The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 5, 1930 · Page 8
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 8

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 5, 1930
Page 8
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PAOI EIGHT VANNESS BO WINS CO the Youth, Third in Spelling 1 Match, District Eveiit GOES TO WASH James Vanness. son [if MrL and Mrs. Oscar Vanness of | he Curtisville community and a srandson of Leander Goodwin, j civil war veteran of Ciirtisville, | wasj t"he winner of the distri :t. spelling bee held in the Koki uno | high school auditorium Satu In winning the match ! who is a seventh grade! the Curtisville schools] enter the eighth grade! won the trip to the Spelling Bee at Washington, jD. C. and goes with-all expqnses [paid. Given the privilege n his chaperon,, he teacher and coach, Fr:| er, principal : of the schools. Young Vanness woh the county match held which was won by. M Xance of Tipton. Mis^ Boyer of Kempton won; day jnigjit jthe youth,' jstudent" in i and| will Inext jyear, National selecting selh*tedj his nk Warn- Curtisville third in in Tipton, iss Helen Bernice second in the county contest. M-ss Nance who won the| county •! championship missed ''abhor" I and ] Miss Boyer left the ]ine vhenj she failed on the word "unconscious." The word [ "chrysanthemum," County •Won NGTON THX TOTQM DAILY TOBTJMS Monday, May *v M Will of Anna Hodson. Thle will of the late Anna Hodson, [whose death occurred recently at the home of a nephew in' Arcadia, was probated in the Hamilton Circuit Court at Nob- lesvilie Saturday. By the terms of the instrument gifts of personal property are made ' to Fhoebe Daily^ Ira B. Clark and Vernon Clark!, daughter, son-in-law and grandson. Mrs. Hodson, . whose" husband was a. well known preacher in this community made the will in 1 '925 and one of the" witnesses to the instrument was' Mrs. jManilla Henry Dewberry, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Henry, former residents of Tipton. LAGUARDIA HITS NEW PROHI PLAN Says, President's Proposal to Strengthen* Enforcement Will Fail. CALLS IT IMPOSSIBLE proved the downfall of winner of thel match, vj it with ease and then measure was given "crystalline,'' jand spell out hesitation. . Victor Colby, eighth: dent of the Owen schools of Clinton cri [all but the ho spelled for jthe fed it second in the! district (ontest and •I I i was presented with a; S15 cash prize. Dolores Flora p[ the- Carrollton schools in Car oil county won the third prize o£ S10.: By winning the d strict con test James Vanness b> conies the champion sp<jller of ilmost S 000 school children, representing the S!) schools'which 4 ' er <2 ente>; ed in the district meet At the National Sp| the first-prize, offered Blling Bee, is $1,000. There will be 24 contestants in the match section of the" h-epresenti United Slates. | BASEBALL RESULTS J American Associl Kansas City, 0; Toll Columbus, S 10: Miiw Indianapolis at St. ] Louisville at Minnei American Lea;;uc. - New York. T; Chicago, _£ Philadelph a; 7; peiroit St. Louis. p;j Washington Cleveland, nings.) S 1 , BostoA League. National Cincinnati. S; New Chicago, S Brooklyn, 2-11; St. (Second game 13 inn Others not schedule!! Philadelphia Louis; itigs.) Use Tribune classified ads good word 1 with- grade stu- towiiship inty i won ng ievery lit ion do, S. ;iukee, 2. >a;ul. polls ram. , rain. 1. C. 10 in- A. •1. 1-10 Washington, May 5.—As both branches of Congress planned to give .attention this week to the law j enforcement commission's proposals to strengthen prohibition enforcement, Representative LaGuardia, Republican, yesterday assailed the program urged by President Hoover in a recent message to Congress as "impossible of execution." o matter what legislation be passed," LaGuardia, who ivet, said in a statement, "It is simply impossible to effect the results desired by the.. President. Nothing to date shows-the impossibility of prohibition enforce- more than the recommenda- of the Wickersliam coinmis- indorsed by the President, that connection, however 'Nj may is a ment tions sion In the Senate judiciary committee will meet to consider reporting for passage the Williamson bill to trans fer prohibition enforcement im the treasury to the justice department, one of the most imports nt items in the commission's program. It previously passed the "Housei - Prairie Scored. Prairie school scored Saturday in tlje Kokomo Relays. Dishon, high|juniper, tied for second place and brought home two points for his school.' 