The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1936
Page 5
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KlUDAY, DECEMBER-18,• 1936' BLYTHEVILLE,-<ARK.) COURIER NEWS 142,000 Horsepower Project Given Tentative U. S. Approval WASHINGTON. — the Federal Power Commission has announced conditional approval of n 142,000- horsepower hydro-electric project at Wildcat Bend oil the WhlUrrlv- cr In Baxter and Marlon counties, Arkansas. The commission specified that before tho .White River,Power Co. will be licensed to start construe' lion, plans for the dam. estimated lo cost $10,000,000, must be redesigned to meet requirements of War Department, engineers. • The- original specifications called for construction of a dam 223 feet high and 2100 feet long with. a.pri- mary horsepower of 143,320. This w;ould back white river up 120 miles to Forsyth, which Is a mile downstream from Powersltc darn that forms Lake Taneycomo. Gussie Haney Mentioned for State Welfare Post LITTLE ROOK, Ark, (UP)--Tlie name of Miss Gusslo Haney, for> iiicr assistant attorney general, hiis i been projected Into the list of i>or| £0115 from which a welfare cotnmls- olect carl E. Bailey, 'it Was learned this week from reliable sources. Miss Handy when confronted with the rumor, that she ml°ht be named said that she knew nothing of the matter and thst she had Verdict In Disc' of T\vo Agents Is Expected Late Today : ing ui me matter and Ih-t she had ^'""' "ithihcnts _ werov being conferred with tlic' governor-elect nmtlc oal ' ls ' • lllls »'tcrnoon In the only once since' his lieclibn. trlnl of . Mix * Dacl ' aml Charley Insurance ,..--._ v..v KVlVmUl only once since his elect Ion Prom reliable "sources It was .^.... w , v nuul tti> IL WtVS learned that Miss Haney has been giving considerable lime to a study I of the departnnnl's setup and that , she was being considered seriously for the posilloti. . The •project tentatively approved yesterday is expected to have a great, effect .upon mining in the . Arkansas -diaries.' The section is rich in lead and zinc deposits which were mined during the World war wlicir pviccs were high. Biit the drop of prices and lack of powar have caused mining to be slow to revive.' 'Valuable', marble deposits also are near the projnsed dam site. Cost of purchasing the lad that will ba inundated by the dam has been estimated at $125 per horsepower. This is the lowest in tills Section, compared with the $1000 per horsepower cost of the Lake of the Ozarks at Biigncll. Manila Society - Peisonal Method of Filing Cotton Base Explained by Statistician CArilJTHER3\?ILLE. Mo. - Approximately 500 attended tlio meeting at the court hoitse here Wednesday at wlilcir Ralph •Ldomis, extension economist of the state university, gave farmers a brief survey of the outlook for production and farm prices for next year Miss Nartona Fitzgerald, home economics specialist of the tmivef- sity, urged farm women to produce food on the farm, and to budget their Incomes. .Mm Kruger,. statistician (or the Missouri SODA, explained the mc- ined by which cotton yields and bases were arrived at for this county showihgjhb average five-year yield from 1028-32 was 312 pounds [or Pcmiscot county, while this year it was 405 rounds He" gave the five year averts O r thre6 other Misses Lillian Shaver. Caroline Haley and Ada Bowan were hos lesses 1 hurray night it i Christ mis party foi the facultj of Ma nila. high school. Nairies had been drawn and gifts were exchanged. Iho" pres°nt iialiided Supl W W Fowler, Lemaii Holt. Husseil Cur ti« Miss Strucr Miss Haley Mrs Claud Limncaster, Vera Price, Mrs. Vardtmaii Osbdurne> arid Miss' Bowan. A » c The officers and teachers of the Mclhcdist church school met Tuesday night, to plan a.Christmas program aiui 'Christmas tree for'the cntirs Sunday school on'Christmas' eve. Committees appointed were: program,.Mrs. H. W. Cowan,'Miss "Marchi MdUhews and Mrs Frea Need ham tree Mrs C H Ash a bi inner and Mrs Jack Tiplon Nam-s were also given of needy families that were 16 he-remembered at Christinas lira? * * • .