The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS flu mm '•- l|_-" Quick Changes In Defensive Systems Help ' to , Complicate 'Basketball By HOWARD-CANN Head Coach, New York Unlverbllj « NEW YORK —Baskclball's very nature makes It a high-scoring game. A contest often can be won or lost in nil incredibly grief time. Personally, J don't believe there is , 'any such Ihinj as a safe lend In ', the sport,;, , ,, ,, It is Tor tills reason lhat coaches spend a great, deal of Unie on defense A team's ability to score Is worthless unless it^can keep the op• position from matching It. Because of tills, several bislc defensive sys- 1 terns hava. b;en formed to bo employed throughout the country. I would siy th'eie are thiec major defenses^-mmi-for-man, zone, nnd msn-^Or-man all over the corn The Ihtrd Is really a suocli- vision of lha;first. but'so "successfully has it worked In some Ceases that it deseives Individual'rating. In man-for-ina'n'slyle. each player ke3ps n specified opponent nn- ,der lock and key;',^ The ordinary, man-for-man defender picks^ up Jus. quarry crossing Ihe centfr line and sticks with him from "Drat point,forward. Tills itself is an .assignment requiring concentratlo\ and condition, but the most difficult part of the job Is switching. t Imaginative Plajers Slake Man-for-Man, Defense Tight , This takes 'place when a defcn- shc player, seeing a man loose near ihe basket, changes to thai t opponent to prevent him ,from do' Ing damage. Simultaneously, one , of his teammales, usually the fellow who had' bean co\crlug the -plajer who has worked free, transfers to the. opponent of-the defender who has switched to coj'er the ^ ffee man _ Some youngsters coming Into col- - Icge seem to have a sKth sense ,for switching, and they make excellent man-for-man material. Others must practice endlessly to iearn how to switch, and even Ihen they '- slip up in a difficult situation . But when defensive players have >-• Imaginalion and foresight in BT, itching, they make a man-for- man defense airtight. Zonj defense is plotted differently. Every boy on Ihe Icam Is accorded a definlle zone for, which he is responsible.' Primarily he Is - assigned to'piny ihe ball; but must cover men coming Into his zone,'' By means of.' arm waving, • the zone defender • attempts to block shots coming anynhere near him With tte court completely charted, many a^^stppood' " ' Zone is hiost eflective on 'narrow courts, where the defenders are able to blanket the .area, But the zone has its weak spot/In fact several of them, so , many wise coaches keep it as a surpnse ina- nemer to be used only for one half and when least e\pected Bounce Passes Used to Break Up Interceptions > One of the' methods used to - break up zone'play is a variation of the delayed attack. Three men .* go downcourt, one to play near the htxra, but not in the foul iane -and'two lo occupy the corners This is worked against a 3-2 zont and the l»o deep men are hare ' put to stop the maneuvering which follows -The same taclics are used against 2 1-2 or 2-3 zones - On other occasions bounce pass es are employed lo balk, intercep . tions Some gifted ^-eams solve th problem by merely slaying ana out and lelting their long shoU fire away. The man-for-maii all over th court system has its most promi On the Outside—Looking In ' . "By DUKE 1 Sherman to Hoi Springs Ben Epstein's stand-In <vt zette Sporls Oazlng' writes that Eugene "Bo" Sherman, foimcr coheir fit Henderson State nml no\y a*. Montlcello Is rumored ns' the likely successor to-McrvIng perry as football coach nl Hot Springs next fnl). 'Sherman Is well remembered by Blylhcvlllesoorls fans. While "Bo" never played footbalf'licre lie took n hand In other sports, particularly. Independent Baseball while hls' j fa(hcr was pnstor of the Methodist church here several years ago. ."Bo" was a natural all- round alhielc If there ever was one and a .younger brother Kd Sherman was a very valuable member of the '. lilytlicvllle high Max llutchlns, the lad who tie- 'pa- vcloped so rapidly the past season after belli); shl/ted from a lialftao'< to fullbnck ' position, liai nlso baeti the recipient of a scholarship offer from Vniulerblll. school family football team moved av>aj. until Later made nll-b(ate college teams selections, pinj'lns under the tulor- hin of his. big brother. "Bo" Is a lender who Instills ilenty of spirit Into his players md should he take Iho helm at lot Spring: we predict thai the Trojans will become even tougher. I.. S. U. rtcckohs CnilR Rumor has It.that O'Neill Crnlf, Uir Clilcknsfiw guard and signal aller, will malrlculnle nt Louisiana Stale University at Baton longe at mld-tenn after 'gradunt- B from niiihevlllc high. Craig Is said lo have- received i altiactlvc scUolnislilp offer lorn the school whcie J. B "Bruno" Whltwoiili holds forth ns Met scout and goodwill ambas- ador. liyion 'Rlppci" Wnlkei, cap- alii of the state championship !hlckasn\vs, has generally- been considered ' "Alabama bound" for sonic time. But before Wnlkei entcis the Tmcnloosn liibtllullon ic may have to listen to some cry nttmotive proposals fiom othei schools , lent cj.