Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on March 3, 1952 · Page 3
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 3

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, March 3, 1952
Page 3
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Phone 4600* for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD. MONDAY, MARCH 3, 1952 THREE Jacoby Oil Bridge Old Trick Is Still Valuable Today By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NEA Service The approach of the Eastern Championships, which will be held 6 Jitters 9 Caused By Plane Mishap ruff it in dummy. This allowed West to step up with the pack of Rpo ,./*<. A*, ^inf spades to over-ruff dummy. Now I^VIUIS till ijlll-L South still had to lose a heart and _.„_..,,„ a trump, for a one-trick set. : , SA ?TA MONICA, CrJ.f. - (/Pi When George Reith played the f°™l, of , a , f! . yine; .. a ! rpl . aM _i s _^ hand, he took the simple precaution WISHING WELL Registered U. S. Patent Office. of drawing one round of trumps before he began the diamonds. After ( tolerable ( to her since one crashed iinto her home while she was watch- j ing an A-bomb explosion on her Levy says. She sued Actor Jon Hall, his wife. In New York 'towards the end ot a »- he needcri ° nl y onc of dummy's this month, reminds me that rm trumps to ruff a diamond, so it not nuire the vonnester T used to was sound technique to draw the; °" e ^ a rt " 01 J0 " "•<"'• "'* wa not quite tne youngster I usea to. Singer Fi-ances Langford, and other be. This annual tournament wasl otner tIum P- first held in 1929, and I had the This sim » le safet y good fortune to win it that year, playing with the late George Reith as my partner. NORTH 3 465 VJ98432 + K8 + J73 WEST EAST 4k J 410932 V Q 10 6 5 V K *52 *J 10764 4Q10854.2 *AK8 SOUTH(0) 4AKQ874 ¥A7 * AQ93 South 34 4 4 Both sides vul. West North Pass 1 N. T. Pass 3N.T. Pass Pass East Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—4 5 Q—With both sides vulnerable, the bidding has been: West North East South 1 Diamond 1 Heart Pass 1 You, South, hold: Spades K-Q- 7-4. Hearts 9-5-2. Diamonds K-J-9. Clubs A-J-6-3. What do you do? A—Bid two no-trump. This bid is not completely forcing, so that your partner can drop out if he is ashamed of his overcall. If he has a sound overcall, however, he must bid again, and your side will reach a same—either in hearts or no-trump. TODAY'S QUESTION Bridge hasn't changed so much! with both sides vulnerable, the In twenty-three years as we some-j bidding has been: times think. For example, consider I North East South West one of the hands that we played i N. T. Double ? in that first Eastern. | you, South, hold: Spades 7-3-2. Most pairs got to four spades Heart J-5-4, Diamonds 9-8-3-2, the jack of spades from the V/est hand. He couldn't prevent Reith j from ruffing a low diamond with dummy's remaining trump, so the game contract was easily made. To my mind, the lesson taught by this hand is just as clear today as when it was first played. Clover Leaf Aviation Club operators for $100,000 damages. She charged in her complaint that the club was negligent in leaving the plane unlocked. It was piloted by thieves who have never been identified. Mrs. Levy said that when her roof collapsed she thought an atom bomb Clad exploded, and that ever since she has had a "fright of noises ,that had caused permanent shock" to her nervous system. 8 V 2 A 6 U S A o F 7 A 4 E 7 B 5 I 4 E 2 L 8 P 0 U S s 5 E 8 Y 5 M 7 L 4 E 8 I ,1 O 8 E 3 Y 7 I o T 3 L 6 G i C 2 P 4 A 2 p 6 L 7 I 2 E 3 T 6 D 5 C 8 R 3 D 5 Y 7 N 6 E 3 E 6 Y 5 E 4 H 8 R 3 G 5 U ' 5 N 7 R 4 S 2 E 3 I 5 R S E 8 R 2 Y o E 5 O 6 F 4 T 2 T 4 S 8 G 6 L 8 T o V 6 L '! E 2 L 6 F 2 U 7 L 5 O 2 N b L 6 A 5 H 8 E 3 E 8 A 5 S 6 E 5 R 4 F 5 N 6 O 4 L 3 H 4 R relish too much, than be forced to at the church. No, she links up with!pj re Hazards evolve my own menus. a typical gabby, hen club that plays "And why under the sun do wives j brldw or indulges in gossip. ke«p asking "Honey, what would i " : v 'e been active in B< you like for supper?" j work and have taught a CHICAGO- (INS)-The outbreak flres cauwd by .. hot .. swea te» Sunday : ha.s brought, a warning from a firt ,_ school class almost all my life, and i insurance safety expert. Dale K. "That's their job. anyway so why , arcn . t : Auck of chicaso, a fire protection • keep pestering us husbands to make j • thch . mjndg and inecri says mere are many other their decisions for them. Certainly ! in a few months a bride should know her husband well enough to 1 figure out suitable menus. | What Irks Husbands • "I've always had to be very frugal : for I was brought up in a home a( . Uve ^ ^^ ^.