The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 1940
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VOLUMl? XXXVI— NO. 2-19. [LLE COURIER NEWS NEWSPAPKR OF NORTHBAKl 1 AIMfAVOACJ AMI> ^/Mn™rn«r>'>n ». T f>r,~T*~~ F^*^ Mississippi Valley Leader Blythevllle Daily News Blythcville Herald Klythevillo Courier German Air Attacks Are Renewed; 38 On Lightship Injured ' NORTHBABl' AIIKANSAS AND SOUTdKAST MISSOURI NBAS, TUESDAY, JANIMHV !), l!)ll) BIG BUTTLE ..,..,.._,, Jan. .0. (UP)—Honowed Oman air uctiviiv o\er British waters under protection of n heavy niist IT- siiHeil m live tittacliK on )5ritish .ships itntl tlic'ns; of :tt least ,J2 men dboitnl a lightship today In addition to attack,'; on .vhip-* ping the air ministry said German planes flew over the Firth of Tay and later over tho Firth of Perth. Greatest damage wns done when Ihe planes attacked the lightship. H was feared that one of Ihe men aboard (he lightship wns fatally wounded and thai others suffered serious Injuries. Ambulances waited at an east coast port for victims of Ihe raid. Tlic German planes used machine guiis and bombs in the at- .lack ships and in Ihe case of the lightship (he Germans sprayed the Stark Says Proper Relation D-i,.,,,, v o l r.' i "The power: between bpcecl, Sire, | right in vain. Gunpower Essential WASHINGTON. Jnn. 0 - tleships as large as 52,000 otns, uvv.niiiu WIL i,im UUSL, coast ol i j, — o^.wu uuis, Scotland none aboard the boats „„"" ,, nny otl!fr iliradnatiglils was wounded and lhc vessels rc- n f 1 1 ------ ".«.Np 0 .nu afloat or known lo be cone vesses returned safely to their home ports ' cra ' lln , ici ' b >; foreign powers. •" ' toiark told the committee thai «o wtcfng Tenancy Committee ! Sub Group Named UTTLE Rod^J,,,,. 0 (UP)-- ""ap"^ 'th^^esled^ too'tol, Chairman C. E. Palmer of the ships probably £ d bf s7 g l t°y Arkansas fan,, tenancy commission less limn thai, of (he 45000 lo mm today announced Ihe appointment: He said there must bo n ba"nee of a planting committee for the between speed, e unpWr -,,« " ™ tenancy pmim i urun~ _*,, , . i /u ••>•*• ,um .,i/.i_. built for the U. S. fleet. l n », ,„ • i -.-"ix. a. u±£ in up 15 3iron?cr limn Mrs. W. c. Pope of Little Rock' a smaller one, lie said "mu have 3K namflrf rt^ntr,»n.. ^H > r.n.« n tl.E,., .. , - IIU»t- hlng that one shot may nul- , named chairman. Other members were T. Roy fieid, regional FSA director, Floyd Sharp, state WPA director, and Attorney c T ' lify." WPA director, and Attorney c T. '' , rum .-. Carpenter of Marked Tree [I I flfll \M D D D T Fl P Palmer said he would serve asi f U \\ \ ? H T KS an ex-officio member of the com- «-LWLLI UliuLllU EFS FILED inlttee. Brooks, West Will Attend Rate Meeting J. Mell Bi-ooks. as representative of the Chamber of Commerce., and B. G, West, as a representative of the Blytheyllle Board o-ITrade, will ; leave tonight for : Dallas, where •they-.ft-lll WeutT'ri'-ineefhiV of the Southwwl Freight. Conference They will represent the Dlythe- ville cotton territory at the meeting in an effort, to prevent the increasing of rates on Inland cotton and will Join in the fight to keep the