The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 6, 1930 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
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Tuesday, May 6, 1930
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/ Entered as second class matter, Oct. I, 1895, at post office at Tipton, Ind., under the" act of Marcb 5, 1S79 VOIAiME XXXA] xo IS!. TIPTON, INDIANA, TUESDAY-EVENING, MAY 6, 193C. TIPTON IAS AN IN IREASE Preliminary Announcement of Population Gain o: f 339 CITY'S TO' .Surprise Here! of Increase AL Shows IS 4846 to Get Report Falling Off Was Ruinored. Tipton shows! an population f»r t|ie-l!J30. censu- Preliminary ami population by Yl| Frankfort, snpi district, shows : tin' 1920 count $•!•; for 1U30. This increase prise as rumors count of the enu ton were to the mncdme'nt of the. . A visoi] sain would be a loss ikhich lRure I the population near -l.Ojifl. llepo ing towns show lead to belief tl: continue in tb Official word of welcome news arid thdre is a pos sibility that the-! made larger, if people nnV.sed by] and if these pei make themsclve- report can be m|; Frankfort. Mayo is interested in any "person not census and he report to the sup fort if he is giyi tion. The Tribune any information! liberej the ('Pie knov ide Lee are anv jenumerator will only n so that a pn them to F. • Griffith checking up on ounted in the iji 'ill gladly make rvisor at Frank- sons missed in the census, call this office and g tion and Mr. Ir^in fied. The Tribune a blank form wl out and mailed it is probable I any, will not taie tih£ trouble to fill out the. blah A telephone call Mayor Griffith \\ K:and mail it in. to! the office of ill^jb^ •sufficient In 1900 the population of Tip-j ton was 3.7G-1. was a growth to] hy another boos '507 and now ill 30 ""Jill have 4,84 G unless fit al ; figures are! changed.- It is p< ssiblo tfiat the i count]can he giv ?ri a Considerable hoost. The letter froi I Mr. Irwin gives the population; of Tipton by] wards! Ward one shews a count . ,of 1,127 includiig one farm as| i compared with In 1920 the popil Ward two showi ] 897 against | there:i are no fa ; with jl farm in has a' population compared with ago-and there ai as • compared v, 1920. . v Ralph Purvis Cleveland, O.. 11 iting here for a parents, Mr: and -Mm -Dad'aiWj <2ora~ Watson iBttJpr^MBndfe on neratj oi Irwin for ibis • ?.3!l ov'l >r a total of conufcs as a sur the official ors for Tip- effect that titer. would take down 10 rts oh surround- i ,n g losses also t at Tipton would lownward trend, an increase is coubit can be n thi ill' Berlin Has 2,000 Yanks in Its Growing Foreign Colony Berlin, May 6.—Berlin has an American colony of over 2,000. This colony forms only a small percentage of the total foreign population ' in Berlin, which has reached . the figure of 132,000. Although the German capital can not compete seriously with Paris, London or New York, in regard to the cosmopolitan character of its population, statistics just published show that the foreign element is growing in diversification as well as numbers. The Poles lead with a total of 29;000. The Austrians, Czechoslovakia's and Russians come next, and the end of the list is composed of one solitary citizen of Andorra,; the freest republic in the -world.. There are five, from Lichtenslein, 12 from Monaco and !>3 form Iceland in. the colony. THE PRIMARY Royal Hunter Takes to the Air Contests in Certain Districts Cause the Vote to Come 'Out Strong. EVERTHING ORDERLY Polls in Tipton Were Quiet .Places and at Noon the Vote Was Light. ; Blaze in Untenanted House Leads to Discovery of Apparatus. b infnrnia- Isb handle regarding per- .lust jve informa- ill be iloti- esterday carried ich; can be filled o Mi. Irwin .but eople, missed, if! In : 4,0' ill UBi'O there 5 followed 1920 to 4,- : farms in 1920 latisJtt was 1,047.1 a'census of ,1 ,-i 2 m I 1920 andl nis as comparedi 9 2 0.1 Ward three 1 1 1.S22 as I ten years |re f> if arms listed Hi, fi farms in' ofl .R1SI —p- ' V Returned (k> Cleveland. ONE ARREST IS MADE | With every Indication