Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on August 7, 1963 · Page 6
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 6

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 7, 1963
Page 6
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS HAPTI DICTATOR HAS MADE PLENTY WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 7, 1963 God Hates Ugly" Maybe, But Papa Doc Survives By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP)-In Loulsl ana there's an old saying: "God hates ugly." It means you'll get yours in time, if you're a heel or you hurt people. Yet Francois (Papa Doc) Duvalier, who isn't pretty, is still Haiti's dictator. But time is running out. He's had trouble a-plenty. He's made plenty. Monday before dawn about 500 exiled Baitian officers and soldiers reportedly landed and started an invasion of this island which Calumbus liked. If this flops, Duvalier can ex-' pect something else. His opposition within Haiti has been chopped to pieces by mass arrests, exile, murder, and political blackmail. He's too hated to sleep well. Last month young rebels fought his regime in the mountains until they were crushed. He had a crisis in April with an army plot aganst him. It failed. But his army suffered. Top officers fled. He doesn't trust his army, about 5,000 men trained mainly in police work. He has his own militia, the dreaded Ton-Ton Ma coutes (Creole for bogeymen). He had a crisis with the United States too. He was elected in 1957, supposedly for seven years, not because he was loved but because Haiti's Negro masses had to choose between Duvalier, a Negro, and his opponent, a mulatto. The bitterness between Negroes, mostly illiterate, and the better-educated mulattoes goes back almost to the 'beginning of the country. But when his term was up May 15, he decided to stay a few years more. He claimed that an election two years ago legally extended his rule. This country was self- conscious anyway for having supported this dictator, the worst in ROOFING SIDING INSULATION DIAL 242-0805 Aluminum Storm Windows, Doors and Awnings. FREE ESTIMATES NEAL BROS. ROOFING CO. 421 Broadway Latin America. So it suspended; diplomatic relations with him. This was an empty gesture, He crushed his opponents and kept office. Then, even though the State Department said he had imposed a reign of terror, it resumed relations with him June 3. But Duvalier pulled Uncle Sam's whiskers, a popular tactic in Haiti which remembers that U.S. Ma-, rines occupied the country from! 1915 to 1934. Duvalier demanded that Ambassador Raymond L. Thurston be withdrawn. The United States withdrew him. Duvalier had had trouble with, the United States before that, Last March he threw out Marine Col. Robert Heinl, former boss of the U.S. military mission in Haiti. Helnl angered Duvalier a year ago by writing a letter—which leaked out—to army chief of staff Col. Jean Rene Bouclcaut. Heinl allegedly deplored Duvalier's downgrading of the regular army in favor of a civilian militia and demanded that the militia be dissolve. It wasn't. Duvalier began a purge that ousted or exiled almost all his pro-U.S. officers, who could have led a move to overthrow him. He, got even tougher. He ordered the U.S. Navy and Air Force missions to leave Haiti. The last left July 26. Remaining in Port au Prince are only the U.S. military attache,! Major John Warren, and seven, 1 Marine guards. j Marlow's World Todny GAL 2j The country is in bad shape. Its ( finances are suffering. Government employes are discontented with their pay cut. I Private and public investment: has disappeared in the past two! years. So has tourism, which pro-| duced roughly $8 million a year,; about a quarter of the national! budget. American dollar aid has 1 been withdrawn. Beggars are everywhere. Haiti's 4 million people, in a country the size of Maryland, live 300 to a square mile. . Columbus called the island- now divided into Haiti and the Do-| minican Republic — Hispaniola But Haiti, the Indian word for Place of Mountains, stuck. Colum-] Shorty A Short Short Story © .1963 by NEA, Inc. THE LOSS LEADERS " By Steve April At first Jack thought she stood out among the Impatient women milling about the COMPLAINT window because