The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 29, 1930
Page 5
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IVEDXRSDAY, JANUARY 29.1030 YJJAJ''. <ARK.) COUKlttli.KEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Tw* cents a w:rd lor first In- seition und one cent a word for each subsequtnt Inser- lion. No advertisement taken for less than Me. Count the words and send the cash. 1'hone 306 Announcements The Courier News has been authorized to aimc\ince the following candidacies, subject lo the Democratic primary. 1930 & NEA Service Inc. For Sheriff W. W. SHAVER. For County Treasurer W. W. HOLL1PETER. For Countjr Court Cltrk MRS. JOHN LONG. For County Assessor J. ti. DILLAHUNTV. For City Attorney IVY W. CRAWFORD. For City Clerk 11. L. MCKNIGHT. GEORGE CROSS. S. C. CRAIG. fr'OK FOR SALE— Selling eggs and baby chicks, Barron English slraln •Leghorns. Mrs. E. M. Ayres, Oiceola, I Ark. ' 21pk3 |FOH SALE— 1929 Model Electric Alwaler Kent Rncllo. S50 Cash. P. H. Durham, Bowers Store. 2spk3 3ABY CHICKS—All varieties, from proven flocks. Custom Hatching ted. Marilyn Hatchery, Blytheville, Ark. 9ck-tf USED CARS used cars arc guaranteed by i tc be just ttliaf we say they arc. in and see our used cars— prices from $25.00 and up. 1923 Model A Business Cuupe Gocd paint job; good tltcs, mctfr A-l condition; a rfal buy. Only ...$3i5 1328 Mcdel A Phaeton; anda- Iuf.itc blue; yellow wire wheels. Runs gcod and locks gcod $205 I02C Mcdel Bulck Coae'i; six good tires, htater, motor in excellent condition $275 1928 Late Me del A Tudcr; gtad tires; upholstery gccd; motor A-l condition $385 On dirplay at corner 5th and Alain PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers PHONE 811 1TED FOR SALE—Corn, hay, oats, special price en car loads. Phone 05, Ira Crawford. IBcXtf. FOR SALE—Hay. In ton or car load lots. See J. R. Dobbs & Son, Blytheville Route No. 1, or A. Conway, Blytheville. 28pkFeb. 1. FOE SALE—Hay and corn, I-eo Kerlz, Fagus, Missouri. 21pkl FOR KENT ONE OF SHANE APARTMENTS for rent. Possession cnn be given at any time up to February 1st. Telephone 197 nnd 571. 29pkl FOR RENT—Comfortable front bcrtrocm, modern coni'anience.1, for r.n; of two gentlemen. Phone Mrs. Wilson Henry. 843. 28pk4 FOR RENT—To gentlemen or couple, a large furnished bcd- rcom with adjoining bath in pri- valc home. Call 80. 28pk3 WANTED JOITLTRY WANTTD—We have set the pace for five years. Marilyn Hnlchcry. Blytheville. 9ck Feb. 10 WERT He Makes 'Em Sc.e Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing in Income Tax, •Bookkeeping Systems, Phone 52 fngram Bldg. Blytheville, Ark. LAURA LOU BROOKMAN K r<'t)A« Jl III III CAIHKHO*. ljfl'1 IB f rM Vurk p^ltlUhliMI hniur. nnrrlr. krr r»P>»". AHTIlfll t>Mi;ill. K»lEkl I- • "Kxt.-r nllk . 4»>i;lilrr, Tll>», IK. In I'nil. ,,t f .... JIIKMIH. IIV. HI rrniuJn U In* radlrKrnni Ihnl n. A ti»B«>INium I* trirM|ilr4 by '' JniUlh Hud brr. tVdr. iu|irU 4rlt>ul «uh In KnUlil l/rlni: r chr alri lUMtir H(r|iruuttiri. l..,>rr *hr lrll dilli «hr inu»l Irntr Ibr Kiilnlil oirrbrnr* Mud rhi T.'i.J 10 np ..... itl>r. AMI! * ItAHi, p luunji man Knluhi hn» krlprd ckr.tuisb t-Lil- lr»;r. rail* nil 'I'liny. llr ciill 'I'nnj rrfUMr> lo arrumimj hlw r U do/( ibiiM Judltfa Bur«. Timy Irn Blimp Kllli hrr l«lhrr. irll nhuM n irr. Trnl^ rumr* Kiilj:bl dml lo |hr TII*.* iuriirfor* Judilh by ••!