The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 5, 1930 · Page 7
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 7

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 5, 1930
Page 7
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4 1 1 DOROTHY DARNIT ALL foo.OO l«> STUDY ALL THE TIMS 0 THE TIPTON DAILY TR5BUNE PAGE SEVBH By Charles McManus f WHAT ABOUT IT?, , I DOMT STUDY AT ALL AMD I ' KNOW MORE THAN YO.O Oo Yoo oo MPT WELL JUST ASK ME S6K £TH /MG 0^ WHO WAS CEORGE WASHlNCTtoMSl WtW OtD MAM WA$MIN $tprt OF COURSE r AiB SAFETY We Are ^ Years Old— We Have Lived Throagh This Country's Finaarlsl Depressions mad Panic* Duriaa; These 44 Years and Have Never Paid Lea* Xbaa 8% oa GET THE FUIA, SIGNIFICANCE OF THAT 8T>TaTaO»WT. j Assets, April 30, 1930 .. $642,654 .61 Contingent Loss Fund — . - 15,000.00 Undivided Profits, April 30, 1930 14,252.34 Next Dividend June 30, 1930 TIPTON BUILDINO AND LOAN ASSOCIATION THE OLDEST SAVINGS INSTlTtJTICN IS TIPTON Talk It Over With Our Secretary, J. A. Lewis II FOB SALE OR TRADE REAL ESTATE j FOR SALE OR TRAD house, two lots, gal) tucky avenue. Phope 5S5. FOR SALE OR TRADE tor Tipton property, several ; ;ood | residences in Frankfort; also 55 acre farm, 2 miles of good market. in Clinton co-inty, good land, fair barn, no h have" j-ou? - Clinto Co., Frankfort, Ind G^room age, iKen- I FOR | RENT— Store your base bui-uer or parlor heater for the J summer; also household'goods; i clean and dry. Phones 23 and 30 .1 J. J. Kessler. C -1S9 FARM LOANS — Best loans. In state. °5 to 20 years; interest annual or semi-annual with full payment privilege. Fielding & Fielding. c -tf )use;| what Finance !c-lS7 FOR SALE 1 PERSONAL PROPERTY FOR SALE—No. 5 Udderwood; a real bargain at S35^ unc Press. FOR SALE—-Cabbage. Siuimonds, (North li| street. ! FOR SALE -- Black spring coat, size :>S The Trih- .. I tf as new; 2G50. price FOR SALE—2 good ,.,oak dining table. Arcadia, route 2. FOR SALE—Tractor with tandem; in lion; piicee ? 1U Ban-, Phone <;old FOR SALE—-Woodhu ne t seed corn; have a Lew of 1929 crop, also i gouc ply of 192S crop. Fran FOR SALE—Bade chick starter com er oil. Cod liver milk. Grows them er and bigger. F< Co. |>ch's ns C ileal, botti r FOR SALE -j- All h< chicks, llii. Tiptoii FOR; 'SALE-pl conn .Polled Shorthorn 1 retrjster.-d. and out Shorthorn sire; als Holstein bull calf old. and a real pro Teal. < LOOK! Wiiitfi. •loltl-! —S0.OU in-r LOOK! Uarr Uilff line' While Wy lluffj Orpinpi Iier SOU; fsr.An |„. r j.n Kid; S4:: White ami per 100 MrciiiiTlit. Sii.nn. .\diil 1 are shippi>>1. v:ieh Monria horns eai ~ lirnwn LiiJ Per ' when j- an .l We [Werlnesrii srive pooil satisf.-ictioi. pleased, line cl.' Hoosier town, Ind. ! ii order Hatcher MORE NICE START —Week iold, 11c 13e; three weeks, fine; -we sort all oil good; you will like cannot - be shipped day.-^ Hopsier Hat|hery gantown, [ Ind. FOR REN plants. Ed dependence c-l£3 I i broadcloth or 1U ( , good (Phone clSu ather beds, na Carson, j p-lS3 The Daily Wheeze Has Been the Rejection of Nominations to Supreme Court. FORjRENT—7-rooni cottage, bath! > "Just think, children," said the missionary, "in Africa there are den spot; possession at once;. c, 000,000 square miles where Iit- 235 N. East street. Inquire S. j Ue boys and gjrls have no Sunday P-1S5 : school. Now what should we all strive to save money for?" "To go to Africac," came a chorus of cheery voices. and toilet; some fruit; good gar- T. jHobbs, Elwood, Ind. FORI RENT — Three furnished •• • downstairs rooms for light j housekeeping at 320 West Jef-j outside entrance, i furson street; Phone 3556. . Many a man who can't even I paddle his own canoe imagines he FORJ RENT—Three unfurnished rooms, ground floor, outside en-; trance. Phone S1G0. p-lS6J ' is capable of steering the ship/of ! state. Birthday Dinner. FOR! RENT—House, 5 rooms and hath, 909' N.'Main. Phone-36 or! 4229. . c-t£ FOR RENT—Choice office rooms, also light housekeeping rooms, uiiidern. Masonic Opera House Blot. Inquire of Charles Wjarnc, secy. Phone 271. tf r horse (list iod Chij liith. WANTED WANTED—Wall paper cleaning. P.