Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 27, 1959 · Page 6
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 6

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 27, 1959
Page 6
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6 - Friday, Mar. 27, 1959 Redlands Daily Facts Washington Window U.S. Needed Dulles At Big Two Parley To Keep Press Informed By Lyle C. Wilson WASHINGTON l UPI)— Several days and one news conference later, the American people have got straight what took place at the second Battle of Gettysburg. President Eisenhower and British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan met in the seclusion of Camp David. The progress of their talks was revealed to the press and to the world at Gettysburg. Reporters were concentrated there to get the word in briefings from: A) James C. Hagerty who spoke for the United States and — B> Peter Hope who spoke for the British. These briefings were not adequate to make the American point of view available to the press. As one returned newsman put it: "Reporters in Gettysburg were! the victims of a situation which led many of them to become, in effect, press agents for Macmillan's next election campaign in the United Kingdom. Briefings "Reporters got perfunctory briefings from Hagerty and from Hope. Their one hard piece of news was that the two leaders had agreed on a formula for an approach to a summit conference. "Hagerty and Hope agreed not to disclose any details. Both kept to that, technically. Hope, however, could tell reporters in private exactly Macmillan's view on a wide range of subjects, including the summit proposals. This did not violate his agreement with Hagerty because, technically, he was not disclosing any details of the summit note which the western powers would be sending to the Kremlin. "News starved reporters seized upon Hope's interpretations of Macmillan's various points of view to write about what was taking place at Camp David. This interpretive material fitted nicely into the fact that the President and the prime minister had actually agreed on a summit formula. The overall impact of these reports was to give the impression of a great victory for Macmillan. These reports gave the impres- KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS Engagement and Wedding Rings, Interlocking Mountings. Harry G. Wilson Jeweler 212 Onng. PY 3-4806 VAN HElfSEN SHIRTS In • wide selection of colon, collar styles *nd sleeve lengths. Fowler's Men's Wear 107 Onng. St. PY 3-5623 Magnificent MAGNAVOX High Fidelity Television. Radio-Phonographs. Sliger's Music 109 E. Stat* PY 3-2827 Spring Air Mattresses Fine Furniture. Carpeting. Decorative Service McEwen's 17-21 W. Stat* Dial PY 3-2457 sion that Macmillan's desire for a summit conference regardless of intermediate steps had prevailed over Eisenhower's view that a worthwhile foreign minister's conference should precede any summit meeting." It was well known all around, of course, that Macmillan's Conservative Party was confronted in the United Kingdom with a political situation which required a summit meeting. Otherwise, the Conservatives are likely to lose to the Socialists when the British general election takes place this year or next. The flow of news from Gettysburg was what the British Conservatives had been hoping to hear. Dulles Needed For News Hagerty and other American officials were unable or unwilling to cope with this situation while it was developing. Veteran diplomatic reporters, including some of the UPI staff, believe that no such situation could have developed if ailing secretary of State John Foster Dulles had been on the job. As one of the newsmen explained it: "Hagerty was too cautious. Acting Secretary of State Christian Herter has seemed to be reluctant in such circumstances. If Dulles had been on deck there would have been a well informed American official available to pass the word on the American point of view. The idea that Eisenhower surrendered to Macmillan persisted until this week's White House news conference when Ike said the foreign matters still mu-t prove th° summit meeting to be worthwhile. Eisenhower Labor Appointment Meet GOP Opposition WASHINGTON (UPI)—The man President Eisenhower selected to direct enforcement of the Taft- Hartley Labor Law faced congressional opposition today before his nomination was 24 hours old. Stuart Rothman, 44, Labor De -J partment solicitor who was appointed Thursday to be the next general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board, was the man on the spot. Sen. Barry Goldwater (R-Ariz.) said he would oppose Rothman's confirmation in the Senate on grounds he is not qualified for the $20,000 a year post Rothman's nomination was construed by aides of Labor Secretary James P. Mitchell as a victory for Mitchell