The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 3, 1930 · Page 7
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 7

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 3, 1930
Page 7
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PAGE SEVEH TRIBUNE FOR SALE OR TRADE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE OK TRA room house on imi E. A. Foster. Phon FOR SALE OR TRA I property, several deuces in Frankfi acre farm. 2 miles Ivol; ^in Clinton land, fair liarn. no have you'.' CliiKon Co.. Frankfort. Ii|d JE­ SS.) ijount hoiisj FOR SALE PERSONAL PROPERTY FOR SALE—No. real bargain at §^ . tine Press. .FOR SALE j ' combined; tested! • tion; excellent t it\\ Rhone Golds A Pliares. Munelipi ^"N for nil li. FOR SALE—Year -i Duroc male. .1 route 2. Tipton. FOR| SALE — SIT strawberry plai IJriiniiicld. FOR SALE— with pigs. 4. rhone Thr. r.02. FOR SALE—2 good oak dining table. Arcadia, route 2 CLASSIFIED ADS RADIO SERVICE—We specialize j onto the auction block were be -i on experi service work on alljyond all this. They were kneel Rich Chfcaoo W< FOR RENT ood (i- roved street. C -1S2 I E for Tipton FOR RENT — 5-room modern; house; Phone 4351. c-tf FOR REST —Good house, Rood lo- , cation: call at 441 North Main. ! .-' •. • c-tf 6o\l resi- j — '• . rr • FOR RENT lso :>:>-• ft; lot go|od mar- good i e: what j J7 ^"i Finance c-lST Half of double, four rooms, sun room. bath. 615 E. Jefferson. Phone 214G. . p-'lS2 length. And often backless. They had been designed for the most lithe beauties the world knows. And they were boughtlargely by heavy-hipped ladies with work- roughened hands. Or by high school girls. The school contingent fought for Alice White's dresses and paid $7.50 for them, although they were behind the mode by ndeijwood; a he Trib- bi a us. Tiiuin- sl njid iiuai- ' Willia:!i c-1.'' Id lajr hu young Wilsiin Inai It EXT—Tlirce unfurnished ..rooms) ground floor, outside entrance. Phone,SIC! p-lSG FOR RENT—Six-room senii-niod- e'rn cottage: 221 N. Conde. Mrs. .1. R. Coleman, Phone ; K!22. c-tf tf FOR KENT— Muilcrn I • ' li!". good location: rem. Phone 22HH. C -1S4 makes of sets; full line tubes, batteries, etc. McJunkin Radio . Shop. Phone 20X7. c -tf LAWN MOWER grinding and repairing. George Manwarriiig ' Garage, Atlanta. Call No. 3. P-1S2 CARTER window washer cleans, dries, polishes; approved by Good Housekeeping, Institute; 10 sales daily net you $420.00 j many months. Perhaps they were 'monthly; write'today. Carter j hoping some contagion of thatj Products Corporation, 880 Front , priceless "it" for which this lit- street, Cleveland, O. n'-lS2:. t i e Hollywood "red-hot" has been] publicized so widely would attach j itself to them. FEDERAL FARM LOANS at 5 % \. per cent; pre-payment privi-^ The proprietress of a gulp-and-1 lege. D. S. Phares. c-t£ gt 'J -'i counter—which is one ol' Hollywood's ways' of designating i quick lunch joint—near the bought a black velvet; Fminil Dead trillt Friend Notice is hereby given that the; i!oimttweaa'wiui*.