she wasn't holding a package to return. But on second glance he knew she stood out because she was young, tall, the grace ful figure; exciting face framed oy dark hair. Leaving his desk, Jack told the window clerk, "Give you a hand." Then, smiling at the tall girl he asked, "Something wrong?' "The store advertised a $75 portable typewriter for $25. I traveled more than 50 miles, was pushed and mauled reaching the counter—only to be told all the machines are sold! Can I buy the one in the win dow?" "That's a sample and it's a store rule never to sell sam pies." "But I need a typewriter, came all the way in from Shady Harbor!" "Sorry, rules are rules," Jack said sadly, knowing she was lying. He hated people small enough to become liars for the sake of a bargain. "Whole thing's a gyp! You dangle a few bargains merely to get the people into the store,like sheep,and then..!" "Correct," he said coldly, "but it isn't a gyp. It's smart merchandising. These items are loss leaders. It pays us to sell them foi a lost because people will come in and buy other items, once they're in the store. And Miss, next time you dream up a corny sob story, pick some other town, Shady Harbor is charming be cause it's so small everybody knows each other. Vou see, I live there!" As she turned away, Jack had a brief glimpse of her t flushed face, bright and angry eyes, the heavy red lips open as if she'd been slapped. For the rest of the afternoon Jack couldn't forget her. It annoyed him that she had cheapened herself to buy a typewriter. But then, he'd seen shop-lifters who'd looked like debutantes. • • • At 6 p.m. Jack punched out, made his usual wild dash to the station, caught the 6:15 with less than a second to spare as usual. He sat next to Dave London, an ad man who commuted daily from the Har- 1 bor. They talked about outboards and fishing, but the ;irl's angry face remained in ack 'a mind. Finally, he told Dave, "A tall girl with dark; hair and a wonderful face came into the store, claimed she'd come all the way from the Harbor to buy a sale type writer. Got me steamed, lying over a ..." "Good figure, hot looking?" Dave cut in. Jack nodded, went pale as he asked, "She really lives in the Harbor?" "Name's Alice Coles, a writ er. Rented one of Mrs. Maltz's rooms last night. My wife men tioned it." Reaching the Harbor, Jack headed for his house and there was Alice, sitting on the steps Before he could stammer an apology, she snapped, "I'm only here to prove I don't lie, you junior stuffed shirt!" "Really, I'm terribly sorry for " "The liar is that phony store you work for! Loss leaders! I bet they never had a single machine on sale!" "Three typewriters were for sale," Jack began, but Alice walked away. "Alice!" She stopped. "How did you know my name, Jack?" "Never mind! Look, I have a typewriter you can borrow. Minute we have another sale, I'll put one aside for you." • • • "Well," Alice hesitated. "My old machine was broken in moving and I have a deadline ... Thank you, Jack." She ex* tended her hand. He mumbled, "Wait right here. I'll get the type..." And holding her hand he added, "I suddenly feel so . . . so . . . tender!" "Sounds silly," Alice said, "but a delicious glow actually WATCHING TV "Loss leaders are smart merchandising." went through me. As if I'll never feel quite this happy— again!" Of course, they didn't realize they had both felt Nature's loss leader, that tremendous, emotional peak reached only once in a lifetime when THE two people made for each other meet, get ready for the biggest bargain of their lives— themselves! j (The End) jjjg TONK>HT 6:00—News 2-4-5-6-12, Cartooni 3, Thlj World 8, Three Stoogtt It. oil5-Newi 2-4-5-6-12, Reeky and Hit Frlendi 11. 6i30—Wagon Train 2-3, CBS Reporti 4-12, Tht-. Virginian 5-6, 'WfieVa New I, People. Are Funny 11. 7i0O—Techniques 8, Beit of Groucho 11. 7i30-Golng My Way 2 -3, Dobie Gllllt 4-12, Of Poett and Poetry 8, Wreitllng 11. SsOO-The Beverly Hillbillies 4-12, My»tery Theater 5-6, The light Show 8. 8:30-Our Man Hlgglm 2 *3, Dick Van Dyke 4-12, Summer Playhouse 8. 9:00~Naked City 2-3, Hollywood) The Fabulout Era 4-12, Eleventh Hour 5-6, Movlei Vanishing American 11. 10:00-N«wi 2-3-4-5-6-12. 