Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 30, 1954 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1954
Page 12
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH FRIDAY. APRIL 30. 1954 Juliana Admit 9Kt WMflthy Army private, a for- fW«f WiTiBid consultant en ^fcCa^- «att. charged the print had "— that actually It It grmrp picture Including Air Col. Jack T. Bradlny. said ho accompanied Scffine IroTn Washington National AlrpBrt to flw subcommittee's offices last Thursday and Schinc put the plwrtograph on a desk thorp. ScnTwe came back to thr witness Cnalf When today's session was begun, feut was quickly excused for the time being. Several senators said they had fliftnef questions they wanted to Isk Mm, but would wait until he dettded Whether he wanted to have an attorney at his side. Sehine had been called to the witness chair with the understanding he would he questioned at this thtie only about the "cropped" picture. He is to he a general witness cm Other matters at a later time. Schine, who testified Thursday that he was asked by Stevens (o pose with the Army secretary for the original picture at McGuire Air Forre Base last Nov. 17, told the senators just before leaving the Witness chair today that he had reviewed his testimony and he- lived he had given "an CMC! account" of what took place there. Contention* 1)1 Her The McCarthy camp contends Stevens asked Schine to pose with him as part of an effort to persuade the McCarthy subcommittee to drop its investigation of subversion in the Army. The Army's charges against Mc- Carthy turn about the contention that the senator and his aides exerted improper pressures for preferential Army treatment for Schine. Anastos flatly denied that he knew anything about Col. Bradley being eliminated from the picture, making it appear that Stevens and Schine were alone, "I don't know who cut it out if they did cut it out," Anastos testified. Annstos also said that while Schine delivered the picture to him. he did not actually see it in jits original form. | Asked by Ray II. Jenkins, special counsel for the investigation, whether anyone ever told him anything about the picture's being altered, changed or an individual being cut out of it, Anastos replied that he di'd not. Heard No tMmnilnn Anastos said he hadn't heard any discussion among the MrCar- jthy subcommittee staff about any j changes being made in the picture I Joseph N. Welch, counsel fo Pentagon officials, taking up th questioning of Anastos, asked "in criminal parlance"—us he put it— whether Anastos feels "this pic ure has become 'hot'." Anastos: "It certainly has, sir.' Q. "And you don't want to hr my closer to it than you have to?' A. "You're absolutely right, sir.' Welch suggested that all Anasto md done was touch the packngi containing the picture and with irawn his hand immediately, or n east "reasonably promptly." "I didn't fondle II, sir," Anasto 'onceded. Chairman Mundt JH-SD) saic ichine will be colled back, prob hly Monday, to say whether h /ants an nltorney to advise him Sen. McClellan (D-Arkt. Syming on (D-Mo) and Jackson (D-Wash SQUARE DANCE FREE TONIGHT AT THE , GODFREY TOWNSHIP VETERANS' CENTER « S milei from North Alton Route 100. Hy "FIJRGIB" nnd th* MIDWKST SU INGSTEHS Port 1218 Public Welcome DANCE SATURDAY NIGHT RONNIE KLAUS' Orchnlr* Godfrey Township Veterans' Center On Rt, 100 — S MHO* Out of North Alton Formerly Club JOO PUBLIC WELCOME . ... , GODFREY LEG.lpN POST 1218 were, among thos^ who said they i wanted to ask Srhlne more rfurs- tions, hut didn't want to do it until the matter of an aitornry Hfcd been settled definitely. Mrf nrth.v finmpUlJM In Ihr- background, as this seventh day ol hearings began, was/ ja rumbling complaint from Me-1 If'arthy that hr had "persistent re- j ports, tips and rumors" that Army | I ngents are shadow ing his staff and | \vitnrssrs. He called for the sub- ! committee to