Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 26, 1978 · Page 10
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 10

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1978
Page 10
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10—Ukiah Daily Journal, Ukiah, Calii Thursday, January 26f^ 1978 , Sheinwold on bridge Don't wait to ask dramatic question For Friday, January 27,1978 By SYDNEY OiyiARR Leo isbright, stubborn; coni?idered "sexy.*" This sign is dynamic, magnetic, temperamental, spoiled by opposite sex and in riee^ of a personal, private cheering • section. Aries is physically attracted to Leo. Sagittarius writes and calls Leo. Cancer makes money with Leo. Aquarius finds Leo a fascinating challenge. Scorpio advances career with Leo. Taurus builds security with Leo. What do you do with the Leo in your life? ARIES (March 21 - AprilM9): You get job done. Another Aries— and a Libran— could figure prominently. Pets, dependents, persons who share your work are in spotlight. Maintain moderate pace. Get rici of wasteful procedures. Your views will be vindicated. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Good Moon aspect now means you are revitalized, vigorous —you draw to you bright, creative people who appreciate your talents. Sweeping changes occur. Member of opposite sex confesses love. , ' : GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): You gebwhat you need. You feel more secure, but restlpss. Restriction is temporary — don't give up true value Tor ghttering ' promise. Plainly, it behooves, you to know when to let well enough alone! . , CANCER (June 21 - July 22): If you intend on standing still, you're in for a disappointment. You move, communicate, socialize, envision potential. You are wined and dined, you come out of doldrums. Gemini, Sagittarius figure prominently—and so does nufnber 3. • LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): Spotlight on money, "^ow much is enough?" Could be perplexing query. Study written agreements, check for loopholes. Cycle on upswing. You are a winner despite secret fears and doubts. Taurus, Scorpio persons are in, picture. VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): Vibrant movement featured —dramatic illustration of beliefs, meanings. Cycle is high; in effect, "you can 'do no wrong." Gemini, Sagittarius figure prominently. In matters of speculation, stick to number 5. LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): What is important currently camouflaged; strive to detect signals, subtle nuances, behind-scenes intrigue. Taurus, Scorpio persons figure in scenario. Dream could come true. Yes, you can believe in miracles! SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21): Emphasis on understanding what goes on "inside." You'desire to strike a responsive chord. You'll be rewarded by glimpse of truth. This cycle has much to do with the abstract. Within framework of symbols, you find solid sb-ucture for future actions. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21): Strive to understand own motives, power drives. There is something you want, there are ambitions to be fulfilled. You get opportunity to face them, to reach greater degree of self-unjlerstanding. Please, do! CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19): Long-range view necessary. Refuse to be restricted by those of little faith —and talait. Emphasis on publication, communication, language, journey. Aries, Libra figure prominently — so does number 9. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18): What appeared setback will, in actuality, be proverbial blessing in disguise. M8ney picture brighter than On sui'face. Romance or love is strong, despite recent differences. You are dynamic, independent, original and brimming with life! PISCES (Feb. 19 - March 20): Go slow, permit circumstances to unravel themselves. Follow through on hunch. Toss aside false pride. Ask "teacher" for additional lessons. Stick to number 11. Accent on. partnership, public response, sense of unity with partner or mate. IF JANUARY 26TH IS YOUR BIRTHDAY ... you are, passionate, a powerhouse, the opposite of meek-and- mild. You are going to have an .extraordinary year,^ filled