10:15—Steve Allen 2, Newt and Weather 4, The Tonight Show 5, Biography 6, Weather 12. 10:20~lawman 3, Movlei Honeymoon in Ball 12. 10>30-Movie: The Yellow Cab Men 4. 10i45-The Tonight Show 6. 10:50—Panic 3, Movie: A!lei the Champ 11. 11:20-Movle: Deitlnation Big House 3. 1l!45-Dragnet 2. 12:00-Tonlght In St. louli 5, Newt 12. 12:05-Movle! I'll Walt For You 4. 12:!5-Newi 2. 12:20-Mahalla Jackson Slngi 2. 12:30-News 3-5-11. 12^35—Almanac 5. 12:40-Weather 5, Newsreel 11. 1:25-Newi 4. DR. M. M. LUMBATTIS DENTIST 428 Rogers Building Telephone 242-1648 bus loved the simple, gentle In- their own government, and chose dians he found there. He saidi an illiterate slave who had led their neighbors as they love themselves.' Within 30 years most of the Indians were dead. When the Spaniards moved out, the French moved in. So did pirates, an Haiti was use as an unloading wharf for slaves from Alrica. In 1804 the slaves rose up, killed or drove out the whites, set up them, Gen. Jean Jacques Dessalines, governor for life. He had himself crowned emperor, said "I, only I, am noble." The island has had a bloody his-| tory of dictatorship, with very few good intervals, ever since. try. Various reasons have been given, like wanting to keep the Germans from setting up a base there. President Roosevelt withdrew the Marines in 1934. The Americans practiced racial discrimination, not only against the Negro masses but also against the mulattoes, who considered themselves the elite. If all Haiti- In 1915, President Wilson set the -ns do not love the United States, Marines in and took over the coun- it's no wonder, ML VERNON REGISTER-NEWS 31st ANNUAL EGG-BONUS DAYS FRIDAY NO EGGS Just A Bargain Worth CROWING ABOUT! AUGUST 9 and 10 The Ml. Vernon Register - News WILL GIVE A $2.00 BONUS CERTIFICATE (Redeemable For Merchandise At The Store Of Your Choice) TO EVERY PERSON WHO SUBSCRIBES FOR A YEAR'S RURAL MAIL SUBSCRIPTION ON EGG-BONUS DAYS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, AUGUST 9 AND 10 The Register-News rural subscription rite is still only $7.00 peV year In Jefferson and ad(oining counties. Notice — This offer good only for above 2 mentioned dates and payment must be made at Register-News business office. No phone or mall orders accepted. THURSDAY PROGRAM Morning 5:50-Newi 4. 6:00—Town end Country 4. 6-.30-P.S. Four 4. 7iO0—The Morning Scan* 4, Today 5-o, Breakfait Show 12. 7;25-New» 5-6. 7:30-Today 5-6. 7:40-World of Mr. Zoom 4. 8:00—Mahalia Jackion 2, Capt. Kangaroo 402. 8:05— Farm Report 2. 8.05-Meer Your Military 3. 8:25-Nawt 5-6. 8:30-Medical Profile J, Today 5-6. 8:45—Cartooni 2. 9:00—Jack lalannt 3, Calendar 4-12, Say Whan 5-6. '. 15-Klng and Odi* 2. 9:25-Newa 5-6. 9:30— Romper Room 2, TraiW We»t 3, I love Lucy 4 -12, Play Your Hunch 5-6. 10:00—Cartooni 3, The MeCoyi 4-12, Price li Right 5-6. 10:30—Seven Keyi 2-3, Pete and Gladyi 4 -12, Concentration 5-6. lliOO—Tenn. Ernie Ford 2-3, Love of Life 4 -12, Your Firtt Imprewlon 5-6. 11:30— Father Knowi Beit 2-S, Search For Tomorrow 4-12, Truth or Coniequencea 5-6. 11:45-Guiding Light 4-10. 11:55—Day Report 5-6. Afrarneen 12:0C—General Hoipltel 2-3, New» 4-5-6-1M 2. 12*.05-My little Margie 4, Charlotte Patera 5. 12:15— Paifor Spealci 6, Modern Almanac 11, Farm Picture 12 12:30— Divorce Court 2, Religloua : At the World Turna 4 -12, Jack LaLann* II. 1:00—Day In Court 3, Panword 4-12 People Will Talk 5 -6, Double Feature 11. 1:25-Mldday Report 3-5-6. 1:30—Jane Wyman 2-3, Hou»e Party 4-12, The Doctora 5 -6. 2:00—Queen For A Day 2-3, To B| l Tell The Truth 4 -12, loretta Young 5-6. 2:15-Double Feature 11. - 30-Who Do You Truat 2-3, Edge of Night 4 -12, You Don't I Say 5-6. 3:00— American Bandttand 2-3, Secret Storm 4 -12, Match I Game 5-6. i| 1 3:25-Newi 5-6. 3;30-Di»covery '63 2-3, Millionaire 4-12, Make Room For Daddy 5-6. 4:00-Day In Court 2, The Hour 3, S.S. Popeye 4, Wrangler'« Club 5, Be»t of Groucho 6, Capt. Il'i Show- I boat 11, Rocky and Hla Friends 12. K 4:25-Talei of the Weit 2. 4:30— Movie: San Antonio 4, Robin Hood, Broken Arrow, _ Mr. Magoo 6, Industry on H Parade 8, Brave Stallion 12. 1 1 4:45-The Friendly Giant 8. II 5:0O-Mickey Mouse 3-11, [J Range Rider 5, Popeye 6, 1 What's New 8, Yogi I Bear 12. H 5:30-Clutch Cargo 3, Sea II Hunt 5, Amoi and Andy 6, W Ann Sothern 6, Encore 8, H Huckleberry Hound 11, Restless Gun 12. fJ 5:35-Claud Moye 3. [j 5:45-News 3. 