«»»u tiuiiaers . gii6d has been appointed j ly the Judge of the Circuit Court i of. Tipton County, State of. Indi-! ana, executor o£ the estate of John P. Leininger, late of Tipton county-deseased. Said .estate Is supposed to be solvent. EDWARD. J. LEININGER, April 14, mSO. •• : Executor. GIFFORD & GIFFORD. Attorneys. _' 166-7 2-7 S-S 1 j • - • I . Notice to Non -Resideiits, Notice of Administration^ We Are 44 Years Old — We Have Lived Through ThW Country's Financial Depressions and Panics During Thewj 44 years and Have Never Paid Less Than •% on SaTtogJ GET THE FULL. SIGNIFICANCE OF THAT STATKOfSNT, Assets, April 30, 1930 ..... Contingent Loss Fond Undivided Profits, April 30, 1930 ....!..:. Next Dividend June 30, 1930 $642,654.61 i5,oqo.oo 14,252.34 TIPTON BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION THE OLDEST SAVINGS INSTITUTION IN TIPTON | Talk It Over With Our Sec?etory, J. A. Lewis MONEY TO LOAN -room mm- PLENTY OF MONEY AT 5% pe reasonable cent, frour.l to 10 ye^rs, with; sUudjo pre-payment priviliges; best' S()Wlv once woni ,, y rjjiiic Do ve. FOR. RENT—Ni 'V.- garaiv, cement ! flour:. cnHll:;:i or i IS East< 'Jefferson street alter 5 p. in. C -1S2 ; loan in the state, fc^tanderford. Standerford | c-tf e type. ]J."icnain -r. P-1S2 : Dnnl.ip'. Gt-ora,'- - C-1.S2 ! '"(.HI RENT — Three furnished downstairs mums for light .housekeeping at i'.20 West .lef- i'ei-son street: outside entrance. Phone 3356. c-tf warned her it would- be a total of her steady customers tipped FARM LOANS —Best ki-ins in Iler off ,0 ,he bargain and she state, 5 to 20 years; interest j w :ls there t0 haUIe for il with a j annual or semi-annual with full 1 ?12 " itL a 11 "™!?" the wardrobe! payment privilege. Fielding. Fielding & sir1, siz '"S Iier herculean figure. c-tf j I • roii;.' FOR RENT—Modern house 41G, West Wash.ine.ton street; foiir! rooms and bath; garage. Phone! '14-S3.. c-tf! IN FILMLAND (Ity Mollio MeiiiVA-. ) A studio electrician who is one ^eaWryanl •ose- tha Lagona "You've no idea what I can do was fptui4 thot to with it, dearie," she protested, |JJ^*>*r'^'J'' — •^J 1 ™? r.tretching. the slim garment' across her buxom proportions. "IlPoat used to be a seamstress, '.hut/it is heirs, creditors or! legatees of said estate are required to appear in said' court and show cause, if any there be, why said account and vouchers should not be approved. Witness the clerk and seal of said Tipton Circuit Court, at Tipton, Indiana, this 16th day of April, 1930. | (Seal) IRVIN MILLER. 170-176- . i Clerk Tipton 1S2-1SS ',' Circuit Court. Legal .Advertisement. (Seal) 170-171!- 1S2-1SS Keal of 'at Tip- day of • Witness the clerk and isaid. Tiptonj Circuit Court. ! ton, Indiai(a, this 18th i April. 10 30 IRVf.V MILL MR Clerk Tipton Circuit Court. Nottce pf Administration. Notice is| hereby given tjhut the i FOR SALE—Youn with calf by sidii herr, Phone 40X|.. FOR SALE—Mancll Phone 3X1. Ra FOR SALIC— rrnct with tandem; in tion; pricec Barr. Phone Goldsmith of- or -l|nrs<' disc ! good condi-j Ohuiviiilie! IS 1! FOR SALE seed corn; have of l!!2!i crop, al ply of 1U2S;. crop Wood|ntrne few FOR SALE—Thousands "of j pansies in bit om. | Maple! Side Farm, on "Wiindfall- WANTED Greentown pike FOR SALE — Two hay knife, fen ditch crummer a room suite. Mr Phone 31u4. Le: FOR SALE Seed corn picked om of cr: ed. O. F. Scott street, Elwood 7S0R2. minu * per FOR SALE—Bad chick starter coi er oil. Cod liver milk: Grows them better, fast er and bigger. CO; FOR • SALE!—si coining Polled-Shorthorn! registered, and o Shorthorn sire": Holstein bull cal Old, and a real ph-ospdet. Frank Teal. I.OOK: LOOK': n White, Huff l: Rftfls: White ilottcs: Huff Or:ii:i —S'J.OQ IIT 10ft; per S00; *sr,.on per Wliite and Urcwn per 100 straight. 