Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on March 3, 1952 · Page 5
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 5

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, March 3, 1952
Page 5
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Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND,, MD., MONDAY, MARCH 3, 1952 FIVE Permits Needed For Septic Tanks The Allepany County Health De- lartment must approve plan? for epfcic tanks before a permit is ssued to home owner.s.- The fins!, .step is to Fenire a disposal permit, which is issued free >y the Health Department after ilans for the sewage disposal fiys- em are approved. Sanitarians of the Health Depart- nent must inspect, the installation leiore it is covered. They then fur- iish the property owner a comple- •ion certificate showing that the vork has been completed fatis- 'actorily. This completion certificate, ac- •ording to J. B. Bowling, scale sani- ajrian. must be presented to the Mlepany County Board of Commis- iioners before that office will issue i building permit. Dowling said it is important that :ompletion permits be sought before trenches are filled in since on several occasions, property owners had t.o uncover the septic tank and drainage field so the system could oe inspected. All necessary information on home sewage disposal installations Is furnished free when permits are issued. iliart/ *s Mail Editor's Note: Friend iri 1 : pive unintentional nffeiv' wonders ho* to end the : misunder- irun if it put,s an end to single- j hearted dependency upon a phony, • ."tsnciins. land incites you to find new interests i DEAR MARY HAWORTH: I *m'™ A broatd « n t!lC ba56 ° f your !lf6 i almost ill with worry and grief *nd| as an anudote to il must find help. It all started If ho Leads Out In Tltis Cuse? •because I unintentionally broXe a | promise to a friend. I have tried ito make amends in every way I can; 'but she will not let me. DEAR MARY HAWOrilii . our -My friendship for her is no trivial j daughter is keeping company with a thing. It is deep and lasting; ana young man in military service, who •to know that she nas turned against j' ls stationed nearby for the basic me because ot my ghastly mistake. ! training. They wish to become ;has ruined my life and broken my jenaagod. We would rather they wait ! heart. She will not see me or answer • unt ji he is out of the service, but my letters. '(they are determined. The boy has j Is there no way I can get her to j had dinner with us a few times, but .understand what her friendship we have never met his family. Is i means to me; and that one word of lit our place to invite them to see us? forgiveness from her would lift this; May we hear from you soon? unbearable nihery from my soul? I; there anyone with whom I could talk this over? I am alone except E. R. DEAR E. R.: According to formal u.<aae. the man's parents take the Toys Being Collected The Associated Charities and Salvation Army are making a toy collection today. Trucks are picking jp the toys which will be turned Tver to the Shriner?' organization "or repairs and then stored until next Christina.';. Means Bullying BORROW SENSIBLY If you need cash for Spring expenses, our «ervi« ii prompt, friendly and private Loans up to $300.00 Nate — Furniture — and Auto Loans INDUSTRIAL LOAN SOCIETY, INC. No. 301 Liberty Trust Bldg. PHONE 97 TOPS in QUALITY Imperial ICE CREAM Offer a choice of dates, convenient to them. Whether they accept or decline, it is decent of you to hold out a friendly hand. M. K. Mary Haworih counFcU through her , column, not by mail • or personal Interview. Write her in care o( The Eveninz Times. (Copyright, Thu Washington Post) (Distributed by King Features Syndicate) There are about 75,000 people in Cork, Ireland, and its suburbs. | for my aged mother. \vho is not able I initiative in calling upon the girl's ito be bothered with my problem, parents, after an engagement is ' Thank you with all my heart if you | decided upon. But in this case, as ican help me. I you don't know the boy's family. I i S. V. | think it good common sense to invite them to visit you—say for Sunday dinner, when he can be j there. I Clear the idea with him; and with DEAR S. V.: Essentially your i his assent send a cordial note to his | agony has to do with a sense of j parents, addressed to the mother, jamost total isolation from human j proposing an early visit to your society. Your so-called friend, now j house. indulging herself