present rates. Declines To Act Immediately In Whiskey Bond APP' New Orleans Cotton i "V, co ' ds ' Ufftl ft] ea •UTTLE ROOK,.;Jan: 9- fUP)- Fedcrnl District Judi>c Harry L. Lemley today ordered briefs submitted In the case of the South- ivest Distilled Products, ing to make bond for „,,,„„„mutely $230,000 worth of whiskey seized at Its West Memphis plant for failure to keep correct dlsbtus- Habeas Corpus Lovers Slide lo Uappincs Nevillc Chamberlain Also A|jplnuds Allittttle Of PrcsideiK Rooscvcll LONDON, .Mn. 3. (Ul>)-Prlmn MinLster Neville Chamberlain rallied the Hritlsh Kuipire lo more vigorous prosecution of the war today in n speech warning n m t pini wnriaoi lies nliead, aiipiaiidln'ii the attitude of President Roosevelt toward Intcnmllonal ivlnltonti and forecnstlny; some future form of European federation. "The powers of n-lckcdiie.s.s will , ghl In vuin." he said, "ngnlnsl the .strength of allied arms, the unity of allied resolution anil the moral approval of nil who renll/e that the fate of civilization is bound up with the oonfliet." Chamberlain warned that thc present lull in hostilities between European belligerents "is the riulet of the calm before the .storm." Chamberlain's speech marked the beginning- of a general campaign by government lenders to offset thc stow pace of righting at present In order to step up nnnnmcnt production nnd lo "shorten the war" by intensifying its prosecution. | After prnisii)!,' Ihe close political economic, military and financial cooperation of France and Britain as an example for Europe generally in thc future thc prime minister bitterly attacked methods of (he rulers of Germany. In tlic couse of his speech Chnin- " ""indirectly defended his dls- ' A ' ter tcm P csllmiR courlshlr,, th6 Lowthers relax on skis in Connmi- ••-*••• - ' ratio Mnrn Cllt mOHnlnlllS. Eileen llni-rlMr hn,t rt .-....,.. won SINGIJO COPIES FIVK CENTS' Finnish President Appeals To World Agninsl Russian Rulhlessncss HKI.SINKI. Jan. II, (UI'>—President Knlllo of Flulimd In a slntc- noiit toilny iippi'iili-d lu world public opinion ni;iihi.s( thc " use by liussla of nliTrnfl ngiilnst •lenselewi civilians." Knlllo <llselos«l Hint during Iho :iret immlh of the war which ba'nn with Russia's Invasion of Plnliind >n Nov. 30 nearly 4.000 bombs were dropped on about loo Finnish locnl- tli's, killing KM civilian!; and .sevl- Jll.sly H'ollndlni; 209. Meanwhile there wns a general nil on the Finnish war fronts. To,!»>"* eoiiimmilfiiii;-iln> shortest of ihe war—snld merely (hnl except tor imlroi ucllvlly nnd nrllllcrv flic [here and, s SVANIK, Norwpfiinn - FlnuL-ili Anti-Lynching Bill Draws Fire Though House Passage Near WASHINGTON, Jnn. !). (Ut')—llousn debate on thc aSSt" fl 111 -*'"'""? M" «'«« «I«n«l lollav w°U, an iisM'i mi |jy Jlo})i'osciiial.iv(( Jfljjic« Wiwlsworlli (Rep N ' V), Unit UK; mwwiire vvnuld "do JDliiiitn liann and n islcnVJ 11111 1 II//1,. rtf ... I- I..J - 1 .,, . !!