The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 8, 1940
Page 5
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MON'DAV,_JANTJARY .8, 1940 BLYTHEV1LLB PAGE'FiYB (ARK,) COUHIEH NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line far consecutive insertions: One lime per Jlne lOc Vwo limes per lino per day....08c 4'hree times per line per day...Me Ki.v times per line per day 05c Montli rate per line OOc Cards of Thanks OOc & 15u Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered tor three or six times and stopped before expiration ivlll be charged lor (lie number of times the add appeared and uijuslment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy vibmitted by persons redding 0111- dde of the city must be accompanied by cash, iiates may be easily computed from above Uible. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions takes ilic one lime nue. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect insertion of any classified <id. Notice For Sale \ pigs. 3 i oi). HO!- f nciiistvri'd Poland China months old. J. L. I'lnksl land. Extension gate leg table with iwo extra leaves. Solid miitiogiuiv | tnp I'rii'i' .??() i'lioirc 030. 3-D11 j Oood black luiul, rorn & cotton 1 farm. Write P. O. Box 345, New Madrid. Mo. 22-pk-30 , FOE SALB>-!(io acres land near •• BIyllievi!!e. Good land and well improved. Possession Jan. 1st. Price StiO acre, part, cnrh, balance an-; mirxll.v nl O'f. Will be off iimrket Thomas Umd Co., Sole For RenL 3 room unfurnished with balh hand hot Cliicknsnivba. apurlmnu, writer. 412 S-i'k-tf Bargains fn USED TiRES AND RADIOS Some Repossessed, Good as New. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. PHONE 35 .N'c« 5 rcora doiviiKtnirs iiparti »l Oil \V. Walnut. Equipprd with lintniic gas hent. ncv,' large ijas iv.tic.r-, Venetian Winds, tu-o loivc screened porches. Ciannje Plinn? 98. ,,. . 20-ck-tl " pv . Desirable bedroom In private home. I with hr-nt and (irlvate bath. 1037 I W. Wiilnul street, phone 884. I U-ck-tf ! 1 room (urnislicd :i|inriment. 10M I W. Asli. Vaciiul Jan. 1511). Call 445-\V. S-ek-(f; (in( (o nuivc them linn In niovi' in, a months old teller jinp. While i with black curs und black | Steam Shovel Smack . „.. i , n , f n 4 lc ""KM* ' 1 * Out oi Hornets M<> <•«•.•>• citation. R Irec cuiitnlnltii! a hoiuels 1 »f»l Hie ".sttnucrs" sliirlcd clivllnf) and on fc,S SS ^ C rellu ™™w' M. tul')-" S,™ t n '"" «*««*• H bh «, ^ tu J. W, Rayder, 1101 Jlolly I'JiwiV Sll! vd """"lor John Campbell- Is (il ^.^ closc ' " ni1 »'»H his steam 501-W. ' ' 8-tk-lo '"'" ' '" Tli<- r):uiisli ndvcnnm-nl luuullivi (he foiTipn aftnlrs ol Ireland. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stuck l( Prices ID imvc established u rrroj'd for (he use of the WM "insert swiilicr" ever used. Wtion his steam shovel uprooted .,l,cv,.| proceed* «n<u.i. the hor-, r 0 delect leader fl .». atU r a ' nel.s ngiilnst Hie bank, us they sought to'return lo tliclr nest, until he was muster of the slluuUon. Kirby Drug Stores J, L. GUARD H APPY ( H OUR i 'GRO.& "MKT. I'lHiK r/Kl.lVHHY IOS \V. niuln St.. i'hoiv 15 Only (irnitiind- trlsl In m.vltipvlllc. dimes rilird ComTl TERMINATES $Mr; TERMITES' :c- BIOCE- MEMPHIS ynnr i» Funl Drl. ll.COO milos. Nc\v llrr.s •:i» Cliec. Master Coai-h. Ncn- llros, Looks and runs like, new. Heater rqulujiril S453 I 2 room furiiisheil aimrtmenl, U21 Chickasnwbn. Joe Wailcly. 