Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 10, 1957 · Page 9
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 9

Cumberland, Maryland
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Monday, June 10, 1957
Page 9
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Member Associated Press MONDAY, JUNli 1957 Negative Vote Of Eves Halts Trailer Action Ordinance To Ban Trailers Provides Fine Of 810 Daily • A negative vole by Mayor Roy ~V. Kves today delayed passage for one week of an ordinance to prohibit use of house trailers as dwellings within the city limits. The ordinance, read at this morning's meeting of ihe Mayor ami Council, said that violation ' of its provisions would result in a fine of $10 and each day in which a trailer is in violation of ihe ordinance would be considered a separate offense. Finance Commissioner John J. Long raised the point of investigating thc possibility of a city- owned tract of land, or "motor court", which would provide a —Site lor trailers and be a-possible source of revenue. It was pointed out such a proposal had been suggested before and one contact made concerning a site. But the owner had indicated he was not interested in developing (he land fls a trailer court. Questions Tax- Slafus City Auditor Arthur B. Gibson raised the question about trailers placed on a permanent foundation and their status under lax ordinances. Cily Attorney Thomas B. Finan pointed out that assessments arc the responsibility of Ihe counly. He said Ihe apparent real problem is not laxalion but the fact thai in some areas where Irailers move in, oilier permanent properties arc devaluated. This occurs even though some trailers are very lavish, he added. Street Commissioner William H. Buchholtz said he believed the city should discourage trailers and "encourage home building." lie said when the new Thruway is completed, the city will have Josl considerable properly on ils lax books which should be replaced as quickly as possible. He said he agreed there arc other considerations, but the taxable property problem is the mosl important now. of revenue. ICVCMllt.. ....... ^j,tl Finan emphasized Ihat the cily P0°'. Ohio. has had no great demand for trailer sites. He said, in fact, will be presented to Mrs. Ralph that there were only four re- Brotemarkle, city; Mrs. Harry On several other matters, coun- the 1957. 39-16 and Ihis is the last under a sightseeing tours to Ml. Vernon c.vemptton basis. . Confirmed was a cost report by i-ujijiiiueu was a coal rtpon uy ««uc ^.M a siyiv anuu' win ne cily engineer Charles R. Nuzum held and folk games played, oh the curbing, guttering or oth- Movies will also be shown, erwisc improving Massachusetts June 21 will be visitors' day Avenue' from Grant lo Church and a lea will be held on Ihe slrcets. Total cost was $0,182 ofl'Mall, sponsored by (he Maryland which $6.000 will be paid by prop-jSlate Council of Homcmakcrs Former Local 'Police Force Man Named To Court Post James L. Young Neu' Chief Clerk Court Of Appeals NEW CLERK —James Lloyd Young, a native of Cumberland, is shown at the desk occupied for 20 years by his father, James A. Young, following his appointment today as chief clerk iJi JMi.WS&jJ of the Maryland Court of Appeals succeeding Maurice Ogle, who will retire July 1. Young's father, also a former resident of Cumberland, served as clerk from 1922 lo 19-12. Area Women To Get Short Course Pins Pins svill be presented to 15 women from Allegany county al the Rural Women's Shoii Course at Ihe University of Maryland on June 21, according to Miss Mary P. Wise, county home demon- stolion agent. group scheduled to receive Two Men Will Be Tried Here In Morals Case Two more young men will be tried tomorrow in Circuit Courl on slalutory rape charges involv girls in recent'months. They arc John Joseph Rilcy, 18, of Corriganville, and Wilbert niil » s s °utn of Breezewood, Pa. The * "^ fa* wwjj oniiruuivu ttl I UCL1VK " — r pins for eight years attendance young . mcn ""'olvcd with the : i.._i__ x * . T*I i -_ . .iS^mp Pirl<: W'Oi-n nrr-iiaiim-I in fir- , Gordon Lavin, 23, of Jit. Sav age. On May 31 a group of 14 other One Killed, Five Hurt In Area Crash _.. f , .