<«' Ill <UH[ Ullmllffl Accused Driving w of people into bitter •+ Six hours of debate was scheduled on ihe measure. Passage by tomorrow wns virtually assured ' The bill will (hen go to the senate Micro equally certain death through southern filibuster Is cx- liectcd. Wiulsworth'.s address drew close house nltehllon and loud applause nt its conclusion. "I halo to see congress pass such legislation," he snld. "H w m do Infinite harm when we legislate. In .this fashion. "Intelligent and moral people do not need to be driven into moral- conduct, by Ihe Imprisonment of Ihclr public officials and the fin- high CanitlioiRvillo Woman Is Of Rocklcsi Cinndnll Klnnlnijlinm, 20 of SI I.ouls, nnd M. u KOSS. M hlishway nreidwit Inlo'W liiglit which led to (he nrrest cf Miss' sentiment Is n6\ v n i ft tide agnlnst ths crime of S j' B » N n?,!r rinnn"^!! Ci °"" e ^"'<»»'. of cnntt! r s ^ *"?"»* ™i march'teard ,„ »?± 1 ±iV™|- 1 ,"^rE 1 i h , l SL l ""." <""W «* '«*l™ irivnw ?»'.' .""".ow ««• *«» hu. teen missal of War Secretary Leslie Here cllt mountains. Eileen Herrick and decree Lowlhcr III m w^' 1 he b woS ii ^ l ^:f 0 r±, tl :=| ROmCO """ 'I"*;'' — WCtl '»"° rt » Conway, N. „, after he war" he would do "what I .„.. .„ be rieht no matter how difficult or disagreeable." 2. Told labor not lo expect wage increases to meet thc rising cost of living. 3. Declared war profiteering was being prevented but thai all classes must make sacrifices. 4. Warned the rich that they must expect lo pay higher taxes. 5. Promised that British aid to b "'" ? " y , ' 1 ' bottles will, her parents. Third Term Talk Echoes In Wake Of Jackson Day Dinners Finland in opposing "the forces', WASHINGTON Jan 9 (UPS'' ' beThe °«W'«l* third -term imlrols, penetralino far behind ('he Russian advance llne.s In the Arctic wilderness ol Ihe far nollu'rn front, linve destroyed a big Itusslan nl Jordnnfos.s, It wiis learned lodny. Krontlcr reports Indicated Unit the victory was nn Iniportnnl one and tnljlil seriously prejudice the position ol the llusslnn advanced forces on the tin- northern I'clsnmo front. Jordnnfoss, behind (lie liusslnn ndviinco lines In thc Iloeycitjacivl sector, wns thc bnsc for two battalions ot liusslnn molorlml cnv- alry, \ahiy lank.s. tirinorcd curs nnd motor sl«l(!t's In their operations. Finnish pnlrols, It was nsscrted, ••(>•• vi I'CO/ilc."ifi liplvljllf t -• • -- -• ••- j I.V.*,-. j4i*,> wtcn nnd Mr. Ross, who was irtnccd In " y , bccn "-' i<! «« P=oplo wanted Jail on a minor clmi K e, W 1) Fa- " "' '' " ' ' nan. 31, of Water Vnllc.v, wns Jull- ed_ns n mnleiial wltncsi'. for (ho woman (jot pnsl the ; , first line, con- H nnd not because (hey have been rcitlmcnlod Into it." : Before Wndsworth spoke Repre- ^iiliilU'e Joseph Gavagnn (Dem; N. Y.), sponsor of thc bill, snid ho I/enriiiBK fm- (H 0 woman nnd ^" lillls ' c Joseph Gavagnn (Dem.; man, wlu> were riding In the cnr ' s ' lons01 ' of "^ bill, snid ho whlcli collided with tlmt of Mr wouul movc l<) strike out a provision KlnnliiKliiim. will be held In Mu- P" 1 . 