Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on February 9, 1972 · Page 4
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 4

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 9, 1972
Page 4
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Sen. Wayne Keith: ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, WED., FEB. 9, 1972 Page 4 $m<l|| SOCIOty by Brick man Constituents Favor Age 19 Amendment This week many of our bills rated high on the emotional list of issues. Most important of these was the Adult Rights Bill for young people. I supported an amendment to this bill not to allow liquor until these young people became 19 years of age. My mail and telephone calls heavily favored this approach. DURING the many years that 21 years was considered adulthood, exceptions both below and above this age have been approved; therefore, it didn't bother me to make exceptions to the 18-year-old bill. We allow, under certain circumstances, these young people to continue to be able to receive support that normally would be discontinued to adults. I have great confidence in these young people and I'm sure that the majority will make fine adult young citizens, but, by the same token, there will be many problems arise through lack of misunderstanding and the unwillingness of a very small minority to appreciate the advantages and opportunities that have been granted them. In the next few years, there will need to be further legislation to cover problems not forseen at this time. The bill passed the Senate by a margin of 41 to 8 and will be reconsidered in the House again next week, THE BONDING BILL which requires meat packers to carry bonds protecting sellers of livestock products, has for many years been a controversial bill in the Senate. The Packers and Stockyard Act originally protected most sellers but AILY NEWS / ^AT(<SFAcTo£Y Yoog WILL WMttlAfi*n Siw avnrfkai*, IM, By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Wednesday, Feb. 9, the 40th day of 1972. There are 326 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history: On this date in 1718, French colonists arrived in Louisiana. On this date: In 1773, the ninth American president, William Henry Harrison, was born in Charles City County, Va. In 1870, the U. S. Weather Bureau was established. In 1942, the former French liner, Normandie, burned and capsized at a New York pier as it was being outfitted as a World War n troop transport. In 1943 the Pacific war battle for Guadalcanal ended in a U. S. victory over the Japanese. In 1945, Soviet troops were besieging the outer defenses of Berlin. In 1950, Republican Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy of Wisconsin charged that the U. S. State Department was infested with Communists. Ten years ago: An agreement was signed making Jamaica an independent state Familiar Landmark (From Tuesday), , Yesterday's picture was a shot ot the upper portion of the Estherville post office. within the British Commonwealth. Five years ago: Some 100 fatalities were reported in a earthquake in Colombia, South America. One year ago: An earthquake in Los Angeles killed at least 64 persons. in recent years since direct marketing, has replaced many of the terminal markets. This new legislation was needed. The Bonding Bill this year was an improvement over previous bills that had been considered. It passed the Senate without a dissenting vote. ANOTHER emotional issue was a bill to allow the movement of 14.5 foot wide mobile homes to travel on restricted highways within our state. Presently there are sections of the state, because of the 50 mile limitations, that can no way legally receive any mobile home more than 12.5 foot wide. To move these vehicles, they must have an official escort approved by the Highway Commission and the Highway Commission must direct the route on which they must travel and they cannot travel on any highway when the wind velocity is more than 20 miles per hour. The bill has been before the Senate several times and this year it wound up in a tie. It will be reconsidered next week and hopefully we will be able to find one more needed vote to pass it. THE CHAIRMEN of the Appropriation Committee in both the House and Senate have started encouraging the chairmen of the Sub-Committees to get their appropriation bills out as soon as possible. To me, this means there is a push toward winding this session up as early as possible. Countryside Return of the JFashboard BY SUSAN EISELE Cold weather continues with a thick snow cover over the countryside. The sky seems white, too, with sun shining, and white smoke coming from neighboring chimneys, all blending into a kind of heaven and earth companionship. THIS morning a mother blue jay and a baby bird came to the feeder in the side yard. The baby bird stood on the mother's back and wouldn't get off. Both birds were emaciated. I watched them for a long time, wondering where they had conie* from aTTcntTirbugh what tribulation they had traveled. DO YOU have an old-fashioned washboard in your home? They,.are considered priceless now. Folks come by here and ask if we have tone. There is- one somewhere about the place but I don't know yiiHiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiu An independent newspaper published § "Monday through Friday," except prin- 5 cipal holidays, excluding February 22 and I Veterans Day. Second class postage paid E at Estherville, Iowa. 5 where. It is a family heirloom. I used it out on the farm before we got electricity. It was fun rubbing clothes up anddownand great exercise. I think I got a lot of literary inspiration from it. More than I get from mechanical washing methods. A nation-wide chain of motels is looking for a manufacturer of small washboards which they want to put into their guests' rooms for washing out personal articles of wear. So we may see a comeback of that picturesque household device. SOMEONE is always sending us old books. We appreciate ^ them so much. The latest is a copy of Shakespeare published in London in 1840. It is a beautiful book, bound in embossed leather, and had been used at King's College. Old books are in very small print, with the lines close together, and difficult to read. But it contains the'life of Shakes- • peare, and a copy of his last will and testament, taken from the registry of