„,.., ~,....^^. J ,...„., One woman was killed and five ing two 13-year-old Corriganville others wcre injured, one critical- Second Section Qualification Stays Same Young, former James Lloyd resident, today ,.,. , chief clerk of the Court of Appeals 1 'n Annapolis. He succeeds Maurice Ogle, who nil relire on July 1. Young has been serving as deputy clerk. The appointment, by the live judges of Ihe high court will place Young in a job held for 20 years by his father, James. A. Young. He has been in (lie clerk's office since 1927 and has been chief deputy since 1U43. Ogle, who has been associated with the court since 1008, succeeded Young's father as clerk in November. 1042. mn, 58,—is—a nalrvc-of—tmY New Grade Basis For Next Kxiuns Police and Fire Commissioner Award liy Roads Body The Slate, Roads Commission today filed an appeal in Circuit Court from the decision of the Allegany Counly Hoard of Property Review in awarding Gcurge C. and Margaret E. Dellaven, Corriganville, the sum of $10,377 for properly being used in relo- , ie recommendations which would - i lower requirements for police- " !e stillc 0 ' f <-'''<-''l S7.-KW for the principal of Ml men. At the same time he proposed Ihat the commission, in the next Ihree examinations, grade applicants one-third for appearance; one-third for character and one- uin.--iimu iur cnaiacier and one- .,,. ,,,,_ ,,,-,,, third on an oral examination of ,, *'<-''"' d " le ' <•''«* /'"fee Hen- their knowledge of the city and dcl f" has scheduled a pre-trial n-.-if/;,. i.-.,™- i,r.,.i ,<:... ,._ conference Wednesday in the suit traffic. Keegan added that lie city where his grandfather, John W. Young served hvo terms as clerk of the circuit of Allcgany County. He moved here in 1926. Allegtiiiy Cotu-h To Assume Dulles Next Term J., Hubert Radeliffe, who hns been principal of Oldlown Hf»h, is opposed (o Civil Service Attorneys for the SKC are'School since 1954. has been nam- I William C. and William Walsli.led lo succeed Alfred Benna as appointed| W nii am V. Keegan said today eating Hie ill. Savage Road. J.H.Radcliffe New Principal t Ml. Savage property and feels the award by thc Review Hoard was excessive. The Ucllavens own a tavern in Corriganville and the new highway will traverse land in the rear of thc tavern. uuiiii-. ivci'ga i atuieu nat ieU. ,, , ,, ,. • ••-••- — accepted the Civil Service recom- ^""f ft slrs - C "™y ic ™, Yon " ker ichaffer against Ihc SRC in |connection with thc use of prop(city owned by her atop Polish "° ! ivif imii Bin __' til Savage School, accord ing to Ralph R Webster, superintendent schools. Henna submitted his resignation as principal several weeks the past. Council Approves .Motion Council approved Kecgan's ino- lion that requirements not be lowered. Thc commission had recommended charter change .. •—"t3~ mine ^iiu.mi v^. war winch would lower the high school Frederick A. Pnderbau requirement from hvo years to ly. Saturday night in a traffic accident along State Route 126. five Killed instantly was Mrs! Betty Jane Dick, 34, of Baltimore. Listed in critical condition this La Vale Army Man Featured In Magazine The work of a LaVale sergeant in military railroading is featured in this month's issue of the Military Kail Service Journal. „„„ ,„,, was namt , ( , a S* Fra'n!