7 There were seventeen competing schools including most of the high class track and field stars of the state. ' •Tile feature of the day was the running of Fuqua of Brazil who clipped off the 100-yard dash in 9.7 seconds for a new national scholastic record. FIRE LEAVES 500 HOMELESS Nashau, N. H., Visited by Serious Blaze Through the Town Sunday. MUCH PROPERTY LOSS Nashua, N. H., May 5. —The boutheastern section of this city was laid in ruins by fire yesterday. At least one hundred and twenty-five houses, a number oflndus- trial plants and a church were destroyed before the flames ;. were brought under control last night. More than five hundred persons were made homeless and many families lost all their belongings as well. Fire officials estimated the to- total .loss at 52,000,000. The fire started in a wooden bridge across the Nashua river shortly after three .o'clock yesterday afternoon. It spread through the thickly settled residential part of Nashua, fannned by a forty mile an hour northwest wind. Fire companies were, called from neighboring cities and towns in Newhampshire and Massachusetts. Three companies of militia were called out to aid the firemen and police in-the fire area. From the Boston and Maine railroad bridge, where the fire started, the path of destruction was comparatively narrow for a distance of about a quarter of a mile. It then spread out until at its farthest end, the southeast outskirts of the city, it was fully as wide as it was long.; As If determined to have prey, even when buildings no longer remained to he devoured, the flames jumped the Nashua river in this section and soon were raging through a grove of pine trees. Those hardest hit, perhaps, were the employes * of Proctor Brother's barrel factory and the White Mountain Freezer 'Company, who lost their places of employment as well as tfieir homes. These two plants, employing about four hundred persons^ were razed as were the Hill Coal Company plant, the Nashua Building Company and the lumber yards of the large American Box and Lumber Company, thousands of feet of wood being" destroyed. • Is Dota* Jitcely. Sunday afternoon, the < Leatherman ambulance was at El wood and brought Roscoe Wilkins, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Wilkins, Jr., from the' Mercy hospital to the home of hia parents • near Hobbs. The; young man who was operated for the removal of diseased tonsils, Saturday morning is getting along nicely. Other Kidney Affected. Word was received Saturday by relatives of Fred McLucas, who is still in ' at : Evanston, 111., where he underwent an operation for the removal of one of his kidneys, tha,t his condition was not satisfactory. It is now feared the -other kidney is affected "and it is said his condition is serious. INTO A POND Twenty Injured, One Seriously, in Accident at |[ a Culvert. ' I !• HIT BY AUTOMOBILE Mi E. Board Says Wrong .' Impression Exists in This Country. <• MOST DRINK "DRY" Washington, May 5 .-l-The impression that nearly all ' congressmen, particularly ."dry" congressmen, drink liquor is untrue, the Methodist board of temperance, prohibition anjd- public morals declared yesterday. Members, of the Senate and House, to the vast majority, are total' abstainers, the statement said, i ! "And a considerable number of wet congressmen do . not take a drink for months oh end," it explained. 'There are - some elderly men who became accustomed to alcoholic liquors back in the days of SchOomaker's and the Capital bar and,who find it very, very difficult to • refrain entirely from intoxicants now. t "Such men deserve a certain measure of sympathy. But a young congressman,'wet or drj4 who drinks, simply gives evidence that his sworn word doesn't mean much to~ him." Elkart, Ind., May 5. —Twenty persons were injured, one critically, when a-N^vins. Detrbit- ' Chicago bus was, struck by j an automobile and chashed over a culvert guard rail into a pond at the'eastern city limits here yesterday. | . ( Daniel Miller, 55^ years old, driver of the automobile, is in the Elkhart General hospital suffering a fractured skull- and cuts and bruises " about the body. Physicians said his, condition was critical. ,j" '. !;| Miller, according to'passengers of the bus, was approaching the bus at a rapid rate of speed, and applied the brakes]in an.effort to avoid a collision at a culvert over a stream connecting the [ St. Joseph river and a targe pond, j His light sedan j swerved into the culvert guard rail, then crashed into the left front wheel W Morrow After Election. ashington, May 5. —Rejecting an opportunity to sit in the United States senate by'ap­ pointment, Dwight W. Morrow announced Saturday that he would open his campaign for the Republican senatorial nomination from New Jersey within the next days with a view of entering senate at the opening of the December session by election Debenture Beaten. Washington, May 6.