Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 10, 1891 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 10, 1891
Page 1
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VOL. XVI. LOGANSPOET, INDIAIA, SUNDAY MORNING, MAY 10, 1891 NO. 112. DUNLAPS Celebrated Hats S T I BEST M STY LES ADE, SPRING Now on Sale D E W E N T E R, The Hatter. IMMENSE LOSSES. Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota Forests Ablaze, Farmers and Villagers Fighting Save Their Homes—St. Louis, Minn., Destroyed. to \\ i; Spring Suiting, Spring Pants, Spring Overcoating, - The nicest, prettiest patterns ever shown, just received at JOS. S. CRAIG'S. SHULTZJ WILL CURE Jfej^VT.irnWYY;^.- YV^Sr-af-ECS. r COUGH. BRONCHITIS. ST 7 ILOGANSPORT, IND. Is-all that you need.when a perfectly plain proposition- is made to you. Every^man wants to be convinced that he is right before he goes ahead and some^subjects will bear a good deal of discussion, but the point I want to emphasize doesn't call for any waste'of words. The long- and short of it is that my stock of, Summer Suitings is Superb, Some new things in light colored Suitings just in,^Exti ; eme good-styles, See them. FI.RKS IN MICHIGAN. Mich., May 9.—Forest fires are burning' at scores of points in the upper peninsula and heavy damage is reported. At Nestoria the fires are reported under control. At Champion serious damage is reported. The fires are now near Ishpeming', but this city is in no danger. The fires along the line of the Northwestern railway are doing heavy damage, many cedar posts, ties and telegraph poles being consumed. Nothing but a drenching rain will prevent the rapid spread of the flames. EAST TAWAS, Mich., May 9.—All day this place has been enveloped in smoke and it is impossible to see but a short distance. Several farm dwellings are reported as having burned. The loss of pine logs on skids will be large. The •wind has been blowing- hard from the south all day. Among- other places burned is the Sand Lake house, 8 miles from here, Und well known to lumbermen. Considerable pine is burning. The swamps are dry. CADILLAC, Mich., May 9.—Forest fires are prevailing in every direction and Cadillac is enveloped in smoke. Pew buildings have been burned so far as known here, but considerable damage has been done to a tract of pine owned by D. A. Blodgett. At Henrietta men have been fighting fire to save the village. Gaston's mill caught twice at Canfield's rollway on Pine river. Fifty unoccupied buildings have been burned, and some farm buildings in that vicinity were also destroyed. Between Wallion and Traverse City extensive fires prevailed Friday afternoon. Cadillac is not in any danger. GBAYEXHUKST, Ont., May 9.—There are fierce fires raging on both sides of the town. Every effort is being made to check their progress. The lumber yard at Taskers switch, containing 2,000,000 feet of lumber and. eight loaded cars, is burning. IX WISCOXSIN. ASHI.AXB, Wis.. May 0.—Forest fires are raging with terrible fierceness all through northern Wisconsin and Michigan. Railroad beds are being damaged to a great extent and frequently pns- senger trains must pass through a perfect cavern of flames to make any progress. Many towns about here have been threatened with destruction and the whole population brought out to make a desperate fight for their homes. All ore traffic on the Wisconsin Central road over its branch into the iron ore regions of the Gogebic range has been stopped. One of the largest bridges along the line was burned Friday afternoon. Settlers in the woods are flocking to the nearest villages and cities' for protection, their homes in the forests having been consumed by the flames. The scene at night in every direction is appalling. The smoke from the fire has caused considerable difficulty at Ashland. The hot, smoky atmosphere makes it almost impossible at times to see 75 feet ahead. No reports of loss of life have been made as yet. The woods along- the Omaha road are a mass of flames. The Northwestern road lost several hundred cords of wood here and the Ashland Iron & Steel Company lost 50,000 cords at High Bridge. BAYFIEI.B, Wis., May 9.