The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 29, 1930
Page 3
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JANUARY 20, 1030 Will March Against Mountain Stronghold JjLYTJIEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIEK-NEWS ; Here's Francisco Fimbres, , n?"'"? ,„ a < cetl0 n JFFTIVP TUlTIOM FEE IS • ' |tores Volunlecr fcv Exec-: flihcn Against Apaclic; Kidnapers. : By JOliX A. CDHIiy I XK'A ScrviCK f.'orrcs|Hjiul?nl ' •Copyright, 1930. KEA S;rvk-i> Inc ) ! 1 DOUGLAS. Ari^.—S' Idier.s of Isr- ' line ami adventurers v.'.'v rm:n- for excitement are ^athoritH; Jere from all o\er Aiiu-.-lcn for: |'l:at may be tiie last blow tiwt izatio'i on (hi'.- conlinrjil Svill • ver strike asainsl the barbarism i liat lies beyond the fr:nller. | 1 The blow will be struck at il'.e ; I ild Apuche Indians, the tnst <lc- i l:cndaius of Ocronimo's famoin | land, who infest thc unexplored I llerni Madre mc-untaiiK ot Mo:- i . some Ita miles from here, and •tail 30 miles south ol ihe Unite;! J llales boundary. The exixxlition > 'ans to leave In March or early' r\'nvo years ago the Indian Iribes- cwcut out if their mountain I I.Irs and kidnaped the son of | Iraucisco rimncri. Sonora catiie | Jan. and killed the Ind's mnthir •id her oilier child while Fimbres.! • ddled witli bullets, locked nn |3lples5ly. The object of the ex- : nt ' I( -' s "nnctsco Fimbres, bent ution recovering iMlition is to recover thc ki'ln.ip- ! indians just, aci'css tiie Mexican border, iviio is II boy and to deal cut venceuce fcr " |> the Indians so that (hey will |n'er repeat their raid. Fimbres S^ehs Krvenge i I So Francisco Pimbres is taking I lie lead, bent on dealing out. slvrn 1 lislice. J Technically the men who nuke , I) the expedition will be members • 1 thc militia of the Mexican slate! ' Seirrn. under the iv.iumaii'l of Islonel Hemengildo Carillo ot Hie lexical) federal army. They are! l:ine recruited her? in Douglas.: • in-over, under the tliret'tion (.f j l»l',c Oatlilf. cliief of Doughs' I •ilice fcrcc. and every volunteer lis to agree to pay liii ov.-n ex- |:nses. Jthm far men have v.-lunteered lorn 18 American states, from lost of J ;li2 Canacilan provinces from many Mexican siaie--. liiey are locking for cxcUement. lid they say so frankly, if thc old Iiys of Indian warfare aren't quite line they want to set in on tills lit fiareup. Voliintcrs Wrile In i<e letters t«ing received from |<lunteers thlrsling for adventure illuminating. I "Have yon r r om for a fellow who IK done two hitches in the mn- |;j> corps and one in the navy?" Iftcs Ellsworth O. Drnzy from |j'aghv 111. "I never fought In-. . -.-,- ijns. but I' have chased Spiks all j lllis f sc am wlllins; to pr.y mv ',:nd Haiti and Nicaragua and tiie lading r.iiil ix-ciip.iti-ii I Vera Cruz. I sucss I'd have the Ills to chase these birds." I Dr. R. G. Davenport of Denver, •rites: you crri-'.eir|ilat« scing in I'ter those Indians SODH r shall lunt it n very grrat privilege to. |ln you. I have hunted bip ga . many parts of America, but I In sure shooting at an Apache In• nn would cive me n greaie:' thrill |ian any I have heretofnre shot I to-> have suffered from tn- lan atrocities and feel that Mich li adventure would offer an op- l:rtunity to even an ntd -score.' • From Kcir.ra, in Ontario. Jack I'illiams writes: ;"I have traveled all over the lobe. I have seen a hit of life •id T have fought men of all col- ls, so 1 would like t^ become one your expedition tor I love ac- Dclegatcs Optimistic spite Difficulties; Session lomorrow. LIST ITEMS fDI Post Has Rcaclu'd Quota In Membership Drive Duil Coson POM, American U- glon. 1ms Littnlncd Hie quoin of 214 members, paid-up for 1930, set lor U uy deparlmi'iH] (ers, It »'ns iiimyimcril (o How Ing last night's mcctltis nl which n prize oi 57.50 In gold lor signing up the, iiipmucrs In itic past tiro Upeil w "' ks wn '' uwiirded (o F. A. While. 