1 'y'"'"''^ would not be deemed nlclpnl ecurl Wednesday inornliii! lllcl "do valence occurring during U. wns announced lodnv. MI« i-iin*' thc com '' sfl nf Picketing or any labor -, _-,,.,, ,, v»ii*vvJ>lllJ IJ1UI JJlllf H. wns nnnounced today. Mlsa Din- moiKl made it $100 bond tor her niMienrance In court. Mr. Klliiiliij'liam W as to bc dls- ilsswl fiotu Ilie Ijlythcvlllo '—• pllal picketing or any labor trouble. y Wndsworth snld the bill would turn the weapons of the federal government ngnlnst, local commii- i'*vui uiirt miurnoon lifter linvinp t i"-vi*n; in my ijg- l>een Ihcro since the accident, lie „[,„,, ? thc , p ?°? lc , CI1 " bc com " received « broken nose nnd two ' ., 8CDtl '"'""vlor." Incerattons on iii» fn, ln i ' r rejoice," he snid. "that un ccutralcdoiiJordante'nnd'burned , Mr ' lll » s . ^'luT received a scalp |" Slfj' 0 , 1 " 1 of ," isto ' i >'' tl ,\» ^ople axsrws == s»£jT=wH& i sC=?!ES Louniy n vcry rcmnrtni,!,, rc(luct | on ln it . the nusslnn iidvnnce bnse for iVn , Irooiw holding the southernmost. i,,u poskions of their "••— ' will be," he snl<l . know "but 1 do •more than mere formality"' .-• reverberated t«tavl».h» «VS n W ' lnt Lhl; rank "'"' fll ° ar .6, Warned of,further ..rationine Snath of Jack^f Day add" ^ S,"^ m"?' C ^'"" S g °" Cra " y nf cmrk hul ;..>l ] [i Ar (!,„-. ..•.-;.--•:,:,.,•-" 1 ..™" uu) - «w"ay»s 1101)0' It • will bu. T. nm nnn iirlm «. v.uiucu ui-iuiiuu ..rdiiDinng mati of Jackson Dnv nrtrlriia.-o >,„,,.. >t n, , -•"--••- »-"""••* of goods but saia tliaflhere wns-wHicir sought to^ draft" Pveslu?, t ™' ' V > ' ^'S' nm ""^ . who not reason to fear shortage of cs- no-wvcl; wh lc l,n ™tn ,h.i?n C!lr » l ''' 11 >' "opc 8 - llml he will not sential materials or food because pSj ,e" f & ™rtM^", •: mT'" 0 ?,, f° ^ ?? Wlc or 8ven thn Rritish nn.,,, h^i „„„(„ ,„,! ~, ^, , i- lc 'esponsimutles make within hlmse f mil' dwlslnn nit; i^uuiai- ----- ...K, u . *w^i.i MVV.HHJL. \Jiiumiiy I]UIC 01 UIC 1 Inc., seek- ™ British navy had again proved .of high office r npproxl-| its "omination of the seas. | He hud promised a , arguments were heard this morning by Judge Lcmley. During Lists Committees For - — — - non-partisan speech and mnde good with little or. no partisanship In his remarks before n $IOO-a-plate Annual PCA Meeting nudlcilcc whfcl > included some . socinl nnd money names as well as make within himself any decision nl lids time. "Why should President Roosevelt become the one man now commuted to accept cr not to accept or not to accept n nomination." Jackson miscounted there, because sentcd next lo Mr. Roosevelt nt the Washington dinner wns Rorex left the Inference that ihe achievements of his adminlslra- vice New York Cotton Jan. Mar. May July Oct. Dec. open high low 1130 1120 1121 1C90 1092 1051 1051 100G 1006 , 999 999 1118 1086 1010 007 991 close 1127 1120 1088 1051 093 Stock Prices A. T. & T. , 172 1-2 Anaconda Copper 793-4 Am. Tobacco 881-2 Beth. Steel 79 1-4 CJirysier 871-2 Coca Cola 122 3-4 Gen. Electric Gen's. Motors Int. Harvester Mont. Ward N. Y. central North Am. Aviation Packard Phillips Radio Republic Steel Sccony Vacuum Studebaker Std. of N. J Texas Corp U. S. steel .....' Ing on the matter may be returned soon at Fort Smith." Claim German Patrols Suffer Heavy Setbacks ociocK a.m. . \""- ••""* """ui-.i ... a new pnttlng thc president's head as The program committee Is com- ?!'„,J^, 1 ' 1 ,, wlllcl1 wc ™" »°«'fncc .fetm, nnd the president palling ^ Cd ° f 5 H - B »«*?