^ |pe ,,, ona i products that catch fire "So. Dr. Crane, what do you SUE- jand burn easily. ''Oiled silk," he says, Best? Shouldn't I get a divorce be- 1 "rayon and cotton with a Ions, fine fore I blow my top completely?" map are very dangerous fire hazards. See my reply to Fritz in tomor- Women .should stay away from open row's Case Record. with the South hand, but many ol them found a way to throw the game out of the window. The careless declarer 'would ruff fche second club, cash two top diamonds and lead a third diamond to Clubs 7-6-5. What do you do? Answer Tomorrow Pure orange flavor that children like. Accuracy that Mothers prefer. Tablets are *4 adult dose. Buy It today. 39c. ST.JOSEPH ASPIRIN FOR CHILDREN: Recruits CHATTANOOGA —(INS1—Tenn- essee Valley Authority personnel officers are visiting Southern universities to recruit some of thousand engineers needed in the TVA construction program. The program includes new hydro plants at Boone and Fort Patrick Henry dams in East Tennessee and five steam plants in Alabama. Kentucky and Tennessee. Automatic Navigator For Airplanes Being Tested LONDON—UP)—Seven miles over Britain, a four-engine jet research plane is making high-speed flights to test a new radio automatic navigator. The automatic, navigator, the Decca Flight Log, shows the pilot the position of his plane on a map and automatically draws in its track. It has already been tried on low-speed helicopters and piston- engine planes. Now it is wanted for jet airliners: Its designers have built a new airborne receiver which will pick up signals and convert them into the track line on the map while the aircraft is flying miles above the earth at 1,500 miles per hour. H ERE is a pleasant little game that will give you a message every day. It is a numerical puzzle designed to spell out your fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the number of letters is 6 or more, subtract 4. If the number is less than 6, add 3. The result is your key number. Start at the upper left-hand corner of the rectangle and check every one of your key numbers, left to right. Then read the message the letters under the checked figures give you. Copyrlstu, 1352.. by William J. Miller. Distributed by Kinr Fliturw. Inc. O~-3 a — The Worry Clinic By Dr. George W. Crane = where the scraps from today's meals! 'Copyright by , h . HOPU..S syndicate me., j were utilized in some manner for! In centra! America, banana plan- next day's menu. i rations have gradually moved from fireplaces or stoves while wearing Ithese materials." "But my wife refuses to use food a second time. She throws out the left overs from every meal. We can't afford that wastefulness. "And now she wants me to trade i in our car on a Cadillac. But I can't j afford such a ritzy car on a teacher's salary. But she simply wants to show off before the neighbors. That juvenile attitude gripes me no end.i "And she doesn't belong to any constructive women's society, such as a Study Club or the Ladies Aid j the Caribbean side of the countries to the Pacific side because of t,he advance of soil diseases. HOW ttW CAN LICK CONSTIPATION the clogging, TRANSIENT kind! Take Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets—the all vegetable formula of Dr. F. M.) Edwards. Olive Tablets establish rhythmic activity to assure gcntle.ihorougk and more natural-like bowel movements. Don't stand such torment another hour! i They clean waste and gas from the enlirt Fiery, Smarting Itch of Common Skin Rashes Just smooth Resinol Ointment on you irritated skin at once. See how quickly its medically proven ingredients in Ian- . olin bring blissful, long-lasting relief. Advprtismnnt i' intestinal tract to help you feel fine— look fine. SOp, 6Q£. See your drugeiat.1 Mermaids LINGAYEN, P. I.— (IN9) — The drowning of a 19-year-old student in the Lingayen Gulf is being blamed on "mermaids.". The young man was said to have drowned in "shallow waters," and old residents claimed that "mermaids" have been causing yearly accidents in the gulf in the same spot where the body was found. Editor's Note: Frits feels like strangling his wife because of her cureless- ness. You wives better piistr this Case Record in your scrapbook. Give it to all new brides. Por Fritz is like many other introvertive husbands. CASE C-385: Fritz M.. aged-42, is a high school coach. "Dr. Crane, I married last fall after living as a bachelor all my life," Fritz began. "My wife is a very charming girl. But she is an only child and her parents have spoiled her. "However, I knew ail of that at the outset. So I entered marriage with my eyes open. "But I feel I simply can't stand it any longer. I finally told her last week that I couldn't go on. I was fed up with our marriage. "She has cried her heart out ever since. It makes me feel like a heel to see her cry, but I get more irritated by her every day. "Por example, I am a neat person. After I take a shower in the morning, I fold my towel and hang it on the towel rack so its ends are perfectly even. CALIFORNIA GRATED TUNA FISH 23c 6 ox. can Solid Pack 7 oz. can Alaskan Salmon 1 lb. can 43c Maine Sardines In Oil or Mustard , *~*.T« 3M oz. can IZc Mush Ideal Cooked Corn Meal No. 2 can lOc Save Up to 12c a Pound Ideal Coffee 87c Our finest quality • • rich . . . fragrant ft. can ALBRO KOSHER FRESH PACK DILL PICKLES 32c full 32 oe. quart jar PRINCESS FACIAL TISSUES 400-ct. boxes PILLSBURY PIE CRUST Buy 1 pkq. for reg. price and qct 1 pkg. for y-i price- 2 l> -° z boxes SLICED PIE APPLES No. can JUST LIKE "CORN-OFF-THE-COB" Whole Kernel Corn 33c Ideal Fancy Qualtiy Whole Kernel Golden LIBBV'S "DOUBLE-RICH" TOMATO JUICE Save ott Famous 46 oz. Brands at ACME can *TM.