—Forest fires are burning in the second gro.wth near here to an alarming extent. Trains on the Omaha are delayed at Drutumond on account of burning bridges. Wires 1 are down in many places. No valuable timber is reported burning, bat grave fears are entertained for many of the towns in this county. The air is dense with smoke and the wind is from the direction of the fire, southwest. WASHBURX, Wis., May 9. — Seven thousand cedar paving blocks and 1,000 posts at Ashland Junction were destroyed by fire. The forests are all on fire here. George Eobinson and wife, living at Wyman Crossing, were burned out of everything and barely escaped with their lives. WAUSAU, Wis., May 9.—The dry- weather in the pinery has been prolific of forest fires. In every direction can be seen vast clouds of smoke, and ; unless rain is had -very soon much damage will ensue from these fires. IS" MINNESOTA. . . DUT.GTH, .Minn., May 9.—Forest fires have been raging in the vicmi'ty of Duluth for several days and the city has- been enveloped in smoke. News has! reached here frocr. the suburban town sites of St. Louis and New Duluth that the latter sustained a good deal of damage and the former was completely destroyed by the fire. .It is supposed that the fire orignatecl southwest of St. Louis and was swept northward by a stiff breeze. It is also reported that a man named McM'anus, iriving a yoke of oxen, was caught by ;he fire and burned to death, together with his team. The fire crossed the St. Louis river, near Fond du Lac, but Sew^Duluth was saved from destruction *b0a hard fight. -. • ST. PAUL, Minn.,, May 9.—Beports Irpm a dozen Minnesota and Wiscousiu poTSfts" InHicate that forest' fires are burning over a very wide area, and a tremendous wind has fannned the flames into a, fury. A telegram from Hinckley says that thousands of feet of pine are being destroyed in Pine county. In Carlton county the timber has been on fire all day, and the smoke from it lias been almost stifling. It is feared some lives were lost among settlers in the woods, though no definite reports have been received. The forests are also on fire along the Mississippi in Itasca county. Over the border in Wisconsin citizens have been fighting fire for hours, and so far have kept the fiend out of the villages. The forests are all in flames 'or miles along the Omahii line and in several places along the Wisconsin Central. Northwestern Minnesota reports state that a heavy rain is falling at Crookston, Warren and Hallock, and the storm will probably move eastward and extinguish the flames. AMONG^THE MORMONS. Just Received President. Harrison Heartily Greeted at Salt Lake City. SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, May 9.— Beautiful springlike weather made the short visit of the president to Salt Lake City a pleasant one. The presidential train arrived at 3 o'clock a. m. and was sidetracked until 7 o'clock, when Gov. Thomas, Mayor Scott, Congressional Delegate Cain and a large reception committee called with carriages and escorted the party to the Walker house. Grand army men and confederate veterans, headed by a band, formed the escort from the railway station. A large number of people were on the streets and the president was heartily cheered at many points along the route. After breakfast the president was escorted through the principal streets of the city by United States troops, the local militia, former citizens of Indiana and voters for William Henry Harrison, fire companies and trade organizations. The streets were crowded and much enthusiasm was shown. The decoration: of buildings along the line of inarch was general, among the places made conspicuous by a profitsion of bunting being the temple and President \Vt>9d- ruff s house. A large strip of bunting- bearing the words: "Fear God; honor the president," was displayed from the temple. * The houses occupied by Brigham. Young's wives were decorated with bunting. On Brigham street the school children of the city, nearly 5,000 in cumber, were concentrated, and they greeted the president by waving flags and scattering flowers. It was a beautiful sight, and the president seemed