over more conservative members of the Cabinet and some GOP senators. As chief prosecutor under Taft-! Hartley, the general counsel has the last word on whether unfair labor practice charges will be processed before the five-member board. Mitchell credited Rothman with being the major architect of the administration's union reform bill It has been attacked by the AFL- CIO as a "poor excuse for a bill" on the grounds that it shows signs of anti-labor bias. Rothman was accused of giving poor testimony during Senate labor subcommittee hearings on the bill, but his chief critic. Sen Wayne Morse (D-Ore.). later apologized for the remark. Rothman is a veteran government lawyer. He worked in the Rural Electrification Administration during the late 1930s after attending law school at Harvard and the University of Minnesota. A Republican from St. Paul, Minn., he was an official of the Federal Public Housing Administration before he was named solicitor of labor in August, 1953. Three Cent Cigarette Tax Voted at I by Assembly Committee Approves Tax, Income Tax Hike Also Favored SACRAMENTO (UPI)—A ciga rette tax of three cents a pack and a boost of higher level income taxes went through their first major legislative test Thurs day night without a hitch. The Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee passed the cigarette tax, 9-6, and the income tax boost, 11-7—the exact vote predicted Thursday in a United Press International poll. "I don't think I have ever tended a meeting before which had been asked so many times I. so many people just how I was going to vote." remarked Assemblyman Bruce Sumner (R-Santa Ana) as the bills were taken up. The measures now go to the Ways and Means Committee for technical approval and then to the Assembly floor, probably next week. The cigarette tax bill would tax cigarettes at three cents a pack and other tobacco products at If per cent. It would bring in 60 mil lion dollars in new revenue to the state in the next fiscal year. Revenue Provisions Explained The income tax increase also] would bring in about 60 million dollars in its first year. Commit-, tee Chairman Thomas J. MacBride (D-Sacramentoi said two • thirds of this would come from persons with annual incomes over $25,000 and the average family of four with incomes less than $10,500 actually would pay less state income tax than they do now. MacBride, author of Gov. Ed mund G. Brown's entire tax program, said he felt he had enough votes on the floor of the Assembly to get the two bills through with a 41-vote majority. Only the proposed bank and corporation tax boost, still pending before the committee, requires a two-thirds vote of both houses. MacBride said nobody wanted the state to go into deficit financing or cut out present state services, so, "The only alternative is to raise the means by which we can live. All of us must pay our fair share, and we also can share the grumbles." Opposition to the cigarette tax was led by C.J. Haggerty, executive secretary - treasurer of the state AFL-CIO. Haggerty said consumer taxes now make up two-thirds of the total tax load and a cigarette tax would be "painless only to the well-off." He said the tax would place a burden "18 per cent higher on the group with incomes of less than $1000 than it would the group of over $10,000 a year income." Tobacco industry representatives also opposed the tax strongly, claiming much of the tax would be absorbed by the industry instead of the consumers. The committee beat down on a voice vote an attempt by Assemblyman Charles H. Wilson (D-Los Angeles) to have the cigarette tax increased to five cents a pack. He argued that if the tax were raised only three cents, vending machine operators would boost the] price five cents on cigarette machines and keep the two cents breakage. TREASURE HOUSE Your unused furniture or appliances will find a ready market through Classified Ads. Two Discoverer Launchings A Month Planned VANDEN'BERG A F B, Calif. 'UPIi—The Air Force may conduct a stepped-up schedule of two "Project Discoverer" satellite launchings monthly from May through October, it was learned today. The Advanced Research Projects Agency lAPA) previously announced one satellite launching would be held monthly but delays which postponed shots in December and January were be ; lieved part of the reason for the expected accelerated program. A shot tentatively set for this month also is believed behind schedule and now appears destined to be oostponed. LIMITED JOB OPENINGS At GRIFFIN WHEEL CO. Cotton, Calif. Production Work Minimum 2 yrs. H.S. Age Limits 25-40 Appointment for interview will be made only on receipt of form below, which should be completed, detached, and mailed to: Griffin Wheel Co. P.O. Box 486 Colton, California Name Address Education Age.. Tel. No Job