|ione 509. Ray Hunter. p-ISS condi- rchilie c-lS 1 00-day bushels S-1II1- Teal. p-lSii Baby >d Liv butler •jr.' fas't- Cainpboll tf Tip-Top Hakchery. c-lSG lis 11 ca f a high' rht peel. tarling it. red, ra-ie noiiUis Frank P-1S3 WAITED ^- Lady without incum- uecs to do "general "kitchen prk and cooking; hours S:0Q 0:30. Box 3G, Tribune. tf "3 it LOST AND FOUND r—Bunch of keys in brown Hher case. Mrs. J. R. Cole- aii. c-185 LOST — Brown genuine leather P>cketbook; left in ladies' toilet, court house, Saturday night n une, Marjorie Gross, inside; reward. Arthur Gross, Tipton,' route- 3. horns—SS.OII nthtnas. Heavy.*s liwd: " ml V refll MjietjJK::tp- tf !ED (fHICKS two oodeif them FOR RENT) :— 5-ro house Phone 435 FOR RENT-p-Good hofise, dood lo- cati6n; call at 441 FOR' RENT —Moder I hodse 416 West "Washington rooms <anp bath; ; 11483. ' I j street pragel FpR KENTU-Modjeni j ble, /'good I location jreht. .Pl .one 2200J. FOR RENTj—Holf ofl doutlle," four j rooms, st n room, I atli. 615 E Jeffereon] 'Phone 2p.46. p-186 FjpR ^UEiNJF-pKlpe sfcepii • : ,aaW^ North r eliieks will he ly yxtrl weeks, rowing chicks come; ope^i every Michi- C -1S3 ! A very happy birthday dinner i party was enjoyed Sunday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dot Sallee on Kentucky Avenue, the occasion being in honor of Mr. Sallee whose birthday anniversary is May 6th. The delightful six o'clock dinner had been arranged as a surprise for Mr. Saline and as planned was most complete in every way. Mr. Sallee ~ returned home Sunday evening to find the relatives assembled and the fine diiruer ready to be served. A birthday. featured the pretty table decorations. Guests for the dinner with Jlr. and Mrs. Sallee and family were his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCullough, Mrs. Lizzie Allen appleton, employed in and Mrs. McCullough and family and Mr. and Mrs. Dale Woods and family. The evening following the dinner was spent in happy social features. Phono Goldsmith. C -1S.4 MISCELLANEOUS liOVlNG ANYTHING'.' Get Bal- S.T Bros, prices first; having a litrgc'truck .just added to our 1 ne, we are equipped to haul Itrge as well as small amounts of furniture, freight or livt- s;ock, any time and anywhere. Clyde 1149; George 1G24. p-100 Queen Esthers. RADIO SERVICE—!We specialize nn experi service work on all makes of sets; full line tubes, batteries, etc. McJunkin Radio hop. Phone 20X7. c-tf ljiodern e-tf MONEY TO LOAN FEDERAL FARM LOANS at 5 % per cent; pre-payment privilege. D. S. Phares. . The regular meeting of the Queen Esther Circle of the Kemp Methodist church will be held with Mrs. Wilford -Heier at her home 436 North Green ' street Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock.I 1S73 Washington, May 5.—Should the Senate refuse to confirm the appointment of Judge John J. Parker as-an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court his will be the tftith instance in which a President's choice for a place on the bench of that Court has been rejected or the name withdrawn because of anticipated adverse action. Such repections began as ea.rly as 1795, when the Senate refused to confirm the appointment of John Rutledge, of South Carp lina, as Chief Justice by . President George Washington. Rutledge had been an Associate Jus tiee of the very first Court, but had* resigned to become Chief Justice o£ the Supreme Court of his state. When John Jay, the first Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, resigned to become Governor of New York, Washington, during a congves sional recess, named Rutledge as Chief Justice arid he served as such for four months, but when the Senate rejected the nomination he had to resign. j The Senate also refused to permit President Andrew Jackson to put Roger Taney on the Court as an Associate Justice,' though he.had -resigned from the Cabinet to take the post in 1S33. Less than a year later, however, Chief Justice John Marshall" died and Taney was named to succeed him. This time his nomination was confirmed. 