Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 30, 1954 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1954
Page 11
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FftlDAY, APRIL 30, 1934 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Upper Alton News Motes ALTO* OTTtCER BBWOS HOME A STORV An Upper AJton Army officer, home on furlough, had a story to tell the other day about the ydbng negro soldier who wanted to Jtet home on a pass. The soldier made it the hard w*y, of maybe the simple way, depending on what you think about dropping 4,000 feet through the air. This soldier was stationed with the medical corps at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. For weeks he barraged the Upper Alton officer with appeals for a leave long trough so he could go home to Birmingham, Ala., for a visit. The best the officer could do was a weekend pass. The young medic soldier delayed accepting this because he couldn't figure how to get to Birmingham and back on a weekend. One day a buddy gave him a suggestion. Why didn't he ask the bomber crews if they could give him a ride by air? He tried this for a few weeks but he couldn't find a plane that would land near his home town. On a certain red letter day he found a pilot who told him that they weren't going to Birmingham but they were taking a VIP to Florida and then on the way back they would fly over Birmingham on their way to the West Coast. He told 1he young medic to get a parachute and he could jump out. He accommodatingly added that they would come down to 4000 feet and slow'to 400 miles an hour, but that's the only concession they could make. Under strict orders, you know. The dosparate boy thought that was a good idea. 1o the disbelief of everyone connected with the thing. Come flying time he was waiting with his 'chute (for which he had deposited J10) and the shaky pilot could see no way out. The medic not only had never jumped before, but. he had never been in a plane. Flying back over Birmingham the crew waited for the soldier to change his mind. But there he was edging to the door listening to the last minute instructions of a veteran non-com. With H prayer on his lips the pilot brought the plane down to his promised 4000 feet, got far fOI LIMITID TIM! ONLY AT IRVIN H. MANEKE'S ELGIN WATCHES &V R 4EW1EMY , $tH-Windln| IN VioiN-s «b-Yiw S&95L IADY ELGIN COBINA 21 Jtwth. Uk. (old filftd NOW 15722 »*>•» •«<• tfp* »*'. *«* i*«L **: •ARNETT '19 Jtwrtt, Curvtd Crystal p«*; f •RACUfTTI AfTON IRVIN JEWELER .AuiJ)om«d Elgin Ota/w. 1T14 WASHINGTON 4VC. enough away from Birmingham so there would be no complications and Rave the order. The colored boy jumped. He landed without a scratch and <vas dismayed to find he was 75 miles from Birmingham. This was taken care of by the swarm of curious motorists who bumped over the field in which the medic hart come down. When they learned the story, half of th«m offered him a ride. He finally selected a puy driving a Cadillac. He wanted to go home in style. Only hitch in the operation was discovered after the soldier had hitrhed-hiked back to Ft. Wood after two glorious days at home. Ffe had torn the 'chute in making the landing. They didn't want to give him his $10 deposit hack but he kept at them with the same persistance which had got him to Birmingham and finally they relented. You run into all kinds of stories in covering a news beat. Some you can believe and some you can't. The only thing that makes this one credible is thnt it happened in the realm of experience to an Upper Alton resident. That adds plenty of weight. STATE HOSPITAL MAKK.S PLANS FOB OPEN HOI SK Alton State Hospital is pushing ahead wilb_nlans for the observance of Mental Health Week, which begins May 2 and a drive to procure cooperation of merchants in publicizing it is a success. Already more than a dozen merchants have promised to tag onto their regular advertisme? 's announcements of the objectives involved in fighting mental hr;ilth. Placards were expected to be placed in various stores. An exhibition of work by the .patients will be in the display window of the Wedge Bank for two weeks, a hospital spokesman said. Climax of Ihe week will be the open house to be held May 9, which will feature a program of awards, an address by Dr. Abraham Simon, superintendent, and an inspection of the builJing and its facilities. Three membe 's of Ihe staff will leave for Chicago Sunday to attend the state banquet for psy- chiatrjc aides who are in competition for a state title for excellence. They are: Mrs. Dorothy Love, Mrs. Ada Doyle and Mrs. Augusta Evans. FIRST UNSCHEDULED BEE SWARM REPOBTED The first unscheduled bee swarming of the year occurred Thursday aflernoon at the home of T. Paul Johnson, 1016 Washington Ave. Police got the complaint with the added information that there were "so many of them they were breaking down the shrub on which they swarmed." Faced with emergencies like this before, the police called William Kruse of Godfrey, who operates an apiary. Kruse arrived Thursday night and did some tricks, none of which were understandable to Johnson, and the bees left the groaning shrub and went into a box the apiarian had brought. Nobody got stung. DOG BITES WOAIAV NEAB HORACE MANX Miss Olive Christy, 3000 Brown St., reported to police Thursday that she was bitten by a dog. Miss Olive said that she was walking on Edwards SI., near Horace Mann School, when the animal rushed out and attacked her, biting'her on the leg. She received medical treatment. OTTO WEBBER JR. IS NEW OUB.MASTEB New Cubmaster for Pack 28, Otto Webber Jr., was introduced at a meeting Thursday night at Clara Barton School In a session that saw Dens present skits and the Pack receive Its charter. Chet Milford of the Piasa Council ol the Boy Scouts presented the charter to B. B. Campbell, principal of the school, who represented the Parent-Teachers Association, sponsor of the Pack. Milford pinned Scouting emblems on William Boedecker, institutional representative; Joseph Stock. Pack committee chairman; William Dunnagan. committee member, and Assistant Cubmas- ter Lowell Fulkerson. who presided at the meeting. Cub Jimmy Morgenroth was awarded the bob cat pin. Den 2 led the opening pledge of allegiance. Dens 1 and 2 presented skits in connection with their April theme, "The Wizard of Oz." Den 1 had a puppet show and Den 2 enacted a scene from the "Oz" story. Plans were made for summer cubbing activities and they included three family picnics. The first will be held June 11 at the Onized club grounds, another on July 10 flf Camp Warren Levis and the final one Aug. 14 at a site to be announced. Refreshments were served following the meeting to about 35 attending. Next meeting will be May 27. rorvriL REFERS ZONIVO PETITION TO COMMITTEE At the request of John A. and Alfreda Greer, through their attorney, Ross Armbrnster, City Council referred back to the Board of Zoning Appeals for further consideration the petition by the CJreers for rezoning of their premises at northeast corner of Main and College Ave. from residence to business classification. The denial of the rezoning "for lack of specific information as to Ihe type of use proposed for the property" was received by the council, but referred back to the Board of Appeals along with the Greers' reconsideration plea. The property concerned is the former H. T. Burnap place. The council referred to its promotion committee an invitation from Upper Alton GAAC Council, through Dr. DeL.Reid, parade chairman, an invitation for city officials to take part in the Memorial day procession May 31. SCOI;T PAPER PICK-UP TO BE HELD SATURDAY Cub Pack 15 will conduct a paper pick-up Saturday morning. Anyone having papers to dispose of may telephone 2-6067, 2-8353, 2-1968, before 9 a.m. Saturday. In other news, the planning meeting for the committee and den mothers will be held Tuesday, 7:30 p.m., at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Mindrup, 3510 Ohio St. AREA DELEGATES ATTEND PTA STATE CONVENTION Several Upper Alton area residents are attending the Slate Convention of Parent-Teacher Association at Springfield. Those who left Thursday as delegates are Mrs. Dorothy Raymond, Mrs. Louis Ayres, Mrs. Charles Ruedin, Mrs. Matthew Gormley, and Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Nauglc. The convention began Thursday and will continue through Saturday. The delegates represent the Milton School PTA, Mil- Ion School Mothers Club. East Junior High School PTA and the Alton PTA Council. The convention will end with a banquet Saturday evening a which Dr. E. H. Muehl, professoi of public speaking of Yale Uni versity, will give an address. SHOES GET BACK HOME THE BOUND-ABOUT WAY Someone found a box contain ing a pair of shoes just as she was about to drive from th« West End shopping district, ear ly Thursday evening,' and hand ed the parcel to a traffic police man. Two hours later Mrs. Nelli PAGE ELEVEN GLAMOUR with finer DRYCLEANING Cwy (pick of dirt «« loll ar« eompltuiy rtmovtd, sins and shifts in cinfully utiinid, tint "decorator-look" likes, evir an« you Mvt is food is mw colors indbriliiiflc*...tvtn th« most tfflinti libric* rtipond perfectly tt this wendirful ptiuly • LAUNDERERS • PRY CLEANERS t RUG CLEANERS OUR "TRUCLEEN" DRY CLEANING Will Mok* Your Clothw 6 TIMES CLEANER. Frw Pick-Up and Dtlivtry Strvlet SOI EAST IBOADWAY DIAL 3*1177 Lawrence of 1009 Washington Ave., reported los* of the ho\ to the police «nd was told it was awaiting her at the polirr desk. She later cal'cd to claim the shors. LV HOSPITAL FOR TRfcATMEXT Mrs. Omar Thompson, 3529 Berkeley Ave., is in St. Joseph's Hospital undergoing