the archbishop of Canterbury. It is so fascinating. One item caught my attention. He left his second best bed to his wife. I wonder who got the best one. you have any quilts, blankets, comforters, afghans, or any warm covering to cover cold bodies, please share with us. God bless you. THIS is my salute to plastic bags, all sizes and shapes. I don't think I could live without them. # (Edited by SFB) $ IN A SPEECH to supporters of an Israeli institute of techonology, the Minnesota senator said in Miami Beach that the United States should guarantee military and economic support to Israel in order to maintain the balance of power in the Middle East. Humphrey called for U. S. recognition of Jerusalem as "a free and united" capital of Israel. Israel seized and occupied the Arab quarter of the Holy City in 1967 war. SEN. HENRY M. Jackson, one of the more hawkish Democratic presidential candidates, has called for "a cooling-off period" on criticism of President Nixon's Vietnam peace proposals. "There will be plenty of time to hold the President accountable," the Washington senator said, "but I think the Democrats can hurt themselves by being so critical that you don't give the President a chance to even negotiate at a time when he is about to leave for Peking, which could be an important part of this whole effort." SEN. HUBERT H. Humphrey filed in Charleston, W. Va., for the May 9 Democratic primary and told a joint session of the legislature he would relight the torch carried by the late J ohn F. Kennedy, uniting West Virginians to bring him victory. "I want to build a coalition from the mountaintops and valleys across this great state, the kind John Kennedy had in our Minnesota senator said. 1960 campaign," the Henry "Scoop" Jackson OHIO Sen. Robert Taft announced in Columbus his withdrawal as a favorite son in the state's primary in May. By Hal Boyle Presidential Conversation Gets Dull AILY NEWS WHAT them. has happened to echoes? I miss Published by the Estherville Daily News, Division of Mid-America Publishing Corp., 10 N. 7th St., Estherville, Iowa 51334. Subscription rates: City of Estherville, Armstrong, Ringsted, T e r r i 1, Graettinger and Superior, delivered by carrier, 60 cents per week; $7.80for 3 months, $15.60 for 6 months, $29.70 year. By mail in Emmet and bordering counties: $14.00 year, Zones 1-8, $19.50 year. Fred E. Williams, Publisher; Stan Brotherton, Managing Editor; Richard Myers, Advertising Director; Gladys Streiff, Business Manager; Donald Stoffel, Production Manager; Randy Shierk, Shopper Manager. Member of Associated Press, Iowa Daily Press Association, Iowa Press Association. Photos submitted to this newspaper will not be returned by mail. However, they may be picked up at the Daily News Office. HERE at the Out of the Humdrum mission center at 620 N. Main, Blue Earth, Minnesota, 56013, we need bedding. This cold weather has depleted our store. If MIIIMIMIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllltllttlltlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllinilllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllilliiilllin Letters to the editor are welcome. They should be brief, legible, written on one side of the paper, and include signature, address. All letters are subject to condensation. HI AND LOIS BOWLING MAY X HELP YOU "3 YES, WE HAVE SOME LIGHT BALLS FOR OUR PATRONS TO USE NEW YORK (AP) - Remarks that a candidate for a presidential nomination gets tired of hearing: "You have to admit that it .isn't exactly .^easy to make Phineas Techumseh Weatherall a household name to every voter in America." "There's at least one advantage you have over all the other candidates. After all, you don't have a record of any kind for them to shoot holes through." "If we could count on ail our other contributors like we do your mother, we wouldn't have to worry where our money is to come from. She sent another $5 today." "Remember, eat lots of cheese whenwe swing through Wisconsin. It's a big dairy state. No, I don't think you have to eat anything special in New Hampshire. I don't think the natives there eat much more than elm bark in winter anyway." "Somehow you gotta ante up some money for the billboard people. What if they get mad and start painting signs on their billboards saying 'Phineas Weatherall doesn't pay his bills'?" Another $5 came in from your mother. KIRBY She says she made it selling homemade cookies door to door." "One of the' things "we' need most, Phineas, is to find a_ good dread disease you can".announce that you've joined the forefront of the fight agalijst.^J^b/ candidate ever got anywhere unless the public recognized that he was fighting a dread disease." "We've got to humanize you somehow, Phineas. How about us snapping a picture of you lying down taking a nap— and have the photo showing you have holes in both shoes, not just one?" "Your mother sent in $7.50 this time, Phineas. magazine subscriptions. a check for She's selling "The news is good and bad on the patriotic front. One out of three of the Daughters of the American Revolution plans to vote for you because your mother is a member. But two out of three of the Sons of Revolution are against you because your great-great-great-great-grand- father was tarred and feathered as a Tory in New Jersey in 1778." "Now we need an issue you're foursquare for. Whoever heard of a successful candidate who wasn't foursquare for something or other?" Letter to the Editor Denies Refusal To the Editor: The statement concerning my refusing to attend typing classes as stated in The Daily News Tuesday, Jan. 8, is wrong. I was never given the chance for a retraining program, and I am attending night classes with the women from the office. I was never offered any other position. Ruby McKee EDITOR'S NOTE: The statement referred to concerns a report of city council action of Monday night reported in the Tuesday edition. ARCHIE WE'VE GOT A S/& ONE / WE CALL HIM THE "WEIGHT HOPE"/ -.. LUNK. , DIMWITI / LUNK? HE CAN'T FIGHT!) HE DOESN'T KNOW A LEFT JAB FROM A ^I'VE BEEN TRAINING HIM/ JUST WAIT'LL HE GETS THE GLOVES ON i 2-9 BEETLE BAILEY 'Well, folks, we're here. Who had number eight?" eartytonighc^ 6 " P * m " TrUdy ~ r want t0 g0 t0 bed Esther Maid Grade A Dairy Products mil Brighten Your Day, Too!

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