1 Tlio-prcsem membership Is nboul 30 above the high mark of tnsl yenr ««<! K. A. Idee, clialrinnn of th; LONDON, J.HI. 21) ,ui')—Conti- membeisliip committee, expressed tlcnl that difficulties facing the ccnlldencc tliat the post would come naval conference will be overcome! m ' nr lo roachlnir Its unofllclBl DC- wv.•.v.<..l^^ n ji| ijt- UVt-lCOlIlL ' ' ""Hi llo llllLTlLKInl cUl»l the dclri;:ili>.s conlinued their ° r 31 ° members, which would be' u scon, . private comvrsatinns tcxl.iy in picparnlion for an oprn session to- morro high mark tor all time. Mr. Hlce has been occupied with Hood relict work since tbr brenk In the '"""»• «uirv amtf ujt; urenx in me UIK Secretary Stlnison, Premier An-!'' al(c levc e. but is now planning to dre TMidicu, and Wno Grandl ,<levole considerable time to bulld- went (o Nmnbor 10 Downing street''"!! «D tire iwsl's membership out- Inr hmcheon niUi Prime Nflnister j s!ttc of Blylhevllle. Macnonald! Kin Her in the day Hie Japanese and French ministers had conferred and It was understood the nritish delegates were discussing Japan's cruiser plans.] Second prize of $5, olfercd by ., former commiinder of the locsl pojl In Ihe membership contcsl Khlch ended last night, was not awarded because no member had turned In ••---. . *" Ki'trelnry Stimson will confer witli' c ' om| B | > nieinberslilps lo merit con\i,i..ii n .,..i,i ... C ..,A .. fldeiallon. but wns appropriated to Ihi; membership committee for uss onuld at 5:30 p. m. Italian sources said the cunfer- i-iii'c woiklng program hail u Lt ,,i -- „....„.., lentatlvely airaiiccd by the chief! Tll ° l'°Sl voted to sixmsor boxing ""'"'"" ' ' "at Wilson lliL .,. been recovery Is considered doubtul. .-• -'-'' Th ;,i s small son who was kidnapped by n band of Apache enrolling volunteers from all over C0l0 " d Cari "°- wh » «'» the United »«'«» States composed of six '.items proposed by Prance, Britain j and Italy. The iialian delegates said llho subjects would be nitiiilltcd to disctiES-lon In alphabetical order of 1 the nations picxcntlni; them as ] follows: 1. Question of ylobal tonnage llra- n - » eera the cxpcninun. The ,»ck mule 'train below hints of some of the difficulties the men itation. . Question of transferring ton- naRC from cue clnss of shin to another. , WM. E. McKEKNEY Toiiriian-nl Man.ij.-r, American i Bridge League Till? change of suit signal v.-lie'.i i properly nsrd nnd understood by (Continued irom Page One) I tion its millafje according to its needs. "I am irilling to pay th; tuition since it is necessary." said s. Joseph. "We mur,- by ns ni3si>5 O!D^the schools: our rh-ldreii have to be educated." Mr. Joseph jujjest- ed that a committee be named to solicit scholarships for t'ncss unable to pay, especially persons who sens several children to school ana who are unable to ptiy their tc'al tuition. Clnrcncc Wlison exuresic:! sympathy for the school board" saying. "As a former school director 1 know what yen are np against. 1 do not believe in uiltiGii. tut .in j partners is a very clever play! a—A-?.'