treatment tor a recurrence of arthritis. Her condition is improved. She entered Wednesday and is expected to be discharged within a few days. ISMEttRLY TO HOLD LAST SERVICE IN OLD Cltt RCH Congregation of the Edwards Street Asssembly of God Chui-ch over the weekend will hold the last Sunday service in their old building. The Rev. Jamrs C. Kohfal, pastor, $aid the church is in a processs of locating a temporary meeting place in Upper Alton which will be used until they can move into their new church building in about two months. Several officers have been received or promoted, the minister said, but final selection will not be made until next week. In other news, Stmday night the four-week revival will close. Saturday night an all-musical service will he held under direction of the Rev. Maurice Hart and his evangelistic parly. The Rev. Kofahl will go to Carbondale Monday to attend the four-day meeting of the Illinois district of the Assemblies of God. Bands Present Spring Concert At Bunker Hill BUNKER HILL-The spring conlest by the junior and senior bands of the locak school was given Thursday evening in the gym. Five numbers were given by the girls glee club with Mary Ann Howard, accompanist; four selections were given by the junior band; Mary Ann Howard played a piano solo; the mixed chorus with Judy Brown as accompanist, sang three'numbers; Miss Valera Berry, music teacher at Carrollton, played "Sounds on the Hudson' on her coronet. WalthPr League Meeting BUNKER HILL — The film, "Faith of Our Fathers" was shown at the Walther League meeting Wednesday evening at the Lutheran Church. During the social hour, refreshments were served. To Present Program, BUNKER HILL-The Normal- aires-quartet from Normal University at Bloomington, of which Ruth Wiegand, daughter of Mrs. Wesley Wiegand is a member, will sing and supply the program for the morning worship at the Methodist Church Sunday morning beginning at 30:30. After trie services lunch will be served and those attending are to bring sandwiches, salads and desserts. There wil be morning worship each Sunday morning at the Methodist Church while daylight saving time is in effect. Fire Cm Walt.' NORTH HAVEN, Conn., /P- Firemen abruptly quit the scene of a grass fire. They returned to put out the fire only after making sure that a skunk,had quit the scene too. North Alton Mews Motes y • TJrJmnr Rmtndnp Sixty-two pre-srhool n$r children were registered Thursday in the McKinley-DMmnr Si-nodi Summer Roundup. Four nurses and two speech teachers were nn hand to examine the children and recommend proper procedure prior to the children's entering school this fall. The round-up examination was conducted in the Mothers Room at McKiniey School. Mrs. Paul Rierbaum and Mrs. Newton Baker served as chairman and co-chairmnn, and were assisted in registering the children by Mrs. Carl Redwell. Mrs. Maurice Kennedy. Mrs. Gene McCrellis and Mrs. Bill Sunderland. T. E. Wileot Family Returns Home Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Wileox of 115 E. Elm St.. returned Wednesday from Hamhlen, Tex., where they Visited with Wilcox mother. Mrs. W. J. Wilcox, and his brothers and sisters. The couple left a week ago accompanied by Mrs. Wilcox's mother, Mrs. S. Reno, who stopped en route in Tulsa, Okla., where she visited with a cousin, Mrs. Hazel Warwick. Joey Nichols In Hospital Joey Nichols, four-year-old son of Mr, and Mrs. Maurice Nichols, 2664 Olive PI., is expected to be dismissed this weekend from St. Joseph's Hospital, where he entered Thursday for treatment of a respiratory Infection. North Altonlans Attend Ixsngtifl Maurice Nichols, 2664 Olive PI., Don Warner. 628 Oakwood Ave., and Claud Sawyer, also of Ihe North Side, will be representatives from the Lutheran Mission in North Alton, to the 20th annual convention of the Southern Illinois district, Lutheran Laymen's League, Sunday at Mascoutah. The business session will open at 2 p.m. and the Rev, Rch- •waldt of East St, Louis, member of the Lutheran Mission Board, will be present to speak briefly in behalf of the North Alton mission, which is progressing on plans for a new church in the Godfrey area. Following the business sessions there will he a fellowship banquet at 6 p.m., at which Edgar Fritz, also of Alton, will be toastmaster. Mrs. Oleo Kicrn III III at her home for the past week is Mrs. Cleo Kiern, wife of Rev. Leo Kicrn, pastor of the First Church of God, who resides at 823 Central Ave. A revival in progress at the church this week will close Sunday. The evangelists, Rev. Henry Miller and his wife, of Dayton, Ohio, will move to Meadowbrook Church of God this weekend to open a revival for one week there. WllllaiiV Wnltrr In Hospltnl Admitted 'to St. Joseph's Hospital Wednesday for X-ray and examinations was William Walter of 222 Maurice St. He is an employe of .Owens-Illinois Glass Co. Mrs. Walter reported this morning that her husband would probably return home this weekend. Visiting here from Keysport with Mrs. Walter and her son, is her mother, Mrs. Elsie Bright. 