Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on July 18, 1974 · Page 3
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 18, 1974
Page 3
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Unfortunately, you are correct when you say physicians frequently fail to give enough time to patients who need to be listened to. In self defense, I would like to point put a few facts that make it virtually impossible for most doctors to "listen." The average doctor works between 60 and 70 hours a week. Ten to 15 hours a week are spent on a deluge of paperwork, foisted on us by various government agencies, insurance carriers, attorneys, etc. » The increased demands on the doctor to see the sick have forced him into "assembly-line medicine" which goes against his ethical standards. Most of us are resentful and hostile to the regulations being imposed on us by governmental agencies that view us as money-hungry, uninterested and often incompetent. This harassment leads to a deterioration of the doctor-patient relationship. As your poll and other polls have shown, the vast majority of patients regard their doctors as honest and sympathetic — not Cadillac-driving, golf- playing, vacationing money- machines. I would be happy to spend an additional 15 hours a week with patients who need to be listened to, but there is a limit to the physical endurance of any man. So long as we are tied up in this morass of paperwork, we cannot possibly be the "Sir Galahad, Albert Schweitzer and Marcus Welby" you wish we were.—Anthony J. Croce, M.D. Of N.J. Dear Dr. Croce: I agree, the load of paperwork forced on physicians today is outrageous. Moreover, as you say, it devours valuable time that could be better spent taking Daily Journal Missing? If your delivery boy happens to miss your home please phone UKIAH Miss Service Hours 5 to 7 P.M. 462-1421 WILLfTS Cressie Dobbins 459-2713 Nice & Lucerne Miss Service Hours 6 to 7 P.M. 274-1916 care of sick people. I wish I had some answers, but alas, I have none. Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross, Blue Shield and other insurance plans are here to stay and the paperwork will most assuredly go on. It's one of the built-in curses that comes with social change and bureaucracy. Not all doctors are as dedicated as you, however. Some do NOT give the patient one extra minute and don't feel that they should. (I hear plenty about them from my readers.) But please know I'm in there pitching for the thousands of fine physicians who are doing a wonderful job under extremely difficult circumstances. Their patients adore them. Dear Ann Landers: May I respond to "Sick at Heart (and not too smart), whose heart aches for a sister who is losing her husband to the office sex- pot? She said, "Sis is intelligent and attractive, an immaculate housekeeper, a great cook, an example of motherhood's truest flower. She even shines her husband's shoes." Shoes ain't where it's at, booby. I'm married to a woman who has all those qualities. The only thing this paragon of perfection lacks is the willingness to be an active participant in that one, very significant aspect of marriage which distinguishes a wife from a paid housekeeper. It doesn't take a sexpot to hit my switches. Willing and woman will do. Cheers to you, Ann, for telling her so. — Hungry Dear Hungry: And cheers to you for an on-target letter. I hope your wife recognizes herself and opts in favor of expending less energy waxing the floors and channels it into more rewarding endeavors. Lennon must leave country WASHINGTON (UPI) — Singer-composer John Lennon, the Beatle who moved from the pinnacle of rock'n'roll to the front ranks of the peace movement, has been ordered to leave the country because of an old marijuana charge. The Justice Department said Wednesday that Lennon, 34, a British citizen, has been ordered to depart voluntarily in 60 days or be deported because of a guilty plea to marijuana possession in England six years ago. , Lennon's lawyer, Leon Wildes, said in New York he would appeal in federal court the Board of Immigration Appeals ruling, the latest in a series of battles over deportation Lennon has had with U.S. and Canadian 1 authorities for several years. Thursday, July 18, 1974 Ukiah Daily Journal, Uklah Calif—3 'Hot' cigarettes cancer cause INNER TUBE AHOY — Meet Hec, an 18- month-old St. Bernard-German Shepherd who belongs to the Jim Luttrell family of Redwood Valley. Hec's like anybody else when the weather gets hots, and likes to cool off in the river. The Luttrell kids were frolicking in the Eel one hot summer day when Hec decided he didn't want to be left out, so he hopped aboard a vacant inner tube and set sail. Hec weighs 120 pounds,' and selected a late model diesel truck tire inner tube for his voyage. Is it Hec's way of beating the heat, or a Hec of a way to beat the Heat? SEATTLE, Wish. (UPI) - A Johns Hopkins University professor says low -level radiation that occurs naturally in tobacco smoke could be the main cause of lung, cancer in smokers, especially men. Previously, tar and nicotine. have been blamed as the primary causes of lung cancer in cigarette smokers. But in a scientific paper prepared for delivery today at the Fifth International Conference of Radiation, Dr. Edward P. Radford said the same kind of low-level radiation —or "alpha radiation" —that has caused problems for underground miners existed in cigarette smoke. He said the source of the radiation was. the radioactive element polonium and concluded, "Polonium alpha radiation may be a significant cancer .initiator in cigarette-induced bronchial cancer." His research shows the bronchial tubes of cigarette smokers show an increased HIIIHL, , TIRE SERVICE activity of "polonium radiation activity." He said radioactive polonium- 210 and it. ^,\^^^^t^^^ t ^™*^ xi *l}*J°*™l because the body had time to expel the radioactive material or some other process. , He also said the danger of contracting lung cancer de- smoke, and cigarette users inhale the pollonium-210 with smoke. "It appears that ponolium decay ... accounts for a substantial fraction, if not all, of cigarette-induced cancer in males," Radford said. Radford said the lead-210 possibly could be removed from the tobacco leaves by scrubbing and time healed damage done to tissue. Radford, a professor of environmental medicine in the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health, said lung cancer each year kills about 65 males out of 100,000 and about 12 females out of 100,000. 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