Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 26, 1895 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 26, 1895
Page 8
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FOOLESONO BROS. Undertakers and Embalmers And Retail Dealers ID FURNITURE Of-all Kinds and UPHOLSTERING. 424 BROflDWflY, Callg Promptly Attended to Day or Night. Phone No 99. FHE FINEST LINE OF SPRING SUITINGS Tib be Found in the City at W D CRAIG'S 428 BROADWAY 2nd Floor. Justice Block. Krederick «nd 3lurle 9tur]>hy. E. J. McPhelin of the Chicago Tribune, in reviewing a performance in which these youngplayera appeared wrote: "Mr. Frederick Murphy was very "• happy in the character of Pygmalion, playing with taste and delicacy the part of the Athenian sculptor. MUs Marie Murphy as Galatea, the animated statue cannot bo too highly commended for the very charming representation which she gare. Miss Murphy is gifted by nature with a beautiful face and form and a most musical voice and gave unqualified pleasure to her audience. 1 The young players appear at the opera house Wednesday. May 1st. The performance is for the benefit of the manager, S. B. Patterson. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers and Embalmers, O13 Broadway. COCKBURN BEOS- aoncf to Loan on Morteiujn Security on Easy ilouthly Hiyuionts. 'IT* Write Flro, Life, Aeelclnnt, Plute Glass and Torrmdo Insurance. Buynnd Sell Heal EMtatn Call and See Us, OIUuo itoonis 2 anil 3 Spry Building. DAILY JOURNAL FRIDAY MORNING, APRIL 20 See advertisement of Otto Kraue for bicycle outfit?. Attend the great sale on carpeta at the Trade Palace tomorrow, Plenty of money at 6 par cent. Call an C. W. Flsk, No. 8 Fouith St. To Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Burkhart .ot Washington township, a son. Felker's West Side bakery has placed a handsome new delivery A Sunday School Convention. A Sunday eohool convention will be held at the Crooked Creek Christian church in Jefferson township, Cass county, Indiana, Sunday May 12th, 1895, at 3 o'clock In the afternoon. I'KOGRAM. Devotional service led by thn President. Topic: A model class to be taught bj Dr. D, I,. Ovorfiolser—A Sunday School Teacher's Preparation. Horace Pryor Question Drawer. Every one is cordially Invited to attend. JOSEPH VANATTA, Tp. Preiident. A Hand Concert. An open air concert with the following program was given last night by the Military band at the corner of Second and Broadway, beginning at 8 o'clock. Hatch—A. 0. U. W ReevtMi Overture—Pout nnd Peasant Suppe My Prettle Minnie—Sony and aance Waltz—MUSH Knriten Leeder Kleslor Brother Gardner's picnic Uolllnson llurcu—Directorate SOUSH The concerts will bo given one each week during the summer. SUBSTANTIAL IMPROVEMENTS Df VIEW. It has been learned that the Van da- lla management has decided to make substantial Improvements in the locf 1 yards. For some years past the yards have been much too small especially when freight traffic was heavy and this connected with the fact that all freight trains from the south are compelled to run to the north end of the yard and then back on the proper siding has long been a serious inconvenience. While the plan's for the improvements have not yet bean made kuown it has been' learned that the capacity of the yard will be at least doubled. The present sidings will be lengthened out and eight additional tracks will be built. A new yard office also will be constructed, probably just across Sycamore street from the passenger (Station. The operator will be located at this office and all terminal business with conductors and engineers will be transacted here instead of as herato. fore at the ticket office. Other minor improvements nre also contemplated. The new passenger station is rapidly nearicg completion atd the officials confidently expect to occupy their new quarters by May 1st. They will ba furnished with new and handsome office furniture and equipped with water, steao) heat and electric lights. The ladies' waiting room Is already completed and will be ready for occupancy in a few days. PEXNSYLVJLNIA'S STATEMENT. Following is a statement of the bust. DOBB of all the Pennsylvania railroad company's lineB: All lines east of Plttsburg and Erie, for March, 1895, as compared with the same month In 1894, show an increase In gross earn* logs of $221,170.42, an Increase in expenses of $364,298,81,and a decrease in net earnings of $143,128.39. All lines west of Piltsburg- and Erie for March, 1895, as compared with the same month in 1804, show an increase in gross earnings of $78,002.81, an increase in expenses of $253,795.25, and a decrease in net earnings of $180,172 44. The three months of 1895, as compared with the same period of 1894, show an increase in gross earn* Inge ot $548.212.90, an increase in expenses of $223,851.38. and an increase in net earnings of $324,361.57. Only Six Days More Before We Pull Up Stakes! And remove to our New Store now rapidly approaching completion, and we propose to make them (the 6 days) memorable ones in the history of Logansport Clothing Trade. A Rebate of 2O per cent Will be given on all Suits and Furnishings. Now is the time and Harry Frank's is the place. No better opportunity was ever offered. No mercy will be shown on Heavy Weight Suits and Overcoats. Cost or value will cut no figure. Prices will be ripped and torn into shreds. They must go and will go if Half Price is an object. This is a bona-fide CASH SALE. No goods will be charged and no orders accepted at this Money Losing Sale. The public is invited. HRRRY FRf\NK New York, Logansport, Delphi, Flora. en- has and D. D. Dykoman is having a new front put In hia office building on fourth street. Prepare yourself for the bicycle meet at Peru, at Otto's bicycle headquarters. 