early • Tuesday morning that the pri- fmary "vote would he very light, surprises were sprung in several of the voting precincts. -At West Elwood shortly before 10 o'clock one-fourth of the total polled vote had been cast and it was believed that the majority of vote would be in when the polls closed. Other precijicts report a like situation in that township, Curtisvflle and 'Hobbs having a good morning vote. Madison Serioufc Clashes Mark Second Day of Ghandi's Ar- rest by British. ' MANY REPORTED HURT Troops' and Armored Cars Called Into. Action to Maintain Order. - Sues Competing Railroad for Reparation of S23.0OD .Washington, May G. — The Gra'kd. Truuk Western railrdad, which represents most ot the Canadian National system operations^ in' Michigan has filed suit with 'the interstate commerce commission asking S25,- 000 in- reparations fro.-a the Pere Marquette railroad, one of its chief competitbrs. It also seeks a permanent operating arrangement at Flint, Mich., which "will enable it to reach the Btiick automobile plant on equal terms with the Pero Marquette. The Grand Trunk complaint asserts that the Pere.Marquette Company, by control of the Flint belt railroad, was abb- to impose an extra charge of $3.60 a car on ireieht switched to the Grand Trunk, and alleges that this charge is unfair. SMS, FIRE HAVE RAZED BURMESE CITY Earthquake Visits Pegu, Important Seaport of British India.! BUILDINGS ARE DOWN Fatalities at Pegu and Rangoon Mount; May Be Over 4E0 Dead. A splendid picture showing the Prince of Wales, tanned by the African sun and looking the epitome of health as'he boards an airplane at Marseilles to speed his trip to England; The popular Prince is returning i from an extjended big game ; hunting trip in Africa. (International Newsreel) ]' MOVING TIME Following the closing of the Arcadia bank recently, Arcadia is again in the limelight, this time on account of a still being found in the town: A three^room house in . the southeast part of Arcadia belonging to Billy Hill, untenanted but which was leased to George Plew claiming to be from > Andereon, was discovered on fire Monday evening by . nearby neighbors about 7:00 o'clock: While, fighting the fire a still was found in one of the rooms. ! Sheriff Ramsay of Noblesvilld was called and lie plaeed Mr J Mill, the proprietor, under arrest. Mr. Hill was-Iater released undor *500 bond _and Tuesday in company with the sheriff was in Anderson trying to locate Mr. Plew. There were 35 barrels of mash in the operating room. The hews of the finding caused not a little excitement and comment in the community. Mr. Hill has been under the impression that' his tenant was paying his rent and holding the house ^-preparing to move into it and was not aware of its use for illicit purposes. township has contests for trustee on both tickets and these injected life into the primary there. • Ip Liberty township voting started strong in the morning, the Republicans especially polling a heavy vote before noon. The reason for this'is' that there are four candidates for the nomination for trustee on the Republican ticket. The Republicans also had a contest for assessor. In Wildcat township with a contest for the Democratic nomination for trustee, the ' interest was keen ajid the Democrats were polling a large vote. The Republicans have three candidates for the office of assessor of that township and this caused some hustling. Prairie township reported a good vote before the noon hour especially/in the Democrat ranks on account of the interest in the trustee race. The Democrats have two candidates for assessor. • In Jefferson township where there was also a contest in the Democrat ranks for trustee voting was reported as not so brisk at the noon hour and it was not expected a big vote would be polled. Cicero township precincts reported a very light vote at noon Tuesday with the Democrats leading in numbers. At Precinct No. 2, at noon 10 votes had been cast, being less than one-sixth of the vote' of that precinct. Firms Forced to Vacate Cit kens Bank Building Are Getting Back. Crinie and Divorce Rise Laid to Coffee, Tobacco, Autos by Georgia Professor] has returned to uesday. after -visl lew days with hii /vis and {family,-im. So ith Indepen dence (street.,; M r. Pu rvis left aft! er castlng^ls' vc te in the primary! at Muacie. J. M. Pur) and -Ralph Green HTuesday .to Attend e«er«jta»i-indj;b« iona ,T-.Wh ^are^Btn New Haven, Conn., May 6.