5-ck-l2 Farm Loans Large or Small At Low Interest Kales. We arc equipped lo handle large or small loans on any sized tract of farm land, at low cost, and Rt a low interest rate. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut St. Blytheville, Ark Welding AND ACETYLENE Small furnished house, 1213 Holly, Phone 881 or H3. Mrs. Sternberg. 4-ck-tf Furnished bedroom. C'22 W. Main. Mrs. McMiillin. .t-ck-lf ROOMS, furnished or unfurnished. One bedroom. 914 Ilearti. 3pk2-3 2 or 3 room furnished apartment. Will) garage. 127 Dugsin. Mrs. . 2-ck-B Crincr. Room for employed woiuun. 102!) W. Main. Phone 239. UO-ck-tf Ash. •;i!) Knnl "85" '1'mlnr. C.'ity ilrlvrn. Color black. Mohnir upholstery. Only $135 Ml Font Del. Tminv. 1'alni green color. City driven. Cleanest ear in (own ! S37C '31 Fcrtl Tiulor. Heater Noii (.untied at 101 North Scrund ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KDWAKHS, Proprietor Mukcj uf Kelxilll Tjr|iew r rlte™, Adilliif; SMoluno Cnlcu!l(or>~l!l'palrlM|i—1'arU—KlUhun, •:i(! Clicv. Master Del. Coiieh. N'f.w I'alnl. Motor overliauled. K.vcellent '^f> l-'nrd Coupe. liiir^iiin if tl.'crc rrer was Call any of those .1 (temiinsiniliini: Cul Shanks. WE HAVE IT! PRICES—TERMS-TRADES Delta Specials We. Have a Large Selection Of Lute Model Reconditioned Used Trucks Info-nationals - Fords - Clievrolcls 4 Several £ Ton Pick-ups, Long and Short W. B. Several H Ton Pick-ups, Loiijf and Short W. B. 1, D-35 2 Ton International Short W. B. I, C-35 2 Ton International Short W. B. These Trucks Are Priced To Sell —$50 and Up .--. jcl), nib chalk over (lie surface In question. Irrejjularltbs will eatch more ehalk than, (he onbotli areas. Is Your Car READY FOR (let ncWItlonal service nncl per- tormnncc from your car by !>l- lowliiij us to wintcr-lzo 11 tliroueh and (hroujli. Tlie rc- coiKlliion work by expert mechanics utisure you complete satisfaction at a low cost. BMEIN Giutnitilccd Work lOxpc'i't Mechanics Modern Ktinipmciil. Rajiitl Service MOTOR CO. I)r;if line arid heavy uelding a specialty. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Phone 19 or lies. 1019 For Sale or Trade 31 voll Delco System, for rale or! trade. New ballerics, 2 motors,' radio. Phone 214. il-ck-IS MtnircLJiirvi—n r"i~7 Stcck of merchandise in small gro- tn^fnt7^ ,? ° r i ra "f f ?r r A "" CBry ' Also reilt r ' xtllres and bullrt.- tomoblle or '<, ton Truck. Terms. in . Preferably with living rooms bee. Don Aycoc'K. Phone 810. 2-ck-S) Call 1P-J "i l,k 10 Nice bedroom convenient to bath. Slenni hc;)t. Phone 280. Nice'front .bedroom. 1000 W. „ „„„„,. Phone 445-W. Mrs. M. O. Oood-| win. 21cktf| AUTHORIZEDAfORD DEALER B room house or part of bouse. On Chlcknsawba near High' School. Inquire 128 E. Main. Phone 176. 15-pk-l-15| Personal Arouse Klussish I* i v c r, work i>fT the bile'lo rid yourself of consll- pation. jrn.<> yalns, arid (hat sour, punk feeling. Take one box of KIUUY'K ACTIVK JAVEll '-'or. at all Kii'by Stores Wanted To Bn^ 1 MULES See For Sale or Trade Floyd Simpson at Delta. Implements, Inc. 3-c-ir Repairing CANADIAN STATESMAN Expert gun repairing. See E. M Damon at the Blvtheville Arm- oih'nv!vi>i' n.c tji} uiLvuii. ni in t sliouilun , L1M tr.^uiLi- anywnt •"'"••" and Tlitirectays. • Write Bos I-1B. Blytlievlllc Ark —=: ' ' 5-pk-o Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL ), S Pictured Canadian official, John Buchan or M Manifest, 16 Bugle plant. 17 Tp analyze. IP To hesitate. IP By. 20 Cant. 21 Brink. ~2 Cures. '23 To spread hay 44 Point. 