- r 7 h ^ "^ U - P ° rary P at ™'™" effective Jun agt. 1'rancis I-,. Lybarger, son of Mr. and Mrs. George S. Lybarger. RD i, Cumberland, has brought in his ll2lh Iroop train as the none-commissioned officer yardmaster at Foil Eustis, Va. He is the same sergeant who one year. It had also asked lhal height requirements be lowered from 5 feet 10 inches to 5 feet 9 inches. Keegan said he hoped thai his proposals would bring but more applicants for police jobs. On another police action, Glenn •epresent the state. Ohiluartj AUNICA— Albert Paw. Dale Kerr named a tem- operated the last mili.arv trains ™ UlcA Pol ! cc hf>fnr» tVin rail /.r rv,.™,;.!.,.. :_i"Cllare Associal 8 <it a salary of S2KI a month. The action was taken, Kqcgan said, in the absence of ,1 Civil Service eligible list for the position. Council also received a letter from thc Police and Firemen's -„-.. ., ......,^ " ° .: "-.•""**""5 "i ij^uiuiu ^uuniy iMem- includes Mrs. Edna M White and! £ame glrls wcre arra 'g' 1( -'<l '" Cir- orial Hospital is .Mrs. Alary Dav- Mrs. Mary S. Flora/city- Mrs T' C T^ ^ "'""' '" Agnes M. Rice, Flinlstone Mrs. {J * a i, b ' f ° r , C Asi Lenora Agnes Smith Western- Mor £f n . C ; "a"; 1 ? nnrl- Mr, m,.,;,,,, i V. .- f: , ™^' ) a 'l awaitm. .......^u ,,, ^,, mi_tii tiMiUUlUIl IIlib L, F .1 , |, , f. ' \ morning in Bedford County Mem-i,,., e thc fal1 of Corre S" d <"- in cuit Court. They entered guiUy[ies, 38, also of Ball! "'"" u "'--- Associate Judge] • Listed in "fair" condition al is and arc in Ihe Ihe , port; Mrs. Harriett B. Griffith, 'Frostburg; Mrs. Russell O. Durst, Jl kUIJl I1UW. - •"-'iuL<i 0 , nil a. IXUSatMl U. LIHTSt, Kong said one way lo cncoor-Mrs. Clement T. Slakem andTJ^w, \\7" age building is to keep the tax Alrs - Pansy Thrasher. Midland; «t/V. »V cllllCl* rate at a livable rale and lo in- ^' rs - Louis Hans and Mrs. How- \V'7 • "11 O 1 vcstigate possible olher sources ai d L. Huff, Mt. Savage, and \V 11I'^lUVOPtfl Mrs. Kl'.-l C-.,,-? ,:..,. T * AJJ - >-> UVlAvCtl Dr. Marsh WESTMINSTER I* - The Rev. of , . , Mrs. Eva Stevens. East Liver. Pins for four years attendance E. Miller, Frostburg; Mrs. Wes- Paul Dr. Warner, minister, mission '°~ V-VJUL^U ui^iiL years - *^.. »u,>i\.i, imiuoii;!, uiisaiuii. ^,. .„,,,.., u,.,^, inant.o. tuu.. The course will open next Mon- ar *''° ^P 30 an d professor during cil granted a tax exemption on day with registration and a tour llis carcer ' wi " succeed Dr. Harry personal property lo the Cumber- of (he university campus A re- *" ' 1 ' ars ^. "'ho is retiring. Dr. land Undergarment Company for ceplion will he .given the class El| S cnc c - Woodward previously Ilio fi«:,*3l x-nnr rtnrfinn limn 7f1 nn .Tlinn l« K,, n,—^:j— t _—., Was annOllllCCd to SUOrppd fir ie fiscal year ending June 30, on June is by President and was anno " -J57. 11 was poinled out Ihe ex- Mrs. Wilson H, Elkins. J ! a .!". sh but . cmplion has been granted since On June 19 the class will go on lllnc . ss an(l wi| l lake one year's TOJfi ^r>rl Ihic ic llin lat-l ,,,i.Tr,r n Sit'htirr'Tin* lnn,-c tn M, \£ Sabbatical leave. j-j-io rfiiu uus is inu iasi unuLi u jistiL^uuiiig luurs 10 AH. vernon , 10-year agreement. Finan point- and historic places in Washing- A Pl lolnlmcnt of Dr - Warner was «,( „,,! i it,_t ;i ir\n TJiii «.,«„: n._ n. •_ <JJYion2 68 new assieumpnts amnnw ed oul, I;o\vever, that council ton. That evening the Potomac could continue to grant thc ex- English Handbell Ringers . imong 68 new assignments among the more than 350 ministerial ap- i am me «A- u»6H3ii Jiuuuucu uniecrs will „„• * . , ' year-to-year prese,, a performance for U,e Kcrc^rof'lh. 3 ^^ class. June 20 a style show will be nnal Baltimore Conference of the Methodist Church. The conference embraces churches in Washington, al! of Maryland west of Chesapeake Bay and the three easternmost . - erty owners at $5 n lineal foot. jCJubs. Council accepted the bid of; John to si nue. counties of West Virginia. Thc P rcs ident of Alpha Omicron chnp- mccling was allendcd by some! tcr ' of Alpha Gamma Delta n in S. Cook and Son for $4,000 17. i ,1 • 7 ... install 5,000 square feel of liVCS' Authorized sidewalk on Massachusetts Ave- T< C' f~\ .