* Mr ind Mrs Max Ling, who have been visiting relatives .here tor •several Meek* left Wednesday for California where they will visit before returning to their hoe m Boulder City, Nov. Mr. and Mrs. Emory Johnson and family of Blytheville and Rev. and Mrs F M Sweet -ind son of Monette, were the guests of. Mr. and Mrs. B. .W. Cowan Tuesday libht Mr ind Mis Jicl Farmer who have b"en hvm» m the country for Seven! jeirs ha\e returned to make their home in Manila. Mrs Bill Homer is report'd to . be i°riously ill with mnuenza- at her home here. Mr" j L Moody son J L jr and granddaughter, of weincr. Ark. have retunrd to their home after visiting Mrs. Kooncs and other rd- ath'cs here. Read Courier News Want Ads MO., criminal .'.court Dlcck, ' dt. LoUls, ngcnti, In cirolilt ..»„.„,, liero and the Jury was to retire thereafter to begin Its deliberations. Verdicts were anticipated late today. The rncii are being tried Jointly on three chorees of obtaining money under false pretenses, The state charges ihat Hit men, Hoik- Ing for a company not authorized to do business In Arkansas or ib home state of Minnesota, were attempting lo definud persons fiom whom they received premiums foi auto liability Insurance ' M E Crawtoid, Clo\c Wadley and W P Blown were the prosecuting witnesses. Baer and Block claim that they accepted cmplosmcnt by the in- sillancc company in good faith and had no Intention of defraUd- Ing persons who accepted ' their cut-rate auto liability lusurtmcu tuid paid money to them; they denied; that checks, given llioin by several car owners lii payment ot premiums were .turned, over lo them on (ho condition that Ihey would not bo cashed for certain |)6rlods of (line in somo crises or until policies we're delivered in others. They, claim - that their arrest and 'subsequent..Incarceration In Jail had prevented them/from sending In several applications for insurance and resulted:In n delay in policies being delivered to sonic of (life prosecuting, witnesses. They declared Hie appllealibns wore in tlielr car, when they were taken into custody and they • hnd not been able to secure Iheiu since. The defendants were subjected to crass-CMimlnallon rcgaidlng Inelr activities In other pniti of Arkansas ami in Missouri. 'Hiey acnicd any misconduct. icslgnatloh: will become cffccllve Wbodson, foVmer^asobnll player, will have charge of Ihe ball team, the hiring and firing of Players, and the tciini's playing manager will be directly responsible lo him, Instead of to tho association ns'n whole. Green will Inke over tho socrotnr- Inl W6rk, lnu'6 charge of finances and supervision nnd Upkeep of the purk..Hc will also bo In charge of advertising and uttclularico promotion. Wd&dson and Green t<) Succeed Wid Matthews ' ( *, CARUTHERSV1LL,E, Mo. —The board ot dliectors of the Caiuth- t'raille Baseball AbSoclatlon, Inc, hns named J H "Woody" Woodson and H W Qrcen to lake o\ci Ihe duties of will C. Matthews secretary-treasurer and business manager of,, Ihe club, r .whb Is resigning lo become affiliated with the St. Louis Cardinals..Matthews' Cottonwood Woinah Dies After Stepping on Nail CAHUT1IEHSVILLK, Mi). — Fn- uerar services were held at Cottonwood Wednesday afternoon for Mrs. Nouft cohwhy, 5D, who died uflcr a few days' illness from an infection which resulted from stepping on a nail several dajs ago She was in st Joseph's liosplhl at Memphis at thd tlnic of hci death, having been taken Ihcrc for Ircal- . Services were held at the Cot- tonwoocl BapUst chiirch by the Rev, D, K. Poster, paslor of tlic Ca- ruthcrsvllle Baptist church. Interment was at Maplo cemetery, In Caruthci'svllle. She Is survived by her husband, John Conwaj, one son, Marvin and three daughters, Eunice, Frances and Ruby, o — i«unin.iiiu tuuniiei of the slat- to show lint no dls uimitwtlon hud be-n Imde against, this county These nefageE wcie New Madrid county 303 pounds DunUin 288 pounus im! MISSIS Elppi 289 pounds He pomt'd out that since firm eis in this countj had such a hciw iield this year well abo\e the rue >enr average the, coul l not c\ pert the government to pa 5 them on the bisfsof what they produced his jcar ViI'A £radicate>, Squirrels MERGED cal ((JP) -A WPA oroiecl for eradlcalion of squirrels In Merced county has b=en Tghly Fucc-ssful iccordmg to the count} agricultural commissioner In 1B1I Perry Rotlgeii, complet 1 the fust transcontinental an- plane hop fljing fiom = Cjhf, In 84 days ... Ml]t>d si\ months later rash 1 -- 1 ii||«« PROMPT BATTERY SERVICE Call us «l-en jou have trouble, we feature quick service! We still havo plenty of PEESTONB anti fiecze Russell K. Man- Pure OH Service Station Phone 301 • To Users of TKese Famous Whiskies These tall, bcaulifully cIclicJ glasses arc FREE. Before breaking the empty bottle, just soak off th» front label. One-quart or (wo title you to one glass'.