find out whether this | is true. John (", Adams. Army counselor, in comment lo reporters, called the McCarthy complaint "silly." Roy M. C'ohn. counsel to McCarthy, said he had heard reports of shadowing and had indications furthermore that "my individual life" was under investivalinn. McCarthy brought up the nues- (ion of possible shadowing Thursday. Addressing Chairman Mundt (R- SDi. McCarthy roared: "f will ask the chair In call upon Mr. Stevens and those in the mili- ry who have (lie information to! give the chair under oath, information as to whether or not Pi/t. Schine and others connected with this invf.sliRalifjn h»ve been under CII) surveillance; if so. who ail- Ihori/ed il nnd how many individuals nre involved in that surveillance." The initials CII) stand for the Criminal Intelligence Division of the Army. f'nhn Racks Up Ross Colin said he had "the same type of persistent reports and strong indications that my individual life, which has nothing lo do wilh this inquiry, have been under investigation by Army intelligence units." McCarthy said thai if il was I run that such .shadowing by the Army were going on "il is a very Improper use of public funds." Asked whether the Army was undertaking any such surveillance, John (!. Adnbis, Army counselor and one of McCarthy's chief tar- gels In (ho Wisconsin semilor's "Improper" pressure charges, replied: "Don't be silly." II. Slruvc Hensel, assistant secretary of defense «nd another principal In the ease, said in H separate Interview be wouldn't htive "the slightest Idea" whether an Investigation of the kind was being made, bill added: "I don't think so." Stevens, who bnd testified for nil ov part of eaeb of (he six dnys of hearings, WHS temporarily ex- eused Thursday over the 'healed protests of McCarthy, who said the rules were being changed. Stevens refused to say be was lined,,but Jenkins directed that he he excused lo permit questioning of Schine about the pholo. Rrp'orlft 'Order' Schine, 6 feel 3 and Innky. told the subcommittee he wns "ordered" to he present at McOuIro Air Force Base in New Jersey by Livestock Prices j At East St. t,nuis NATIONAL STOCK YARDS. III.' /P—USIM—Hogs 6,000; bulk 240-, 260 Ib 26.SO-27.00; 270-300 Ib 25.£v j 262.'),- load srwnd 320 Ib 24 35: | load over 400 Ib 22.7:>; hulk IV)-' 170 Ib 26.7i-27.25; lighter weights too scarce to mention; sows 100 ib down 22.V)-2.'t..V): heavier sows 20.:>0-2:2.00; boars 17.00-2000. Cattle 600. calves WO: good lo low choice steers 20.00-',!3.0n, commercial to low good J(.00-20.00; few good In low choice heifers and , mixed yearlings 19.00-22.00; utility i and commercial 11001850; utility j and commercial cows 13.00-14..VI; few ir>.00; canner nnd cutler cows 3.M-12.50; utility and commercial hulls 13.50-15.00; cutter hulls 12.0013.00; Rood and choice vealers 18.00-22.00; few prime to 2400; commercial lo low good 13.00- 'TOO; commercial to choice slaughter calves 12.00-18.00. Sheep 200; one lot mnslly choice DO Ib springers 20.00; deck around 7.") Ib utility lo gfiod No 2 skins JO.OO; scattered small lots utility lo good wool skins 20 00-22.00; small lots mostly good 23.00; cull lo good shorn slaughter ewes 3.00-5.00; same grade wooled ewes 4.00-6.00. of Grains . Hit Sterling Hnyden Defends Mil's E, British Honduras /P— The Independence-seeking People's United p»rl.V (PUP) celebrated Jubilantly today Its sweeping victory In (his nrilish'Cenlral American colony's first full-scale general elections. The anil - British PUP won eight of the nine elective wnls In a new ITi-man legislative council set up by the government In a move toward giving I he colony's 7(5,000 inhabitants greater self-rule. By Selling Squall CHICAGO #— Grains ran Into a ' sHIine squall late in the session | on the Board of Trade today. \\heal and rye uero hardest hit | hy tho sudden hurst of sHling. All ryo deliveries slumped to now seasonal lows. July wheat broke