Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 26, 1978 · Page 7
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 7

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1978
Page 7
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Thursday, January 26, 1978 Ukiah Daily Journal, Uklah, Caljf—7 Education Today: An msidersguide^to^^ y PATRiaA Mc CORMACK JPI Education Editor One guide book probably slongs under the pillow of very high school senior loking into colleges.. This "Insider's Guide to The .olleges" (Berkley, $4.95) ives students' views of more lan 200 schoolis — facts and iews usually not found in [fidal publications. Tlie "Guide," compiled and dited by the staff of the Yale <aily News , in cooperation ath reporters from more than 150 campuses, isn't meant to please the administrators of the respective schools. Tips relating to applications: . ' — "In filling out your applications . . . don't lay it on too thick; the people reading your applications havie very sensitive bull detcs;tors. Also, don't put anything fake on it. If they find put about it, as they probably will, you've kissed your chance for that school good bye. — "Keep your parents at least a thousand feet and fM -ef^ably a thousand miles away from the interview session. When paij'ents cotne in, interviews tend to be short, fruitless, ' and often deleterious. < — ""The pre-admission interview is basically absurd. If the interviewer makes you nei'vous, imagine' him sitting there in his underwear, and whatever else happens, don't w£llk off with his pen.'.' Samples of reports on colleges: UNIVERSITY .dF ALABA. MA, University, Ala." '"The football team lives in carpeted,, air-conditioned splendor, eats steajc, ahd gets' tucked into bed nightly — all the comforts of hornfi. For those who don't play football, Alabama is stilla decent place to go to school but you'll have to tuck yourself in." ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSrrY," Tempe, .Ariz, "if a male doesn't have a car he niight as well confine himself to the celibate TV program guidance: just another word for censorship By STEVE CASEY Copley News' Service HOLLYWOOD - National idvertisers, those wonderful oiks who bring you such :ultural treats as the latest jpisode of "6aretta in hopes hat you will pay ;3ttention to hdr 30-second spots detailing he wonders of a toilet bowl illed with frothing cleanser, lave decided they should ;xert control over TV )rOgram content. Perhaps this is just ahother nanifestation of our national nfatuation with nostalgia, ^erhaps advertisers are just onesome for the good old days ,)f radio and television until he early '60Si when they )wned time periods and controlled the programs contained therein. At a recent conclave of Tiajor advertisers, these wrthies decided that buying advertising time by the Nielson rating numbers is not aiough. Since the public holds ad- rertisqrs at least partially responsible for the content of the programs they sponsor, so the' reasoning goes, the advertisers should cont,rol that content. Presumably, the Federal Communications Commission holding local stations responsible for \ program content is seen as htelevant. While advertisers assert that they should involve themselves with the broad outlines of the series ' they . sponsor and should work closely with the production of each individual episode, they are not, perish the thought, attempting to "censor" programs. So they say. . Nobody wants to ^ensor programs; not th'fe networks, not the local stations, not the production companies] not the advertisers; For "censorship" is a dirty word. It is something that other people do.. When I control program content, I am merely giving More redwood trees damaged EUREKA (UPI) — 'The discovery of two more vandalized redwood trees was reported yesterday. Don Royer, manager of the Humboldt Redwood State Park south of Eureka said the two newly-discovered trees were apparently vandalized at the same time as more than a dozen which were diScoyered Jan. 20. One of them was a young tree and had to be cut down. Another, 20 feet in diameter, can probably be saved, Royer said. , ' Authorities are still looking for suspects, and rewards totalling $3,000 have been offered for information leading to arrest and conviction. Potkin named to commission SACRAMENTO (UPI) Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr. today appointed Alan Potkin, 33, of Cloverdale to the Navigation and Ocean Development Commission. Potkin^ a Democrat, owns Cultivate Understanding, which publishes educational materials and, provides consulting work. The appointment requires Senate confirmation. Commissioners are reimbursed for expenses. creative