1' ...4S111111. 111b, .- ,'111116. , . , ."..,,,,..... 1 , 7.110 1P. 0 0 0 0 0 11;11111 CA Ib'''''..101 0171 0 . , . - - , 1111111116S. 06 0 gill..4gP , i .-.- 1 I ' 4o, , ,-: 1; IkT4 -:LI lumina In nvorfInwing, -In ;mita .nr I I luniArzb 'Ilia 1 WARM SHELTER The Learn To Play i r-r7ne Newly Popular Game, Backgammon, -In n ees Of Journal Artichs forting Tomorrow 1, 4 ------- - - - ,,,.......L A.. FoY zk "a."' -1-ma Lia.1 uv'' "4"' '''''' A "''' '' -''''... '''' '''' " l''' AA. ak's might - gridiron struggle -le be- rushed h-i-Cli ii)- The Journal Jacksonville 76 -- 66 .,,00 ,- - - - ting the benefit of th-e previous ces to subdue communists hordes' and Communism already has be- . the into the state of Goyaz,- Ring, assistant-, :Prosecuting attor- d 3' gg - - -1 Angeles -,..,..14 58 , .00 1 Jury's labors; according to the who took advantage of. the nofth- gun 'the president said.. "It is ex- taking the city of Crystalino For- ney; announced .today that he had twee6 .' ., st Tennessee and Alabama for 0 plane Nearly ., .....y 'Lost . -, memphis ,..e2 Tribune, which reported that G. ern defection to Pillage undefended pected that within six months the moaa. . , .. , , - ,., - I - obtained a full confession on their Th Journal and the Tennessean But before the pictures were re- Millmj 88 : 78 F. Slaughter,-foreman of the cities. President Chiang expects a objective will be achieved ' : forhe northern artily, under the Part - 'in the - -- kidnapping of Pr. ..-- , Auto , Helps, Too , ..,..-- ceired at Nashville. the : little red Mobile ' 1 - --:' ; 54 .' C4 - , September Jury,. Is conferring unified chastened China to emerge - "Rehabilitation of ' the - national command of Juarez Tavora, contin- Frank ' L.' McPhail., of - - Highland - ,Rushing to Nashville- yesterday monoplane winged its - way ninra Orleans 70 , 60 - 00 ----1 'York ,. 57,,'.' 44 .33 daily with the October Jury. - and effect rehabilitation along the - , , .--...,..- -- nes the invasion of Bahia meeting Park. October , 2, from two youths I afternoon to pick up photos was -. , ------- : ' ' ' i San Antonlo.:: 72 , 56 ..00 . following lines: - . lh , -, ,.- (Continued on Page 4, Cot. 5) , no .resistance. - - -, -- , arrested today. - - : the Ford phaeton, driven by la..C. ' (Continued an Page 7-111, Col. 4.)t Ban Francisco , 82 -- 58 0 ' 0 ' . 1 - foil rea r fall are r twd 8 - e Ask Atl 8 Bir Chi e I Del I Gal Jac , Lod Me: Speedy Plane And Car ..Get Grid PhotnA P ournal .- o ,, or mo 7ftor MO, Nwe, Ant. .14"' a mug, "ow 1,11.or a "Er Vio,t, Mir wan , , JLTS I HER - I ' . , ' :-,' I .. ,ort Page) MAYS I , , R , . --- ,:- ecords.-i-.--z ..,1c it "'''.".". '1 .,....,......6....on, , , co. 5) , -

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