Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on March 3, 1952 · Page 8
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 8

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, March 3, 1952
Page 8
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EIGHT EVENING TIMES. CUMBERLAND MD., MONDAY, MARCH 3, 1952 Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker C. Of C. Names Chairmen The Chamber of Commerce has named chairmen of four new committees, Joseph N. Naughton. president, announced today. They are W. Donald Smith, aviation; F. T. Bell, American opportunity; William L. Wilson, defense mobilization; and James Avirett, civic affairs. Alfred named Matt. Every day, since Matt can remem- mittees will be completed this ber, he has seen his father disap- The roster of each of the com- The MATURE PARENT Tell Your Youngster All About Your Work Bv MURIEL LAWRENCE come home, we should tell OUT little daughter what 'we mean when we Local Marines Not To Be Called Except in cases of national emergencies the Cumberland unit of the J to take life easier about three years Man Taking Rest Cure By Motorcycle Tour SAN GABRIEL, Calif.—</P)—Doctors told Lloyd (Swede) Larson, 54, My friend writes fiction for a | sayt .. T have taken dictation all day." living. He has a six-year-old son week. The committees will be the first elements of a reorganized "work force" for the organization. Purposes and objectives of the new committees are: Aviation: To secure and preserve for Cumberland its proper place in aviation; coordinate all Cumberland aviation interests; develop Cumberland's airport; promote airline passenger and freight service. American Opportunity: To pro- pear every morning after breakfast into what he calls The Boom. It is a. sacred place, to be approached only by his mother with a lunch way or with the news of cosmic upheavals like earthquakes. Matt never makes a noise near Tht Room. When he was three, his father told him why silence was important. In a drawer of his file cabinet, Matt's father said, there lived one Dennis, an Irish lepre- mote a better understanding of the j chaun of peevish temper who slept American business system and to emphasize its advantages and benefits; plan and supervise business forums, Business, Industry, Education Day and other vehicles for building greater appreciation for the American way of life. Civic Affairs: To coordinate community forces in a united program of civic welfare; work for the development of Cumberland's cultural values and the encouragement of music and art; seek to expand parks, playgorunds, recreational and athletic facilities; promote "cleanup" civic beautification and smoke abatement program; foster public improvements; assist in civic observances. Defense Mobilization: To promote the defense effort to the greatest possible degree by full use of Cumberland's production facilities; seek to maintain full employment; bring defense contracts to Cumberland so that a full labor force can be kept; provide needed information and service on all phases of the defense program to business and industry. Another group, the National Affairs Committee, was reactivated last week. The committee, headed by Douglas R. Bowie, met with Duane Strawbridge, national affairs advisor of the U. S. Chamber of Commerce. all day and had adventures all night. Man-to-man, Matt's father put it to his son—this leprechaun operating on a night shift as he did would strongly resent any noise near The Room as an outrage upon his daytime slumbers. We should tell a small son what a "commission" is, so that he will understand why we are sad when we failed to get one. We should tell them what we do when we think up angles, pull proofs, work new territories, prepare briefs,. are late for consultations, sign on dotted lines and take inventory. If we don't, they won't appreciate our courage when our cryptic activities go wrong or take pride in'us when they go well. And this is a loss to them, we are their examples of how to behave when things go wrong and well. Time was when parents could say, "I shall churn butter this morning" or "I shall prune the west acre this afternoon"—and the young ones saw us pound the churn and sweat at our pruning, when the cow fell sick or when an early frost killed the fruit, they understood. They came near Marine Corp? Reserve will not be involuntarily ordered to extended active duty, it was announced here today. First Lt. John E. Rich, inspector- instructor of the Sixth Special Infantry Company, said a