The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 2, 1930 · Page 8
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 8

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 2, 1930
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT ON RANGE LINE Michigan Man Is Crushed When Jammed Agamsit Truck. RAN OUT OF GASOLINE The Ranse Line road continues! to take its toil of death, the latest victim being' a. man believed BETTER TIMES. President j Hoover. Believes Crosby] Last Fall Is Disappearing. Washington, May 2. —Business leaders of the country received the thanks of President Hoover last night| for their co-operation with the j government in stabilizing economic forces after the crash of six months, ago. This undertaking was termed by the -chief executive as pos- j -sibly one of the greatest economic experiments of the nation's history, and one that has "succeeded to a remarkable degree." Addressing the annual gathering of the United States Chamber of. Commerce, the President to be Frank Lewis whose.home is! in Michigan- who was insta itly killed about 2:30 Friday m£rn ins, when he. was crushed agapnst \he side of his truck by an coming automofbilc. The tr I said he was convinced the • worst J was parked on the road, al out j United States—that two and one-half miles south Kokomo having run out of g line and the unfortunate man two companions, were attacli a red lantern to the rear trailer, behind the truck w accident occurred. The .bodv find:'»y 'he stabilization measures Mr. ing; Hoover -foresaw abandonment of of a the belief that the speculative jlienirise and fall was a '"disease ol '|Wh>h must run its course.and the man who was killed instantly• for winch nothing could be done was t::.ken tn a Kokomo under-j either in prevention or to speed taking establishment. I i recovery, or to believe the hard- ere; s ],ip which-wreaks itself, especi- :lnf I i ally upon workers,! farmers and the'^ ma iier business people." iansi «i> * ittot iiadj Lhe j Several early drivers who ' in Tiptoii Friday morning reported the accident, stated man, killed and two compan were on their way from Lafay to a point in Michigan. They a merry-go-round loaded on truck and trailer and about miles south of Kokomo ran'out gasoline. To prevent anyone f the south running into the of their outfit they were fasten|in! a red lantern to the rear of - trailer when a Pontiac co-ich d en by a young man whose name was not learned, appeared fr the south traveling at a -ra| rate. The 'man killed had tened himself against the side the truck to allow the car to pi but the driver swerved shai when he observed the Trailer, car wobbled and then sideswijiecl the truck, crushing ~ the .standing against it. The Pon jtlien took the ditch, crashed through a fence, turned . twice and the driver escaped -v a flight cut in one hand. A report of the accident brought bore S&Jsjuht Officer 1 coe .lones. but t lie party mak the report did not get the nafnes of 1he parties. Kokomo police were at Ithe scene of the accident and investigated and a coroner's inquest to be held Friday over the dealt Speedway Race. Indianapolis, May 2.—With tries closing at midnight night, forty-two cars 'were tered for the international ' mile race for $100,000 which be held at Indianapolis May This was the,count at the time| speedway office, closed. WEATHER— Fair tonight |and Saturday; cooler tonight and in extreme north and \ extreme east Saturday. Mrs. Lelia Kinder Colledgq Cleveland, O., is spending a days with Tipton friends. Read Tribune want ads. A. A. Bridge Tipton, Indiana. was passed and that ."with con itinued unity of effort we shall .(rapidly recover. There is one cer- on-| juck | Itainty in the future of a people of the resources. . intelligence and character of the people of the prosper- or !">•-" so-! In the success so far attained T IN FIVE STATES torn pid \ al-j ofi ss, I ply j his man iac flverj it li! M'as| os- 1 i ingi ; Seven People Reported Dead and Hundreds. Have Been Injured. MUCH PROPERTY LOSS ASK PERMISSION TO! fJUf T»TON BAIL? TRIHTOi? .JPWMMW READY FOR COSIEST. Tipton County i Banking On Its Entrants In Spelling Bee.. The North: Central Indiana spelling bee. to determine' tlie representative j to i the National Spelling Bee at Washington, D., E. and Fred Martz Filei 