The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 5, 1930 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 5, 1930
Page 3
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T. B. VOTE FOR Bartholomew Republic in Candidate tor Treasurer Tipton County On the Ballot Vote for J. Democratic Candidate for Nomination for Judge. Republicans .Vote 'For Treasurer No. 20 on Your Ballot Vote For Troy N. Hutto Candidate for Prosecuting Attorney ' Republican Primary, May 6. Your Vote Will Be Appreciated. Democrats OPPOSE JUDGE Primary Candidates Over State Are Numerous and Noisy. IT WON'T BE LONG NOW Indianapolis, May 5.—With liberals of Indiana crying 'that the Anti-Salopn league and 'the remnants of the Ku Klux Klan are "boring from within" in : an effort to defeat Justice Benjamin M. Willoughby of the Supreme court in the Republican state convention June 5, " state delegates are to be chosen at primaries tomorrow. Politicians declare the league is getting a sprinkling of its adherents on most of the county delegations in order to exert direct pressure upon the roll call. Willoughby, who has been a nemesis of the klan-dry league despotism, is one of the three tpstices who ( in the days of misrule kept the Supreme court on an even keel for' strict interpretation of the constitution arid the bill of rights in prohibition pases. As the constitutionalists (view it the overshadowing issue in the campaign is whether the old league-klan combine can use the club on the judiciary by wreaking vengeance upon a jurist who has. gone against its dictates. . ' The court has stood 3 to 5, and it is 1 being emphasized that a change of one might give the league a "friendly" tribunal. Observers who have toured the state bring back word that Willoughby is in danger at the convention. Judge Thomas Coulter of Vincennes and T. Morton McDonald, of Princeton are candidates,, and politicians say the. league is backing McDonald. In three lights. against the "constitutionalists" : on the Su^ preme bench the league has railed. In 1924 Willoughby won by 1 vote. In 1926 the 1 league opposed Justice Julius C. Travis, but he won by 32.7S0, and in the same year Senator James E. Watson scraped ' through by only 11,384. Two years ago the league bosses sought to use the church vote for the defeat of Chief Justice David Aj Myers, who handed <?&wn the decision'sentencing the late Rev. E. S. ' Shumaker, head of the league, to sixty days at the penal farm for contempt. In that .campaign the league recommended that although -the opponent of Myers was regarded by them as wet, still they preferred him to the chief justice who declined to subscribe to the divine right of bossism. Myers won by a plurality of 142,000. Much of the interest in the primaries centers in the tickets for congress) legislature, local offices, and party machinery. Candidates are swarming like a locust plague.'In Marlon county alone 2,735 -persons have filed as candi dates. Of these 1,742 are Republicans land 993 Democrats. All over the state Democrats are* battling to get on local tickets thinking > it looks like ~a Democratic * year. .. The job of sheriff seems to be the greatest plum. In some counties thirty and more candidates are after this office. Politicians chalk it up to Volsteadism. Scouts who have turned the state report that unemployment; too, is a factor, and .that with some candidates it is a case of the Jobless looking for a job. . : . The Indiana farm bureau /Ha concentrating on the legislature, with taxation measures as its objective. Indiana lias the;general property tax-and the Vnlform rate as has 'Illinois and" nex^fall <;.the people are to vote upon.; the matter of calling ji \«o£s*ttutional convention.^fc;!rjie<^fn*n^leidj»ra would like to'shift the burden'of taxation. ^ Three items ^ TM^C^^*'^ THE are a Jill and - they I say they are for some form of income of sales tax, an exc.ise tax or a classification of intangibles, N . . ' > A note of comedy that lightened up the discussions of farm relief and; Volsteadism was struck by the news from Chicago^ that E. C. Yellowley, prohibition director will try to padlock., farms oh which liquor is made. This got a° rib cracking laugh even in. bone dry Indiana.- Some remarked with chortles that Yellow^by has -solved the problem of farm relief. They declare that if all American farms on which liquor can be. found are. padlocked and closed up, the drys would automatically bring about the reduction in acreage which- the .farm relief Aboard has been advocating, and would remove the surplus of farm crops that knocks, down: the - prices- Some argue that Yellowley's idea is even "better than the old equalization fee theory. ''- V In Indianapolis the shouts against "Cofflnism" i by , the younger set in politics were redoubled today. . '.' ' Candidates who two years ago were shouting "Me and Hoover'.' this time are spilling many, speeches about "me and party regularity,"/ and ar^e dragging in Lincoln, McKinley, Taft, Harding,'and Coolidge as running majtes. The "reform" crowd is chanting-the old tune • about the house cleaning in the party, but one trouble the politicians point to is that a lot of old brooms are in the sweeping up party. Some of those shouting loudest against Coffin, the old boss of klan misrule days, trotted along with Cof­ flnism in other days, Locally the chief fight is over the posts of criminal judge and prosecuting attorney. Prosecutor Judson L. Stark is opposed by Laurens L. James Coland Criminal Judge James Collins is opposed by Judge Walter Pritchard. Stark and Collins are yelling against "Cofflnism," while Henderson and Pritchard have been indorsed by the Indianapolis Bar association. INJUNCTION BILL. Proposed Law Is Attacked By the Manufacturers. Washington, May 5.—The Shipstead anti-trust injunction bill was attacked as "clearly invalid as a matter of law and revolutionary in its social aspect" in a brief - filed by James A.. Emery, counsel for the National Association of Manufacturers, with the Senate judiciary committee. In announcing the filing of the brief, the, National -Association of Manufacturers yesterday said it represented* the views of 660.000 employers. ; "If the bill is enacted and held valid," Emery contended, "it would deprive the Federal courts of authority to issue injunctions for the protection of property rights against irreparable injury whenever j the i case in any way arose out of a labor controversy unless actual fraud or violence could be shown', in which case a limited and wholly Inadequate projection; might be afforded." Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Means Indianapolis Monday and visited With their daughter, Miss Mary Caroline Means. LetHitajI^o Yow^Woiwiiiff Inrteed of l>inr awake nghii ' "Mf lUkililll i will III lltll IIMMfJf I* S. FAOB mn (Political Advertisement) i As it is impossible to see all the Democratic voters in Tipton county in the short time allowed by the primary law, I wish to announce my candidacy for the office of County Clerk through the press and thank you for any support you may be able to give me in the primary nomination for this office. 1-i In order that you may know my qualifications and that I merit your support, I wish to submit the following for your consideration: I am a graduate of Tipton high school in the class of 1922 and have attended Indiana university four years and will.graduate with an A. B. degree during the summer. | j I have taught school three years, my first term at Todd school in Tipton county; my second in the Frankfort city schools, second ward, and my third term was taught at Goldsmith during the.winter term of 1928-29. I _ Since then I'have been working my way through Indiana University as night clerk in the Graham hotel at Bloomington and attending school during the day. _: ' _-• . .! I was born and reared in Jefferson: township, and I am the only candidate oh the Democratic ticket for the more important county offices west of a line drawn north and south through the city of Tipton and Tipton county, as the Democratic candidate for auditor comes from Wildcat township; Democratic candidate for treasurer from Madison township; for sheriff from Wildcat township, all unopposed in the primary. The other county offices are all to be selected from Cicero township. I am the Democratic candidate from the west half of Tipton; county, from Jefferson township. - i .-. Doil merit your support from qualifications and a Democratic standpoint, from a geographical standpoint from the coming campaign this fall? -its

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