• «ue. 10 Sign-OpllOJlS Triiiily Lutheran School Planned Norlh Mechanic Sired, is ready The Mayor and Council today authorized Mayor Roy W. Eves to execute options and deeds in favor of the federal government in connection with land obtained by (he cily for flood control purposes. The four orders, involving 48 areas wilhin the cily and Ridgeley, will become effective upon payment by the government lo Ihe city of a total of $1,633. City Allorney Thomas B. Finan explained the tracts are "nioslly in Wills Creek." which led Commissioner William H. Buchhollz to observe "In other words, we are deeding Wills Creek to the government." Under existing flood control agreements, the cily is responsible lor maintaining the areas in question. , Trinity Lutheran Church will liold its annual vacation Bible School, June 17-28. with classes scheduled from 9:30 to !1:45 a. m. daily. Monday through Friday. The Ibeme of Hie school will be "Our Beautiful Saviour." and classes will be held for children /rom four through 15 years of age. The school will be under Ihc general direction of Mrs. Albert Kiiffncr and Mrs. Albert Fauss. • Instructors will include Mrs. Kiiffncr, Mrs. Raymond Lcpley, and Miss Carol Joy, nursery and beginners; Mrs. Daniel McKenzie. Mrs. Georjte Spearman and Miss Donna Haincs. primary: Mrs. Harold Knippenbcrg, Mrs. 'Leslcr Warnick and Mrs. Paul Keller, juniors; Mrs. Fauss, seniors. Regislralion will be conducled by Miss Donna Slewarl and Miss Kathleen Kiiffner, and Mrs. Harold Dreyer will be in charge of fSfreshmenls. Kf,re Truck Ready I'or Emergency Duly Central Fire Station's avfoot hook and ladder Inick. damaged yesterday when it collided wilh llliu ,, las ,5 lral c uonalrt w. , an automobile and then hit the Mason (his morning handed out' '' £1 l^L^J'r!..™ fin , es , lolal !"S. «"•??.«» ™>lori Cily, Bankers To Air Finances The Mayor and Council and officials of five local banks will meet tomorrow al 11 a. m. in Ihe office of .Mayor Roy W. Eves The meeting was asked by Finance Commissioner John J. •* Long lo study the cily's financial situation. Motorists Fined S177 On Violnlioiis Trial Magistrate Donald W. sentence. i, ap -. i }f ity as Jiarlln1 . a _ stor a L Fl mother, 56; the father. William -Weber[!S? p "f ity 59, and Mrs. Patricia Smith, 27, ,'?,'. of Richmond, Va. . ln 'i»s position. Sgt. Lybarger nuajinai auaenes said iMiss — ~...~... „* .-"m Weber sustained only minor in-| m . e 5, c[al cars comi "g > n lo Forl juries, bul her molher suffered' '" internal injuries. nit ULUIUVIIL UVCUIIUQ as me — -^ --.~-. Weber car, driven by Mr Weber i under the direction of Sgt. Ly- skidded on Ihe wel highway intoi barger - the c£ »'S'are interchang- thp naih nf a ,,r,rii,Kr,,.o.i „„„ cd onlo the post under thc power . as announced to succeed Dr. cannot serve because 1942. Moves Many Soldiers M-Sgt. Lybarger, with Com- jpatty C of the 7Uth Railway Op me nospnai are Nancv Weber i -mn i\uu\\ay vjp- . 18, of Middlefield. Ohio; herj^ ra . ling BaUalio ". estimates he; u ion reviewing its request for a wage increase about (wo months ago and requesting another meeting council would be There <"»» Hospital attaches said . . handles the movcinenl of com- Eustis. Pennsylvania State Police said lhc cars (lestinate < 1 for "ic Post ie accident occurred as ihp :at Lee Hal1 - Va - nearby. T1 >™ onto the post under thc power of Army locomotives. clothing and equipment, make up the freight hauled by these cars as well as supplies for the many construction jobs on the military installation. the path of a northbound car driven by Mrs. Davies. " Police said anolher car, driven by William Delter, 35, Arlington, Va., ran into the rear of the Davies car. Detlcr