Experience.. SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith J-28 TJL R*f. US. P«L Off. © 1M9 bj NtASsw*. W« "I did clean it out once, and it made me feel terribly insecure!" LA. Board To Back Feather River Bonds LOS ANGELES (UPD-County supervisors have indicated they will throw full support behind Gov. Edmund G. Brown's proposed 960- million-dollar bond issue to finance the Feather River Project. "This plan is the best and most simple to assure a fair distribution of water throughout the state, and is offered on this basis alone," Counsel Harold \V. Kennedy told the supervisors Thursday. Supervisor Chairman Frank G. Bonelli said he fully agreed with Kennedy and that he. Kennedy and Brown would meet Monday in Sacramento to discuss the proposal. Holmes Pleased By Change SACRAMENTO (UPI) —Assemblyman James L. Holmes (R-Santa Barbara), who said the administration lopped out of the budget an aqueduct to carry Feather River Water to his county, said Thursday he was pleased Gov. Edmund G. Brown returned it.' "I appreciate the statement by the governor in asking that the budget item be restored, he said. "I am pleased that the atmosphere has been clarified." DAVID KELLY ILL INCH. Ireland <UPI>—Sir David Victor Kelly, chairman of the British Council and former British ambassador to Russia, and Argentina, is critically ill of a brain hemorrhage at his home, doctors said today. Congressmen May Be Forced To Tell Kin On Payrolls WASHINGTON (UPI) — Chairman Omar Burleson (D-Tex.) promised today that the House Administration Committee would consider a proposal to require House members to identify any relatives on their congressional payrolls. The resolution, introduced by Rep. John E. Henderson (R-Ohio) also would force House members to file a public statement listing the place and hours of work of all their employes. The measure was proposed following disclosures that some] House members had put on the government payroll relatives who| draw five figure salaries. Burleson, whose committee has jurisdiction over such housekeeping matters, said a number of other "reform" proposals have been suggested informally to him by] rank-and-file members. House Democratic leaders have maintained a "hands-off' policy, the theory that the individual law-| makers arc responsible to the vot ers, not to the leadership, for the manner in which they operate their offices and use their home office rental allowances. However, some House Democrats privately are beginning to voice fears that the public may blame the Democratic party, because it controls Congress, for what angry letter writing voters obviously regard as "abuses." Elizabeth Taylor Becomes Member Of Jewish Faith HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — Actress Elizabeth Taylor, carrying out plans begun during her brief marriage to Mike.Todd, became a member of the Jewish faith Thursday exactly one year and one day after Todd's funeral. The 27-year-old performer who developed from a child star into one of filmland's most glamorous actresses and controversial personalities was received into Judaism at simple ceremonies at Temple Israel of Hollywood. "Elizabeth Taylor today is as matter of factly a Jew as any of our people born centuries ago, said Rabbi Max Nussbaum who presided over the half-hour religious rites. Is Reformed Group Rabbi Nussbaum said the Temple Israel of Hollywood was a re formed—as opposed to orthodox- group which did not believe in the ancient dietary laws. He said Miss Taylor now would live according to the tenets and ideals of Judaism. "If she would ever marry," Rabbi Nussbaum said, "her children would have to be Jewish. Schools Bill Approved SACRAMENTO (UPI) - A bill setting up a committee to inspect teacher training colleges in an effort to "upgrade" the quality of the schools was passed Thursday by the Assembly. The lower house sent the meas ure, authored by Assemblywoman Dorothy Donahoe (D-Bakersfield) to the senate for final approval. And as a Jew, she will participate in the life of the Jewish community." It was not known whether her three children by previous marriages would be brought up in tha Jewish faith. Has Studied Hard "She has been studying hard and for . long time for this," said Rabbi Nussbaum. "She was accepted only after completing th« course of studies and complying with all requirements of conversion. Miss Taylor, wed three times, was a Protestant while married to producer Mike Todd who died in a plane crash March 22, 1958. Todd was a Jew. Early this year, after singer Eddie Fisher, also a Jew, was divorced by Debbie Reynolds and began publicly squiring Miss Taylor, they jointly pledged to buy $10,000 in Israel bonds and Miss Talor herself pledged to buy an additional $100,000 worth of the bonds. 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