—! There is a distinct correlation between ownership of automobiles and the prevalence of divorce, and coffee and tobacco are contributing factors in the rise in crime, it is asserted by Professor Roland M. Harper of the University of Georgia in The Eugenics Magazine. ' Theses-views were expressed in citing results of a study ot the social trends and vital statistics of Prince Edward Island, f. Canada, which Professor.';>Harpar contrasts with, the United; States , He .found but little crime and almost .no divorce ^«mong the 1 Prince Edward Islander*, but also, great simplicityvof Jlfe and very little wealth.He -aaVi^ • "Our ,j>reseat crime .wave 'and high. and _»pidly inivMliw vor:e rate ai «}proba^:^d«e !n large vmi^Murel ^^oolaiach plea*-' "ijtalgMiMrin ^oar^ the ' )<m. nreHKeklng^ InzurlefitaHl'' "In ithe matter of automobilas,' there seems to be a fairly close correlation: between them and divorce. In the course of a year it costs about as much to own and operate an automobile as to feed, clothe and educate a child; so an automobile used mainly for pleasure generally means one child less in the family, and ""smaller families mean more. divorces. - L"ln this country the annual per capita consumption of tobacco has Increased' from;'about six pounds in 1900 to nine in r l!>20. Nearly every .smoker drinks coffee and the/per^ capita consumption of coffee :and sugar have both Jncreaaed abont '60 per. cent In the la»t twintrVeara "All thla ta /probably partly re^[ WILL ALL BE IN SOON OF MEET Christian Cburdhes to Hold Annual Rally at Hobbs Church Sunday. ! Delhi, India, May 6.—rSerions | clashes with police this afternoon marked tlffe second day of the fm- prispnment of Mahatma Gandhi, leader of India's native campaign of civil disobedience. . ' Two natives were killed . in rioting in the heart of Delhi,. The Delhi Indian infantry ami eight armored cars established a state of armed defense. - . ' News from several of the larger northern cities indicated that scores of persons had been: injured, some' seriously. Open attacks were made, on high police officials here. British" and Indian cavalry occupied the business districts of Delhi after severe rioting.-All business in the. city has been sus- IS CANCELLED TWO TART PROGRAM The Tipton Moving time for former tenants of the Citizens National Bank building, who were forced out by the fire which gutted the building on the morning of January G, 'lias arrived arid by the end of the week practically all.of the former tenants will be' back. Prosecuting Attorney A. W. Bolton was planning to do some of his moving Tuesday and will likely be the first, the building. Since being, routed by the fire,, he has had his office in the Masonic building. The office apartments on the upper floor are all ready for the tenants, the decorator, ^Merlet'is a sustained jpurpose to interest Hoback and Ins force of workmen | the young people of air churches having completed their work.'jof Disciples. With the exception of a small job of plumbing in one of the toilet rooms, the upper floor is entirely pended. Natives from the surrounding, country, began to swarm j ;j ria swiu . h run> as jt into; the-city by thousands .today, j pulIe( , / oll t of Tipton did their wo.rk" along KIXG C.KORGK CKLFISUATKS He Has Rcen O.n"Kritisli Ttironr \ Twenty'-Years. •• County Disciples wilj_ have a union rally service at the Hobbs Christian church next Sunday evening. May 11 at 7 1 London, May 6.