1 5:55-Sporli 4. Evening 6:00-News 2-4-5-6-12, Cartoont I, This World 8, Three Stooges 11. 6:15-News 2-4-5-6-12, Rocky and His Friends 11. 6:30-Ozz!e and Harriet 2-3, Fair Exchange 4-12, Wide Country 5-6, What's New 8, People Are Funny IT. 7:00—Donna Reed 2-3, Perry Mason 4 -12, Spotlight on Opera 8, Beit of Groucho 11. 7:30— Leave It To Beaver 2-3, Dr. Klldare 5-6, Dr. Posln'a Giants 8, Barn Dance 11. 8t00-My Three Sons 2-3, Twilight Zone <-12, Fingerprints of the Stars 8. j 8:30-McHale's Navy 2-3, The Lively Ones 5-6, Summer •am Playhouse 6, Star HI Performance 11. HII 9:00—Fred Aitaire 2-3, The Nurses ill 4-12, World of Dirryl 171 Zanuck 5-6, Movlei The "I Fighting Coast Guard 11. 10:00-News 2-3-4-5-6-12. 10:15-Steve Allen 2, News 4, The Tonight Show 5, Bat Maiterson 6, Weather 12. 10:20—Bronco 3, Movie: Qulncannon 12. 10:30—Movie: Brandido 4. 10:45-The Tonight Show 6. 10:50—Movlei Counter Espionage 11. M pl:20-Movie: The Littlest Rebel 3, ll:45-Summer Movie 2. I1>50-News 12. 7 12iOO-Tontght In St. Louis S. 12;10 -Movle: Two Guys From Texas 4. 12:30 -News 3-6-11. 12i35— Almanac 5. 12:40— Weather 5, Newsreel 11. r.15 -News 2. 1:20 -Mahalla Jackion Slngi J. Ii45 -News 4. Television Review By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP Television-Radio Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) - The body 1 lay on the office iloor. The door burst open and in rushed Perryj Mason. He took one look, knelt quickly and tested the fallen man's wrist as a voice in the next room said, "Call a doctor." "No need for a doctor," said Perry. 'Print it," called the director, using the motion picture phrase indicating mat no re-takes would be necessary. That's the merry murderous way things go as "Perry Mason" starts its seventh—and probably last—season on CBS. After years during which cast and behind-the-scenes personnel have remained pretty much intact, the operation runs like the proverbial watch. More often than not, regulars Ramond Burr, William Tallman, Barbara Hale and William Hopper go through rehearsals and then the scene is filmed, just once. Producer Gall Patrick Jackson, once a film star herself, is sorry that prospects for another season are dim. But she is more con­ cerned that CBS has pushed the show back an hour on Thursday to 9 p.m, Last season the show did quite well starting at 8 p.m., which gave it a haUVhoUrfs jump onj NBC's popular "Dr. Kildare." A lot of viewers, including this one, soon learned that it was pretty easy to watch the whole legal show on CBS and then switch over for the last half of "Kildare." The medical plot lines could be picked up and the cldmax was easily un derstood. Come fall," however, Mason starts half way through Kildare, And if six years experience watch' ing Mason is a qualification, 1 would say that it would be almost impossible to start watching at its half way point. Its plots are tightly knit, usually very complicated and involve a number of characters. Sometimes the viewer can lose the thread of an episode by merely leaving his set for a drink of water. Waiting In the wings is another based on his books about Donald Lam and Bertha Cool, private eyes. Civil Rights Bill Lacks Majority WASHINGTON (AP)—A survey made for the Senate leadership shows that only 55 senators—12 short of the necessary two-thirds— would vote now to end any Southern filibuster against President Kennedy's civil rights bill, the Washington Post reported today. Staff writer Robert Albright wrote that substantial modification of the key public accomoda­ tions section may be necessary to win additional support from Republicans and border state Democrats. STORY DIDN'T LIVE UP DANIELSON, Conn. (AP) — The headline read "School Nurse and Custodian Sought." Interested readers were quick to learn the story was Just a plea for the local school board for applications for those two positions. HOI FOR YOU... r. AND PARKING TOO... Jefferson Loan Co. 801 MAIN—242-4300 EGG DAY SPECIALS AT HOLMAN MOTOR CO. SELECT A-l USED CARS Prices Effective All This Week I960 FORD 4 DR. 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