'CrM-ay 27, win be held at the Petition in Court at. Noblesville. j. HEARING SET MAY i . - . i • high school auditorium in Kokomo Saturday night, starting at 7 :30 and this county will send a | goodly delegation to witness its . | contestants on whom they are g ! banking' to bring further honors |to this county.; j .. The representatives of this j county are Miss Helen Nance of Thursday A. El Martz, presi-1 Tipton - ; B emice Boyer of Kemp- dent of the Central Bank of Ar-| ton and James Vanness of Curtis- cadia and Fred Martz his son,; ville and when these three get cashier of the institution filed a 1 started local admirers say they petition in the Hamilton Circuit will not be stopped, court for a voluntary liquidation' The winner of the match at of the affairs of "the institution.:Kokomo Saturday night will be At the same time a second peti-jsent to Washington, D. C, with, tion was filejd' asking j that "thle ; all expenses paid to take part in Court appoint Fred Martz as trus-the National event in which cash tee to take charge of the affairs'prizes of $2,5o6 are offered. First and make settlement. I prize at the national event is $.1,Judge Fred Hines with whomjooo and ,in addition, the winner the petition was filed set Thurs-! W [ii receive many extra prizes of- day May S as the date for hear-;f ere ^ D y publishing companies ing on the petitions. (and individuals. The petition for the voluntary; Tnree prizeg are offered in the liquidation states that the bank; €vent to be . held at Kokomo Satis a private institution and that I RDAY NIGHT FIRST ^ TNE TRIP TO more than eighty per cent of the, Wasnington . secoIld , g n5 cash stock is owned by A- E. Ma.rtz andi^,,^ . g ft prf8e of ?10 Fred Martz. It also states thati XT ' ' • * U MISS Helen Nance is a daugh- the assets of the institution have!,' .' *, , . , , . , x .iter of • Mr. and Mrs. Orville been.appraised by a disinterested committee composed of Ira Black, Jesse G. Winders and Claude C. Cochran and that in the opinion of the appraisers has sufficient assets to pay all depositors and other creditors in full, after its securities have been converted into cash.. The petition asks that the assets of jthe bank been transferred to the trustee Fred "Martz for settlement, setting up the fact that he has been cashier of the institution since its organization and knows the value of the securities and Ms thoroughly familiar. with all the affairs and is better qualified than anyone else to close up the bank's affairs. B. D. Mitchell President of | Organization Taking Over Assets. WILL PAY DEPOSITORS |\vas h. en- Hast en- oo-H kill 30. the of few Chicago, May 2.—A series of tornadoes whipped through three Missouri valley states late yesterday leaving towns and farm buildings flattened and an unknown nuniber of persons dead and injured. At .least seven persons were known to have perished and hundreds were-reported injured in a storm - which s^vept( through the i-it'ii larming district of nortli eastern Nebraska and levelled homes and other structures over a seventy-five mile stretch. Tekamah. Neb., a thriving town of nearly 2,000 population, appeared to have suffered the brunt of the Nebraska twister which finally crossed the Missouri river and headed in an Iowa farming disj- trict. The Tekamah death toll was reported as six with numerous injured. Three separate twisters struck in northeastern Kansas and northwestern Missouri.j One Tipped a path hear Winchester, ^Kan., killing one person and injuring at least eight others. Another first sighted near White Cloud; Kan., swirled eastward through ' three northwestern Missouri counties- Andrew, Holt and Nodaway— : causing excessive damage to property and livestock. No deaths were reported. A small twister also strnck neap Newton, Kan., and a violent electrical storm, accompanied by severe'wind was reported at Falls City, in southeastern Nebraska^ WHEAT NEAR DOLLAR MARK. Delivery of May Contracts Sees Drop to Year's iLow Record. If-You Need a Security Loao Or Money to Pay Taxes ' - See LeaveD & IN FURNISHING YOUR HOME THE PLAN IS THE THING! Acquire the articles included in your plan oa',a definite. Mchedale, AH your purse permits. Possibly yoa will get some sew (Macs twice a year; or maybe each three months. By working witto a. ' systematic ,plan : you -will M>oii .haV £i a home of which you'll, be proad. .