guidance. When you control program content, you are censoring. The question 16 not whether there wilkbe censorship. The question is: Who will do it? The networks want to control program content. This is bitterty opposed by producers, who feel network control is censorship and they, these creative souls, should be the ones to dictate content. Come now the advertisers saying they, too, want more bang for their l^ucks. Their move confirms a fatt of broadcasting life — that television is not an information medium, is not an entertainment medium. It is an advertising medium first, last and always. The "product" of television is not programs. You and I, served up at $2.50 per thousand bulk, $4 to $8 per thousand in select bunches, ^e the product. And since we're served up like a hot entree, the Madison Avenue types who buy us want to bypass- the network caterers' and go themselves out into the kitchen. If they succeed, these men of the mercantile persuasion, what win the effect be? They must have programs that will attract us, else their advertisihg is for naught/ Quite possibly the folks who spend millions trying' to influence our decision on what to do to avoid denturp breath feel they know more about audiences than anyone this side of iFYeddie Silverman. These are the same folks, it must be noted, who run from controversy as if it were a disease. The blander the program, the better, so as not to scare off any potential purchaser of deodorant or canned soup. And these are the folks who can turn pettiness into an ^rt fol-m. One television historian, writing about the days in which advertisers did control program content, recalled how Chevrolet refused to allow the dialogue of a show under its sponsorship to contain the language "fording a stream." Wouldn't want tq' make anyone think of that rival car company, no^ would we? Arid the American Gas Co., in a dazzling display of corporate courage and common sense, forbade any reference in one of its shows to the method by which Nazi Germany exterminated Jews. Given the sorry state of most television prograpiS' today, maybe it's difficult to believe that advertiser control of programs could any worse than network control of programs. But it is. well to remember Casey's favorite maxim: Things are always darkest just before they go pitch black. pleasures of his room. If a girl doesn't have a car the situation is not quite as desperate." BARD COLLEGE, Annan- dalenon-Hudison, N.Y. "The school does not try to make you, the meat, into a prefabricated cheeseburger. It lets you cook along in your own fashion." BAVtX)R UNIVERSITY, Baylor, Texas. "Baylor took a giant step out of the dark ages when the administration modified the dress code to allow women to wear shorts and slacks on campus. . . " UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT BERKELEY, Berkeley, Calif. "The desire for jobs and sex is all: encompassing, far outstripping the traditional concerns of Berkeley students for community involvemfent." UNIVERSITY ,0F DENVER, Denver, Colo. "Chances are good that Denver will give you tliat Rocky Mountain high. It is a modern, progressive place, a cultural oasis between Chicago and Sari Francisco. And (you guessed it) the ski slope^.are only minutes away." N GEORGIA TECH, Atlanta, Ga. "Note the Tech Catalog boasts of a five megawatt nuclear reactor, electron microscopes, large microwave expeririien.tal stations, and a lot of other neat gadgets. But most undergraduates never see them except in the catalog." HARVARD UNIVERSITY,. Cambridge, Mass. "The name of Harvard is very prestigious anywhere outside a 100-mile radius drawn around the city of Boston (and the downtown area of New Haven, Com., home of Harvard's biggest rival, Yale.) "You will probably get a fair education, without doing much work." YALE UNIVERSITY, New Haven, Conn. "Yale is definitely not a party school, and some think that as many undergrads can be found in the library as in the Yale Bowl on fall Saturday afternoons. At Yale it takes a special sort of seif-dis'cipline to force yourself not to study all the time. It can be done, but it's difficult." , UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH, Pittsburgh, Pa. "The football team, truly remarkable for its masochism, annually faces the nation's toughest teams with devastating results. ^ PRINCJBTON UNIVERSITY, Princeton, N.J. "For the group that thinks of Harvard as a school for rich radicals and,of Yale as a breeding ground for middle of the road lawyer^, Princeton ... has always had a reputation for social exclusiveness. Fortunately, Princeton's main strength ' remains in academics. 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