- It you -.v!cri, ! save enough labels for a complete set of 6 bV iZ'glissci, .send them in alt at one time. Glass or glasses \vill be sent . at once, . Send. labels- \yitK.your name antl addrcis Jifccf Id 'Arrow Disti;. Icrics, Inc., Dcpt: B.W., Pcotia, Hi. Straight- Rye Whiskey Straight Bourbon Whiskey Both 90 Proof Arrow:Distilleries, Inc. PEORIA, ILLINOIS . Enjoy the mellow' smoothness and sat. isfying Bouquet of ill esc whiskies. Buy' CLARKE'S and • gtt FREEg]asscs.>or| sale by all leading liquor dealers, ' SIMMONS SLUMBER KING Studio Couch A practical gift foi 1 your homfc, .'it gives you an extra bed when needed and at bthcr tinieSj _ Serves as a comfortable sofa. Note these features . . .round corners ... carved feet.,. inner-spring' nva t ti' es.s . . . coil spring base.-Easily opens into-twins or double bed. Choice of fine covers in rust, .green or'brown. Make a small down payment..... w e will deliver in time for Christmas , . . then pay the balance in easy monthly payments. H U B A A FURNITURE CO. " Blytheville,'Ark. Cash transactions Up 41 Per Cent in Year i-irruj HOOK, (ui'i—cnsii Irmisactlonsln Arkunsus lost,month \\cro -ll |wr conl'-nbovi) llio snino niojith last ycnr, ncconllng to Dr. Paul w. Mllnm or the university ot Ai'kaitsiis business school fi\cully. The estimate , Is bnscd on the checks drawn on repotting biinks In this city, Porl smithy 1'lno Dhill, Tcxarkuna, Kl Dorntto nnd liclgnii, iiccorillne to Mllntti. Tho Incrcnso for tho sliilo was much hlglier than Ihnt loi tho im- llbn ns n wliotc, which wns only 20 psr .cent. Arkansas hns consistently sliowii n eronler iicrccntnuo of until.from year lo year slnco the bottom of tli5 cloprcsston, according to Dr. Ml- lani. Contractors regard llio layhtg of 15.WO brlcki, us i Bootl day's work for one man, Wit n Ncurn WPA worker rcconUy laid 30,519 SOLVING bricks In one 7'Xj-hour day on a paving Job ilo ixvved n quarter mllo of 20-foot paving and required 12 holpc-rs to supply bricks, H Ib woiUt fam6ils, yet few'pco- plo know Iho exact attu or bouu- ilailes of N6w York'u 'Lower East Side." Officially, It Is !',(, miles in «ica, situated between Biooklyn bridge and Pourlccnlli iliccl, and itlns from thfe Bowery and Tliiid ' avonue to tho rlVer, <*. ' Hnll seldom falls at night, "lor *i Ihe dahia rcasoh tliat It seldom falls '-• In cfrol gather. The «Mth, being < Cboler at night, d6C4 not then fur-"' iilsli el)6ugh rising nlr currents to *', force raindrops to a 'sufficient height lo freeze them, t Read Courier Newa Want 'Ads * HAND KNITTED SUITS for DOLLS Skirl, Sweater and Hat $2 and $2.50 Orders Delivered for Chrlstmns Specml Pntlcrns for Shirley Temple Dolls MRS. LESLIE HOOPER c "» ™ 2 . - 1IO& Chtck'asawba AND FAMILY • * • Everything Points To PONTIAC ' For Christinas America's finest low-priced cai makes .America's :finest Christmas Qlftl Joyner Motor Sales Co. THE IDEAL OIFTI THEATRE , COUPON BOOK For the family or friends. ' GOOD ANY TIMEI $250 nncl $500 Ritz & Roxy Theaters Let a New Docfce Car Say "Merry Omlitmns" to Ho^l This gilt .would • serve tho cnllro 1 family. ' Barnett Auto Sales * * • Make Her Happy With A Permanent! $250 up. WORK GUARANTEED. KtjAINU BEAUTY SHOP < • i Nothing \\ould be iilc6r than to glv6 Her a HOME (or a Chrlslmns gill! A Small cash payment will buy any of our allnwllvo homci listed. Thomas Land Co. » . . Toablcrii, Percolalori, Mxcrs, Train Roasters. Coffee- Makers, Wnflli Irons, Sandwich Grills, Lnmpj Vacuum Cleaners, Electric- Range* Treo Light outnla and Replace mcnt Bullxs, All Kinds of Toyi Electric Trains, Winding Toys, Dol D|-ihcs, Trucks, Wagons, ToyStovei Automobiles and Tricycles. 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