24 Mall kiln. -15 Unit of work. 25 To subsist. 47 Approached 21 To ptor.l stealthily. 29 Symbol for f-2 Hurrah! "'on 53 Parl of ;i 50 Spider's home. curved line. 51 form »f "a." S5Occurrrnce. 33 Now England. 56 Witticism. •™4 Woman. 57 Hatred. 36 Deposit r.l HO Since. river mouth. 60 Skirmish. ing ipecac. 3C Entrance. C2 Hir- offiriBl 6 English tillc. .t9 Tennis stroke, title, Governor !) Mineral •10 Court. 0[ ; 42 Ocean. Cnnada. ID Market. 43 hah an cm. 63 He is an 51 Insists upon. iuunoror also (pi.). 12 Having tec-lh oil alike. 13 To soak fiax. IS Transposed. 22 To dull. 24 He took in 1335. 25 Misrepresents. 25 Spooned up. 28 He represents a land rich in mineral 30 Soli plugs. 32 Gnseous element. 35 Mother. 37 Pound. "" ,., cr 1 Danish weight. ,-,(; Broad smile. 2 To supervise. 48 Grandparenlal pardon. 4 Percussion instrument. 5 To nib. 4Q Limb: 50 To recognize. M An,i. _„- ----- . ,. 5 i Assumed I Shrub yield- 54 Billiard rod. 56 Encountered. 57 King of Bnsliau. 58 Mister. POJ.Jusical note. 61 Electrical unit Cured Without SurRcry, und Ouariintced A very sale and harmless method; without confinement, to bed, loss of (line from work niul wilh very little discomfort. All types of piles, fissures, fistulas, n(c., ircnled by our ofllce methods. Delta Implement DRS. NIES ^ N1ES Clinic an M,|,, Blytliorl llo. Art LrrTLg BEAVER. LEADER OF THE'KID VIGILAMTES; IS CAP- 5IJHP1ZISED TO SEE EH, BOVS.' THOUSHT ^KiUO KILLED MB, HU' , l.eo Sleplicns, Oon , , W. It. lirooks, Oharlcy (jrnvcs, 0. ART ER BR6AWMG UP UUCKV On (Iu- li(i;ul to Home, Su'ucl , POC,W:;V DIDN'T WE USE THIS GADGET ON ' CYCLOPS? IT WQtJJ.p A> EDUS r7r; KSEMllHOW M30l)T THKLUWSSES?/ON THE COMTRARV m$y unjWEUi IT MWi x, t ,,...,, uv , luJ uv,, m ,M y ui.i= , v jWcOME IN HANDY VET A THIS WHOLE MES5 15 ALL V I WE'VE STILL SOT TO' VOUR FAULT! ARE YOU V GET BACK TO TRO^^SONNA.' eWE US MORE ' S K MV FWENDS.IlL PO ... rxn-i^ix_-_,j- tt. \r-*j 1MTACT WITH THE TWENTIETH CENTUCW ALL ~Z CAM TO-HELP For Trade Will trade 125 acre improved trim 10 miles from Parsons. Tciincs- for a goini» business or city 01 real estate anywhere 'i or :t room unfurnished house or apartment. Phone 42C. 5-pf:-12 HOOTS AND HER I5UDUHOS to Do luil Wait. 1!Y EDGAR MAHTIN Colored man and wife for yard and housework. Good house und wilier furnished. Jess Horucr, sheriff's office. C-ck-13 TO "VAKS CTARC 07 £ Aulo Painting Special paint job, S12.50. OHer I good until January 15th. Joe Atkins' Garage. Phone 284 WASH TUBI5S A W1V.OCW Olt TOll., HOT FAR FKOH FEWCE. BUT. OBTOUSW, TH6V JMPM'T-STRIKE . THE HOLE'S BEEW PIU66ED FOE •SOHE TIM , TM6 APPEXRAMCE OF A BEETLE BPOViED M W VyyTH A •SHOT6UM. V!0 COM- CERMOF EITHER W1WS OR VOU5JS. 611 OFF > , Sense. Take :\ !,onl; ;il 1 . BUT JUST OWE QUESTION. WHO 1931 1'iirri VX Tudor. Kcal liny .>ll(l Coupe, l.miks .............. 3;t|.i J3SR I'nnl V8 Tudor. Only ....52 IM9 Chevrolet Town Scihin . A BCAII- !).tS Clifvrolcl Coupe. l i IMS Clifvrolct Tour .Scilan t;iic\rclcl Town Seiian i;o jnu nfrd a truck? If yon iln i rente in and look onr Usrii "Trucks nvrr. Alt reconditioned anil rraily !o so. 5D 1'scil Trucks antl 1'ii-k- I iips to climisc frnm. All makes .mil FKKCKUiS AM) HJH (\^~ I'op I'rnscriiics a Remedy UY MERRILL BI.OSSEK ^ WELU, RLJ8 CHEST AND TAKE IF 1 WERE A GIRL WHO WAS ABOLT TO AM ASPIRiM AND YOULL BE ALI. K.TSV O.M.U; V.tymcnl fl.iri Vf;s. U'o Trade Opm \ijhts and Sundays

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