touchedj^s he passed the long lines of little ones. The children sang "America" and "Hail Columbia," the president acknowledging the compliment by keeping his head bared until his carriage had passed the end of the line. Public exercises took place at Liberty park and were witnessed by several thousand people. Gov. Thomas made the address of •welcome on behalf of the territory, and Mayor Scott followed for the municipal government of Salt Lake City. To the complimentary expressions of these gentlemen the president made a speech of thanks, which was frequently interrupted by applause. This concluded the exercises and the party was driven to the train by a circuitous route to enable the members to see places of interest. At noon the train left Salt Lake over the Denver & Rio Grande road. For the first time in its history the tabernacle floated the stars and stripes from its roof, and its congregation had gone farther in its endeavor to honor .the president by arranging for a trained chorus to sing patriotic airs during the presence of the distinguished visitor within the building. Six thousand people, most of whom were school children, assembled in the tabernacle and waited an hour for the appearance of the president, but his time was too limited. THE Y. M. C. A. fOLLMER, CtOGG A e* MAKERS. An entire new line of Parasols and Silk Umbrellas, Prices range from 40 cents upwards. Also a lovely line of Blouses and Ladies Shirt Waists at •i-S Always Here Witji the largest stock, lowest prices, most reliable,, best watch work done in , the city. Try my rainbow pebble spectacles-..,the only perfect lens made. 41O Broadway. D. A. HA UK. , Tfie Jeweler and Optician. S u r e * Death I To Cockroaches, Rats, Mice, and Bedbugs. -& FISHER'S LIGHTNING EXTERMINATOR. at Ben Fisher's Drug Store, 311 Fourth St. , Nearly SGO.OOO liaised by the International Convention at Kansas City, KANSAS Cirv, Mo., May 9.—Indianapolis was chosen Friday as the place of meeting- of the thirtieth- biennial convention of the Young- Men's Christian association. The most interesting feature of the day's meeting- was the securing- of money for the next two years'work. Almost 860,000 was raised in thirty minutes by general popular Subscription. Among-'the heavy subscribers,were: John D. Rockefeller, 83,000; Cornelius Vanderbilt, S2,000; W. K. Vanderbilt, 81,000; C. H. McCormick, Chicago, 82,000; C. L. Colby, Milwau- .kee, $3,000; ,Morris K. Jessup, New York, 83,000; J. A; Bostwick, New York, §3,000; Wagner Car Company, fc.,000. . - !f&l<ilde in Philadelphia. PITTSBURGH, Pa., May .9.—Prank Noel, a well-known sewing- machine agent, committed suicide by shooting 1 himself in the presence of his intended bride, Miss May Powelson, at 1 o'clock a. m. The young- lady is well connected and highly respected? There U no cause assigned for the deed. The Charleston Sets Sail. SAS- FRANCISCO, May 9.—The cruiser Charleston went to sea shortly after 5 o'clock a. m. Her destination is unknown, but it is understood that she has gone outside the heads to test her sew eig-!it : ii.u:h rifles. FACIAL BLEMI&HES. The ]«rg«il eitatlliliiuf nt In the worM tor iL* traU mentor the §Mn riftdM*J|>,>cz*niatmol«i,wM i U l iuf>t*r- tuoti* hMr,blrtkni»rk» h moth, freddti, pimp let. wrfnlc- bi, red note, red relni, oily ikin, Acur, bltckhwult, mrberi* Itch, KU-I, pitting!, pOwdor nmrki, fr^lKt iivelopmeut, «lc. Consultation Frrt, tL«flk« or by fetter. 128-pftgeBook ott nil Sltltii and Sculp Atlbc- ttooi and their TrenuncUl lent (leiluti) for lOc, JOHN H. WOOJJBTJKY, Parmitologiit, 125 W. 4«<1 St., N.X. City, For Sale by Ben Fisher, Druggist, Woodbury's Facial Soap For the Skin mud Scalp. ... Prepared br » Dermatologist With 25 j«*r»* Higbly indorsed brthemedi- able aa'a toilet article, and a sure pwmnt- ive of oil diseases of the akin and scalp, At Drunfif rtv Or bjr mall, Prlo* 5Oo* JOHNSTON BROS. "The Corner Drug Store." Johnston Bros, have removed to the / Cor. of 4th and Broadway^ (Strecker Building,) A Full and Complete Line of DRUGS ON HAND PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY COMPOUNDED.

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