^ ,* ""' 31c Ocean WHITING FILLETS Ib. Whiting ">. 17c FRESH CHESAP]Mi~B^ ____ . can 75c COOKED Extra Lean Sliced BACON Ib. ^ — 45c 57c OfiH-Rcad 100% Self-Service Produce G^^ FIRM — CRISP — FRESH GREEN PEPPERS Green and White Tender Lima Beans 15c Farrndalc extra standard Fine for salads or stuffing lb 19C New Amazing No-Rinse Washing Wonder Speedup 2pkgs.57c FREE—Dish cloth in each pkg. NEW—FIRM HEADS CABBAGE 7c ib. ROME BEAUTY APPLES lbs Ideal Creamy PEANUT BUTTER 12 o;. jar 35c "^ THESE PRIcis"iFFECTIVE IN ALL ACME MARKETS UNTIL CLOSING WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5th "But she tosses her towel on the rack or lets it hang over the wash basin. Her wash cloth is dangling in the same manner, and this carelessness makes me want to strangle her. Wives, Take Note "Dr. Crane, you once told about your own experience when Mrs. Crane would squeeze a fresh tube of toothpaste in the middle, instead of neatly squeezing it from the bottom. "Well, my wife does that all the time, and her similar carelessness extends to everything else. "Every night for the past year, I have also come home from the gymnasium tired and hungry. But there is no meal ready for me. "If I ask why supper isn't prepared, she says she has waited to ask me what I would like fcfr my menu. "Well, for heaven's sake, can't a woman plan her own menus? It burns me up to have to solve her petty daily dilemma of what we should have for supper. "I'd rather have her surprise me by cooking something I might not Now TRY THIS '"(HUD'S COUGH For coughs and bronchitis due to colds you can now getCrcornulsion specially prcrtarcd for Children in a new pink and blue package and be sure: (1) Your child will like it. (2) It contains only safe, proven ingredients. (3) It contains no narcotics to disturb nature's processes. (4) Jt will aid nature lo soothe and heal raw. tender, inflamed throat and bronchial membranes, thus relieving the cough and promoting rest and sleep. Ask for Crcomulsion for Children in the pink and blue package. CREOMULSION FOR CHILDREN nlkm Cwghs, Clint Colds, Acite IrmchlHs "Hot Flashes" Stopped or strikingly relieved In 63-80%*of cases in doclors'testi • If you're miserable from the "hot flashes," and accompanying irritable, restless feelings of "change of life"— you may be suffering unnecessarily! " tests by doctors... Lydia Pinkham's Compound and Tablets brought relief from such functionally- caused KUlTcring to 63'c and 80Tc (respectively) of the women tested! Complete or striking rclicj! Yes! Research IIRS proved those medicines thoroughly inodcrr, in action . . . has shown you when 1 to look for relief from those distressing, nervous, "out of sorts" fncllnns of mid-life "change"I So...get. Lydia E. Plnkhum'i Vegetable Compound—or new, Improved Tablets, •with added Iron! (Wonder/ul, too. /or the junctianal pains ot menstrual periods.) H net's through n wontlin'ii pympnlhctir nervous Jiyslem lo rrlirvn distress of IhoM «,ful "hell ..»«."! Helen M. Dickerhoof Graduate nf Everett Hich School Lnnsins. Mich. and Cathcrman's Btif-inrss School Employed by Allcgany Co. Board-of Educauon ENROLL NOW FOR MARCH CLASSES NIGHT or DAY MR. CATHERHIAN: You may sciid me, without obligation, information concerning the items checked. Clerical Course Day flight School Clerical Course Subjects (About 4 Months) Clrr.-;il Sot ray Roll Sri Business MaUlrnirlics Offtcr Machines Typewriting Name . Addreu ;Teiephon* I Approved for G/ Training I Not on unemployed graduate lo: seventeen years. j CATHERMAN'S: ! Business School < i \ \ Telephone 966 Cumberland, Mt3 j SHOP MONDAY TIL 9 osenbaum's A TRUST ATE INSTITUTION SINCE 1848 READY TO USE in matching colors ARC VELVET FLAT Point the Walls of A Room For Only For Every Room in Your Home 4.98 gall on The color of your heart's desire . . . selected from America's most'distinctive homes. 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Leaves No Ring! 79<f Quart •1/2 gal. 1.29 Gal. 1.95 Sponge 39c We hove never sold a product that has given greater satisfaction for cleaning rugs and upholstery than has Fino Foam. If brings back forgotten colors! It's non-irritating to hands. And it's odorless! HOUSEWARES . . . FOURTH FLOOR Cumberland'* Completely Self-Serve Acme Market is located at 316 North Centre Street

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