in colossal pouting. probably constituted your whole stock of companionship. And since I she has broken off communication, | you feel like a lost soul cast into | outer darkness—shorn of dignity, worth and hope. If you displeased her unintention- ! ally, and contritely apologized for j the witless offense, she owes you ! forgiveness as a matter of course. ; And she would not withhold for- jgiveness if she were a wholesome 'character — well adjusted, kindly, | emotionally mature—even if your oversight had caused her embarrassment, inconvenience, sharp disappointment, etc., originally. The woman's inordinate sulking— a vindictive operation — indicates that she is quite neurotic, just as you are. The subtle difference is that she takes the bully role in relationship, whereas you become dependent and masochistic. You are the doormat type who takes to suffering as a duck takes to water, expecting to be walked on and rudely treated as the price of tolerance. Maybe your meekness with this bad friend has been so utter, even prior to the blunder, that she thinks you tiresome, welcomes excuse for recess from your clinging society. In any case, my advice is to accept the break in relations as a blessing in disguise. Granted that it hurts, still it is for your good in the long Recommended By Many leading BABY DOCTORS to relieve distress of CHEST COLDS And Break Up Painful Localized Condition A number of baby doctors today are recommending Child's Mild Musterolo to promptly relieve coughs, sore throat, localized inflammation and to break up congestion in nose, throat »nd upper bronchial tubes of the lungs. Just rub it on! Musterolc instantly creates a wonderful sensation of protective warmth, on chest, throat and back and brings amazing; relief. There's also Kegular and Extra Strong Musterole for adults. Child's Mild NOT ME! I'M SMART! I Let The Laundry Handle All My Washday Wprries! Our low-cost complete laundry service gives you cleaner, brighter clothes, beautifully- ironed . , . plus an extra day of freedom each week. Call us today! 5 ,or DRY CLEANING RUG CLEANING Garage Hearing Warehouse Slated The Boai'd of Zoning Appeals will act on an application to build a garage and warehouse at, 160-162 Polk Street at a meeting March 26 at 7 p. m. The Building Engineer's office on February 21 referred to the board the application of Clarence Litzen- i ber? to use the site for a 50 by 100- foot concrete block structure. The Mayor and Council last week ordered filed a petition signed by 27 residents of the area, pending action by the board. The petition asked city officials to turn down the application, saying Sanders Street, which now extends from Bedford to Polk Street will probably never be extended to Hanover Street, as intended," if the building js bailt. They also said the site, at the northwest corner of Polk Street and the B. and O. Railroad, is a highly restricted residential area and property values would deteriorate il the building were placed there. Your Horoscope Lions Club Will Hear Talk On English Cars Dr. A. J. Mirkin will discuss "Eng- dish and Continental Sports Cars and Road Racing" at the meeting of the Lions Club Wednesday at 12:15 p. in. at Central YMCA. The local surgeon has several foreign-make cars. He will illustrate his talk with slides of a. race taken at Watkins Palls, N. Y. Look in thi- »rct!on in nhirh your birth-j day com"! find Imd what, your outlqofc is.] accorrilnc tn 'he nars. For Tuesday. March I. li'.Vi MARCH 21 to APRIL 20 lArlfli — Unl- !r.rm:ty in rlfnrl will br:ns nrM result 1 , tins, mildly cood day. PUn wisely for Spnnc rxpan.Mnn In tmM:T*s.s :na:uil;ic- turins. prrsonal matters. Bin—he carofu; in all APRIL 21 U> MAY 20 iTnu.'tlsi—Get vfiurjtlf well in hand, cf>r:am oljstaclos. hindrances indicated, majbe. trom uncx- pectpci sources. Inadequate effort, inattention, or Eelf-assuredncss can hurt pood chances. MAY :i to JUNE SI iGeniir.u—You m,iy new contention, outside interference, unexpected rei'.r.tiou.s—MI be forewarned thi^ dun appearing day. Extra hard ei- fort can cra.*fi obstacle. 