—King George., ' . ;andriji switchrun iii service un il o'clock. It .is jexpected that each of the churches of the county will be in attendance in considerable delegations. _ y • •The program .will be divided into two .sections. The former will concern the interests |of the young people. Miss Mary Xcheu- bach and Millard Mount will speak for the youth with j reference to the Bethany Conference, an annual event in which!J there be Je- completed. The offices are really better in appearance than before, as _ all walls are tastefully decorated.' Dr.- S. W.\ Curtis has added some extras to his suite of rooms, having had special, hardwood floors laid. He is expecting to remove from his present location in the Collins building on[ Nortlv; Main street within a lew days. . The law firm of Kemp & RUST sell will move from the Harding: building on Srfuth Main street to the same apartments they riad before the Are and the Prudential Insurance Company's office is Teady for them. Their fixtures were not burned by the Are. and have be^p reflnished -and present a pleasing appearance. They will likely move during the week. ~ Attorneys J. R: Coleman andH. F. Pyke expect to be back in tho fakiilding by the- latter part ot the week: Mr. Coleman has hnd his office- over,' the Young "ft Mason clothing store and Mr. < Pyke has been located in the Blue Front building. , j — ' , • Dr. Hanson S. Gfttord will-not occupy his;-- did quarters at this Ome, but may later. "At present he has no downtown pfflce. . Dr. P.- J.* Pentecost ,y111- not ''move a^j once, butiwJil. tater. , He - is - no* practlcliii^eitUtry^atlauihonie The! latter section will voted to information and inspiration concerhinlg the celebVation of Pentecost bjn June 8 . |by all churches of Disciples. The Rev;. Lbnnie Gray of Windfall will present in* outlin^j the plans for observance of this great,event; the plans are those carefully, prepared by national leaders and adapted! to the 'op p oTt u n i t i e s of churches, in Tippton county. The inspirational phase of the Pentecostal celebration will be dealt with in an the Rev. Pl<jvd I. McMurry of Lebanon. liittle Boy Improves." i Leo Norman) the 3-year old son IJS .- Leo Norris of of Mr. nhd M North Mam street, who was seriously ill last week with pneumonia and otTier complications, is unproved and jwns able to he up Sunday ^Qr the~tirst. iThe little fellow was'so weakened by his illness that he; was: unable>to .walk and'hajd =--to, be supported - In getting around7 • He Is gradually ' regaining his strength. '{ . /Administrator jNamedjv , ^Lloy* Hnghei baa t baen'; ap-' polnfed -adAldytrator j£«to&*f celebrating, the twentieth '. anni- j Rangoon. Burma. May B.—At I least 100 persons were reported killed in a terrific earth« • which shook the town of Pegn ; last night, shattering many - i buildings, S i I A great fire followed the Local Plyinp; Between Alex- 1 earthquake. andria and TiDton Will i T)ie market was Jinrned and Be Same as in Past. i'be whole town presents a scen«? , 'of ruin. Tlie roof of the famou -t — i Shwe-Maw-Daw pagoda, an anri- ' ent structure 32-J feet high, was CREWS ARE JOYOUS damaged. The police commissinn- •er's off;, e and the secretariat -..••re nearly, destroyed and had 'o b. •'.osed. The municipal building, the bank^ and the government school were virtually in .rtr'us. The-reports also mentioned .destruction of a large railway bridge in-ee milps north of Pfc:u on the ma-':i iine to Mandaliy. Floo'i- tr> the disaster, i Fifty -persons were killed hnd mr e than 200 others injured: in Rangoon: It was the worst tremor the city ever has experienced, '•.eports from other Bnrman owns indicated ' they snffetvd simtlarl:. Train changes announced on the Sandusky division of '.he Nickel Plate Thursday of last week by the posting of a bulletin at the west yards, were"cancelled j and Monday morning the Alexan- is call ;l, as usual, the lihp. ranting and going and were lack in Tipton Monday ev. ninr.