5IL00. Add lc per are shipped. 2c when 2: each Monday and \retlnei horns each Wertne; flay give good sattsfact on. V pleased. EacJi ordei cnr<: ed. Hoosier ' Hatchery town, Ind. MORE .NICE STARTED ^-WWeek; old,. 11 1 -} } 3 c; 'tUree* week.|: "fine: we' sort all broo ier chicks good; you will like lh( mr come; cannot be shlpp >d; open every day. Hoosier Hatchery, Michi gantown, Ind. ' ; ' c -183 Hollywood, May 3.—The 'sud- really the only first class even den shift in styles from daring to: ing gown I've had in years. And figure I'll make in my feat IU (L., F()R RENT _ Housei 5 rooms and! ",ii gnily brought about one of the! what a bath, 909 N. Main. Phone 36l most amusing sights Hollywood, own socialset- I»-IS::I or 4229. Shorhorn cow Andy Alt-: FOR RENT—Choice office rooms also light housekeeping rooms, 0 " 4, -f[has seen for many years. Gowns once worn by movie j with a triumphant smile on her I And she proudly bore it off i stars and now antiquated because j face. modern, Masonic Opera House! ot tllis complete conversion of the- |u soy beans., j Finjtl.ling. j C -1S2, Blot. AVurne, secy. Inquire of Charles j femini "°- element to wasitlinesl Overstuffed ladies of 40 and into her dusty flivver and turned toward the hills the seams 'about : her eyes lightened somewhat by the. glamorous J touch of the habiliments of fame. Phone ri. WANTED lf j and "long frocks, were auctioned up seemed to bo bent on .the _| off Saturday at one of the studios.! somewhat shopworn grandeur ot ! Clothes aggregating more than j discarded negligees. They trailed WALL PAPER cleaned satisTaC-l " 5 milIion dollars in value; the passe laces and limp pastel torily; have canvas. L M . j hrdught about $1,500. -chiffons about with littl chirps C -1S2J But tlle nlost interesting thing! of satisfaction. 1 ibout the proceeding was a study; Many a suppressed desire will canvas. Clark. Phone 2295. HM!-day ' WANTED bushels 0' a dood sup- Kr:Jnk Teal. p-lSfi good used piano Manlove Hunter. Piano pupils; also j of the varying types who clam-1 be realized there.' Dreams of a Mrs. Lulajored to own" a gown once worn by j luxury-never to be attained and| tne " corner Phone 2274.|Billie Dove, Dorothy Mackaill, not marred now by. the fact that' C -1S2 j Alice'White, Marilyn Miller, Lila ' it is a. trifle shopworn. W A NT ED-^-To buy three or four | Leo ° r Lo ^ tta Y °" ng ' horses. AValter Fuller. Phone j . , 23X4 or 54. C -1S2 1 111 tIle I >ast 110 star ever wore a • orously saved over a period of And a country .woman who ar rived with $10 iiuegg money, lab- The Daily Wheeze The man in the corner seat was heard to groan so horribly that he- frightened the othei* passengers, and one hastily produced a flask and told htm to take a good drink. He did. better now?" "I do that," "Do you Vou feel It ! ' said the j man la wn mowers, i stretchers. I id di. Jol 22(li| Ltd ._ frock twice. Bui the gowns, de Lady without iiicuin- signed at tremendous cost, were many months, swooped down upon a stagey frock designed for behihd- work_aiid cooking; hours S:00 lover for minor actresses to wear] scenes picture and would not be 1»-1''*''- ; ! lM to do general kitchen i saved by. the studios and made,! Dorothy Macka.ill in a to (i:30. Box 30, Tribune. k dinipgj,j ADlES WANTED to str lnnis, C -1S2 1 ti 0-day bushel; sa^uple test-] South P Phone P-1S2 at home; stamped addressed j- envelope for particulars; - expe-j i-ience unnecessary. Ivory Nov- i «lty Co., -113 Fourth- avenue,) New York City. P-1S2 tf j in later-pictures. Eventually they! talked out of It. j were handed out to extras. I Clutching its. flame chiffon and beads! ]j ut some 200 gowns turned j spangles'to her heart, she climbed noc!