policy recently announced by Marine headquarters provides that no new reservists will be called up for more ago, but he's not sure they would appreciate the way he's doing it. Swede and Hugh Hutchins, 59, are leaving on a motorcycle tour of the untraversed country between Guata- mala, Mex., and Parama. Last year, he and Hutchins saw Mexico from the seats of their English motorcycles. They enjoyed it so much they decided to take the than 15 days unless the President longer journey to Panama, or Congress should order mobilization or declare a national emergency. The order, issued by General j Lemuel C. Shepherd Jr., Marine! Rest Room To Open Judge Addresses Group At Church The lessoas learned by George Washington during the time he spent in this area served him well in later life. Associate Judge George Henderson said in a talk on "Washington" at a breakfast for the men of Emmanuel Episcopal Church following a communion service yesterday. The speaker delivered his remarks in the form of an imaginary conversation between Washington and on the south side of Anderson Streeb to Jesse* E. Wolford and Lona G. Wolford for about 55,000. Matt's reward for this considers i and - close because they had wit- tion has been a pre-dinner report nessed the investment of hope and on Dennis' escapades the previous night. His uncritical attention has encouraged his father until he has come to regard himself as a fancier effort. It's not like that now. Let's remember. Have you heard the story of the of leprechauns and an expert on little girl who burst into tears when 8 Hour Cleaning Service at no extra charge Also Waterproofing, and Mothproofing Available South End Cleaners 71* Virginia AVI. Phon* 3248 branch itor* fairies in general. So he was alarmed a week or so ago when Matt interrupted a specially juicy account of Dennis' goings- on the night before. When Matt said, "Stop talking about Dennis, daddy," my friend was an astonished as Vishinsky might be were someone to get up in the United Nations and say, "Look, no more Russian proverbs, Mr. Vishinsky." In the hush that followed, Matt said, "What magazine do you write for daddy?" My friend is fast on a comeback. When he had answered this question, his child said. "I want a copy of a magazine with a story you wrote in it. I want to show It to a boy at school. He said I was a liar and that you did not write stories for magazines because he never saw your name in one." Matt got his magazine. When he came home from school the next day, jubilant at having floored his father's detractor, he was invited into ,The Room and introduced to its mysteries: Was he disappointed when he found stacks of old magazines, instead of a testy Irish fairy in the file cabinet drawer? He didn't .seem to be. His eyes shining with pride, he looked up at his father and said, "Gee, is your name in all those magazines, daddy?" Children should be let in on our jobs, what they are and how we do them. If we want quiet when we she heard that her father was "tied up" at his office and begged her mother to rush into town with the scissors to cut him loose? It's not a funny story. Christian Youth Council Elects Miss Cynthia Sheckells, 216 South Jlegany Street, was elected first resident of the new Christian Youth Council of Cumberland yes- erday at a meeting at Bethany Evangelical United Brethren Church. This new council is an organiza- ion of teenagers from over 30 Pro- estant churches. Miss Sheckells is president of the .youth Fellowship of Emmanuel Episcopal Church. Other officers and their churches: Marian Thrasher, Southminster Presbyterian, first vice president; .larlene McOraw, Centre Street Methodist, second vice president; vlildred Twigg, St. Paul's Lutheran Church, secretary; Iris Jackson, Mc- tendree Methodist, treasurer; Rob- :rt Graham, First Presbyterian, nominating committee chairman; Betty Tyree, La Vale Baptist, publi- ity committee chairman; Robert Markwood, First Baptist, program lommittee chairman, and Jean 31ontz, membership committee ihalrman. commandant, affects all who join the Reserve after January 3, 1952. It also exempts from involuntary mobilization all reservists in seven specified categories, unless Congress should declare a state of war or emergency. Presidential action apparently would not apply, nor would date of enlistment. These classifications include: Veterans of at least 90 days of active duty between December 7, 1941 and September 2, 1945. Persons who spent 90 days on active duty between September 16, 1940 and June 24, 1948. Those who spent 10 months or more on active duty after June 25. 