'Mrs. Bright arrived Sunday and will return home Sunday. Church Softball Team Practice GOULDING'S Our 101a,t Year — JeweUrs in Alton on MOTHER'S DAY Here'i a gift lo "make up" for all the yean ... • gift to mak« her heart tingl Solid silver m frcih, new pattern! that glow wilh btauty and elfganrr. Whichever lovely panern ibe chooiei will reflect her very'own taste - b* it for the lavith and magnificent, or the ilrrkneii and aimplicdy of the modern. |. Mjniioo Haute' 4-Utti rint f. Djmiik KOM' U4. 6-Pc. place settings start at only $29.7f. Individual piece* from $3.75 ia< eluding Federal Tax. leinu arranged. - Charge /trcount* Invited - Rtgif te<*d Jtw»li it — American Gem Society GOULDING'S ^^ Store Heuru 9 ie 5 — Friday 9 tp 9 ^^ The fjr<t practice session of Kim Street Presbyterian Church "Ofthnll team was held Thursday evening at North Side Playground. KiRht were present. and the practice consisted of throwing and hatting. The next practice will he Monday evening nt 6 at North Side. Saturday morning, hoys up to \4 years will meet at 9 o'clock with Dick Kccles to have their first workout for the junior hall team. It is asked that the hoys bring any equipment they have. VIW tn«tttntr Saturday The Rev. anrt Mrs. William U. Klmhrough will return from Druco I^ke, Villa Ridge, 111., where they attended the fourth annual Prrstyterian Recreation Laboratory, In time to attend the Vacation Bible School Institute, to be held Saturday from 9 to 11:30 a.m. In the church. Slncly (Iroup to Meet Tentative arrangements have been made by Mrs. C. Em melt Spatz, program chairman ot the Elm Street Missionary Society, for n study group meeting Thurs- i!«y sr '/p.m. at the rhurrh. The "Hook of Arts" will he wed and nil women of the church are invited to attend the meeting. I,nt- er. a meeting of those who are unable to attend day time groups will be called, prior to the next missionary meeting which will be May 17. Eldrod ELDRED- The local Boy Scout Troop accompanied by their leader, George Varhlc. enjoyed a wiener roast Wednesday evening on the bluffs in the rear of the Keith Brannan home. Sixteen hoys were present. Plans are being made by the troop to attend the Police Circus at St. VFW Post Scats Officers Sunday Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Rasplica and three children of Chicago are visiting this week in the homo of his brother-in-law and sister. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Havelka. Jake Ooans visited nt White Mall several days this week with his brother, Roy Gonns, and farh ilv. Ray Kunncmann. county coun- il commander, Veterans of For- •ign Wars. Collinsville. was installing offirrr during a ceremony held Sunday by the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Post 1308 at the VFW center, 60.1 W. Delmar Ave. Neil Grey was officer of the day. and William Petersen was retiring president. New officers are Charles Cox, commander; Don Carhart, senior vice commander; Marion Ray Junior vice commander; Michael King; quartermaster; Harry Lessner, chaplain; Ralph Smith, Judge advocate; William Dick, surgeon; Richard Foster, adju- tant: Ben Guile, trustee; Paul Gottlob officer of the day; Jtnuw McKee, guard; Andy Venhaus, sen-ice officer; Clarence Cox. patriotic officer; Adotph Young- Hood, post historian; Ralph Ballard. post legislature; William Petersen. post public service; IJoyd Martin, btieier: and Joe Cox, post employment. Record 477 City License Tags Sold Thursday With the police still pressing a "courtesy drive" to enforel' the city auto license ordinance, n new high record-sale of 4ff city license stickers was fnftdS Thursday ;,t the office of City Treasurer Osboine. At enj^-jf| the day, the grand total ofwrnfel tax stickers issued for 1954 stood at 3,651. Lei Yoor Eyes Enjoy The Sual Who Launders Sheets and Shirts Best? 909 E. Broodwov Dial 3-8877 TIME TO RENEW YOUR REST WITH THE... BEST OF THEM ALL ... ' 69 50 More than likely your present mattrew is not giving you the complete rest you deserve. It it high time you replaced it with a Beautyrest ior the kind of sleep that results in better appearance .,, better health. This great Simmon* mattroso, with its 837 individually pocketed coils, give* you both the firmness you need plus the cemfort you want. Choose either the Normal-Firm model or the Extra-Firm model. TERMS — NO EXTRAS MENTAL HEALTH WEEK MAY 2nd to MAY 9th let's Fight Mental Illness OPEN HOUSE MAY 9th ALTON STATE HOSPITAL PARK FREEI CUSTOMER'S PARKING IOT AT REAR ENTRANCE TO STORE. G.J.JACOBY&CO. 127.1.33 EAST BROADWAY PHONE 3-W6 ALTON. ILUNOIS

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