-°.BW h L£ rt *' , the T™,,* back. T,, shout, of ZFOf .^If^L-!>"--" new- .=ceS: (he Intense Arctic cold, hail bcon !™,Y ° f , K , nitl! ' s bri <l«c. one of the Russians' binned prob- ' ' Wll ° '"wsUunted, said I H.U.-OIIHI., IllHgUI/ prOU- .|. c „.. S l,ln = vi.ln,,,l „„ II.... Icms. Details of tli Finnish raid, nnd Us possible result, were not yd known. But It, was understood that . , sa tnu cars sldcswlped ns Ihcy traveling in opposite directions - i;i i MIL'S Stale three; that were ..,. Wndsivorth said thc bill Involved ifanlnstlc constitutional questions Tho KlnBli.BhWcnrrwntei; 1 w«» c ™' S ^IT'''^^" th " 1 '-- - ,,i i( J fvm ., ,'i c . nl >. »«>4v bo enforced." .in. i . , Rcpresentntlve : Edward W Creal when It turned (Den'., Ky.) spoke^in favbr'of the from 18 driven by lmi»ct when it struck Ihe sWo Ilia ditch. Stockholm Completes Plan Of Evacuation But House Likely To Vote Sweden, Jnn. u '"''»"»«-"»• Mercury Drops To 12 Last Night The ofiiclnl thermometer dropped lo 12 last night for the coldest weather In several days aiul night's 'as 11' g " y veil today that further nppropria- and Frank A Bell Plant; bMnp i • --i-~ , M^.t. i Kiua ULlllti niji-o" K rt cn^l "..n.nn I * - t ' "l'-^"" " llv: \vil^ IIIUUUU^UU, --....j v...i^ ^IIJIIILM ll|l]ll UE11 til- developed by this committee In- ?„.''• 'Cognize two tsets Qarnci- smiled and said nothing. l«ons for (lie Dies committee "would elude special entertainment and n , lu ™>,;, „,.„,„„.„,„ „.. There were more slioul.s of j'« mol "=y thrown awny." hnmi«n , i ? i • " s l' ccch " w1 ^" someciic • .snld " : '«! the department of justice ^hnnn '?, 1° r n y nc P'""'<:n«s ml B ht have wished lo llns « ^tter or B t«i(/.nllon than snnpe. ... It ls_a fact so big attend the dinner lo htnr Mr. Di ^ c ™'' can expect to have nnd third ' <1 ° 11 ' 1 ' bollcvc In unnecessary du- L iiH/riHnu f\f f I>A i..*.n _j_— , WASHINGTON, Jan. 9. <up;~ The (Han wns understood in en S , U ' Cets nve yet pl Chairman Adolf J. Sa'vbath of the all children between' 'the a E cs of , , C , , s . Wcs Whlc!>l house rules committee :;«!;'. niter a nine ,,nd M and by nil I and Ld ' d< "" g Of cm ' S ' cnnfprfiifn utitK T)t-A«i f i«..i n ,..- i J ll l '» Ll1 ~— - - -- ---- , ?nusecl much President noose- women and men ^..—^.^ U |jx-t.iui I-IIIVL miniiiuin, 1UIU II feature in which the entire membership will participate, the exact imture of which the committee does Mrs. W. I. Denton's . . . And No Umbrella Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., Jan. 9 (IFPI— Hogs: 17,500 Top, 5.70 110-230 IDS., 5.50-5.65 140-160 Ibs., 3.65-4.90 Bulk sows. 4.20-4.75 Cattle: 3,800 Steers. 8.75-10.50 Slaughter steers, 6.75-11.25 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 7.50-8.75 ' Slaughter heifers, G.50-10.50 ' Beef cows, 5.25-6.25 Cutters and low cutters. 3.75-5.00 Chicago Wheat May July May July open high low closo 103 1037-8 1011-8 1011-2 1003-4 1013-8 981-2 985-8 1 vijpununny uj nrar i -«.n..&ii, i\, o., u financial and business reports of <> thevs of ll »> « communities which t hc)l . cl!c -„,;.-, T,""' ("'.T.-',,.,"'':,^ the officers and directors and a !