|M>nent In New York iu Co- liimoln Paul Mooney's men do not wait lo cross the center lino to ulck silt their foes. They go after :hem In their' opponents' <tefenslvf area By hustling and crowding the opposition, they foicc errors The results are Interceptions In convenient scoring territory. With the other Learn null moving the other nay. it's no", hard to whip across n score But to play this tjpe of game a team must be in perfect shape Columbia generally Is. too That Is why it wins so often. Strange But True SILVER DOLLACS WEIGH CMER 12QTOWS The Oilier Side Mnx Logon's letter, rccciilly lubtlshwl in this column,'taking ihflvillc scliool officials to lask for (lie "weak" schedules Incvll- nblv lined up for Ihe Chlckasaws, brings nn answer from another fan who dc-csn'l aqrec wilh Max. Been use (.lie lellcr Is, lo say the Icr-sl, entertaining, we're making •>>] cvccp'lfiii iincl printing It even though the writer has failed lo sign Ills name. Personally, ihoui we believe any argument worthy •f mention is worth of an autlior, We're (jlnd lo give Ihe viewpoints of-oilier: but must insist on writer Idenllfylng themselves. Max,' here's your answer: 'Dear Duke "Far be It from me to lake exception wllli Mr. Max "Babe" "•ognn's lament lhat was Included 'n your column In lodny's (Wednesday's) Issue of Ihe courier. 'Jut we do not sec eye to eye on several different items. "Ntilurnlly a fan, even ns you l nil 1 I, and Die Babe, would like to sec a lop notch name each •veek-emi. That, of course, is from iiir viewpoint. Did you ever slop think "Bnbc", Hint n tough lame every week would-be awfully 'veailng nnd tearing on the boys 'aklng H mid dishing It out? "I may be mistaken, but I can "ccall of. no team In any compe- 'Itlon having a climax game every •vcck with never h : soft place hi *hb schedule. "I think Ihe tougli Ihlng about Blythevllle Is tlie location, geo- Taphlcalli, In the state We can not absolutely Ignore om nei(jh- boilng (owns They may linve not 'icon exactly in 0111 class the past 'luce years but why not praise 'no teams of the Laslle regime is being extra good inslcaj of In- slsllng Dint the competition was weak, "Maybe I'm not hard to plcnse jut I have enjoyed • watching every game played by. poach Lnslle's boys.- They do not suffer in the least by .comparison 'with ' college, panics '011(1 hlgli sclinol games thai I have seen for liin last sixteen yonrs. "Incidentally I hnve heard Hint it Is better to he considerate on the way up for one may be oil ll'.o wny down Inter on. So why not play a -few warm tip games wllli Corning nnd Walnut Ridge; More llmri likely Ihey'll get .stronpcr Inter. (Have you forgol- tcu tlie close game in 1034 at Wslmit Ridge.) "You must rcnll/c that we can't approach any of (he schools such «-• Pine Bluff, Hoi Springs, Llllle Rook and others and pick Ihu dal» we ttlsh to piny them They probably have had traditional rlv- nh for yon in whom they play cv- "V year on the dnlo we wish, They en n't. In fairness,, drop Ihcm lo piny us. The foil proposition for- nny Iwo tchools K n home irid liome conlrael for. two years. Then ni'llhcr school is favored. ?t take.s limo to nmingc Items sntl.sfaclorlly. "We cnn't drop nil our former rivals such as Parcigould, . Joncs- boro, Forrest .Cltvr become ,wc ir conseeu- gould, Jo::esjoro or Poircst City should ofer be dropped. "I 'note with interest lhat Max pitsscd only one. of the 28 games won by niyllievlile. that's fine, but how about the lean years."; A fair weather friend? • "I feel that I am one of many '.hat heap praises on Coach Laslle md his learns for llieir high scores and excellent defensive :ngth. Remember "Babe," lhat 'he second and third stringers get to play In the so-called one-sided Barnes. They help lo make a team 'oo and are future first stringers "I, loo, would like lo see n top notch game every week but realize that there tire limits lo human 'ndurancc and Hint an excellent •elatloaship lias been built up between Blylhevllle and our friend >nemies of surrounding towns nnd thai the oilier games of which you .speak can only he ncconi- ilLshed gradually. "Merry Christmas to you 