The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 9, 1985 · Page 8
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 8

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 9, 1985
Page 8
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Living Today The Salina Journal Tuesday April 9.1985 Page 8 Manic-depressives often suicidal Club calendar From The Journal's Wire Service We all have emotional ups and downs, but for the 4 million Americans who suffer from manic- depression, these mood swings veer from frenzied excitement and Napoleonic ambition to lethargy and feelings of utter worthlessness. Author Virginia Woolf, King George III of England, and President Teddy Roosevelt were •among the artistic and historical figures known to have been afflicted. Their lives may have been dramatic, but their personalities had bleak, potentially lethal sides: about one in seven manic depressives commit suicide. An article in the April issue of Cosmopolitan magazine explains mood swings of manic-depressives differ in severity and duration from normal everyday ups and downs. Joy or misery prompted, say, by a career triumph or setback, normally last a few hours or days. But life for a manic-depressive can be like a blindfolded ride through a steep mountain range. Remissions and relapses may be spontaneous, with dips into depression and climbs to manic peaks lasting months, even years, s Just as depression ranges from ordinary "blues" to the depths of melancholia, mania extends from mild exhilaration, or "hypomania," to psychosis requiring hospitalization. Indeed, hypomania is an extremely pleasant state comparable to a mild cocaine high, eliciting feelings of sexuality and omnipotence. Fueled by seemingly limitless energy, hypoma- niacs may function well for months on a few hours sleep a night. They are extremely productive. Numerous, successful businessmen, doctors, journalists and artists are known to be hypoman- ic. Says Dr. Michael J. Gitlin, medical director of the Affective Disorders Clinic at the UCLA Medical Center: "Those of us in the field become very jealous of hypomanic patients because they get so much accomplished and really run the world ... Hypomania is a very creative state of being; the problem is you can't control it." The puzzle of manic^depression remains unsolved. A key avenue of research points to the brain chemical "norepinephrine" that regulates mood. Released from nerve endings, this chemi-. cal carries messages across tiny gaps separating brain cells. One theory by Harvard psychiatry professor, Dr. Joseph Schildkraut, holds that some depressions may be linked to a deficiency of norepi- nephrine while some manias may be linked to its excess. Manic-depression, in milder forms, is some- times triggered by the change of seasons. November brings a winter-long depression. Come March, these patients suddenly become hypo- manic. Since seasonal manic-depression follows the change in daylight at different times of the year, a National Institute of Mental Health research team has treated a number of patients with bright fluorescent lights to artificially lengthen winter days. Results have been dramatic: slumps dissipate rapidly and stay away as long as treatments continue. Several test subjects have gone through winter without their usual bleak moods. Who is vulnerable? Statistics show the disease is strikingly democratic. Unlike simple recurrent depression that afflicts women twice as often as men, and single women more than married women, manic-depression afflicts men and women, married and single, about equally. Attacks usually begin at an average age of 30. Fortunately, Cosmopolitan reports, the drug lithium irons out emotional swings. "Patients on lithium still feel some ups and downs, but not to the degree that they burst into tears at the office," Gitlin says. "And they won't get so speedy that they become irritated with the rest of the world for moving so slowly." Today Harmony Chapter No. 2 of Order of Eastern Star, 8 p.m. friendship night, Masonic Temple. Social hour will follow. Wednesday Parents Without Partners Inc., 7 p.m. board of directors meeting, J. Day, 505 W. Wilson. Civil Air Patrol, Kansas Wing Staff (XR), 7 p.m. meeting, Christ Cathedral, 138 S. Eighth (basement of Sunday School building). Elks Ladies Club, 6:30 p.m. dinner, business meeting and cards, Elks Country Club. Call 823-2865 or 825-4181 for reservations. Newcomers Club of YWCA, 1:15 p.m. meeting, YWCA. Program: Introduction to CPR by the American Red Cross. Salina Charter Chapter of American Business Women's Association, 6:30 p.m. regular monthly meeting, Cavalier Court. Program: Film on Germany by Ann Greene of Anywhere Travel. Jolly Mixers Dance Club, 8:30 p.m. dance to "Kansas Country Band," IOOF Hall, 411 E. Walnut Members and guests welcome. Salina Flight Civil Air Patrol, 7 p.m. meeting, Law Enforcement Center, 255 N. 10th. New members and guests welcome. Eagles, 6:30 p.m. Aerie past presidents and wives meeting, Aerie Home. TOPS, Kan., 645: 9 a.m. meeting, VFW Building. New members are welcome. Caring and Sharing Al-Anon Group, 