and four passengers in his car escaped injury. Local Girl Gels Music Scholarship Shirley Lee Brinkman received, , „_ e her Bachelor of Music Education He enlisted in the Army in At;g- dcgree from West Virginia Wes- ust 1937 and received his basic leyan college at thc sixty-seventh!training at Fort Mills, Corregi- annual spring -commenccment'dor. in Ihe Philippines. Approve Rec Employes A number of seasonal recreation employes were approved but the question was raised by Fin Tlie civilian railroad drops off anee Commissioner Long whelh- ,„.: , .. . er councjl C(ml( , approve sucn appointments without a Recreation Board which must recommend Ihem under Ihe existing rcccration ordinance. City Attorney Thomas B. Finan - i v.._. •ntutui.j, iuuikLa:> t>. r iniii Fort Euslis supplies, flood Isaid he would check Ihe ordi Veteran Army Man Tiie 41-year-old railroader is a veteran of nearly 20 years Regular Army service, during which he acquired his railroading skills. and recreation departments. Thc seasonal employes approv ed follow: game, Francis D. Michaels, Hay mond G. Frantz, Joseph E. program at Buckhannon, W. Va. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Brinkman, of 1005 Virginia avenue, Miss Brinkman is a; radualc of Fort Hill High School, Al Wesleyan she served as vice 700 delegates evenly divided between laymen and the clergy. The final day also included a service at which Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam delivered the sermon, and thc formal ordination of 28 elders and 22 deacons. Bishop Oxnam urged the Mclh- odists lo continue studying racial problems, saying: "You can't build the kingdom of God upon unjusl economic and social prac- liccs." tional social sorority, president of (lie a cappella choir and a member of Future Teachers of America, International Relations Club and Women's Recreation Association. ' Miss Brinkman, who received a freshman music scholarship and Presser Foundation scholarship at Wesleyan. is the recipient of a Carnegie Fellowship and will study next year al George Peabody college in Nashville, Tenn. Radcliffe assume his .noil! <lulics forllulH'rl !lii£-Ji<JxLsdiQal_lerm. Thc stale is relocating and Radcliffe. a native of Ridgeley, Modernizing U. S. Houte -10 from »as taught in the Allegany coun- hc tup of the west side of the l - v public schools system since nounlain. Mrs. Schaffcr. who is an at orncy, will be her own counsel vbile William Walsh and will F., 76, Paw I1I.AKE—William I!., S3, of 513 Henderson Avenue. BULFORD—Charlotte, infant, Rowlesburg. ' DAUGHEUTY—Henry L., 80, of 225 North Lee Street. DETTEKMAIS'—Mrs. C. E., 77, of •lo-l Walnut Street. FLYNN—Mrs. Eliza W., 87, Parsons. MILLER—Harvey, 83, Meyersdale. MOOItEHKAD — Mrs. Frances B.. l!C, Bloomington. iMOSSER—Charles W., 72, Jane Frazier Village. SHUTTS-Mrs. Herman A., Fairmont. Henry L. Daugherly Henry Lewis Daugherty, 80, died last night al his honie, 225 North Lee Street. A native of Nazarath, Md., he was born July 29, I87C a son of (he lale James H. and Martha E (Puscyl Daugherty. lie was a retired shoe salesman, and a member ot Centre Street Methodist Church. Survivors include his widow nance. The Recreation Board in Mrs. Frances Estelle (Eskridgc recent weeks resigned individ- Daughterly; two sons, H. W ually. A specific cause was Daugherly, Butler. Pa., am council's failure lo act on a pro- Lewis E. Daugherly, Arlington posed consolidation of the parks Va.; four daughters, Mrs, Thclma , E. Lias. New York; Mrs. Frances L. Cockrell, Richmond. Va.; Mrs Mildred E. Shapard, Tulsa Baptist Bible Scliool Slated The annual Vacation Bible School sponsored by Baptist Chapel on liedford Road will ^Mantis u. /jimmcrman, James ">••'<" riuiiie wnuit services will open on Wednesday at 9 a. m. J. Mason, Joseph H. Wagner and be conducted Wednesday at 2 p. and will