'Babe' mil you, 'Duke,' "Premier Baldwin, A. Loyalist.' Yarbro Boys Break Even, Girls Lose to Gosnell have beaten Ihem (n OUL live win streak, Did (hey drop us in their winning years? Probably we might get games with the'mlddle: state learns on one of the aforementioned tenms' dntes. I, for one, do not think cither Para-' The Fulfillment of a Dream The building of that home of jour own...what better lime of starting; than at Christmas...let us show you how you can accomplish it wilh nt\ F.'" H, A Loan. EAST ARKANSAS BUILDERS SUPPLY GO. The Ideal Gift Play Billiards! Wholesome Recreation Moderately Priced Blytheville Recreation Center 316 W. Main - Former ITonio of Bell's Pharmacy GARNEK APPLKTON MARVIN CHAPPEM, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^••••B (l 117 Everylhlnj for your rntertalninea and comfort FRIDAY, DECEJIBER 18, 193G Ynrbro boys split even In cage games at the armory. two last night while the .Ynrbro glrli took a trouncing at ihe hands of the Oosncll girls. Tiie Yarbro boys won over Dell n a hard fought game by the margin or 01,., point, l-r to 13. -rhe Bluckwatcr boys defeated the Ynrbro boys, 18 to 10. , Gosnell's girls easily 'trimmed the Ynrbro girls, 11 lo 4. Yule Dinners O SUNNYSIL7E, Wash. (UPI- L-ucky reslilenu of this lltllc town may have turkey, chicken pr duck for cbrLstmas dinner free. The Sunnyslde Coinmerclnl club will throw 60 turkeys, chickens and ducks off the tops of buildings tor a free scramble for them, Water Scatters Poison Gas V GENOA <UP)—Jels of water sprayed out fanwlse are effective in scattering all kinds of gases, , experiments carried out here have established. Authorities plan lo place jets at t'hc entrance of all bomb-proof shelters. It's our family's whiskey, neighbor—and neighbor, it's your price! Tonight Is Pal Nite 2 Adults Ailmlltcd for Price of 1 Joe E. -Drown in "Polo Joe" Also Paramount: 1'ictoriai nml Comedy ^-Admission— .". Milinje-rlO & 250 - ' Night—16- & 36d"' ' J Saturday Only YOUR CREDIT i* alw« T i good with «il Why risk a bad accident ,on those smooth dangerous tires, when we will equip your car all round twith genuine Seiberling ^Vapor Cured Tires —no money down I Drive in today and see how 'simple our credit plan - .works—no waiting—no red itape-no delay*. Marlboro SHIRTS They Are: •Bright • Dark •Bold •Patterned at '.only: Also Cartoon and Serial—"Ace Drummonrt" with John'King —Continuous Showing— —Admission— '.,-" Till 5 P. M.—10 & 26c After 5 r.'M.—16 & 36c Sunday - Monday There's a thousand . IhrilUandarieart-throb ' in thia bristling drama,^ of B gang of mailthieveif who seated their under a pot age stamp I HUBBARD TIRE & BATTERY GO. Phone 476 — ALSO— Sweaters Wool Robes Cocktail Jackets Evans 1 Slippers Capps Suits Capps Topcoats Beautiful Tics , , Men's Hats Glover Pajamas Art Gloves Hudson Clcaner-Tailor-Clothicr | Ua Wilkens loading the Mollie J. with the biggest batch yet I Il'a me checking with the captain, and William wheeling a load up the gangplank. My brother in law Tom don't •howupsogood^butyoucanmakeoul the back part of him inilde (he barge Kj tending over like. Harry E. Wilken Wrecker Service - Gas & Oil OPEN AIL NIGHT Phillips Service Center I'lioncs 777 - 813 WRESTLING Every Monthly Ni((ht 8 P.M. Joe Kifk vs. Pat Odowd Jim' Parker vs. Charles Sinkey American Legion Stadium ROXY Adm.—Always 10 & 25c—Ic Tin Show Every Night Matinees Friday, Saturday, Sunday Friday &. Sunday olatinees—2il5 Saturday Matinee — Continuous Showing —. 1:00 Till 11:00 P. M Friday - Saturday Cartoon and Serial Morning ^ GOODFELT,0\\"S ; : ' ;CHARlfY SHOW Slarls Prohiptly at 10 A. SI. ^..EVERYBODY COME - BLAST;EH INTO lYDU fc MAY NEXT! Bring Groceries, Clolhiiif Money. It goes io Iirlp the need} of Blydicville. Sunday -Monday FUUNlEST With the holidays coming on— everybody seems set on getting this extra tasty whiskey! I don't righlly see ns things cbulu hardly be diffcrenl from what they are. I mean folks finding the Wilkcn Family .Whiskey tastter than anylhing they ever got a hold of. It's our ov/n Family's Recipe—the personal favorite distillars that have been a family of whiskey making people since I couldn't just say how long. And the best of everything that ajl of us ever learned poncerning the making of good whiskey.' is in tiiis Family's. Recipe of ours.jSo I'd say it would be funny if it wasn't just the best .you" ever tasted! -f^y ( ~ ' ) WHIS*' JH nn Btt if f—The stniRlitwhisktcs In (his projuctare 15 months ormorcold.25^ straight vvhllkici; ulnl ipirits. 3% slraisht wlil>bcy4veiii olJ. 20?5 «cratcl,i iiliiitcy 15 monthi olj. 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