>™«red the memory cf Old Hick- fr 0n n geVture rt swdw 1 nmt review of the association's nctiv- ^ «'• f ''<"" $10-a-pln(c up. If^ " 0 ( f 0 e n , p' rl T a troul ities during the past year. ] ' »<= 'S our Lincoln," snld At- cll ,,,,„ [° Son trnto l«- rmar,! "The i'lantcrs Production Credit' tornc y General Designate Robert , m i lv ^r mini-w nf iiir. u,-nrirr« Association has made a normal H - Jackson of Mr. Roosevelt in greatest dcmocrnov" and healthy growth during Its six thc most forceful Ihird term ap-, T)l( . SIKCfhK \^' ,.,,,,. wvfn , years of operation," Mr. Bryan P™! of them all befcre Cleveland, goc<-nEd | bef a nntr ftH stated. "A sizeable amount will bc ° diners nt $25-a-plntc. 'Hie cnm idntc, L lain Potential available from thc past year's op- l'"™^ will become a catchword of i DemoTnliV? f ni, miitn n, i ,,,, erations lo add to reserves built to, 4 " 0 lllir(l ^m drive. James A.Vnrloy In InlroducinK ihe nssure farmers In this area of a I And Jackson compared the pics!- ' president addressed his "fellow permanent cooperative source of dent to Old Hickory, too, and candidates." nnd Mr iWeveTl fn! n,r "tntmT T-i, thalf ,. w! " cn , d ", re fo "' lli h ! m , to bc """olher such prefaced his remarks 'with: ' for tlic future. The officers of the eador of the people" With dec- "nr.. i->i i , „ nssocution recognize the impor- lion statistics and a liberaVe of \, e ±; C ' ln ™ lnn . ^«" •"'<» BO.I- uncc of keeping the members in-j the president's Jn elective „'" td^teT thc^'" ^ '"^ "" formed on the condition and prog-1 phraseology from past perlorm-1 S lherc - ress of the nssocialion of which ances. Jacknon nut It lo the D.'ino- Ihey are part owners ar-' — " •- -'--•• •• there- . Two directors arc tn to fill the terms of R c Brvan an dll. C. Kna Continue To Seek Assignments Brother Succumbs Grady llcndrix, an officer In the United Stales nrmy and brother of Mrs. W. I. DciUon, dlc<l at Gulfport. Miss., late Friday. Death fol- , lowed nn illness of tuberculosis I which wns not discovered until I aliout six weeks ago before he wns , sent to Gulfport after having bc- 1 come 111. Stationed In New Jersey, Hie 41- ycnr-old officer had been In the'j: army since the World War when he served a year in France on special government duty. He re-cnllslcd In the army at the close of the war. Wilson Interests Sell directors whose terms carry over arc: C. S. Stevens of Blythevllle, Col. P. P. Jacobs of Grider. and D. S. Uincy of Osceola. , he warned, had an I plans to continue the drive to i dependable vote of obtain signatures of property own-1 Democrats vary— Sewer District One In a movement ', fewer than that sponsored by the Lions club to use r , '"" the Roosevelt lhc money for charity will bc dls- ' «T nnn and last, cussed In a meeting of officers lo f ^y lit, 1 o'clock, It was, \-,,i 7,000 Bales Of Cotton Chicago Corn by the Memphis < was thc largest 1 SWM|) ' s ' 7Hfi "L 22 ' 8 ? 0 ' OOD alld las! " cu SMd l"'a"mcctinVo'f"offlcer S *"lo 3° ' Ot of Ulc 5Casou mtldc l0 ' ' _^_ ( tlnic 2W.