—The house, by big majorities, stood by President Hoover, twice in the long contest over the tariff Saturday and. refused to ' accept the senate's export debenture amendment and modified flexible clause withdrawing executive' authority to make emergency changes'in the rate' structure. Party lines split on both votes the debenture being rejected 231 to 161 and the legislative flexible provision, 236 to 164. Four Are Killed. Should a Funeral Cost? i | We believe that the funeral i should -reflect accurately the \ standard of living of the deceased. To fall-below i this •I standard . is not good taste, r To spend more than-can be ' afforded without hardship is j mistaken sentimentality, ft • ik always our policy to. meet ; the needs of each particular i <iase. Whatever they may be !. -j— the hHti standards of our service are always main-. ' tlained. s • j • JTort Bragg, Cal., May 5.— Four persons were killed and an entire family wiped out in an Automobile accident on the highway Ave miles south of here yesterday when a closed car bearing 'picnic party plunged seventy feet from a bridge. The dead: •Mr.' and' Mrs. .Elmo Grlvette their 6-year-old son. and: Mrs. C, E.',Jones, all of Fort Bragg. Only one of the occupants, C, E. Jones, escaped death. Employed ia Gary. ' oofitunu Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hobbs, wb .0 have been Tisiting at the home of the former's sister, Mrs. Bishop RlchardsoniSnd husband for some time; left Sunday for Gary .where they will reslde.\i-Mr. Hobbs baa secared'fmployinent at tha Ford garage^la Gary, batag-an, expert autOB^blla agtchaBtc. " 7 He Ta BOB on*. ,cMmiZ^f<s c ' +fr ii ^BVassBsisi ^^B^BiBBBsasaaBiB* BACK HO>IE AGAIN J. K. Mobley Began Work AVith. ; Compton,& Son Monday. / J.] K.- Mobley, veteran plumber and blectrician-of this city is back home again a£tei> an absence of 12;yearsl That is Mr. Mobley began iwork at the Comptbn & Son establishment Monday morning where he worked prior fo„ entering the employ of the city where he was employed with the water] department. Mr. Mobley has few equals any-' where in the county when it comes comes to hiding age. The years seem to' make him younge'r') and | he can still - work rings around men much younger than himself. He carries a mind chart of all water mains, gas mains, sewers of the city, this knowledge being invaluable'in many cases.. Mr. Mobley has worked for the Compton & Son firm off and on for the past thirty or. more, years and :his old friends will he glad to see him back on the job. of the moving bus, turning the bus so that it crashed over the guard fail and ran' into the' pond. The front of the bus was submerged and all the passengers were drenched. ! •• ! ! EXHUMED BODY. Mr. ai^d Mrs. Ha'llie Achenb.ach and Mr.; and Mrs. Hubert Simmonds were at Lafayette Sunday] and spent the day with Miss Oma Simmonds, sister of Hubert.- Miss Simmonds is Purdue university. American Bullfighter. Ceuta, Spanish Morocco, May 5.—Sydney Franklin, Spain's only American bullfighter, fighting for the second time since he was ser verely goated at Madrid two months ago, was tossed by a bull in the arena here Sunday, but was thrown clear-and escaped un harmed... In dodging the . anirtal while making, a rapid pass . with the cape, he caught his clothing for a moment on the horns. He was tossed in ! the air, but picked himself up unhurt and returned to the attack.': He killed the bull/soon afterward and: marched from the arena to great applause. Remains of Mrs. Aulta Hillock Examined for Coming suit. i • Saturday relatives accompanied by physicians and attorneys' were at the Kempton cemetery and exhumed the i body of Mrs. Aulta Hillock, wife of John Hil- • i i lock, who was buried at that place recently.'An examination of the body, was made with a view of ascertaining just what effect the alleged assault made oh the woman several weeks ago by David Greenlee might have had. At the time of her death Mrs. Hillock had a j suit pending against Greenlee who Was charged with committing assault and battery on her when she and her husband visited