( tains meal, butter bull it of s Baby Cod Liv MAN WANTE-i: lor Watkiiis route ! in Tipton; average earnings S35 j weekly; chance for reliable hustler to make big paying connection; write at once. The J. ! R. Watkins Company, 242-20(5 East Naghten street, Columbus Ohio. . p-182 —and the Wor$t is Yet to Come •3J :TrUli -I ^RK "T "What from?" j "Suffering from?' "Yes, what made so?" "Groan. Why was singing." were ^you suffering you groan confound you! In Mcmoi'iam. ICampbell —\~\ MISCELLANEOUS yearling — ; : •alf. red-! J ? 0VING ANYTHING ? 1 milking! so lijiglj. gr -i -je! eight months I 1. ks; •'til UIIIK iiuii Wit lad P-1S3 j Get Balser Bros, prices first; having a large truck just 'added to our line, W2 are equipped to haul large-as well as small amounts of furniture, freight or • liv< stock, any time, and inywhere. Clyde 1149; George 1624. •' I . . p-l'Jt! i|3rnK—$S.(m Brnhnias. when : 50 Heavy's jalay. Leg- flur chicks )u win :1«' "liv. sofl.- Mlchigiin- tf -'J. For Sale: 1927 2-door Buick; 1926 4-deor master sedan; 1926 Studebaker, four doors; 1926 Dodge, four doors. Other Used Cars Priced to Sell TIPTON BUICK CO. W. Jefferson St. , Phone Ml. CHICKS tvto- jveoks, growing *?0.a-«ALE-vn929^JjJpj)et coupe; 1929 Chevrolet 1 ' coach, •1929: r Chevrolet coupe, '1-929 Chevrolet coach, 1927 Essex sedan, 1927, Chrsyler "6" sport roadster., 1927J Chevrolet coach. Tipton Chevrolef Co., Inc. In loviiig reineflibrancce of a dearly beloved {wife and mother, Mrs. Ella S. Mohler, who departed this life two years ago, May 4, 192S. Mother, we miss you as niiich today As we did 011 ;he day you went away: j Two years have passed since His "' will you c'reyfd, And left us alone on the fourth ot May. j • Life that was once so rosy and sweet, children assembled. Father and Mother to greet, Seems gloomy and sad since the angel came', And our home has never been the same. The God of tlje 1 Universe has gained one! I nheaven One that was always so true and so kind, I And, one by one, as He calls us in homo, j « You; Ve know, >vitli Him we shall find. When the Why should w^ not inourn; ,why should we not wail At the loss of such a wonderful mother. We live on and on—day after day But wh»t is; our..home without a mother? I • j ' S. R. Mohler and Children FOR SALE) OR TRADE XJoupe. .j*t92?<! Epsex ,aoupe. 1 'l92i.Dodge CoXipe. SEEVIO? MOTOE 00 Phone M. State of Indiana, . r County of Tipton, ss: .-• Bessie Norrick vs. .Joseph Bond, • et al. Tipton Circuit Court,: February Term, 1930. Cause; No. 1410. .