1950. Anyone who has spent a total of four years on active duty in the armed forces. Reservists under IS 1 /-* years of age. High school'students under 20 who are satisfactorily pursuing a full- time course of study. College students, who would be deferred until the end of the academic year current at time of mobilization, or until they fall behind in their studies. Major John Lynn, who was his host in 1794 when the first President of the United States came here to review the militia during the Whisky Rebellion. The public rest room in the base- Judge Henderson said that Wash- ment of City Hall will be reopened ington learned suffering, the fallacy Three Property Sales Recorded i Aboriginal residents of Easter Three property sales have beenl^^ = a]]ed u ,. Rapa Nur _.. The recorded in the office of Clerk ofj^jg paddle," presumably in memory ;ourt Joseph E. Boden. jof the long canoe trip which brought 'Carl A. Redinger, Eva May Rcd-jthe first people to the island. inger, Howard R. Redinger and j ..;,-...ra Ethel E. Redinger sold property oni(s(ow Many Wear the south side of Brentwood Street; TCCTLJ to Charles W. Redinger and Hazel j FALSfc Ttfc I M E. Redinger for about S9.000. j With Little Worry Harry A. • Tritt and Frances D.j lh . Twt talk lauch or sneeze ultnout lear Tritt transferred their ownership oi j of in ; cl . ure ' raise troth dropping. property on the north side of Mt. ' „.„„„,,,.„ —i-.. Savage Road at Corriganville Harry A. Robertson and Mildred Robertson for about 55,000. j odor""'?denture"bre»thV." Get FASTEETK Anna Pauline Fisher sold property at ally drug s tore.—Adv. tomorrow. Improvements have been made to plumbing and the interior, Mrs. Lucile W. Roeder, commissioner of streets and public property, said. It is estimated that America has of delay in attack, the importance of a good location for a fort and tolerance on the 10 occasions he was in this immediate area. Some television stations use about a 1,150,000,000 acres of farm j boards that display the script of the land, an increase of about 95 mil-!act being shown so that actors can j lion acres since 1935. jsee them, but the audience cannot.! iJimUlllllWimnniimmmmilllllllllimiWmmmiimimillllllllllllllimiU: I Second Annual Spring | Fashion Jewelry Show | AND CARD PARTY = Tuesday, March 4 — 8 P. M. at the | MASONIC TEMPLE. Tickets $1.00 (Inc. Fed. tax) 5 Tickets sold at S. T. Little's and by oil Sorority Sistcn 1 Sponsored by: BETA SIGMA PHI = In Cooperation with: THE i. T. UTTIE JEWEIRY CO. IE For Benefit of lh» Nurm Scholarship Fundl SnimillllimilllUIIimmmilllllllllimiimillWIIIIIIIIIIimilllllimmilllllllfr YES" to 4 out of 5 employed men and women—married 01 single—who apply for a loan. "YES" to a payment date that fits your payday. Phone, come in, or write Hiwmat today! Uomupto$10OO 1 l'v«n $ foy'M •»• $12 $21 CASH YOU GET 15 Mot. $143.26 250.70 18 Mas. $165.05 288.83 Abov« poymenh cover •vwyrttlitfl! loans $300 and ten mod* «ftd«r thfl Maryland Small loon Act. (Md.) ttKts TO SAT FINANCE CO.! 2nd Floor • LIBERTY TRUST COMPANY BIDG. t. W. Cor. iAlTIMOM A CINTRE STS., CUMBERLAND Phone 721 • Daniel Dopko, YES MANoger Skoda Production Drops Despite Red Demands VIENNA—(£•)—Despite a demand for greater production, the output of locomotives in the giant Skoda works in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia, is behind schedule. Radio Brno said that January production was only 66 percent of the target. Western economists in Vienna said locomotive production possibly was down because the Skoda works is streamlining its output of tanks and guns lor Russia. Fifth City TORONTO—(INS)—Toronto, now building a $70.000,000 subway, will be the fifth city !n North America with an underground rapid transit system. The others are New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Chicago. I Eat What Hike Without Acid Indigestion Fear of heartburn, sour stomach doesn't spoil my enjoyment of favorite foods. Like millions of Americans, I carry Turns always. Pleasant-tasting Turns neutralize excess stomach acid—soothe the burning sensation of sour stomach, heartburn, gas almost instantly. Contain no soda to cause acid rebound. Follow the rule for happy earing—"Keep Turns Handy —Eat Like Candy." TUMS FOR THE TUMMY Why Thousands of Doctors prescribe pleasant tasting 8MC9WM CAUSED IV COLDS pERTOSsnt acts at .once to relieve coughs, raspy throat and hoarseness—when caused by colds, It also increases natural secretions