j under the $2.0 mark for thr- first time since Jan. 8. Soybeans also rrlreatrd on this latp selling drive after the old crop had scored gains of about five crnts earlier. Wheat's slump seemed to he a belated recognition of the fact quite | a bit of rain had fallen overnight I and during HIP session in many sections of the winter wheat belt, ftye slumped on expectation of heavy cash grain deliveries on! May contracts. Kslirnaled carlo! grain receipts at Chicago: wheat 18. corn 210. oats 1, barley 10, soybeans 2. CHICAGO jT—Cash wheat: none. Corn: No 2 yellow 1.60: No P. ]..">8; No 4 Kifi'Krf'J: No 5 1.r>4'i.55'i; sample grade LWa-S^i. Oats: No 1 white RO'-t- Soybeans: none. Barley nominal; malting 1.20-62; feed 92-1.11 High Low Close Prev.Close When! May 'L 00% 2.01'i 2.03 2.01-%-U Jly 2.02' 2 1.08 I.M'i 2.01'Vi Sep 2.0:1", 2.01'i 2.02U 2.04 R i-',i Dec 2.10'j 2.0fi'-i 2.07'i 2.09'i Corn May 1.:.3 7 i 1.:>2'i 1.52'i 1.5P.«i-« Jly 1.r>3 7 « l.,Y2 ; '« 1.r>2'i l.rtf'vU Seek To Block fteir* of Area Men Gen. Cornelius Ryan when Stevens landed there last Nov. 17 accompanied by McCarthy and his staff. That was when the disputed picture was ma.dc. Schine said thnt for a time he had n frtimed 'copy of the picture on the wull of his New York office, and thnt It included Air Force Col. 1 Jack .T. Bradley as well as himself nnd Stevens. He said he went lo New York Ifjst week nnd got it for the subcommittee, giving it to a McCarthy nlde, George Amtstos. The picture originally introduced in the hearings had been "propped'' lo take out Bradley, making It appear that Stevens and Sehine had been photographed alone. The Army's special counsel, Joseph N. Welch, luid contended that the picture was "doctore'd" to give the subcommittee a misleading impression. Stevens has testified Hint ho ould not recall asking that his icture be taken wilh Schine. However, Schine told the sub- ommlltce, "1 had to pose for it ecause I wns asked lo by Scare- nry Stevens." Sep ")ec Oals BENEFIT DANCE AT BETHALTO AMERICAN LEGION BARN TONIGHT- FRIDAY, APRIL 30 RONNIE KLAUS OKCIIKSTKA DONATION $1.00 DANCE Evtry Sit. Nil* GODFREY CIVIC CENTER With Helen Berkley's Five-Piece Orchestra Dunclng From 8:30 lo 12:30 RIO THEATRE Cottage Hills TONITE Sti>\vnrt Granger Deborah Kcrr "KING SOLOMON'S MINES" Technicolor — S:IO 7 M.G.M, TECHNICOLOR CARTOONS Shown 7:00 Hy Sep Dei- Rye May Jly l.-14'.a 1.12N, 1A1\ .W* .7?, 7 « .7'! .72' 2 .71% .71*i 1.50 .7IV7:> .70-70'i .Bfl7' v 70 .72'i .flfi'i .93' i .03' i .% .flfl'i .fl'i'ii .%'a .08*1 i.o2'.4 .on".i .nn s j 1.02' 5 -02 Dec 1.07'i l.OI'i 1.0-Hi 1.07U Soybeans May 4.1fi s 4 'i.lO'i 4.11 4.11-11'^ Jly 4.13U 4.07'a 4.08'i 4.08-07 1 ;, Sep 2.85 2.80' i 2.RO S 4 2.SL"i-'.i Knv 2.fiO'4 2.5R'i 2.5rv v , 2.58-57 Oi Jfin 2,(!3 1 4 2.60'i 2.60'j 2.61!i Produce Prices At St. Louis ST. LOUIS ft — Produce and live poultry: Eggs, wholesale grades, large extras (70 per cent min al 35-36, medium extras (60 per cent min a) 33-34. standards 32U-33. unclassified 56 Ih min (mostly Iowa) 32-32' 3, 55 Ib min (mostly nearby) 30'i-31. Fowl, heavy breeds 17-18, bare- bucks 15; fryers (2'.i-3li Ib) whiles 23, reds 22, reds farm range '21. Other prices unchanged. By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD ^-Sterling Hay-! dm today came to the defense of a miifh-maligned breed in Holly-j wovl—temperamental actors. i Mind you. Hayden is not one to! toss his ego around. He's as even- tempered as a British dipVomat. Proof of his cooperativeness is the fact that he has made 11 pictures' in the past two tfnd a half years. His latest is "Suddenly" with Frank Sinatra. Having worked at every studio in town, he has seen his share of temperament. Some of it he likes, some he doesn't. When we met for lunch, he said he had meant to look up "fern- permental" in the dictionary. I have done so, and the definition is: "The peculiar menial and physical character of an