5 Ironi your path. JUNE 'J2 to JULY 23 iCanceri —11 not too demandm-.: and you do cooperate \vitli Hi.soclate?. you can bridge nicely this mixed sort of day, and achieve much good. Industry, labor, purely mental \vork may not run too smoothly. JULY 24 to AUGUST I 1 ; (Leo'—Sainf favored lor Cancer applies today SpnnR activities, new business should be exam ineri well, stimulated. Make yourself felt In uorfc, home; it brings creat happiness. AUGUST 23 lo SEPTEMBER '23 lVlrr;o< —May nor get results you want, or find things easy or cooperative. That's *>-hat we ail must [ace at times. Be cheerful. Use your best ideas, brightest smile; 50 alonp in hest way. SEPTEMBER 24 to OCTOBER 23 iLlbrai —Happenincs not. all favorable, but th*:are brtter than you thinl:. v.'hen mental larks irritate, other affairs, heart Interests can make up considerably. Be your pleasantest. OCTOBER 24 to NOVEMBER 22 (Scor- pioi—A downtrend occurs occasionally tor all undertakings, especially the speculative. Expect, and treat philosophically. Re suits depend largely on how YOU do thinps. BRING YOUR FILM WORK to be d«velop«d - RAND'S 24 HOUR SERVICE WE SELL FILM OF ALL KINDS. RAND'S Cor. Baltimore and Centre Jtj. 75t AT MOST HARDWARE STORES > iftlll blfmm \. r ^; ^Mr BALL flow **TEH RUSHING mind; are not always sure o! your abilities. Right guidance frcm religion, good reading and companions and you can do great things Jn life. You are agreeable, naturally well mannered. Intere.stlnc. Generous often to a fault; never underhanded; don't like schemer.v You have sood possibilities, taicntp. use them to achieve the best standards. Blrthdate; Ca.Mmir Pulsski. noted Pn!:«h general in U. S. Revol. War; Sir Henry Raeburn. Scotch portrait painter. JCopyrlcht, 1052, King Features Syndicate. Inc.! NOVEMBER ;3 to DECEMBER 22 iSaclt- riust—DoM't load s°jf uiTh useless irerm. jr.-eswmlaU. Realitz there is important won: to he dour, created. Some trsdmg. buyinp, and building highly lavored. DECEMBER 23 to JANUARY 21 iCapri- corni—Move cautiously m endeavors that cnuld be co.s'iy or set you bnck in any way Heed proper routine, matters afiectlns: dai.'v work. forethought. I JANUARY 22 to FEBRUARY 20 I Aquar-< C ,,,.}- AiififlntP iusi— The simple direct way is the hcst mi 01100 AHllUOie most eases. Avoid temptations: double- meanings, ruahinp or neglecting o( somf affairs. Reason u out and—consult loved sical training is one of the greatest one.'.. ' FEBRUARY ai to MARCH i'U i Pisces i- MHdly auspicious now tor routine, known j Mrs. ^UL^^r,' . P ^ m |ee? n ^!grandmother of Brighton, who start-, can-Mi >tMdy and hHndHne. ,ed attending physical training; YOU BORN TODAY: A Pisces native— Human beings blink their eyes at different rates, ranging from 25 or more times a minute to about one a minute. Fountain Room BRIGHTON, Eng.—(INS)—Phy-; ical training is one of the greatest ; . ' antidotes for snobbery. So claims | Ida Mayne, an 87-vear-old ur iRn swimming up-stream, >,t,renm. Doc-?-, that sii are at tinier unable ymbolized by Two Fishes, one classes 17 years ago, and now claims | the other dou-n- to be the oldest physical training j 'to' ma& hi ap ? /on" Enthusiast in Britain. j MONDAY FRIED Filet of Haddock (TARTER SAUCE) Whipped Potatoes, Bread and Butter, Coffee 55c Lazarus . . . 3rd Floor At home 6 Bottle At home the pause that refreshes with ice-cold Coca-Cola helps to make a house a home. BOTTLED UNDEX AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY CUMBERLAND COCA-COIA BOTTLING WORKS, INC. ''Cote" tt a r*gj'st* 19il, THE COCA-COLA COMPANY a man have to "die to win" with Life Insurance ? NO! More than half of all payments go to living policyholders Of course, the primary purpose of life insurance is to protect the family by making income available to them after the breadwinner dies. But, in providing this protection, the policyholder himself can benefit during his own lifetime. Through these "living benefits" many policyholders are able to retire, meet emergencies, and take advantage of opportunities. These "living benefits" come from endowments, annuities, disability payments, policy cash values and policy dividends. They make up 57% of all the money paid out as benefits in the United States by life insurance companies. i Payments to living policyholders now amount to more than $2 billion a y car _equal to nearly $6 million every day of the year—and go to people all over the country, America's 86 million policyKolders, through life insurance, are making America a better place to work in ajid to live in. They are providing for the future of thair families and themselves. Their life insurance dollars are invested all over the country. And their healthy habit of thrift is one of the nation's strongest bulwarks against inflation. Institute of Life Insurance 488 MADISON AVENUE, NEW YORK 22, N.Y.

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