. ll-J-9-2 D—S5 C-Q-107-6-4 10-3 H—10-5' 3 D-7-6-4 C-A-X-2 li." Famus Srout Enlists •From Hollywood. Calif., c.imcs the I:li5tment of Anton TVfazzcnovich. Imous scout of the old soulliwpst lid author of a recent book "Trail- Bg Gcronimo." • The spirit that lies back of many I the enlistments is voiced in a l:ler from Irving Swamon, of larkdalc, Ariz., and a pal. who Iri'.is will probably be the only IportunUy offered us having; any Igrec of r.'.ilitarv experience nud I venture. Won't vou please let ..---• your band?" •from Douglas the expedition will l\o Baccrac. a tiwn MI Sor.rrn. ] I tfience lo John's Uai\ch. frnm j |iic!i p"int it will be a short marsh I the Canyon of th: Caves liish np J the mountaiiii, where the •radios have their headquarters, lie mule «-ill take it through the •id Aros porge, where the clifl • 'ellers uuilt cities and where the l! Aztec silver mines arc to be | Imd. fitted wiiu the old ladders i 1st Monlczmiws miners made. ! 1 500 lo 800 in Party \ lit Is expected thnl (Here will Dei lim 500 to 800 men in the psrly. j ]:ludmg n detachment of regular «lcan troops and. po ,-,lbly ai "<ary observer or two from the ' cd States army. ; Lmong others who have written : miring about enlistment arc- H ' Bitger. York. Neb.: Howard! lirsten, Zcigler. III.: M c Tea-1 II. Sar. Angclo. Tex.:' Edward I en, Trinidad, Coin.: Cecil D Rim•ns. Eugene. Ore.: Albert B Col. Fort Bliss. Tex.: Thomas II jrrlnan. Rrti>Bnd, l.;j.- nivnfo 111, Red Ash. Ve.; Frank A. Wat- Laniinfr. Mich.: Carl W. Tay- i Relnhold. Pa.: Stephen if. '• user. Topcta, Kan.: George c i irr. Brooklyn, N. Y.. Richard' rrcll. East Np.slwille. Tenn.. joe hde. 'Atlanta. Ga.; Docky Buck- In. Oklahoma City, 'imbres led a small and imsuc- expedition iiuo thc mcun- r ~ .- few moiilhs ago. His fc-uis 'prteci they saw a bay about five i i part and thin'-: all v.'hn are ab! should ;iay (liMr?. T ho:icv;- thru- are elioagh who can pny 10 can-,the schools or.." Pleilgiri!! a feholnr.shlp oi S3 per month. Claude F. Cooper made n brief talk stating that he was willing to help In tha emergency, bu: , Lu . expressed the opinicn that the fee ;am ~j "couldn't te legally collected." • - Resolutions wore adopted by tho I meeiing to approve the action o: ! ilie board in cnarging tiii'.lcn. to ' appo'.r" a committee to canvass tiie i city for 'personal tchclarsliips to ! take care of 84 students v.ho havj i (ilrai-dy as):ct! e.veusption. anil tr> < further a movement ID secure lei:- ! islation increasing ihe IS m?!l ! school tax. I As the situation now stands. 333 { students have paid tuition amount- ! mg to approximately $1.300. 8! have , applied for cxsmntion and 111 hav: i neither paid nor oskcd exemption". | There havo been approximately 35 i tree scholarships offered. ffc Ri rt S—9-7-4 H—lt-!J-8-7 D-K-i-10-3 C—I-B SOUTH—DEALER S-K-6-5 H—»-B4 D—A-4-3-2 fr-S-5-3 The hand was played at auction. South, the dealer, bid one no trump which closed the bidding as nil passed. The contract bidding would be South one' no trump, West pass. North two un trump, all pass. West opened with the six of clubs, tiie fourth best, of his logn- est and strongest suit. East wo,-, the trick with the king ot clubs and it? , , "' ^"""' 111X511 Which West played the ten of clubs which Tjas an unnecessarily high card a' the suit he 0 |»ncd. and which nskccl partner not to continue 1(4 flub suit but to switch. fnst can well reason that his partner has nskc dlilm to switch to the spade suit. He certainly would not ask for the heart or diamond shift with hijli cards 01 each showing in dummy. Therefore, East ji.d ihe queen of spades on which Scuth. the declarer, played a small spade. East continued with the jack of tpades. which declarer again ducked, ami on thc third spade lead West is in ihe lead with the nee of cpadcs and tluii runs his three remaining diamond tricks, wlniiini- five club tricks and three spado tricks, thereby defeating ilic on- tracf at auction two tricks, scoring 1(W points.. LONDON (UPl—Eldon. the smallest parish in Hampshire, has a church, three cottages, and a population of 12. ' . 