individual." That , would support Hayden's theory, j "The word 'temperamental' has acquired a bad connotation in Hollywood," he remarked. "I don't think it is necessarily bad. I always remember a foreword Clifton Padiman wrote for 'Moby Dick.' He said that Herman Melville had been considered something of an eccentric in his lifetime.. He added that perhaps we should not apply normal standards of behavior to someone with the genius to write a 'Moby Dick.' "And I think that applies to all creative people. Take Marlon Hnmdo. I don't rnre if he hms a raccoon for a pet or is going through analysis. To me he's a great actor. He can take a part and act the heck out of it. For my dough, he can be eccentric as he wants. "Belle Davis is another. She says exactly what she feels. If she gets mad enough, she'll blow her cork. Bui she's a wonderful gal, and she has great integrity as an aclress. "The first lime I heard Mario Lanza sing, 1 said This guy has got it. 1 I didn't care how he acted in his private life; that great voice made up for it. "Then there's Sinatra. He's supposed to be temperamental, hut I'm on his side. He has a mind like a steel trap. He has some terrific speeches in (his picture- wild stuff thnt would throw me. He (fontinwd From Pae* I.) gations without a referendum. \o secret was made of the fr.rt at. the time that the legislation was sinned for Madison County's benefit in wiping off debts whir-h had arrumulated over moie ihsn a si-ore of years through deficit spending to meet irwrfasod services required by the legislatur • without any means of raising revenue to meet the added expense. In taking advantage of the favorable legislation secured, the eounty board last May 25 by resolution authori/ed issuance of S223.000 in general county obligation bonds to meet the interest rind principal in paying off $222,586.77 in outstanding claims and obligations. The board also authorized extension of a sufficient general tax levy to pay off bonds plus interest at 3'z per cent, to retire the issue in five years. On Dec. Ifi, 19">3, the county hoard passed a subsequent issue under the same legislative authority in the amount of $97.000 to pay off the remaining $96,765.56 in outstanding claims against the county, and took similar action to levy general taxes to pay off the print ipal and in- terst. .Sell Bond to Industries Under an arrrangement worked out with and generally publicized, industries over the county consented to take over the original $223,000 bond isssue as a public service, but (lie later $97,000 bond isssue has ne\ er been disposed of, county officials said today. Plaintiffs in the injunction suit filed today contended that the Jan 7, 19"),'!, act of the legislature was unconstitutional and and deprived them, as well as all others in the county in whose behalf they brought suit, of "due proccsss of law" guarantees of the Illinois constitution. The suit filed today was threatened in a letter to the county Boa I'd of Supervisors, read at its March 17 sesssion, in which the Farm Bureau's Tax Committee asserted legal action would he taken to restrain collection doesn't always get all the words right, hut gets the meaning across. And there's a certain sincerity about the guy that comes through. In Armed Forces Market Shows Great Strength NEW YORK #-The stock market raced ahead today with a vigorous show of strength, but it faltered in late trading under profit- taking. The forward drive sent the market on into new higN ground for the past L'l years for the second straight day. Gains went to around two points at the outside with a few issues pushing higher from than that from time lo time. Volume amounted to an estimated 2, 4m. 000 sharps, compared with Thursday's 2.510.000 shares, second highest total of the year. of taxes to retire the $223.000 in debt-funding bonds isssued by the county unless the Board of Supervisors appropriated "at least $12.000" toward expense of a general audit of all county offices which receive any moneys. All county fee-earning offices are audited regularly by the county auditor's office at half-year periods and a biennial audit of such offices is being concluded by the county auditor, after the Farm Pureau, which hnd agreed to meet part of the latter expense, withdrew from the agree men! after the county Board's March 17 session. K. I,. Stotlar In .Tapm Word has hern received by Mrs. Wilma Stotlar. formerly of Monroe St., that her husband, Kldon Lee Stotlar, arrived two weeks ago in Mausa, Japan. A radar man with the 511th A.C. A W. Group Stotlar will have j 18 months overseas service. His parents. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Reed STOTLAfc moved Thursday from Alton to Crea! .Springs, accompanied by their daughter-in-law. Panama City has its first plant to convert unprocessed paper into paper towels, napkins and toilet paper. Oi'KV DAILY 12:45 GRAND TODAY & SAT. HE BECAME A RULER OF A SOUTH SEA ISLAND PARADISE! ROUTE 660/ ON THE GIANT * * WIDE SCREEN * TONIGHT! H G WEILS TECHNICOLOR We Specialize in STEAK SEA FOOD CHICKEN DINNERS OPEN DAILY 11 A.M. to 2 A.M. SKAGG'S Steakhouse Edwordsnllc Rood WOOD RIVER PHONE 4-7612 ONE OF AMERICA'S FINEST KouU 14« CoU«K« A**. AltM. IL TONITE and SATURDAY IMiiliiioc Saturday Continuous from 1 1'. M. THE STORY OF THE FIGHTING THUNDERBIRDS ... AND THE GALS WHO LOVE 'EMI TONIGHT - SATURDAY — 2 Features 2 Shown ill 8:10 — 11:01) FRESH TEXAS CORN 6,, TENDER and JUICY TEXAS RED NEW POTATOES 10' 49' PLENTY OF FRESH Strawberries ON SALE AT ALL TIMES! BROADWAY & MAIN DRIVE-IN PRODUCE MKT. stripped bare! r SHERIDAN Appc/ntment in Honduras ZACHARYSCOn NCRBERT J. YATES pttfinti . lUtnng JOHN DEMK • )OHN MMYMORC, k. MOM FREEMAN • ({ME fMNS IILEEN CNIISTY • «MO IOND CIA WAND FANG... SAVAGC DEATH STRUGGLED 2ND HIT — SHOWN AT 10:03 NEVER BEFORE FIIMEDII ACADfMV AWAID WINNII RACHEL L CARSON'S THE SEA AROUND US LAST TIME TONITE 'VHI* of llntfilfiit" 9:04 (or 7:38 •tarring MM WAYNE -IttMEOimMA A REPUSUC PICTURE "CAPTIVE CITY" STARTING SUNDAY WINNER OF EIGHT ACADEMY AWARDS! MMTMMttT • ciirr MMU« im • mm fetM Flu by OANItl TUUULSH . him u»» IM . ' -1 o. riid ?!••• MINI tf Adtpttd tnt Product IRWIN ALLEN ETDtTE 1 MtiRRY-QO-ROUNl), AUTO KIRKS, r If Lit FIKK TRUCK KIDKS, UVE PONY RIDES THURSDAY-FRIDAY-SATURDAY APR. 29-30-MAY1 I POLICE CIRCUS ARENA ST'in Oakland. St. [.null, Mn. Now Showing Thru Mav 9th 11 evening Performance* 6 Matinees trl., Sal., Sun. Malliiec» «;oo — Kveninei 8:00 Sunday at 6:30 P. M. 8««irv«d Sett Ordcn c«o b« (to- Ulntd >l Kiglitlrb Clrir Store — ll» Market, Align; or Iht Area* »r Arc«d» Bldf.— St. Box Sent* 81 .00 Plus Gen. A dm. Ue*erveil Plu» Gen. Adm Gen. Adin. ALT-WOOD SAT. - SUN. MON. - TUES. Jane Powell, Gordon MncRae Gene Nelson "3 SAILORS AND A GIRL" TECHNICOLOR. »:27 Humphrey BOGART Katharine HEPBURN Peter BULL "THE AFRICAN QUEEN" TECHNICOLOR. 7:3J Selected Shorts ,, FBURT LANCASTER and tbrMfinf thousands in His Majesty OKeefe TECHNICOLOR -* JOAN RICE Shown 1:1.0 3:15 5:20 7:20 9:25 Cartoon & News GRAND • Starts Sunday • RITA HAYWORTH •OPEN DAILV 12:48 PRINCESS TODAY & SAT. : Price* Thlr SpenJal Showing ADULTS SOo Till S, Then 70o CIlH-n 25c AM, TtMF.S They Are FUNNIER Than Ever In The MOVIES MOST RIOTOUS HONEYMOON YET! ~, K««nan "** MAIN • WYNN Shown 1:05, 8:50, 6:35, »:'40 PLUS —: — A GUN-FURY STORY OF THE LAWLESS WEST! TEXAS BAD MAN ;«: AUKD«lmi| f turning plOOUCTiON WAYNE MORRIS :40, 5;35, 8:10 EXTRA! LAFF CARTOON OUTDOOR OLD ST. LOUIS ROAD - TIL. 4-21M TONITE i SATURDAY I si Uir ACTION DUO r GABLE .'"GARDNER CRAWFORD CM MM« - taw DM k «• ra* M twi OPEN 6:80 • Starts TONITE WOODRIVER • • -- _ - -—- v ADULTS 74o CIHLD. 35c -. SAT. MATINEE ADULTS 60c Your Favorite Lovo and Laufh Funtttrs 2ND PIC HIT Shown 8:2S COMBAT^ SQUADS CARTOON

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