in the throat and bronchial tubes to help loosen thick, sticky phlegm and make it easier to raise. PERTUSSIN is safe and mighty effective for both old and young. Pleasant tasting and inexpensive. I SAVE TIME and LABOR HAVE MEATS CURED and SMOKED! Specially tenderized and sugar cured treatment! Cumberland Ice & Gold Storage 353 Frederick SI. Phone 2 MONEY RALPH FRANTZ Super Market RIDGELEY, W. VA. SELF-SERVE Phones 879-4690 Selected Country Eggs Kmgnut Oieo 2 Ib ,.39c Mrs. Filbert's Salad Dressing 2T 49c Armour Star Pure Lard 2 39c DOMINO GRANULATED SUGAR 10-lb. Bag PIEDMONT RED BAG COF5EE OLD RELIABLE ALASKA SALMON Mb. Can U. S. No. T GrantsYille Potatoes 75c Ham Hocks 25c You can be sure of fast, dependable service at HPC—Household Finance Corporation—because we are America's oldest and largest consumer finance company. • • • No matter who you are or when, you work, you can get extra cash now —when you need it—for any good purpose. Loans made promptly on signature, car or furniture. • • • Select a monthly repayment plan comfortably arranged to fit your income. Tnke 6,12,18 or more months to repay depending on the purpose of your loan. Get a prompt cash loan on terms you can afford! Ca! friendly, dependable HFC today! II it Mf neceiiory far you to boy We, health or oeddtn iniuranc» to ?*' o toon k*r» Ca>h You 0.1 * $100 200 300 500 1000 MONT 24 paymti S24.62 48.44 HtY PA' ;« ptyrnts S 7.27 14.54 21.81 31.74 62.42 rMENT 1 li pMjmti S10.05 20.09 30.14 46.09 90.58 •IANS 6 ptymtt S18.46 36.92 55.38 89.34 175.43 USEHOLD FINANCE rnlj. af*>vr inclttrif enits of thr foan i/ fm xfhfriulf. Charts *m /(wm etxvt $300 frre made wndrr the Industrial Ftnartct Unc. 12 South Centre Street S. E. COT. Baltimore, 2nd Floor Phone: 5200—Cumberland HONOR BRAND FROZEN FOODS! MRS. FILBERT'S OLEO 29c Lb. Cart SWIFT'S SWIFTNING 79c 3-lb. Can FRESH PORK LIVER 29c Ib. COUNTRY STYU SAUSAGE 29c WILSON'S ROAST BEEF 53c 12-oz Can VIENNA SAUSAGE 17c Can GRADE 'A' LARGE GRANTSV1LLE EGGS 47c At S. T. Little's SAVE 25% Limited Group: Aquamarines and Bloodstones (Birthstone Rings for March) • And Other Colored-Stone . . ,~~ Rings Including Some Cameos and Fraternal Rings. Each beautiful ring in this collection has been reduced in price by 25% for the month of March. Select yours now and make this big saving ! OPEN A CHARGE OR BUDGET ACCOUNT Call out the Reserves with a touch of your toe! M .ost cars lead a double Hie. A good part of the time, they're running errands, taking children to school, taking women to stores, taking men to work, taking family and friends to clubs and social functions. It doesn't call for a very great output of horsepower for duties like these. But there 'are times when you want a car that can do vastly more, and these are the times when you'll want what this year's ROADMASTER has to offer. Beneath its proud hood, there's a Fireball 8 Engine-a valve-in-head that can let loose 170 lively horsepower when needed. And — alongside this engine — there's also an Airpower carburetor which thriftily feeds fuel and air through two smaller-than-usual barrels for normal driving—which means that you now use less gas at 40 than you'd formerly use at 30. But there are two barrels in reserve-waiting for you to call them into action -- and they let loose a soaring rush of power that sinks your shoulders back into the seat cushion, swoops you past a truck-out of a tight %pot-up a hill —sets your speedometer needle to registering added miles more than twic« a« fait M watch can tick off the seconds. This is an experience you certainly should know firsthand. \bu should also know how Buick's Steering* provides a helping hand in dbw- motion maneuvers — lets you keep th« "fed* of the car in straightaway driving. And just for good measure, this '£2 ROADMASTER also has the biggest brakes of any postwar Buick-the greatest trunk tpaoo since spare tires moved off the front fenders— a warning light that glows when the parking brake is set - and to top it all, the smartest interior fabrics that Buick has ever offered. When are you coming in to look this distinguished performer over? We urge you to make it soon. Bofijrnnnt. oyvKMortM, trim and model* an tufcfMt to ohanet viiOtmi, notie*. 'Optional at Mtro eott on ROAOHASTXX onto. Sure is frae fcrtt men better automobiles ore built BUICK will build them THOMPSON BUICK CORPORATION 429 N. Mechanic Street Cumberland, Md. Phone 1470 ST. CLOUD MOTORS 102 East Main Street Frostburg, Md. Phone 441

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