*INK brr in tint*- iutu-li In IIIIVH uilb hrr nrn dn>. Judllb bri-li" Ibr a[t|HillilmrNI NNd IH tMrl ItJ Auiij I'ralR, like rllilntu. 'I'un; nnUrd blm. lm«. lu rtiri't brr 'Ira- tun art- liigrtbrr »[ir» Innj nr- rUm bull nn Imur UHr ulili fcrr l.i.»rr Skr I. tirllul rnnuub l« • liikf Juailh M imd I'rnlu'* pi"- »r»i>i Ktmnrt iRrrlmlnallNU. Anrr Knlubi bin. Konr Jndllb jtutn I" lip bin •r*-ri-lnr) br ronoal »tr her. ' : Tfcrrr In n rri-unfMlniluij nf|rr Knlcltl arrive 1 * huin* r )lr Irlln Judllb tbv? nre> 'fit fMtrtnln t Krtkuii nt blti bUfllnt-Ji* nHKiirltiirx • MI urrk m * ibralrr unr'lr . Judith liuy» • H.raiUfltl. KHUN Mr ibr iii-rM»fiia. Whrn Kb> lr|r* • ' ON Arthur prnlHri iit-r i-ilr»»«- u:inll>. Tuny nvrrhfiir* mtd Mt>il OaK -luijlib. And,* ll:r drrnn riddled .von ui) (>% tvnii TIIKntuiiv ciiAi'n'.it xxiv ., L'tlll sevtral uinnienu Judith con " slilereii the ruliiecl gutvu. '1'lieie ivus EIU need [ti usk \vlio liad done' tins. It was periectly obvious Tony-ol cnurtie! . She ph'kri: up the little pile ot tr'atiapureiit stulT." $ii feotlicry ti^lii lu weight, sii, glorlutis .In coloring The fnlirlc lull apart an elio tilled It. sliuwlng iiow the scissors hod Cashed the trock. H tv,ie loo late to do anything ahout It that evening. Torriorrow slic'vviinid see. juditli did nut conlide In Arthur Kulsln. Slje had -her mvn lilcas htiw lo deui \viih Tony. And tlicre was no r?ed to add to her husband's worries. A trlo'iu tlie 6huj the dress Ncn purchased from was Judith's first more. She-drove Into lou-n early uext morninii and for nearly an limir.. consulted the tirourletor ot tlii! dressiualiliiB snlnn. Slie.left v.'lth u Knttsiied lUlit in her eyts and llie pr6nilsi> o( a new (rock In if a days. That would he -.In lime for Arthur's theaier party! Then Judith drove to a plure where it vvas-ralher uiw;hal for Instructed Uert to wait anil came out c> the place 1U minutes later, a small parcel wrapped in brown paper under her arm. "I've a small job of ca;nenl I'd like to have you do." Judith told llie chauffeur after lie Had bronglit the car to a stop in tho driveway of her lioiuo. "After you have put the car iu will you come Into tho house!" "Yes, Mrs. Knight." When the young man appeared In the kltchep Mrs. Wheeler led him through the house and Into the living'room where'Judllb was wailing. "Here." she Eatil, handing him a small steel loch. "I want you to . take this and put It on the donr ol the clothes closet lu my room. Can you do that?" "Yes, ma'am. I'll get some tools and be right back." To see tuat tlie t.isk was Jon> exaclly as sho wanted It, Juditl went upstairs when Uert returnee and showed him where tue loci ivas to go. Slie tried it later, after the hammering was done. The leek worked. Jiidllh closed the door carefully, turned -the new key nnd' took H from the Keyhole. She did not anticipate another attack of vandal- Ism hut laid the ley safely away with her others." * • • nMVO cveninss-later wlien • Ilcrl ^ lirought the trout if the house-for. Mr. and Mrs. f night-to go inln.l'he clty:to join heir friends, -Judith. -looked as >w-ceily radiant lu ; .