continue through June Georefi Schnpnaripl m. bv Rev. Carltnn Hnrni nac- 2K City League umpires at S3 a Okla.. and Mrs. Mary Slecman Geatz, Victor Reynolds, Charles G. Zimmerman, James J. Mason, Joseph H George Schoenadel. Ballficld attendants at $80 a month. James A. Baker, Thomas B. Cumiskey. Paul F. Gallcn, Walter Hillegass, Gene R. Wil- lells, James G. Wisenburg, Charles Storer. Thomas L. Joyce. Whealun, Met., and eight grand children. The body is al the Stein Fu neral Home where services wit A program of Bible memorization, stories, tor of Centre Street Methodist Church. Interment will be in Hillcrest Burial Park. Sirs. Frances B. .lloorclicad BLOOMINGTON — Mrs. Fran- Intermediate. He spent the time between then and the outbreak of World War II as assistant to the quartermaster transportation officer for rail and marine transportalion. Sgl. Lybarger was assistant dock foreman at Corregidor and operated the lasl trains before thai fortress fell lo the Japanese. Prisoner Of Japs The sergeant was taken prisoner and spent the next three and one-half years in Jap prisoner of war camps. He recalled that things were "rugged" during this period, but he added he wouldn't mind going back to Corregidor if il would be like pro-World War II days. (from checker at Constitution! Mrs. Moorehead was a member 038 except for Ibroe years ilur- ng World War II when he was vilh the Kelly-Springfield Tire Company. After completing elementary •chool in Hidgeley he attended \llegany High School and grad- lated in 1925. After graduating torn Shepherd College he taught several years in West Virginia jefore coming here. In 1925 while a senior al Alle;any lie slarled his baseball .-areer with the Cumberland Colls a Ihe Class C Middle Atlantic League. He played in 16 games. Thc following year he played with Marlinsburg of (he Class D Blue Ridge League for a few vecks. He then played briefly in he Eastern Shore League and hen went to 'Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) where he played with an independent team. He also played with Garrett n the Somerset County League and in 1929 played 50 games with Marlinsburg. He managed the Corriganville Hustlers in 1933 and n 1935 piloted the American Legion learn in the Bi-State League. Ie also coached the Legion jun- or baseball team which lost out n the finals of Ihe sectional tourney at Bethlehem., Pa., the same 2ar. • In 1937 Rarlcliffe led Ihe Frost- :nirg team of the Bi-Slate League o the championship. * The next .hree seasons he played with the Cumberland team in the same eague. He ended his aclive playing career in 1940. He coached the Allegany High baseball team in 1939. 1940, 1041 and 1342. He was again coach of Ihe high school team from 1946 to 1953. study, , music, games and handiwork will be provided for thc four departments, Beginner, Primary, Junior and unancs b'.orer. Thomas L. .lovce. „ , , , —.-... ."..,—--••••« >-. John D lohnas Van 11 Pirsnns ces B ' '' Inorc » p ''" 1 - "6, widow of| Faculty members include Rev. and Gm« h E tt^'cr Jr ™^ "r el « ad - ."^ i h .is J. C. pastor; Mrs. morning at her home in Sewick-J. C. Lcdbetter, principal; Mos- iit^innif, a i nv,» uujiii_ ui ncwiL-ft* «• '-'• i-.'-uij^iifL, jji niejpai • IMPS- L. L. Van Saul was namcdj] cy . p a .. whcrc s]lc ha ,| been dames Carl Twin.' Wood Simn- tenms program director at SA a!bedfast since February. '- " ' ' "' son, Ralph Michael Harry i i --.i- - — --,.-. —„ _. „. IJ^MICI.TI oiiiv-w i i.uiiidi y, [».*rn f ntiijiji uiiLiitjLi Harry lins session; Ronald Kcllough play Born In Virginia, a daughter ofilcy, Earl Hcdrick, James Buck- ground director for West Side at ihe late Samuel and Elizabethjloy. Kenneth Simpson. Miss Patlv £!jn -t T^.intK. It fl^.i,, \nnrl-. I r' r .-t..i~\ t-: . __,_ - _ , IIT:I _.»»...... J Sl-SO a month; R. Glenn Werlz (Carlyle) Simpson, she came lo Wilson and Carl Twigg. r- •— .