3 no advertisement. The regular monthly convention of ihe Eel township Sunday schools will be.hold tonight at the South Side U. :B,' church. The Order of Eastern Star is invited •to Peru, Wednesday May 1st. All •those who intend going will please report before Saturday to the Worthy Matron. The dlatrlc convention, Y. M. C. A. will be opened today at Goahen and •will continue until Sunday night. All the associations of the Northern district will be represented . Every mandolin *nd guitar player in the city ii respectfully invited to 3*11 at Ed. Powell's music atore at once and leave their names for a purpose that will benefit them and not jo»t one cent. Please call and bring 7.our musical friends with you. Everybody that can pick an instrument invited. Rev. L. F. Naftzger, president of Iho Island Park assembly at Rome City, Ind., has just issued announce- aoenta for the 17th annual session from July Slat to August 14th. The program .is a great one and includes the Qtvnes of such men as Henry Walter* ion, Gen. 0. 0. Howard, Chaplain lozler, Bishop Becker, Dr. W. D. ?*rr. Dr. Russel H. Conwell, Dr. C. W. Lamar. Dr. A. J. Fiah, Prof. G. A. Schram. and Prof. C. If. Tate. The rausioal features are also of the beat. Dentil of Mrs. IVm. McCarty. Susan, wife of William McCarty, died at 8 a. m. yesterday of paralysis, aged 21 years, at the home, No, 1034 Toledo street. The mourning husband and a two weeks old child are bereaved. The funeral will bo held Saturday at 9 a. m., from the St Vincent de Paul Catholic church. The Very Rev, M. E, Campion will officU ate. atterHou'g Benefit. Wednesday night May 1st, Manager S. B. Patterson will take a benefit and the prediction is there will be a packed house. Frederic and Marie Murphy will appear In Gilbert's com. edy, -."Pygmalion and Galatea" and ••A Bed of Roses." The supporting company is made up of carefully selected players from the Julia Mar* lowe company. House l>»ra«itc(l by Fire. A house owned by W. H. Snider just off Sixth street on Ottawa, was damaged to the extent of $30 by fire yesterday morning. The blaze was thought to have been oauaed by a defective flue. The house la oocu- Is occupied by two families named Mitchell and Graves. The building was Insured. Answer TiilB. The largest subscription house in the country wants a first-class repre- rentatlve for this community for strictly special work. Short hours. Good pay. Minister.teacher, or wide-awake man or woman given preference. Address, stating age and former employment, Globe Bible Publlshiog Co., 723 Cheitnul St., Phlla., Pa. A. KuuBivar Horae Hurt. A team owned by a farmer named Buibit, run away yesterday morning on North street. One of the horsaa fell and waa badly hurt, and the outfit stopped on the sidewalk in front of M. McCaffrey's Fourth street residence, with only a fraction of the wagon attached. Xoilce to Contractors Bids for the carpenter work for the addition to Si, Joseph's Hospital must be in Monday, April 29. Plans and specifications can be found at the hos* pital. SISTEBS of St. Joseph Hoapltal. A new base ball club consisting tirely of Pan Handle operators been organized. Their names positions will be given tomorrow. A hunting party consisting of?, Pan Handle offloialslpasied through the.city yesterday on a special. It is their Intentiou to shoot snipe on the prairies near Kentland. Tuesday evening Engineer Sohwier- Ing and Conductor Brockman with train S2 made the run from the 59th street yards Chicago to this city with a full train of meat in three hours and fifteen minutes. The distance IB 103 miles. This is considered one of the best runs made on the Pan Handle. Harry Cllley,telegraph operator the atJPanHandle freight house was yesterday notified by wire of the death at Harrisburg Pa., of his father. His two brothers George and Edward have been at their father's bed side for 'two weeks and were there at the time of his death. Frank Hanley, the Pan Handle , engineer of this city, is thus . mentioned by the Richmond Item for his work In a production of ' 'Arab Da Pogue" by the Julian dramatic club of Richmond: "Mr Frank Hanley, of Logansport, in the part of 'Shaun-the-Post." deserves especial mention and his jig dancing was a feature." The Fan Handle Is hauling nearly as much freight as it did a year ago yet the roadmen are not aa busy ea. they were then. This is chiefly due to the faot that the road now has more large engines whose hauling capacity Is much greater than that of the smaller type. The moat disagreeable feature ia that the layover at Chicago and Bradford is nearly aa long aa it is here, causing the men much expense for board and lodging that they would not have If they were at home. The nrtorioua Isaac Goodman who was sent to the