8 p.m. meeting, the Episcopal Church of the Incarnation, Max and Norton. Parents' Support Group, using the TOUGHLOVE philosophy, 7:30 p.m. meeting, white house behind Trade Winds Motel, 1700 N. Ninth. Salina Flight Civil Air Patrol, 7 p.m. meeting, Law Enforcement Center, 255 N. 10th. New members and guests welcome. Civil Air Patrol, Kansas Wing Staff (XR), 7 p.m. meeting, Christ- Episcopal Cathedral, 138 S. Eighth. (Basement of Sunday School building.) Teen chooses parents for her baby Minister counsels street people Dear Ann Landers: My daughter "Charlotte" is 15 years old. She will be having a baby soon. We considered abortion but were turned down because her pregnancy was too far along. The anguish of a young girl who finds herself in such a predicament is indescribable, but for a grandmother to give up her first grandchild is heartbreaking. I considered raising my daughter's child while she finished high school and college, but I knew it would be impossible for us to live in the same house and avoid resentment. Also, I am a single parent, which would have added to the burden. Charlotte and I sought counseling, which proved to be enormously helpful. Friends in a nearby town invited her to live with them so she could avoid the embarrassment of being seen pregnant. We looked over several appli- Ann Landers FIELD ENTERPRISES cations for adoption. Charlotte chose a couple from photos and detailed information about their background, interests and goals of parenthood. They had been childless for 10 years. A burden was lifted. My daughter's "mistake" became a miracle. By visualizing this couple with the baby, we were able to see something positive and beautiful come out of an incident that had been nightmarish and devastating. I hope every mother who is faced with this dilemma .will seek counseling and get in touch with a first- rate adoption agency. It certainly changed our lives and I will never stop being grateful. — Bright future in Knoxville, Tenn. Dear future: Bless you for a letter that is sure to provide comfort to many. Your advice is perfect. Thanks for doing my job so well. Dear Ann Landers: I am under 20 years old and work 40 hours a week. My paycheck is less than $125. My apartment costs $350 a month. (This does not include utilities.) This means $87.50 out of every paycheck goes for rent. This leaves me with $37.50.1 drive 25 miles to work. Gas cost $20 a week. This leaves me with $17 to buy clothing, food, insurance, etc. No matter how careful I am with money I end up dipping into my rapidly diminishing savings. So, dear Ann, what should I do? Please don't tell me to find an apartment with someone else. I like my privacy. Or is this the price I must pay for it? — Hate being broke Dear Broke:. A person who makes $125 a week should spend no more than $150 a month for rent. If you want a better apartment and don't wish to have a roommate, get a second job. Dear Ann Landers: Here is a question I have never seen in your column. Can a man who adopted a baby girl at birth (this girl is now 20) legally divorce his wife of 30 years and marry his adopted daughter? — Anon in Syracuse Dear S.: Such a marriage would be prohibited by Illinois law. A lower court in New York, however, allowed the issuance of a marriage license to a man and his adopted daughter. In many states such a marriage is illegal under statutes treating an adopted child the same as a natural child. WATONGA, Okla. (AP) — James Coleman is a mystical figure in an ecclesiastical collar who roams the nation, saving the souls of the forgotten — the drug addicts, the winos, the imprisoned. He has been called the love man. Coleman's life is filled with contradictions — once acquitted of a murder charge, now he assures murderers on death row that Jesus still loves them. As a minister, he is mostly self- educated, but he knows the Bible as well as a scholar. He counsels peace and love, but has had to defend himself physically on many occasions when he has taken his mission to the streets. Coleman is an evangelist, but he takes few contributions. Instead, he works as a truck driver for two or three months at a time, then gives his earnings to his ministry. He drives from town to town in an undependable old car, helping the people society has abandoned. "My ministry is with the street people, with the downtrodden in all walks of life. I've showed them love and concern and tried to get them places to live." Classified ads get results. Lindsborg, Kansas Restaurant Hours: Tues.