* sheath of dahlia colored tulle'as she. liad the previous evening.'' -'. ; Arthur-held the velvet and ermine wrap for heh."' - ... "Prettiest girl In-New -York,' 1 'lie said softly. . ". She smiled her thanks and together they w'ent out of the -house and down the-steps. The Ihealer party .wont c'f smoothly. Gerald Johnstown, tlic he and Jiulllh at last started home, ward, "1 couldn't sland this sort o! thing every night In the year but li was n pretty good ulght after- alll" Loudoti representative of the firm of Hunter brothers, paid youus Mrs. Knlglit « tlatlerjiiB compliment. Juditli was moro pleased by the fact that Mrs. Hunter Sept her near and Fccmcd to Binslo her out for special attention. Playing hostess at such au affair Involved few duties. The play was Ein amusing one. After It was ended they vlslterl one of the most popular roof entertainments where there was more singing and dancing by professionals. Johnstown seemed greatly diverted by wlint lie referred to'as "Americanisms." .Midnight passed and it was after threo o'clock before broke up. "Well," sighed Arthur Knight I He suppressed a ynwu with one hand nR be spoke "I think everyone enioycd It.' she said dreamily. Judith had beci feeling drowsy for some time her self. -She wns still following th labit of arising at 7:30 and break 'astins with Arthur at eight, They rode on In silence for i oug while. "Wonder chore Tony was thl evening?" tier father said pres intly. Judllli didn't know. Tony hai refused an .Invitation to join thi theater parly, frankly stating al fh'ose'old fossils would bore her ti death. "I guess she'll be home by tb time wo get there." Knight' thoughts seemed to ainuso him fo he chuckled. "13c- a pretty good one on us wouldn't It, to have Tony catcli n getting in ivilli IIiu milk mcu Don't you think that would be good one—after 1 made her prom ise not to stay out after midnight? "Yes," Judith answered, "I sues it would." • * • C'lE didn't think there was an ^ great humor in the Idea rcall; Nothing is apt to seem particular! humorous nt four fi. m. after a tin and night ot activity, .nut Judit was willing to be amiable. Ilert seemed sleepy, too, when h finally let them out of the car ai drove on slowly toward tho garas Knight had his latchkey, tumbl getting it into the keyhole and the not been In tlio house two tnlnnic* bcforo tlio utrlilont jangling ol a ringing telephone cut the alienee. Arthur hesltaied on the unlnvtiy. "Wlinl the- dkkens—?" He went down the slops, through the living room and Into iln sluily. Jutlltli, carrying her wnp throwa over her nnn. followed. Kulglit |>k'kcd up (lie tdciiliuno. "Hello," he called In u yruff voice.. Judith could hear tho fnlut answering "hello" from wliero ehe stood beside, him. "Yen." said Arthur Knlghl. "Yes. This In Kiilelit siH'nklng.- llo wna worried ROW, plainly aniloiu. "Yes, 1 told you ao. Vcs. What's that you Eiiy? WHAT'S THATT Oh, my God! (this feebly) Vcs-1'11 bo fi^ht down." Ho set down the receiver. "Arthur." cried Judith, now thoroughly aroused. "Uh. wlint li it, dcur?" Arthur Knight looked ill liln wlfo blllerly. "It's 'I'ony," lie nalil. "Arre.itcd. IJowu nt the police slallon now. wlin soino fciol wlir's cliurticil with Ivliiu an automobile whlli) In- xli'iitcd. Tony-»li, my Cod!" The man shut his eyes as If to ot out tho thought. Ills lips cmhlcil. •You're—lioliiB down to bring cr homo!" Judith naked quickly, "Yes." her linsliund answered. ow very iircd, how very rtrnwu nd carcuoni Arthur Knight ioked! Judilh Bprang Into nctlon. "You get your coal nud lint, Ar- inr. I'll run mil nnj have Uert ring tho car bach." She was gone, Uio from door innuned, nnd almost in a moment t seemed sho wau back. "He's walling." sho lohl Ivntglit. Dear, are you sure you'll bo warm