™ voles—n smelling bc held tonight 7 o'clock It was , .record. He snld there no longer announced todav bv President w ' f' <lwnrd M- folcy, f. o. b. dealer, • Oyster Container Changed i« p ns danger that Democrats would J. Pollard in the regular weeklv , , A ' ldcrson ' Clayton & Co., ; NEW ORLEANS (UP)—The cy- nominate a conservative and he luncheon meeting at tlr> Hole! account of Wilson & Co., . stcr section of the seafood group waved "take -a-walkers" cii ihelr Noble " . | of wllst >». Ark., about 7000 bates of the New Orleans Association of W! >5-- ns dld Mr - Roosevelt in his Joo Evm d cnlcrl ,, lnr ., ,,.. ?G ' of tllc (193S « r °P- While thc price > Commerce. Has adopted a mm- address here. ! members nrcscntltl ril WOS "° announcl! i thc ril »>! >"• " open high low close inThe 'York' U p«» o« "interned" spilling cardboard container lo re- So. Jackson said, It was inevlt- numbers in a progran nrranwd by ±',l tl so ™ tllln f ov « $400,000, us Conspicuous by Its absence Is the 691-8 591-4 58 1-4 B8 1-Z He exoCcU to hu ^"^ garage, place one-gallon tins, in which able thai lhc party now would Orsl C. W. Garrlgan ? J ^lr«L , » "^ " t&vM&I c " amtert " ln "'"brella-ns 56 3-8 60 58 7-8 59 I a forthrom n« ^v ^ , ° :St *n ° rm ° ^ ™ C slli!lped from lur " lig ''"" to Mr ' K°*erelt. tl wa.s de ded to have tho innual S? nS" ]' "„ 1bCt "' r '" Dl "' tAl "'' 5 prlllle I "" llslcr ' Ul !roltcil a torthcomlng government sale. 'New Orleans and nearby ports. | "l <Jo not know what his answer uV, M?,h T»,°JLJ ^ ? T UnBUl " nd - 8 radcs thls season coat and canvns puttees, tours the 1 • uaw(a N1 *" 1 Tuesday, Fieb. 20. were better than usual. | muddy Western Front. Funeral Rites Held For E. W. Graves, 68 Funeral services for E. W. Graves, who died suddenly at his home In the Pride sub-division. { laic Saturday, were held this morning nl tho Hamm Funeral Homo. He wns 08. Thc Dcv. F. M. Sweet, pastor ot the Lake Street Methodist church, conducted the rites nnd the re- nmlns were taken to Jonesboro for burial In Wcstlnwn cemetery. Holds Daughter Is Not Due Any Money LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Jnn. 9.— Tlic supreme court held yesterday that Mrs. Georgia Norton Walker ! of Mississippi county Is not cn- " titled to recover from her father, E. M. Norton, the value of certain timber removed from land 'which she inherited from her mother. Thc court found Mrs. Walker selected land from which the timber already had been taken in preference to other land when she made her choice of property under her mother's will. English Families Nail Horseshoes Over Doors EAST SUFFOLK, El\g. (UP)— Horses have come into their oivii since thc outbreak of the war, but they aren't responsible for the boom in horseshoes. Horseshoes always have been considered lucky nnd iiow they're In great demand by mothers, swectfifarts and wives. B!afk<mit'.)s in Suffolk report that the demand exceeds Ihe supply. Hundreds of houses have a horseshoe nailed oubirte "for luck." WEATHER Arkansas — Partly cloudy and warmer tonight, Wednesday cloudy nnd warmer* snow in northwest and north central portions. Memphis and , cloudy, followed snow ,or rain' and light

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