1 President Tyler suffered a double rebuff from the Senate on appointments to this Court. In 1844 he withdrew the name of Reuben H. Walworth after the Senate had refused to act, and no greater success attended his nomination of John • C. Spencer. President Grant also experienced difficulty in filling the post made vacant l)y the death of Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase in The names of Caleb - Cush- the appointment, which he . accepted while in this city. In 1S93 the Senate.also rejectj cd two nominations of President Cleveland for the post of Associate Justice—W. R; Hornblower and W. H- Peckham.: .President Taft also had a simi lar experience when he .named William C. Hook, of. Kansas 1913. The name was withdrawn when opposition became so formidable' that confirmation seemed unlikely. . ] Convict Czar of Ohio State Penitentiary WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. Every member present. urged to be Allen Ap pleton, employed in Indianapolis with the 1 Fletcher American Bank, was here Sunday and spent the day with his grandmother Mrs. W. D. Appleton wind other relatives and friends.-' ing and George H. Williams were withdrawn at the request of the nominees when adverse Senate action seemed likely, and Hhe President ultimately named Morrison R. Waited of Toledo, who was presiding over a state convention in Cincinnati when President Grant's telegram tendered him \ • —and theWorst is Yet to Come Mr. unci Mrs. Claude Tollc Married TiventyJFive Years Ago, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Tolle hap pily-celebrated their 25th wed ding anniversary Sunday at tin home on Oak street at a beau'ti fully appointed anniversary dinner party. - . Guests for the dinner were Mr. Tolle's parents, Mr. and Mrs Henry Tolle, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Tolle and family, JMr. and Mrs family north and Mrs. Earl and Mrs. Lowell Tolle and east of Tipten, Mr. Hughes^ and family Ralph Montgomeryj and children of Indianapolis, their daughter Miss Mary Helen Tolle, and Miss Sallee and daughter Helen, Mrf] hospital at Indianapolis and" Mr: Roach, mother .of Mrs. .Montgomery of Indianapolis. The lovely dinner was enjoyed by all the guests and the remainder, of -the day liappy in its associations. Mr. Tolle and his bride, Miss Mary Morarity, were married May 1st, 1905, their' marriage taking place at St.j John's parson age in -Tipton and they have been residents of Tipton since their marriage. They received a number beautiful gifts in remembrance of the day. ATTENDED If Cousin of Mr. ana Sirs. Oscur Mnntyvc Kuricil Sunday. UNERAI.,. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Manlbve, southwest, of Tipton were j, at Broad Ripple Sunday attending the funeral services for Charles. Wi Roberts, a cousin of Sirs Manlove and a nephew late Mrs. Lou Manlove. of the result of an PLENTY OF MONEY AT 5% per ctent, from 1 to 10 years, with pre-payment priviliges; best Ipan in the state. Standeriord Standerford. . He was taken to hospital ' where Thursday. Mr. Roberts, when a boy'spent ac- Death was the cident.. The deceased fell offj a building: at the Broad Ripple park in March. He fell on a cement walk and was seriously injured the St. Vincent he died last Main, c-tf ; foiir Phone c-tf 5-ronm dou- reajsonable c-184- ! room. Phdne, FOR SALE OR TRADE 19J26 Chrysler V4" Coupe. 1! 25 Studebaker 5-pass^ Sedan l!i26 Essex Coach, li 24 F.ord Sedan. 1!