-Set. 6:30-9:00 Sun. Brunch 11:30-2:00 Club Hours 6-7 Old sock's ribbing replaces cuff on coat Dear Heloise: I have a hint that I think is a winner. It concerns saving an old jacket with worn cuffs. My husband was cleaning out a storage shed and came across an old cotton jacket which was in fairly good shape except for the cuffs. He was going to throw it out when I thought of replacing the cuffs with ribbing from old socks. I found a pair with a matching color and cut the foot part off the sock. I machine sewed one end of the sock ribbing to the right side of the sleeve and then turned the ribbing to the inside and whip stitched it at the seam where it was attached to the sleeve. Heloise's hints KING FEATURES My husband now has another jacket to work around in and lie is thrilled. - Aunt Orp Dear Heloise: My husband should get credit for this one as it was his idea. We used to have a problem with the top corner of the fitted sheet on our bed on his side. It would slide off the mattress during the night and he would wake up in the morning sleeping on the bare mattress. He had the idea of using self- sticking fabric tape. He suggested putting small squares of it on the mattress and on the underside of the sheet. I sewed the squares on by hand and they work fantastically. — Mrs. Scott Brown Dear Heloise: I have never written to a journalist to express my ideas but, after reading your column every Sunday, I feel confident now. When it's bad weather out and you have to pump your own gas at self-service gas stations, carry an old pair of gloves to wear for this purpose. If gas is spilled on the old gloves then your good ones aren't ruined by the smell and your hands stay clean and warm. — Ethel Jones Dear Heloise: When I look through my mail-order catalogs, I jot down my tentative order on a scratch paper, including the page number, price and item number. To avoid losing it, I put the note in the order envelope in the middle of the book until ready for use. My notes allow me a quick review of the products to help me make up my mind before filling out the order form. — Peg Wilson •STEVENS FURS- One day Only ,«» f Wednesday, April 10th ^ For Fur Storage Pick-Up All furs will be fully insured. Also resfyling of out-dated furs. & Sons, Mon.-Frl. 10-5:30, Thurs. 'til 8 1829 S.OHIO SALINA, KANSAS 67401 825-8238 Strong abdominal musdes support back Dear Dr. Donohue: I have had a bad back all my life. Even a doctor told me I have a bad back and he gave my condition a name — spon- dylolisthesis. I can hardly spell that, much less try to pronounce it. My doctor didn't explain it well. Could you, please, and say what can be done? — D.A.D. Spondylolisthesis — here goes, SPON-dih-LO-liss—THEE-sis — is the slipping of one vertebra over one below it. A vertebra is one of the long series of bony sections of which the spine is constructed. It's Doctor Donohue FIELD ENTERPRISES like having a roof shingle slip down over the one below it. Many people show X-ray evidence of spondylolisthesis without having any symptoms. For others it's a lifelong pain in the back. Conservative treatment and control is always best, and I presume you know most of the words of wisdom usually dispensed — proper lifting, with knees bent; good posture (seated as well as standing), and strengthening of the abdominal muscles. That might be a surprise, discussing abdominal muscles when your problem is with your back and its muscles. But it isn't out of place when you consider the important YWCA Notes role of abdominal muscles in supporting the back's work. In fact, a sign of weakened abdominal muscles is a back that arches inward more than it should, a kind of bowing of the spine. That's not good for any back; for one with spondylolisthesis it can be disastrous. Your letter is not specific, so I can't be specific in suggesting other methods of trying to alleviate the problems inherent in having a "bad back." SPRING STOCK REDUCTION Sportswear Dresses Swimwear Reduced 5% More Each Week 80% uu iillj(j|)e April Oth April 8th to April 13th 35% on April 15th to April 20th 40% on April 22nd to April 27th 45% oft •No Exchanges •No Refunds •No Charge Cards IN THE ELMORE CENTER "Right Touch — Wrong Touch" classes will be taught next week at the YWCA as a free community service program. The session for parents will be from 7:30-8:30 p.m. April 16 and the children's session, for those between the ages of 10 and 14, will be from 4-5 p.m. April 18. Sessions will discuss the proper way to deal with this delicate topic in a direct and sensitive way so a child will not suffer permanently from an assault. Registration is necessary by Friday. Contact Teresa Drake at the YWCA, 825-4626, for more information. & MID-AMERICA APPLIANCE CENTER Join forces to bring you the BEST VALUES |in quality cooking appliances! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR SPECIAL I INTRODUCTORY PRICES ON ALL HOPERUNITS] •Nat. or LP Gas •Lltt-up cooktop • Full width handles •Lift-oft oven door •Woodtone backpanel •Famous Roper /•..-••• CASH& CARRY HBALLOONSH WE'VE MOVED to 1415 S. 9th (Around the corner from our old location) Phone is the same — 827-1379 "The Original Balloon Shop!" Balloon Menagerie 1415 S. 9th Salina, Ka. (J) 827-1379 Houri: M F 9-6:30, Sat. 9-3 Free Delivery In Salint AAodel 1405 Gas Range •Deluxe styling w/back glass accents • Black glass see thru oven door •Fluorescent lighted CASH & back panel w/clock CARRY •2 large, 2 small plug in quick heating burners LIMITEDQUANTITIES —BUY NOW& SAVE! ONLY AT MID-AMERICA APPLIANCE CENTER Located in Mid America Plaza at Belmont Blvd & So. 9th Mm?,.. ''! '.'. IM| ,|i'..l ( )p( • i'. : JJ25-8925

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