-;--'•• ' . ' -j Comes now the plaintiff, by Ralph Montgomery, her attorney, I and files her complaint herein to; quiet title against all defendants; in and to.the east half ('-i ) of the: northwest quarter (Vt). of sec-' tion thirty-four (34 ). township twenty-one (21) north, range! three (3) east, containing eighty; }S0) acres, in Tipton county. In-' diana, together with her affidavit! that the defendants,'Joseph Bond.! Elizabeth Bond,'John :D. Smith. ' attorney in fact for Joseph' Bond i and Elizabeth Bond, Archibald j Small, Mary Ann Small, Moses SI-. j Small. George W. Small. Sarah] Ellen Fox, John Fox, Mafinda Ann Thompson. George Tbojnpson. Ma-; rinda Olive Davipey, Harry Davi- ; ney, Lucinda Hershman, Jasper Hershman, Josephine Endicott,! John Endicott, . Thomas- Harvey i Small; Mary Etta Small, Mary -Et-i ta Mundell, Rosalia Hettie Small,] Belle Carmack, .William Carmack.! Stephen Lee, John Lee, Mary Lee,': Emily Lee, Archibald Lee, Alvinj Lee, Isaiah Lee, John W.. Fox, Sarah E. Fox, Marinda O. Davi-j ney, John M. Endicott, Lucinda C. j Hershman, Thos. H. Small, Mary.; E. Small, Rosalia H; Small,'Wm.! Carmack, Isiah Lee, Emery Lee.j Thomas Henry Small, Mary C. Lee.; Lucinda C. Small, . William -J-.':. Hershman, Archibald Small, -John • A. Lee. Rettie J. Lee, Janies' A. Lee; Ida Lee, Albert Smith, Olive] Smith, Isaac Lee, Mary J. Lee-.i Mary . J. ' Hockenberry, - Moses i Hockenberry, Henry A. Lee,'Emery A. Lee, Francis M'; Small, Car- •ie Devaney, Frank' Small, John Small, Henry.Srtiall, Frank Smallf Otis Devaney, James Bishop, Winnie Alexander, G. W. .Thbmp-j son, M. A. - Thompson, G. W.I Small, M. A. Small, W. J. Hersh-j man, U. W. Hockenberry! H. A.j Lee, each and all of said seven last named defendants' given names being unknown, the respec-! tive wives, husbands, surviving! spouse, widow or widower of each | and all of the above named defen-1 dants, whose liames-'are unknown,-; each and all of the above named female defendants, now known'by other or different names, but which said present name is un known, the unknown heirs, de- vicees, legatees, perso'nal repre- sentativjes, administrators, ejecu- tors and trustees of eaclr and all of the above named. defendants, whose names are unknown, ail persons, firms or corporations claiming under, by - or through said above named defendants, or either of them, whose names are unknown, are not residents of the state: of Indiana. Notice is therefore hereby given said defendants that unless they i be aiid appear in the Tipton circuit court on the 7th day of June, 1930, the same being the 30th judicial day of the May term, 1930T ot the Tipton Circuit Court, beginning on the first Monday- of May, 1930, at the court house in the city of Tipton, in "said county! and state, and answer or demur to said complaint, the same wi|l-be heard and determined in their absence. . In witness whereof, J hereunto set my hand and affix tite seal of said court at Tipton,. Indiana;, thjs lith day of April, A. D. 1930. (Seal) IRVIN MILLER, Clerk Tipton 164-70-76-82 Circuit Court. Notice to Heiip, Creditors, Etc. In the matter 1 of the estate of ' Robert W. Conway, dececased. In the Tipton Circuit Court, •:' February Term, 1930. ! Nitice is hereby given that Thq QiUz«p8 -Nationai-Bank- as- admin- t ^. v ihway; idect^sed; 1 his- ^prs^. seated and filed- its .-account .and The -commissioners of Tipton County, Indiana!, will receive sealed bids at the auditor's office in said county, up to 10 o'clock a. m.. May 5, 1930. for one engineer's transit with five-inch vertical circle, level!under telescope, length of telescope 12^ .inches, magnification • 2 Ix and compass with leveling screws of nickel silver. ; . A certified check on a reputable bank calling for $100. must accompany each bid. The board of commissioners reserves the right to reject airv or all bids. ' : For fifrther information cull .on Lew J. Richards.:county surveyor. Dated April 24. 