>25 Dodge Coupe. . SERVICE MOTOR/ CO. . Phone 83. For Sale: 1927 2-door Balck; 1!I26 4 -door . master .sedan; li 126 Studebaker, four doors; 1H26 Dodge,, four doors. O theri Ifted Car* Priced to-Sell ' TIPTON BUI01C CO. «l! |S».^^ei^pjet ". 5 '"ed1ii»m «t|iH -,C lievTolet^ cba'cb^ iim^Smi'' > dan, 192 7/chrsylerS?S!! ?sport :i^ad«te;,4927;Cherj;b^i;^cb: Card of Thanks. members of the 1U3U graduating class, the Hustlers class and .Mrs. Pearl Wooldridge of the Hopewell Methodist Sunday school and all for the beautiful lloral trib­ utes.sent in loving sympathy. U'e appreciate all and will not forget. —Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Hoback; Mr. and Mrs. Otho Romack and family; Mr. and Mrs. .Manville Sioops and family. While'.our hearts are filled with, deep sorrow and grief, wo desire] :to express our heartfelt thanks and.deep gratitude to all our relatives, friends and neighbors, fori their kindness and sympathy, ex -J pressed in the many .kind acts, j and to all who assisted us in'any | way during the illness of our darling daughter and sister, Crystal; Hoback. Especially do we. wish toi thank the Young Undertaking Co.; for their courtesies. Rev. C. E.| We wish to thalik each and ev- Tfunlap and Rev. Church for their Ury one' who assisted us in any words of consolation; Mrs. Addie'way durins the illness and after Dunham, Mrs. Earl Foster. Ger -Uhe death of <>ur beloved grand- aid Middleton and Howard Segrist | mother.—Mr. and Mrs. Kay I7i;r- for the appropriate music, the'iiutt and Family. Card of Thanks. Charles F. Quinlan, a gunman doing a 25-year sentence in tha Ohio State Penitentiary, is tem- I iorarjr czar of the prison. Quinan ia the leader,of the inmates of the prison and chairman of the convicts' committee which decided to refuse t0 do work or re-enter their celts until Preston Thomas is removed from office. (International Nswsreot) Heroine of Tragic Ohio Penitentiary Disaster HAVE YOU BEEN ENUMERATED ? If not, or if you have any doubt, till out this coupon and 1 mail to W. A. Irwin, Supervisor of Census. Frankfort. Indiana.' On April 1. 1930, I was Hying at address ;,'ive:i beli»». to the best of my knowledge I have nut bt-cn unumera either there or elsewhere. Name i biilj ••(I.; Street and- No. City ICS ! Everything for the Bee Keeper Hives, Sections, Founda tractors, Etc. ion, EX- GET OUR PRICE? SATISFACTION j GUARANTEED j BIG CATALOG FREE Complon Son Phone 20. Amanda : Tiurinal, pretty yonng daujditer of Warden 1". E. Thomas, was hailed as the heroine of the disastrous prison fire at Columbus, Ohio. While her father directed the rescue work and the volunteer firemen, she hejped organise corps of jaojasa. • Is Improved. Miss Mozelle Mills has been confined to the home of her par- aiid Mrs. Frank Mills on Oak Street by illness* for several days. She iwas - suffering wlht a serious attack of, pleurisy,) but is improved and was able to be up Sunday for the first. Baby Chicks •DO YOU SELL US WIXTKIt KG(JS.V ! ' • HERE IS TIIE ^\Y TO IH) IT! \ Try our HABY CIirOKS. aiut-.sec <jlic (lifiVtviK-i'. QUALITY CHICKS THAT \A\'*\, [JAY AND I'AV Call or write tor i>ru*e$. \ Fear - Campbell Co. / • Tipton, Indiaiui. , li M. L. Bowlin of Indiahapplis was. a |Tipton visitor during the past .'.wJBek looking • after- some business interests in property rentals' and removing some furniture to Indianapolis. - R: S. - Martin, and - family of North.] West street, were near Richmond' Saturday evening, and Sunday visiting with friends, and Ford ionium ramoyt y, Tperibnafi prbpertjHat- west; '• alontoelier. . Qllver. K. "rSowneriw^C^o^tandl f^Ki^ers^fJol Nitrogen for the-soil in its moat desirable and convenient. form. A wonderful fertilizer for lawns, gardens, trees and shrubs. Put np in handy 10-pouhd bags, at, each— g|;V|:v;^Ap ; WRy l^«>'. ll^'BOOKLET

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