penitentiary from Anderson for stealing from the Fan Han. die and Big Four roade Is In a fair way to be released. A press dispatch from Anderson says: Judge Ellison and Warden French are engaged in a movement for the pardon of Isaac Goodman who was recognlzsd..aa the leader of the once famous Goodman gaag, which is DOW confined behind the bare of the prison north. Judge Ellison called on the governor yesterday and he will consider the matter this week. Isaac Goodman IB over eighty years of age and is rapidly sinking. "He has made a fortune at plundering, it being claimed he received hlstrainlng under Quantrell In the West in, the sixties. He waa worth about $30,000 when the gang waa rounded up by deputy sher- iffs at Summitvllle two years ago and forced to surrender after Dick Good man, the old man's eon, was shot three times and the same bad befell Capt. Coburn, who led the police and sheriffs. It is now claimed that the elder Goodman was not identified with the gang, but this wi)l hardly have so much weight as his years and ill health, Mmltli-ltunker. The friends of Hugh Smith and Mies Jaura Bunker, gathered Wednesday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Bunker, of No. 100 Bates street} to witness the happy marriage of the two young people. The Rev. H. J. Norris pronounced the ceremony. Many presents were received by Mr. and Mrs Smith, and an elaborate wedding supper waa spread. The newly wedded pair will at ones go to housekeeping at No. 102 Bates street. Knocked Out or the Itox. Charles Knepper, the chenomenal ball twirler from Bunker Hill, was knocked out of the box by the Evansville team in the opening game be pitched- for the Jacksonville, 111., club. In the first inning two home runs were made off his delivery, and five scores were piled up. His debut was not a big success. Another lecture was given last night by Major E. W. Mofntpah at the G. A. R., hall, his subject being, "The Wreck of the Sultana." Spring Suitings, @ Spring Overcoatings, Spring Trouserings, Novelties all in waiting for you to come and select them. If you are hard to please our goods and prices will win you. PIERCE, THE TAILOR. 310 BJIOAIMVAV. ALL THE LATEST STYLES IN Summer Suitings AT CONTENT! S, 4i8 Market St. A New Firm. Do you ever stop to think, when you are having an especially good time on your wheel, how little margin there is between supreme content and supreme disgust? A pumc- ture that you can't repair, a crank key that refuses to stay -firmly in place, a chain that is faulty in con struction and thus runs hard, or a hundred and one things that the maker ought to have built right and adjusted right, but didn't, will make cloudy and disagreeable the most sunshiny day, and will cause even the laughter and pleasant words of friends to jar upon yon. It ia in smoothing out these rough places in your cycling path that the board of experts which plans the famous Columbia Bicycle serves you best. The single-tube tires are even nearer to perfection than in 1894, •when they won tbe whole cycling world to the use of this form of tire by their remarkable success. The driving gear runs so smoothly anc noiselessly that it is evident friction is almost entirely overcome. The chain especially is almost turning the heads of cycling wiseacres with its beauty and finish and accuracy of construction. The crank-shaft is narrow, strong and simple. The adjustable handle bars are ideal in their promise of comfort. The place to buy these wheels is at Filling's Shoe House. If you want your lace car tains to look the same as new, send them to us for lanndrying. A long experience in this line of work enables us to guarantee satisfaction. 429 Market St STEELE & TOUKEY can save you from $6 to $ a suit of Tailor Made Clothes. All wool goods and a perfect fit guaranteed. Suits from $14 to f 35. We invite your patronage. Steele & Youkey, 4O4 Broadway. Up Stairs. IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE GARDEN. It^wlll pay you to be particular'as to whose seeds yon buy. We are now in the market with a f ull line of Landreth's seeds for the season of 1895, and I wish to say to the gardeners and others using seeds, that while Landreth's seeds may be a little higher price then some others they are always fresh, clean and true to name, and as we handle no other seeds eicept those grown by Landreth & Sons of Philadelphia out customers may rely on (jetting nothing but the very best. I believe that the cost of the seeds is nothing compared to the crop, and when a person has the trouble to put out a garden, he should use nothing but the very beit We handled Landreth's seeds for four years and have never heard a single complaint; in fact, our customers unhesitatingly pronounce them perfect in ever particular, and as an evidence of this fact, we have almost the entire trade of all the gardeners around Logansport as well as many from a distance. Our trade has increased on this particular line of goods more than tenfold since we have been in the business? We also have a full line of garden tools and field seeds. Remember that the firm of Landreth & Sons has been 115 years In th« occupation of seed growing; '• George Harrison. 617,623 Broadway.

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