j the Greenlee home near Fortvllle where their uncle Elihu Greenlee lay a corpse. It was charged injuries committed, by Greenlee had something to do,with the death' which occurrd in Indianapolis, j Mrs. Hillock, whose, maiden name was Aulta Woods, was born and reared in the Kempton community.' | General Sales at $10.35 Monday—' . Cattle Market Slow. Indianapolis, Ind.,- May 5. —Re­ ceipts.oh hogs, 4,500; cattle, 450; calves, 500; sheep, 200. . . Hog prices early today irj the local live stock market were 5c to 15c lower, with general sales at $10135; underweights sold. up : to $10.00, and sows $9.25. Cattle trading was slow ..with little change in the pricey;-calves were steady at StO.50 down, and sheep were quotably steady,- with' spring Iambs at $13.50 down. Special Musical Ni A feature of ,the, morning services Sunday at the' West Street Christian church, was the rendi tion of a beautiful solo number "Why Are Thou Cast- Down" the late Miss Florence Surface and sung beautifully by Mrs. R D. Leatherman. It was sung In honor of her mother, Mrs. A; H. Surface, who was present for the service. " « *** ... Sunday Qatar*. r -r Ui'-.,v, V T- ! tars.. Mae jWfttmaB entertained at Sunday dtanftr. 'jMrt .l William Thatcher «>nU children 'of Windfall., near Visiting in Tipton. Lawrence | Smith and son Lawrence Jr., of Plalnfleld spent the week end In Tipton with the former's parents Mr j and Mrs- Roley Smith of East Jefferson street. They also visited at Elwobd with a brother Ivory Smtih and turn iiy and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Norris, and at Rigdon with Martin Leayitt and family. • Tribune want ads get results. THOB and EASY WASHERS Wife Saving Service , Mr. and Mrs. B. •. Mahjtt of Anderson and grandson Gene Walts of ..New Palestine and Mrs Wilbur .Woolen, of JndlanapcUa were the[Buaday,gnosis, of Mrs j PearlCaraon and taasUy west of Atlanta. „ \ Perry ,0 «aJxfys»Uaaaiplo^a« In a spor^^s^Svra la Gary. mksMts m SMAHL SUPPLY OP. HOGS. Chicago, 111.,; May 5.^Receipts on hpg^, 40,000;"carried over, 1^- 000l;i the market was steady with the: {o"p $i0.30; there-were 15,000 cattle and 15,000 sheep.- Local Grain Market. (Hobbs Grain Co.) No. 2 Soft Wheat Oats _'J New Corn, No. 4 yellow, per 100 lbs. — - LOO .92 .35 Local Froflct* Market. ! (Moore 'ft Moore) Biitter i — —---35c Eggs — -——20c . HAS THE "MOTHER" Of TOUR HOME A CHECKING ACCOUNT If not, what better tune than this, on the eve of Mother's Day, to provide her with a bank account of her own, so that she nuy pay the household bills in asystematic, sensible aad trouble-saving way? Sixty-Ave per cent of all purchases are nude by mothers. They should be paid by means of cheek. Why not open a checking account for your own mother, or the mother of your children, today? THE BANK OF THE PEOPIisl A Voluntary Member of the Federal Reserve System Only Bank In Tipton County Under Both State cad Federal Bnperflsloav Linoleum ... .'•••.•; • • -. •:- j-.; : .... .-• | We Are Now Showing Ten Beautiful Patterns for Tour Selection at Sl.OOyd. NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR LAYING Suite & Barrnm WE SELL GOLD SEAL C0N60LEUM RUGS Indianapolis Produce Market. . Eggs-I—Indianapolis jobbers' of• ferj country shippers for strictlf fresh stock, delivered'at Indianapolis, loss off, 2<)c.a dozen, i j Poultry — Jobbers . paying for fowls, 4% pounds up, 22c"pound; Leghorns, 17-18c; broilers, 1% to 2% pounds, 24-28c; sick, cull and humpback poultry not bought; roosters, 7-10c; ducks, . 8-10c; geese, full-feathered, 7c; guineas, young, ?6 a dozen; ,old,. |4; squabs,! 11 pounds to the- dozen, $4.50; jold pigeons,- 75c dozen.' ; '] Butter—Jobbers' selling prices for creamery batter, fresh firsts, No: 1, 42-43c a pound. i Butter Fat — Indianapolis buyers are paying 39c a pound deliv ered at Indianapolis. Complete line of De Luxe office i supplies and accessories. Tripune Fren. ; A Year IIAVE you valuables, ** papers,!trinkets, letters or heirlooms that are worth protecting at a cost of less tban one- half cent per day? Then you require a Citizens National steel safety box, beyond the reach of theft and fire. Citizens National TIFTON, INDIANA The Only National Bank in Tipton County r -»v, t< ».•, »,-. it, i / tv. >.-<*<< iv. »n »«4vi >>"' >' ' fr' 1 >l7 '' ' NOTICE. . We MaTe a WeU UgUad Park- tmg Bpaee la; the Rear of -. BAjMiiiloRoowri r"gNUINE GOLD SEAL RUGS in all sizes **arid patterns to make,your selection easy.

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