- A message received stated to | disregard all bulletins regarding . the change and to' keep the Aley versary of his, accession to Brit- j ain's throne, \left . Buckingham j palace today to attend the races at Newmarket.' It was' the | further notice. As a result of the change in plans, local trainmen ar" jubilant MOTHKR'S DAY PROGRAM. first I aS Uley had Uart !,ros P ects oE 1,av '- j Will Be - Presented by Melhortixt time his majesty has been: tba [ | irig to move, or being changed to Choir Snnilay race meeting since his serious illness of 1328-29. ' Tlie races he wilU see include the Newmarket classic with r a. 2,000 guinea stake. King George, was up early -ind attended to some state' and official business before beginning-his tri_p. ; He looked over, the; many telegrams and letters of congrat- jilation on ^the anniversary, and then participated in 4.he only. cerT emony 1 of the day, presentation of medal's-to members of his household staff wiiO had been with, the royal family for a* long time. . .' Crowds outside . Buckingham palace - watched the : picturesque- changing of the guards and heant- ily cheered the king as he drove through the palace :gat'es, to .the race! meeting. It. was said: he would remain at Newmarket for the 'entire^-meeting", returning to. London Friday. other runs. .The proposed change' called for the annullment of the Th( , K yi a \ r of the Kemp Me^ho• switch run, which, was not being j,ij st church is sponsoring a very hard worked on account of .he lull in business. T)io second mes- . special program to be given Sunday evening. May 11. at ithe sage should be.kept n;church in observance of Mother's service-, is an indication .'that! Day.' • ! business is tin the increase and this fact "is substantiated by the men who say there is a noticeable increase along the line. The program will Include a number of appropriate features honoring mothers in solos, quartets and readings. Thirty-Jive -The crew 'of the switch run is .'children will also have part In composed of ; Conductor George the Program. Mahaii,' bralMjman C. E. Tall -jy 'l- ' The program will close with a 'and. N. C. Neif, Engineer L. E. | be ant' ful tableau. "Mothers of All Nations," presented by the entire group, During the service a gift will be given to the oldest mother present, honoring, her in a spe- cancelled before it went into of- j , , , Engineer "Jack" Rob'erts and fireman j Paul "Tod"- Johnson, all residing i r . i ill. Tipton with their families and they are happy that the order was I feet. Is Somewhat Better. r Preachers', sons outnumber-any j Mrs Jonn Miller, "who wa«j se- pther group In Who's Who. Which j riol)8ly hurt in an antomrtbile indicates that-cergymen have_the| ( . rash pn tne Range Line road k .^knack; of picking sensible -wifes. 1 - Washington, western farm May,- .6 — bloc, headed week ago Monday night, was; reported somewhat better Tuesday. Saturday of last week, she buffered a severe heart attack, brought on by nervous shock lend tor a time her condition was extremely critical. Her son, Harold -The|.-reductIons"or llncrenses in duties, i Bttwlstle, of Indianapolis. Is at by | to-report directly to Congress in- 1 the home and a trained nurse! has pre _: stead of to the President as -at! been placed In charge of the sick ' present. Farm Bloc in Senate, Led by Borah, Will Continue the Fight to Keep Debenture It is known of course, that, a Senator Borah - of -Idaho, is paring to put "up a stout jBght toj retain in the Hawley-Sm'ool tar -rl . ., .. . . ,. .„\ m th < ",-•'•• •' •" ' j. r ^ rther dlsagt'eenrent will be re|M-: bill the Senate ame^me^tSjportea on debVntpre and flexible jfor export, debenture payments to^tarlff. and thh| wlli bring up both agriculture and^ depriving - theU pr bp 0 »ars 'fori discussion In the president .of :tne' power•:to-;makei Senate;' : ^f^J" -" eS " nder tte ' 8es - = the "dmintttratlon forces ap- Ibl^tarilt provision. ^ pear to ^ vm }p i6lA tDat th ^ ne ^ ;,e,ract that bothW^ime-the deberjture amendinent to ^:;nWi^ t8 <-- by ™ Pf.m Senate it wlrf be woman. Her husoand, John Millar, :wno was hurt in the crash, which resulted fatally for Mrs. Anna Natter, Is getting aloag slowly, | there is an improvement. AB*lyts**>r Lewis New, WorM war vatavaa, who reside* la^JhnafHav was-ln Iodla^ wh^re he-,i'«aaW0MM estminatlo* "att*** : ' resentatlvai irlfc»._

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