Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 30, 1954 · Page 20
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 20

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1954
Page 20
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ALTON EVENtNG TELEGRAPH ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamlin WElUu,COUR6E TMI9 Rfi AIN'T NUTHlN TO NOW PEACE AN COMPARE WITH TH'ONE/ QUIET CAN REIGN 0 ^v o\ aJ r ( J* s t>^c 4. JO OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR IIOOPLB* ?AM.' VtXJ RJFF00NS " ro ° 6PA5H FC* 2 YOUR OF (?ePEMTlMS FOR i CUTTlMS OFF MV |M- COME.VDUVS/AX •> "<oVik\fs jreccr-r J f ivuit \ t=r>\ S ( lrv\P£RTlMEMT/ ^> X!£?g£ D%JM / J OP6CATIOM ) V - X OUGHT TO ) Or- UWVNJ f y .. A MOTH ^ VTHROTTLE YOU 5 BEFORE ATEST LAST/ SBAR'5 OUT OUK WAV By J. R. Williams TH' CHURCH AMP TH' TOWM HALL BURMT DOWM--AK1P I CAN'T FINP AMV&OPY EMOLX3H 1O PROVE I WA6. BORM IKJ THE. COUMTRV.' J\A A v DEAPHEAP HEKF.' ^rr--- CERTIFICATE MOW IS A MAM WITHOUT A COUNTRY. ' HALF- AFEAIP UOOk Key to Frequencies: KSTM (3fli; WTVI (fl KSD-TV (8)1 3:00 P. M 5:15 P. M 8:30 P. M. 8:45 P. M. 7:30 P M.- :4S P. M. - ) Wrangler's Club i Westward Ho! ) Serial Theater P Buckeye Four ) Sundown Ranch 1 Sports. Weather ) Captain Video ) INS Tclenews ) Sports ' ^ Ovle Qulck Qul » Dntlve Bennett ) News i News. Sports ) Klghts of Century > John Daly i Marge & Jed i Eddie Fisher i Medical Society 1 News i News Caravan I Labor Tribune 1 p « r ry Conio i Gnrrowa.v At Large H Do It Yourself ' Sc reen Playhouse uie of fluey ' 1 Connresiman Curtis Scouting DONALtl Dl THE BF-RRVS cOwenn.'WHOi >ou MI6HT DCCIDC TO STAY TOU CAW *Wtf VOUR5ELVB At H»Wf(^WHrL§l6frTHE PAPERS THffT *IS5 ERSKWf HAS ID SIGN. SKf LLV ? I KNOW THOSE PAPW5 W£« JUSt AN EXCUSE TO GET US HERE y, WHAT5 REAtLYON YOUR /MlND^rrff x | DEPOT^> 4BLOCKS I'LL BET VtXI A DOLLAR rt RAINS BEFORE *3U GET THERE' THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE THAT WITH BOOTS AND HER BUDDIE By Kilcar Martin CARNIVAL By Dick Turner •mm HtVOit TO OW* CIO?. *MVUK>Q> THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith . YOU ser Television Programs FRIDAY, APRIL 30. By Cart Grtrtfcft 1 MUST BE CRACKING l# ' GIVE H0? THE SATISFACTION/ n (to ODNOUCTiuG A SLA£r; NNM DO YOU TMMK THE PAIN WILL HURT THE RHUBARB* By Carl Anderson l_ \ \ "Yes, 1 aired the pillows! Why?" Missing Words Answer to Previous Puzzle 8:00 P. M.—II i: I! 8:30 P. M.—(! i; I! 9:00 P. M.—(i t: I! 0:30 P. M.—i: I! 0:45 P. M. —I! 10:00 P. M.—I! 10:19 P. M. —I! 10:30 P M.-li 11:00 P M. —i! 11:15 P M.-ll 11:48 P. M.-II 12:15 A. M.—I 2:15 A. M.-II I Love Lucy Family Prlfle Royal Playhouse Soundstage Danny Thomas Spider Burk Boxing Second Row Center Lifetime Chance Second Row Center Down You Go Waterfront Movie Showcase Greatest Drama Big Town News, Weather From Hollywood Playhouse Feature Film Weather SATURDAY 7:50 A. M.—tflj Film 0:00 A. M.~i5i Mr. Wizard 8:15 A. M.—iii Ding Dong School 0:00 A. M—(51 Capt. Hartz 0:15 A. M.