Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on March 4, 1952 · Page 5
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 5

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 4, 1952
Page 5
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Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD, TUESDAY, MARCH 4, 1952 FIVE One Person Out Of 13 Now Over 65 But Old Age Planning Inadequate By WADE JONES NBA Staff Correspondent NEW YORK—You will live long-1 er and the Autumn of your years! will be spiced with Spring K a young I but powerful organization here geus '• What it's fighting for. i On the theory that time is what; old folks have the least of, the: National Committee on the Aging i Is trying to move fast to e<t,sc the! already serious plight of the nation's ' older people before the situation gets out of hand. The Committee was formed a year and a half ago by sociologists and other specialists who took a long look at the figures on old folks and decided something must be .done, quick. Here are some of the figures. A hundred years ago only about one person in 40 was • 65 years old or more. Today it's one out of 13. for a total 65-and-over population of 12,000,000. By 1980. say the experts, one out of seven people will be 65 or over. At that time—only 23 years from now—the number of old people will be 24,000,000, or double it is now. But while their number will have increased 100 per cent, the rest of the population will show! only a 20 per cent gain. * # * The seriousness of the situation is voiced by Theodore Klumpp, president of a New York chemical company, who presided recently "Remember the (food old clays back at the office?" at a Committee-sponsored conference of interested officials from industry, medicine, labor, and education. He says it's a "crisis." From the standpoint of money alone, care of the aged is a problem of concern to us all. The New York State Joint Legislative Com- MATCHING KITCHEN ENSEMBLE • STEP-ON CAN • BREAD BOX • CAKE SAVER • 4-PC. CANNISTER SET 4.49 ALL FOR ONLY .. 32 pc. DINNER SET SERVICE FOR SIX 7.98 HILL'S TOYS 45 N. Centre St. Retail or Wholesale THE A.J.LOGAN CO. 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The latter arc al'-mdy hardpressed. not only in care of the ased, but in supporting young pe9plc who. as f-'ie years go on, remain longer in school than they used to. What has brought about this new and pressing problem of the aged? Briefly, it's that people are just living longer these days, thank: largely to advances in medicine. For instance, the average man lived to be 48 years old in 1900. Today, he lives to be 66. * * * As the National Committee on the Aging FPCS it, the main troubles in old age are economic, insecurity, lonc'Jnpss and a feeling longer being useful. Involved in the latter are problems of health. One of the Committee's chief targets is the compulsory retirement at 65. The Committee argues that the elderly usually retire because they are forced to, not because they want to. Participants in ?. recent conference sponsored by the Committee found this basis for retirement "socially wasteful." Older persons "willing and able to meet job requirements could make a positive "About our compulsory retirement age, Joe. I've been thinking it over the last few years, and—well—forget it," contribution to the nationa' economy," they concluded. A union representative predicted that labor will soon try to get laws passed to compel new industries to employ a certain number of older workers. He warned that the cost of maintaining an increasingly larger population of old people could well become prohibitive. Such a population could develop a social- political force that would "threaten the existing structure of thp community," he said. With big hopes but a small bank .account, the Committee now is i branching out in all directions j while serving as a clearing house ! for hundreds of ideas on problems jot the aging. | At the suggestion of the Federal Security Agency, it is guiding the various states in setting up minimum standards for all kinds of housing for the aged, such as old folks Ivmes and nursing homes. An amendment to the Social Security Act provides that by July 1, 1953, all states must have machinery for setting such housing standards, if they are to receive federal reimbursement for old age assistance payments to residents of old age and nursing homes. Requests for such information are also coming in from cities, fraternal organizations, churches and Housing cooperatives interested in buildings especially constructed for the aged. Architects are cooperating with the Committee in suggesting such safety factors as non-slip floors, kitchen work space arranged at axm WHAT YOU HAVE What Is Your Home Worth Today? Stop and consider — in case of fire, how much would it cost to replace your home today? If your Insurance is based on its original cost, you might be several thousand dollars short at today's high building costs I Better see us soon! BARNES & BARNARD INSURANCC dWD R(AL UTATt CLARK KEATING BLDG F PHONE 25 or shoulder height, low beds and a minimum of stairs. * * The Committee Is now developing a special section on health. It will round up the latest scientific discoveries on care of the aged for eventual distribution to interested organizations and agencies. "It has already been learned, for instance," says a Committee official, "that such time-honored oldsters' menus as bread and butter, applesauce, and tea are completely inadequate! Old bodies need a high protein diet — body-building and disease-protecting stuff." The Committee has a long row to hoe and a lot of misimpressions about the aged to correct, but it has made a healthy start. Says Miss Ollie A. Randall, vice- "Oldat40,50,60r - Man,You're Crazy Forget your ace! Thousands nrft pPppV at 71). Try* "prpplnc up" with Oairex. Contains ionic for weak, rundown feeling duo solely to body R lacfe ot Iron which many ineu and women call "old." Tested by Oocforx.' Sfi^i reported pond remits. Many. Impressed, fiftld. "Will prescribe Ottftt ifi luuwfc." Try Ostrex Tonic 'tablets (or pep. vtro. youagcr feellnc. Money back U not dellehted. Introductory "Ize only oOe. For sale ut all druc stores every vrhrrc Advertlsment The Mmoittg of the Cms No event in human history has been as variously interpreted as the death of Jesus Christ. And yet there is no reason for these, various "interpretations." The Bible's statements on the death of Christ do not need interpreting as much as they need reading. A mosaic of Bible quotes will suffice to illustrate: "Christ died for our sins."—"Who His own self bore our sins in His own. body on the cross."—"God commendeth His iove toward us in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." "Christ suffered for our sins, the Just for the unjust."—"Christ died for the ungodly."—"Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the La.w, being made a curse for us."— "Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world." "Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation (reconciliation) for our sins, and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world."—"The blood of Jesus Christ, His Son, cleanseth us from all sin." Lenten Services Wednesday 7:30 P. M Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church North Centre at Smith Street GERHARD! A. WAGNER, Pastor chairman of the Committee and ; « its former 'acting chairman: "The gap between what is required to make life even tolerable for many old people, and what is specifically available for them now, is still far too great to permit any resting on imaginary laurels." Slronj; Thieves UNION. S. C., (INS)—Strong-arm thieves plasucd Union recently. Among I he .stolen items: two bales of cotton, weighing about 500 pounds each, aiid a 200-pound safe. Carver PTA To Meet ( The Carver School Parent-Teacher Association meets today at 8 p. m. in the auditorium. Plans to send a delegate to the state convention will be discussed. i I Record Relief for SOUR STOMACH e "~~ heartburn, gas, add iRcsrion. I only I Oc. 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