with potential, responsiblity and love. September could be your most memorable month of 1978. Aries, Libija persons play key roles in your life. You are unot-thodox, sensitive, sentim^tal and determined enough to do what you believe is right despite tradition or community standards. They'll Do It Every Time By ALFRED SHEINWOLD Sooner or later in every bad drama one. of the chief characters buries his face in his hands and wails "Where did I go wrong?" You sometimes see it at the bridge table. East, dealer ' ,„ ,East-West vulnerable . NORTH • A 10 3 7 A K83 0 8 5 4 3 * J 10 WEST • 952 J94 0 2 *Q 9 7 4 2 EAST • 6 ^ 10 7 5 2 0 K Q J 10 9 * A K 5 SOUTH • K Q J.8 7 4 *863 East South 10 1 • All'Pass.,. West Pass North 4* Opening lead — 0 2 South took the ace of diapfionds, cashed the top hearts to get rid of a diamond and then led a clijb. East won and cashed a good diamond. West discarded a henrt, and East l^d another diamond. Declarer ruffed high, and West discarded his last heart. South gave up another club, and back came another diamond. Declar'ei' had to ruff high again. South ruffed his last club in dummy, drew two rounds of trumps with the ace and ten and then had to dra.w. West's last trump. , NINE BECOMES GOOD : Unfortunately, South had to • lead a heart" from dumiriy, with just the K-8 of trumps in his hand. If South ruffed low. West would overruff; and if South ruffed high. West's nine would become the high trump. "Where did I go wrong?" South blurted out. After the first three tricks South must ruff a heart. The rest is the same, but when South ruffs a club in dummy and cashes dummy's high trumps, he has only the king of spades left in his hand. That's a trick he cannot lose. DAILY QUESTION , ife dealer, you hold: Spades K Q J 8 7 A, Hearts 6^ Diamonds A 7 6, Clubs 8 6 3. What do you say? ANSWER: Pass or bid one, spade. Most experts would pass this borderline hand. Every expert would bid one spade if the spades were headed by A-Q-J instead of K- Q-J (with the hand otherwise remaining'the same). ' MAV. I QUOTE VOL/ . SOMETHING FROM HAMLiT? "NEITHER A BORROWER NORA LENDEf^BE'' . ^—_—, 5 /ULJHAT'S.THATSUPPOSEP i VTOMeAN? rr MEANS VOU SHOULDN'T HAVE, EORROWEP THAT KID'5 RULER IN THE FIRST A ACE.' MAKESVOUTHINK^POESNTIT? H'OU HATE ME 'DON'T •H0\}1 BLQNDIE Byi Jim Raymond THATSTME SILLIEST UGLIEST-> LOOKING ANJIMAL " I EVER BEETLE BAILEY 7 By Mort Walker AUITOOP Dally Crossword TXrS ONE DOE$ NCTTLIKE , f t WPN'TSAY t WDNM >OUR BSXTTLE PLAN, ALARICi V LIKE IT, I JUST DON'T THINK n% VERY ACROSS 1 Dog doctor, for short 4 Displease 7 Struggle 10 Folkslnger Guthrie. 11 Doctrine 12 Atqmic particle 13 School (Fr 14 Programmers direction (2 wds 16 Sign of the zodiac 17 Hammarskjold 19 The sun (Lat.) 20 Dogmata 22 Namely 24 Ammal enclosure 27 Handsome man 30 Small child 31 Threnody 34Artemis 36 Trojan hero 38 Desert green spot " 39 Tank 40 Cleaning implement 43 Ages 45 Women's patriotic society (abbr.) 46 Highlander 50 Unused 52 Wrofi^ (prefix) 54 Nigerian tribesman 55 Views !i 58 biosmore 60 Sick 61 Year (Sp.) 62 Deal 63 Madame (abbr. 64 Greek deity 65 Deuce Answer to Previous Puzzle Ql R olylslE, L dlulOlE A|M|B|U|S OUT O S HlA ESPY PlO L E ATC C E I A EL 1 A M B 1 C A V 1- A R Y M E S. S R S B H U T S A P S \x T E N T 1 R A 0 C P O P E Q W A V T| U L E X 1 N 8 A N E L O 1 T E R E X P E R T DOVOU HAVE A BFTTEI? (...AS A MATTEie OF PACT, I CAN Sh- SHOW MOU FEUAS HOW V'CAN - TAP-THOSE »?0»vW\NS ^ KNOW WHAT HIT 'EN*'( °^*§y mm Ri, •-••'!^ III by HEA. inc." Til. R«|l. U.s"pil. OH .I I BUGS BUNNY by Stoffel & Heimdahl 42 44 DOWN 47 48 Engine sound House wing Having pedal digits Untouched Noun suffix Christian . holiday Defiles 8 Paper of Indebtedness 9 Noun suffix 10.High cards 13 Biblical character 15 Physician (si, 18 Macao coin 21 Aromatic herb 23 Fly 25 Desert in Asia 26 Summers (Fi- 28 Group of two 29 Mocassin 31 Housetop feature 32 Regan's father 33 Trammel 35 Rowing implements 37 South (Fr, 4 1 Biblical strong 59 man Three (prefix) The briny deep Herring Newspaper notice (abbr.) Foot digit Woman's fur garment Irish clan Raised border New Haven tree Genetioi, material ..(abbr.) Legislative en actment

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