3. Classification of ships. 4. Limitation by categories. 5 Fixing of .maximum each category or cfass. C. The question o( ratio of fleets of Die various powers. exhibition to be by E. M. Heginold ot that city. Announcement \i-as made th«t- next Tuesday night's meeting would b« Hie occasion of u feed. York Cotton NEW YORK, Jan. 29. tUPJ-Cot- ton futures closed barely steady at New Orlean* Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 2D. (UP) — Cotton futures closed steady at decline of 25 to -11 points.- u decline of 21 to 40 point.. Open nigh LOW Close Mar .... 1601. 1697 1053 1656 May .... 1722 1723 10T7 1683 tonnage] July 1739 1743 1701 1704 Oct 1745 1751 1718 mi ec 1154 1700 1730 1730 Spots closed cnsy at a decline of 40 iwlnts, middling 1645, Mai- May July Oct. Dec. Open High .... 1G12 1078 1038 1705 .... 1720 1127 .... 1720 1734 1740 174Q Low 1B30 1051 1682 1701 Close 1631-35 1CGO-CI 1684-8') 1703 1112 '1719 Spols closed quiet nt ,1 decline of 42 points, middling icso. Seaplanes lo spot wnles nrc (lie latest development, in- the whaling industry. PAGE THRRK BE GUESTS OSCKOLA. AI::.. Jn n . 29-Tlio Oiccoln CJv.'c dub ivlll [x> host tomorrow at « imiclicon meeting to which forty toys ;>m | girls and niliilt runners. who won various (.•tlzps oifcmi i n boiii count stale for crop |>m!iictlon In 1929, will be gur.'is. Luxora Take* two From Tyrooza Five* LUXORA, Jon. 29-For the first, lime this, season the loc») senior and Junior high school basketball teams won both games of a doubleheader which was played ori the Luxora court Tuesday night. The Di'sltics the croj) .Wnril winners, 1 Dabney Crump, other ot of Memphis, award the $200 ., . u<.J*4Hf fllffflb. iflC senior ontl junior baskeleers of Ty- ronzn high school were the victims . of the locals. county nnri! ,'''' le I ;" x< "''' J'm'Ofs won 33 to 6 'while the Luxora seniors did not fare so well, winning only 19 to 10 The scoring of Young for g or ie Juniors was u notable event of the game. He scored 12 of llie 33 , ' ~ f t»"'^. *IL- auuiea li oi liie 33 the I-. N. Crump Collon Co.! points nmdc by the Luxora Juniors m casli won by five Mississippi county 4-11 club members for cotton production, w. I.. McArOnir, of Ilic Chilean Nl- linle of Hotla Educntlonnl Bureau who will award ihe i«o gold wulches won by two Mississippi couuly 4-11 club members li A Lynch and A. a. Little, of niytlre- ville, key bankers for Mississippi ctunty, and niwubers of l.'ie Mississippi County Hunkers Asocla- tlon which annually •awuids JiOO In money lo club boys nnd girls of the county, E. y. HI C| , am! C. T. Cramer. Wachers of vocn- w 1 !? 1 "f 10 " 1 ""^ '"i Wilson .and Blythcvlllc respectively, whose students are among the winners of I while Nunnaliy for the visiting senior tram led In scoring o( the Tyronza boys. slnte awards, and 0. R. Babcock, editor of the Blythevllle Courier News, l). L. Appleby, editor of the Leachvlllc Slar, and Kendall Berry, editor of the Manila Sentinel. EVERY WOMAN NtEDS DrPIERCE'S Favorite Prescription On the BroacUvay of America Klngsway Hotel and Baths Hot gpringa, Ark. . New Fircpt'oof Hotel for State People Moderate Rates Coffee Shop New 150-Car Garage 0. W. Everett, Marlaging Director - irh l»wc] t:tlon Bnd rii year •ystea of polAor.oua wute M ioon u