- Nance of this city. Miss Bernice Boyer is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Boyer of Kempton and James Vanness is.a son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Vanness of Curtisville. All. are' good and they have been making preparations for the event Saturday night. i No admission is charged to the match and the public, is invited to hear the contestants, i IS C. OF C. Chicago, .Ma _y 2.- —The beginning of delivery of wheat on May contracts yesterday saw futures prices for the current month dip within a fraction of SI a bushel, establishing once more a low record for the year. Values at the close were unchanged at % cent a bushel lower than yesterday, with May sell­ ing at $1.01% to $1.01%, but the midsession slump had recorded a low price of $1.0095. A change in the Board of Trade regulations which, traders-anticipated, might accentuate the grain Storage problem, "was held responsible for the downward reaction after an early advance.. The amendment rendered wheat in car lots on track deliverable on May contracts on an equal basis with grain stored in elevators. There are approximately nine, million bushels of wheat stored in the glutted warehouses of Chicago, and under the change of rules this grain could be moved to railroad tracks to be delivered on fu tu res contracts this month. v -—? SCRIHNER'8 WILL FILED. Kokomo Man Selected Pres- dent of National Organization. ; The Mitchell brothers"of Windfall, John S. and B. D. Mitchell, bankers apd capitalists, have become foremost in the organization of a banking group in Koko- which wilL take over \ the assets of the former Farmers Trust & Savings Bank of Kokomo and will soon open a new bank there which will pay 100% Ion the dollar to depositors in the former bank. B. D. Mitchell,- cashier of j the Peoples State Bank of Wind-! fail, will be the president and! John S. Mitchell will | be on the I board. John E. Fredrick, Kokomo' manufacturer, will be chairman' Miss Helen Hicks, fair golfer of j of the board, it is announced. | New York i pictured on the S. S. This new bank may! be known j jBetenpf™* when she sa>'- d *<> r as the Union Bank and Trust Co.] ^^ e i\ H «J en is a member of the and it is understood that it Willi - • . • | t start-out with a capital of $100 000 and a surplus of $50,000. | • • i i A number of the | prominent men of Kokomo are in the new i I organization, it is said, and with; plenty of capital and a personnel. of high character, thisj new group! will Vive Kokomo a, bank which; will be as large and as strong as any bank in Kokomo, it is lieved. j womb's, golf team which is invad- • ! ingi Britain's links. ' j (International NewirMl).'] HOG PRICES HIGHER. Advance of 25c, With Top $10.40: | —Cattle Strong. I | Indianapolis, Irid., May.2.—Re-i * ceipts on hogs. 4,000; cattle, 400; I i be ". calves, 700; sheep,; 1,100.- ij ! !_;Hog. prices earfy today at the j! The Mitchell' brothers will not ] !oC111 Iive stock market were 25c; I 'sever their connection! with thelK^J w.lth'the'general sales;at |.j I $10.40; underweights sold up to; J Windfall Bank. B. D. Mitchell S10 . 2 5 down and. sows up. toji will remain as cashier for some' $9.25. .'>••• - >;•..] ^ .ime. When the Kokomo bank is { Cattle were steady, calves were established there will probably, ^ong„ top at- $11.00- Sheep^and .• * • l iambs were strong with most re- be some changes in the officers of j j, eipts ^ (Iirect 1)illing . cli p ped the Windfall bank as the present! iambs at $0.50 down. - . cashier will no doubt be com-'! | • j." :—" pelled to devote most !of his time;!- Chicago, 111.. May 2.—Receipts to the Kokomo institution. i on »"K S - 16.000; carried over, G,. . -I jOOO; they were 10c higher with We Are Now' Showing. Ten Beautiful Patterns for Your Selection at $t.OOyd. NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR LAYING Suite & Barrnm WE SELL GOLD SEAL CONGOLEUM RUGS EMBASSY WILIJ BE WET. New British Envoy to •the! top $10.25.; there were .15,000 | cattle and 15,000 .sheep. '-. Resume; Iiiquor Shipments. | liocal Grain Market. ! (Hobbs Grain Co.) !Noj 2 Soft Wheat _. Washington, May 2. —Officials • 0a j s of the British' embassy said yes-i New Corn, No. 4 yellow, -S IS WELL KNOWN HERE All But «60,600 of Estate Goes to Immediate Family. •; Indianapolis; May 2.