- ./"*,>,<>, ,i. iviLKli ITi-ltf. l^alljK^/ JI1IH1AULI, .Mit, C-CIIIlli IO as basehall-soflball director allEloominglon as a child and rc- $150 a month; and Ihc slalus olisidcd here until two years ago Jack B. Gilmorc was changcdiwhcn she moved lo Sewicklcy. . Before his assignment at Fort Park pool to ballficld attcndaut (Continued on Page 16) month. . vehicle violations which occurred, — •.., .»->iivi\. tiuiauuilo for emergency service. Fire over Ihe weekend Chief Virgil A Parker said today. Magisiralc Mason noted that! ? , Parker said damage (o the Ihree of ihe drivers were con- truck is wt loo extensive. A victed of driving while under the S factory_ represenlative is due here influence and were fined a total ! x Ihis aflernoon. The (ruck's fronljof $353. i ,', bumper, radialor and grill were demolished, Ihe right fender dented and the molor slightly damaged. Three drivers were found guilty of reckless driving, while two were convicted of exceeding the speed limit. . fof Bloominglon Methodist Church and Bloomington Council Daughters of America. 73, Home. Demonstration Agent Gels Assistant Miss Elizabeth Prough, Sykcs- ----•;--- - I'il'e, today assumed her duties Surviving arc five sons, Fredias assistanl lo Miss Mary P Moorehead. Worlhington. W. Va.;iWise. home demonstration a»ent William Moorehead. Beryl. W.lfor Allcgany Counly V'a.; Virgil Moorehead, Blooming-! She will work during the sum- Ion, and Harlan and Claude mcr nmnths al lhc local offi Mrs. Waller Moore, Cumberland. 31 grandchildren and 33 greal- »• i . grandchildren. tVuigliloii Announces Mrs. Eli™ W. Fivnn Winners ui Con lest f-rtSKS^ ™± J!;™- ^ r cst " cia - - lied vostordav at the I™, .?. 0n "° Ul0n . Wlltl . ll ' C .°P cnln S BRANCH BANK OPENS - The new branch of the Second National Bank was formally opened at Crosaptown today will) n ribbon-cutting ceremony. I.efl lo right are Joseph M. Naughton, bank president; Joseph G. Wcnrich, past president of Ihc ^ <*'«*»v« <J*-,M&* , *.iWv-< ...Av-a^V' ' f Crcsaptown Civic Improvement Association, cutting the ribbon; Joseph F. Stakem, who will manage thc branch; Mrs. Stella Twigg and Gerald P. Campbell, tellers at the bank, and j om , H. Mosner, vice president and cashier of the Sccoml Mnorehead. both of Sewickley; Ihree daughters, Mrs. Curtis \Vil- Ihc Court House, In September she will begin her senior year economics. S^!S ^""^"^^ ";| h M"^ug,Z"dent JOS - .. Wratchford, Dry Fork: Thomas Wratchford. Parsons, and Dcwcy Thc winners arc John II. Kuhn r § ^,?^- ^ fr ^S£ SH'wS Sunimerfield. Wchstnr Snrmtr^. ,^^ v, : ..,. _ _, , ,. Sunimerlield, Webster Springs; two brothers. Robert Smith. Par- ton. Pinto, a clock-radio. sons and A. M Varncr,' Dry GanliMl Club To Meet Fork: 29 grandchildren. 79 great- grandchildren and 27 great-great- AI Civu; Cluli House grandchildren. . The body is at the Fox rcsid- Tl '° G:lriicn Club of Cumher- cncc. Services will be conducted j la . nrt wil ,' meet this evening at the tomorrow at 2 p. m. 'ESTi at (hc|^ OInans Civic Club house in- Dry Fork Assembly ot Godi slpatl " f ns Previously announced, Church by Rev. Kenneth vScitzi acc()r<iing to Mrs - Gilbert Miller, -,, . . ., nirsiflonl and interment he in the Smith family cemetery, Middle Mountain. Charlolle Biilford ROWLESHURG-Charlolte Ann Bulford, four-montli-old. daughter ot George S. and Ruby Minnie (Watkinsl Bulford, died last Friday at her home here. Besides her parents, she is sur(Continued on Page 16) picsidcnt. Members arc to bring roses fir exhibition and discussion. Mrs. Miller said, adding that the meeting is the last to be held until September. Rceeivcs Degree Edward A. Conroy, son of Mrs. Mary B. Conroy, 711 Louisiana Avenue, received his degree this morning from Cornell University.

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