jv* notice tho &nt ei^n of a roU. Jut trka KATORTS KENEDY-Ht to lure of prenpt, C3ty usA pleasant re- >ulu. It Umora Ir^xxnioh in action Bed iai b«tter than ordinary luutira. Tn It. etatlc Laxative years old—playing around the Indians' camp. He believes this child to be his kidnaped son. CSryiltr-77" (b, 0 | S«ion, »I7M (Sfwdol Extra) PERFORMANCE that belongs toChrysferALONE! "I took Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable. Compound when I vyas tired, nervous nnd rundown. I saw the advertisement and decided :o try it because 1 was hardly able to do my housework. It has helped me in every way. My nerves arc better, I have a good appetite, I sleep n-ell and Ido not tire so c:isily. I recommend the Vegetable Compound to other women for it gives me so much strength and makes me feel like a new person."—Mrs. Lena Young, K. f i, Ellsworth, Maine. FEA I URES: IAKGE ANO POWEBFUl ENGINES . . . 7-CEARINO COUNTE8. V/EIGKfED C2/VNX5HAFr . . . AiUlTI- KANGE FOUR-SfEED TRANSMISSION AND GEAR SHIFT . . . R'J3CES SPSiNG WACMES . . . CHZVSltS WEAIHE!- PSOOF fO'JR.WKECL HYDRAULIC t HAKES . , . IAROEB. ROOMIER tODI65 OF DREADNOUGHT COM- STRUCTION . . . ADJUSTABLE fSOHT SEAT! . . . METAIWABE EV CART1ER AfTERallissoidanddone, performance ability under performance is the true in- all conditions, dex of a motor car—a car's one way of proving how good it is in basic engineering. And today, by all tests, all standards and all comparisons, the new Multi-Range Chryslers, with four-speed transmission and gear shift, are first among all motor cars in This is nota mere claim, but a fact; not something you have to take on anybody's say-so, but something you can easily verify. Demonstration and comparison furnish the proof. One rida in a new Multi-Rang* Chrysler will prove why ownership of a Chrysler inspires o pride all its own. 632 FOWLER MOTOR CO. Blytlicvillc, Avk. GASOLINE BETTER STICK k n °t simply' an advertising slogan, TO "STANDARD" but a picce of sound advice> which wil1 lower your motoring costs and materially add to your motoring pleasures. "Standard" Imfroivd Gasoline is a fuel which has won the favor of hundreds of thousands of motorists, because of its absolute uniformity and dependable quali- D jw A , tV ' Th ' 55U P erior£ l ua ^ has been arrived at and maintained through Koad Mat* And yearaofcxpcrience.throughtheequipmentofgreatmodernrefineries Information Free and through constantly improved road and laboratory tests, such' as Before starring trait trip, the one ptolltcd above. cJlare yours,!/ of l^lt.t , „ „ , k> uririnj fa l ™ Standard Refinery employee shown here is working with a fuel of definitely known knock-rating. This gasoline is put in one ir ai ' lcr; . the «fol'n* with the unknown knock-rating, in the other. Thcuy ? tlK " afltcr " atel y «« in ^e "knock-testing machine" shown formation. - at thc lower left and the knock-rating of the "unknown" is scientifically determined. The knocking in the engine causes gas to rise in thc tube above the operator's left hand. The quantity of gas determines thc amount of knock. In this manner are thc proper antiknock qualities insured for "Standard" Imjnwed Gasoline. Get the habit of buying all of your motor fuel from "Standard" Dealers whose places of business are indicated by the bars-and-cirde trade-mark shown on thc pump globes. STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA STANDARD 107 WK SELL "STANDARD" PRODUCTS -» •• —" •«* v i HV/JJLJU Vl 1 kJ 777 TIRE & BATTERY STATION CONNER WALNUT AND FIFTH SRKETS

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