—A Washington dispatch says John E. Fredrick, Kokomo, Ind., manufacturer yestertlay afternoon was elected president of the National Association of State Chambers Of Gommerce. ;'; Mr. Fredrick is president of the Indiana State Chamber of Commerce, anil! president of the Continental Steel company at Kokomo. His election today came, the dispatch says, despite the fact he could not be present- at the convention. Will H. Arnett, managing director of the Indiana State Chamber of Commerce, was chosen secretary-treasurer, it being customary for this officer to be from '.he same state as the new presi- lent. Mr. Arnett also is a resident if Kokomo. ; Jndianapolls Produce Market. Eggs—Indianapolis jobbers offer | country shippers' for strictly fresh stock delivered at, Indianapolis, loss off, 20-2ic a dozen. Poultry — Jobbers paying for fowls, 4% pounds up, 22c pbund; Leghorns, 17-18c; broilers, 1% to „ .. : . , m _ ,2%| pounds, 24-28c; sick, cii 11 and Chfcgo late yesterday afternoon | humpback poultry not bought; without a hint of violence in either city. Police here sjnd in East Chicago enforced a rigid order against street parades^ 'Crowds of several hundred persons saw the arrests, in both cities] but there were no demonstrations. Istanbul, May 8.—The dsugh ter of AlmeeSemple StcPhersmj Los Anff^les evanioHst, Is 111 tat* hotel Ken twlth » Wkpnw ,J»* per to- tl»»*!«|* New York, May 2. — All but $60,000 of the. estate of Charles Scribner, publisher, estimated at several million dollars, goes to his immediate family, under his will filed A or; probate yesterday. The .Princeton Press tifPrinceraoer, N. J., receives IBOjpOO. and; Skldmore college of Saratoga Springs, N. Y. $10,000. 7 AIMEE'S DArGHTER'nX- Mr. Fredrick Is well known. In Tipton and has spoken here on leveral occasions. His last appearance! here: was only recently when he was the speaker at the Iefferson~Day banquet. Surfers From • Few at Istanbul After Fall Abdsrd Ship. Find Mammoth Mushrooms. Thursday ey «nlng Mr. and Mrs. . W. Addleaaniiand! Mr. and Mrs. David W^ggiOT were in the woods near Tipton and found number - of mushrooms, some, them belnc-man ipeclmen wet^ned i mi was theories 'many had ever seen. TheyVplelcedi 101 'mushrooms before returnlBty tHe .el ^y terday importation of liquor by the embassy for the official and personal use of the. ambassador and the embassy staff, stopped some months ago by Ithe former ambassador,. Sir Esme Howard, before his retirement, is to be resumed, j Communists Arrested. ^ j Gary, Ind., May 2.— j-Eleven arrests on open charges halted communist parades in Gary and East per 100 lbs. .92 .35 1.00 i Local IToCcoe Market. ; -(Moore & Moore) Butter Ji__i . 36c Eggs _Jl—— —— —- —21c Liquor Planes Quit. Windsor, Ontario, May 2.—Because of -"unnecessary| publicity," liquor exporters' announced yesterday *they had abandoned the nlan of "shipping: liquor to the United States by airplane. roosters,; 7-10c; ducks, 8 -lO'c; geese, full-feathered; 7c; guineas, young, $6 a dozen; old, * $4; squabs, 11 pounds to the dozen, $4.50; bid pigeons, 75c dozen. Batter-—Jobbers' selling prices for| creamery butter, fresh firsts. No. 1, 42-43c a pound. Butter Fat — Indianapolis buyers |are paying 39c ar'pound del.iv ^ered at; Indianapolis. [Notice of Administration.; THOR and EASY WASHERS -Wife Saving Service Last Day to Pay Taxes Without Penalty If you are short of funds, call at this bank, and if you can meet the requirements, we will be glad to loan you. the money. Citizens National Bank TIPTON, INDIANA The Only National Bank in Tipton County ; _ Notice; is hereby given, that the undersigned! has been appointed ty [the Judge of the Circuit^ouft of Tipton County, State .oi Indiana, executor of. the estate of Jcfin P. Leinlnger, late of Tjpton county deseased. Said estate -is supposed to be solvent. i i EDWARD J. LEININGER, April 14, 1930. Executor. GIFFORD & GIFFORD, Attorneys. 166-72-78-84 ThcCascUnc Includes the Emerson- Brantingham and Osborn Lines. S We Have II! That Piece of Furniture You Need to Fill-in That Vacant Looking Place in Your Living Room. . OCCASIONAL CHAIRS DESKS SMOKERS ROCKERS LAMPS MAGAZINE BASKETS CONSOLE TABLES

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