—15> Barker Bill B:30 A. M.—(51 Adventure Theatre 10:00 A. M.—(Si Space Patrol 10:30 A. M.—(Si Annie Oakley 11.00 A. M.- 12:00 Noon— 12:30 P. M.— 1:00 P. M.— 1:30 P. M.— 2:00 P M.— 2:30 P M.— 3:00 P. M— 3:15 P. M.—I! 3:30 P. M.— i 4:00 P. M.— 4:15 P. M I 4:HO P. M.— 4:4.1 P. M.- 5:00 P. M.— i Big Top Wild Bill Hlckok Cowboy G-Men Roy Rogers Place The Face Kukla. Fran & OlUt Kit Carson Got a Secret Western Movie Strike It Rich I Democracy To Be Announced I Crusnde In Pacific Ky. Derby I DouKlas-Dlrkscn i Shield of Faith > New York Times To Be Announced You Are There I 4-H News Where loggers Missed MADISON, Wis. /P — The loggers who cut (heir way across Wisconsin in the early years of the century missed a few big ACROSS 1 —— Cross bun 4 A of hay 8 Touch a sore 12 New Year 1 * 13 Landed 14 A of glass 15 Just an also 16 Ignorance 18 Heavy hammerj 20 Stormed 21 Mouse genus 22 Smell 24 An and shut case 28 Portent 27 Before (prefix) 30 Writing tool 32 Approached 34 Be present 35 Going astray 36 French plural article 37 Charges 39 Bacchanalian cry 40 Click beetles 41 Literary fragments 42 Before 45 Ava's Frankie 49 Name favorably 51 Electrified particle 52 Roman road 53 Gloomy Dean 54 Poem , 55 Esau's —- of pottage 56 More or 57 Off with the old, on with the DOWN 1 His and —« 2 Egg-shaped 3 Cheap apartment houses 4 Slams 5 Toward the sheltered side 6 Supple 7 And so forth (ab.) 8 Lanct 9 Pain 10 upon • time 11 off. in goU 17 Laundry machine 19 Stupid puplj 23 Low sand hills 24 October's birthstont 9S Man's nicknam* 26 Senior 27 Denial 40 Entrances 41 South . American mountains 42 Demur* 43 Network 28 Nevada city 44 Chills 29 On th» ragged46 Present —— partfcipl* 31 Tell endings 33 Amphitheater 47 Was bornt 38 Hebrew 48 Afresh ascetic 50 Wire measure 2 J trees. The American Forestry Assn. has recognized a tree near the famed Dells of the Wisconsin River — an old log drive thoroughfare — as the largest jack pine in the world. It's 70 feet tall and 68.8 inches in circumference. Wisconsin also has the largest white pine and the largest Norway (red) pine in the world. The Caitiff Rogues! S OKLAHOMA CITY ^P — The Oklahoma Historical Society blames the recent loss of historical markers around the state on "miscreants and knaves." The Telegraph's Daily Radio Chart Friday .00 550 KC Nf'H'S Tenn. Ernie News SOUK* of Today News Sports DBlly Morgan Bealty One M a iVs^ Family Dinah Shore Frank Sinatra Bob Hope Show KX«K (ABC)" 680 KC WEW T70 KC KWK (MBS) 1380 KC News; Bonner Bill stern News You Were There Sports Reel Serenade WIL 1430 KO WOKZ 1570 KO Allan Jackson News Curt Massey Lowell Thomas News First Flva Sports Digest Qiiincy How* Lone Ranger News Concert Hour Tenn, Erni* Chora Hers Sports News News; Record! Record Report Sports Extra . Chuck Norman News; Sporti . Artist of Day Club 1970 News News Club 1STO •ion Off 3 City Byline Vandercook France Laux Cards, vs. Pirates News Sports Family Worship Travelog Mr. Keen Arthur