nough? Hadn't you belter havo our heavy coat?" Knlglil waa wearing tlio nauio veiling topcoat he bad hail on (or he theater. He brushed aside J ti- lth's suggestions. "I'm all right." he snld. "It Isn't old out. Won't lake us long lo gel here. Goodby, Judilh." PAGE FIVE OUK BOARDING HOUSE By, Ahern WANTED—4 or 5 room' residence, close in. Address "A" • Courier News. 38pkl 1TNIGIIT had Enid It would not •*•*• lake lony to reach the polled tatlon but as usual In affairs nr Ilia sort there were, delnya. Ju- lllli glanced nt her watch and 5aw t was 20 nilnules after four whou le left the. house. It was nearly before the big car came purring up the drive nsnln. Juditli went np lo her own room and changed the fragile cvciiini; rock, for a toft woollen tialhrolic. Then tho came downstalrn iiKtiln, ivent^out Into the kitchen and mado coffee. After a cup of tho durk, warming brew Bho felt Glrcnglh- encd. From time lo time she glanced at lier watch. Five o'clock. Five-lit- teen. Klve-thirly. Sho was resting baek i[iilelly ,-iKaln when the noise of Iho car reached her. instantly Judith was on her feet, hurrying out into tlio hall. H was still too dark to sen far outside hut In a moment Juditli heard them. Another Instant an< the door was flung open (o admit Tony Kiiighl. Her father appeared In the doorway. Tony's Ecnrlet velvet winp wa:: awry. Her hair was touselcil and slie looked generally disheveled. Her eyes lit on Judith. "You told him 1 ." screamed Tony. "It's all your fault. l)ut I'll get even with you, all right, and don't you forget ill" Halt-crying,' half-mumbling, tho girl ran tip stairs. (To Do Continued) rlAS A CoiAYi/UUrtV oF 1(4 AMD SPACE ! •^^ Silt! -(He crfHER HAUP, ((AS (Jo ELASTIC 50LID5FRQM tWpo-rHesis, CONSIST AfOMS -THRU •file Ac-rioa OF Aid' CUSS IM t HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES A MATTER OF CHOICE! By Martin "WE TV^t OT- W VTC R300V TtW Of \T Vb;-\ WM> TVWW.VVJ6 09> VOKV6 TO V <OO WtUt «Wt, WB.V.VT KESP TY\v OOT DfeNO TOR V i CMrt.WrN Of COURSE » BUT,, I WHWIA ''ff* CPAX « IS OhX ? T,WfcWE'U. "Si Cff- VF WE fatTC WANTED—3 or 4 room furnished apartment, close In. Phone Earl Williams, at 220. 27pk30 WILL EXCHANGE Equity in house and lot for truck, W. S. Mick, 215 Siuth First street, Post Office Box 915. ' 28pk31 WILL LOAD CAB Wednesday and Thursday Heavy Hens, 22c; Leghorns. 20c; Old Cocks, 9c; Ducks, lie. The above prices will be paid at car on Frisco siding. J. E. Fisher. 25pk30 PERSONAL W. J. KKOX repairs shoes good No. 204 West Main. A OBum Crowd HOSTESS: Oh. John, three of my guest.", have disappointed me] JOHN: Only Ihrce? They've all disappointed me!—The Humorist. Splinters He (On Phone): "Hello, darling, would yon like to liavc dinner with me lonlglil?" Slie: "I'd love lo, dear." He: "Well, tell your molhrr I'll be over." IT'S A QIJKKR nntD THAT WON'T BUILD ITS OWN NEST AND THE LEAST SAID'ABOUT SOUK ilKN THE KKTTER E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. •faiith came after him. They h WHfcT OH EMTffl WAS IT THAT SEE.- SOMt- THING WE FtTOGOTTEN-fc- J.« \T , 'ICXUES.^OME AvNNED GOOD5 DP FRUU FLOUB.viMSIN's.BUNS. t'U. HWE. TO LtT IT GO FRECKLES AND HIS FRIRNDS ALMOST A 'ofTTWtT OUT!! &H, OSCAR" ITS To-8£ WOMfi ASWlJ, IS.>VT IT-? 5A v /-"'VoO r B£ UKMU' LoT CF FOSS OOSl! \.K.V wy 'I TU | OF TV PStSIDEfJT Cf UfJlTCO STATES f» WT TUts .HAPPENS A6AW 1!

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