1M0. W. A. KENDALL. 17G-1S2' ' . Audit::r. {pointed Court i {>f Indi- estate f Tip- undersigned has been ai by the Judge of the cirutiir of Tipton Coutuy. State ana. administrator of tli of Cyrus A.''Edwards, Ian ton county, deci-ased. Saiil csiaii is supposi-il to b<' solvi'i 'T. NORA CAKXKIl ('-ATI I MAN. April 11. I '.i:'.". ' Aduiiuiiiraior S. ,\. CILYKR. ; Attorney. 17u-Tii-N2-'.j Notice to Heirs, Crcdtriirs, Etc. Notice to !lcii-«. ('rcilifOI-N, E(c. In tli>- msitiM' of the estalif of l!a- chel Morris.' Dec -as.-il. | "In tin: . Tipton Cii 'i -uit Court. Flfbrnary Term. I !t :jn. ! Notice is hereby given that Roy; us ailmiuist i-;il.r,-! of 'lio: <--.«!;!li- />/' K."!<"i:c| .Morris. (If- c.-i. i -ii. J iu,s preseiiied and iiled liis ai - couiit and vo;'. riicrs iu litial 't- tIt-ment of said ist;^c. aiid that til s:nai' will roiue up foij- exami- '•:''io:-. and action of saidj Circuit | Court i;n (lie .-")t;i day of .May, l'.i".n. at wiiich time all-Injirs. ci"»-• In the matte'r of thej estate ••:' Jesse Mitchell, deceased. In the Tipton Circuit Court. February - Term,-1030. Notice is hereby given .Edmund Smith, as-administrator of the estate of -Jesse 'Mitchell, deceased, has presented and filed his account and vouchers in final settlement of said estate and that the same will come up for examination and action of said Circuit Court, on the loth day of May. 1930, at which time- all heirs, creditors orlegatees of said estate are required to appear in said court and show cajuse, if any there be, why said account and vouchers should hot'be approved. :i!!toi-s or !<>:rat.-vs of saiil are ivquircd fn appear ; court and show cause, if :i ; be.' \vi:y s:iid eccount :ilit ois shouid not. be approvr Wif.:e.-s, tlie clerk and , <ai«I Tipton Circuit Court "ti,-,:. Indiana, this lltli April. l!»::n. (Seal I IRVIN Mil.!. C!.-rk -1 1 'l(;4-7'--7(;-S2 Circui .'state : ::n'd i -I I: -ri- vou ii- il. <ea] of it Tip- day of R. ipton Court. Alt Til >.\: Without re '-rv-. to highest bidder. Saturday. May in.' at I II a. in.; M> acn-s and i -leaii-m sale of personal property at west edge of .Moatpelicr. ollivcr II Riceinger, ownfr. R. C. Fo-Land| Auction Co.. auction-ers. I Nobh ville. Ind. WOOL Wanted 10,000 Pounds BEST PRICES PAID Will Send a Man to Shear Your Sheep ZEHNER & ZEHNER WINDFALL, IND PHONE 37 Baby Chicks DO YOU.SELL. I'S WIXTKK HCCS; \ \ : - UKiiE IS TIIK WAV TO DO IT! | . Try pur BABY i'lIIOKS ami see the tlit'lVfeiiee. QUALITY CHICKS .THAT LIVE, LAY AX I) lj'AY Call-or write for prices. j Fear - Campbell Co. Tipton, Indiana. vbuch'erB'ln flnal settlement ot i'ald estate and that the 8Bm,e'will corns up ror eiaminatlon and- action ot said Circuit Court on the 12th day of May, 1930, at which time al Ford Ammonium Sulphate | Nitrogen for the soil in its most desirable and convenient form. A wonderful fertilizer for lawns, gardens, trees and shrubs. Put up handy 10-pound bags, at, each— ASK FOR PBEE BOOKLET Tipton Main Motor Col.

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