Godfrey Alice Faye Top This? Eddie Fisher Perry Como Bible Melody Pattern That's Rich Henry: Heatter Hurlelgh, News Counterspy 1 .00 Mc-Goo & Molly .13 .30 .49 10 Washington Eve. Blessing News Open Bible Frank Edwardi Dave Allen Newt; Bandstand News Alrx Drier •30 ! Platter Parade FRECKLES AND MIS FRIENDS" Ky .Merrill Klosso STAY AWAY! Set 1 PROM Mr (WHO ! wHV fc ' j Hd POU.' YMIEAR; ME? / 11 .is WHY'Dp L MAFrA ] ALWAYS P/CK A PIGHT WITH A LU6 THAT TOTES HIS LUNCH TO SCHOOL? Ii CAPTAIN EASV News Edwin hill Music Masters News Abide With Me World News Quest Book Music Hour Bandstand Dawn Patrol News; Sporti Vern King Midnight Melodies News; Sports Les Brown 1'op Tunes News Favorites Newa; Dawn Patrol Dawn petrol UN Newi Saturday Newt Kalima Rotary Chapel News News: RFD 6:30 Smoke Eaters Breakfast on 6:30 Journal Sunrise Salute Weather i .00 Alex Drier Weather Report I'ime & Tempos i News I Newi Roundup Concert By Leslie Turner BURW6P F^R , Ffc&T FOR HER. TQ RUN FOR THE FlRB EXTINGUISHER.. MJP i PUT IT OUT. UE£5 THAN Breakfait on 6:30 News Break lail on 6:30 Town and Country News Melodic* Tom Dalley Newt New*; Breakfast Club Newt Dwight Cordon Sacred Heart Meditation Hymns Farm & Home _Chap«j Window Newi Salute World New* News Weather Records Tom Dalley New*; Breakfait Club Newi Moegle; Wilson Dwight Gordon Ed Wilson NewirBreeHctHt-eiuta News. Gordon » .1S .30 .43 ft a 101 11 » IN 121 1- 1-« "• IS :S .34 -m '** a^~ao .16 « 4 tt. .It 3 Spnrls News rime & Tempos Hollywood Breakfait Mary Lei Taylor News Beauty Woman In Love Newi, Weather Ai|ny Show Army Band Farm & Horn* Newi Saving Bond* Road Show Can't Happen No School Today Space Patrol Ed Bonner Newi Song eV Dance France Laux Cards. v«. Pirate* Tea 6V Crumpet! Pop Concirl Melody Broadway Echoei From Old Vienna Symphony Ballet Rhacaody For Junior* Concert NfWi U?M Club Rfcord C*bln»l Sacwd Htirt N»Uve In font For Vour Newi llQIDMU-MMUri Newi Marketa; Varieties Second Mile Research Still Water* Themes of Ages Muilo Matter* Fashions Bible QuU New* Child Album Nutrition Council Miiterworki Moments with God Market* Music • N«wi ReUxstioo Newi ChemUtry Faithful word* Miller Becij«! Today's Women Medical Assn. Opera Garni Open Bible Bit i Tumt Clock Watcher Garden Gate Galen Drake Music Mart Teen O'clock Bill Shadel Theatre Hollywood turf New* Interlude City Hospital Robert Q. Lewi* Peur Llnd Havei L»t'i Pretend Chaie K>. Derfy news; c.a niiswi news; oreaKiail tlUD Newi; Disc tt Data Dice & 0«t« Bandstand Revue Rec»llit *nd Win Newi; Muiic Mtk« tfin* Uutlo Man on F*r» New«; Music Make Mine Muiic Record Rally New*; BandiUnd WU' BtndiUnd Polic* Quartet Newt; WiUon Marine Band Ntw« Mcerd ••sort * Firit 5 Revu» *»cor^ Bwai* ' ~ new* Dwight Gordon OK BandiUnd News BandiUnd New* OK BandiUnd Bargain Countet Newi Dwight Gordon Woman'* View Newi Farm and Market Bin( Croiby Newi V "'• Record Shop Newi OK Ballroom Newi -'-""' OK B»Uroom Gw^MaTtt,

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