Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 10, 1957 · Page 7
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 7

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, June 10, 1957
Page 7
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Dfal PA 2-4600 for a WANT AD Take* EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., MONDAY, JUNE 10, 1957 SEVEN' Mary llaworth's Mail Kd Llor'c Not e ; A Icohol) c' i unhappy wife is adviied to a [Hi late with Al-Anon family group, UICAR MARY HAWOBTH: Recently I read in your wonderful column a desperate appeal for redemptive help from the wife oi an alcoholic. Because you are in helpful Al-Atton fellowship is waiting for them, maybe just around the corner in their own community. The happiness that has come lo us who have made thus discovery is something we want to share. (To show how far the AI-Anon light reaches, I write a position lo reach thousands of frum a " dec P South" plantation, reeled into conslruclive thought and action. Central Group Emerged In 1950 H seems thai Al-Anon fellow chip developed spontaneously such women, 1 am asking you to direct them to the Al-Aijon Family Group Headquarters, 'inc., Post Office Box 1475, Grand Central N. Y, Annex, New York 17, This self-liclp group, as you may know, was founded by wives of members of Alcoholics Anony mous—to help just such despairing persons to rebuild their own lives and, with God's liclp, to learn how to live in peace and serenity, whether or not (he partner's drinking problem was solved. i The beauty of this organization is that one lone woman, in an> community, may join the cenlra group. However, at the rate the Al-Anon and A-A groups are — growing-at- the local-levely-thei soon won't be many places where one is a lone member. Dread Suspense Is Destructive The alcoholic's wife, after years of shrinking within he; shell, and pretending nothing i: for example).—P. L. lad To Spread Al-Anon Message DEAR P. L.: I am glad to pub- wrong, finds indescribable lease and relief in getting County Road April Costs Hit $23,079 The AHegany County Roads Department expenditures during April lolaled $23,079, according lo Ihc report of J. Walker Chap. man, roads supervisor. C h a p in a n reported thai ! I'oadb neighborhood unils at first, then ;an<l ( he olhcr $1,307.05 en coalesced into a '•headquartQrs" !a i; (J yard . Thc roa(t money in aitilialioii — lo promote exchange^iuded $1606608 for labor of ideas, — in 1950. iSl.580.44 for materials and $4. ihis arrangement provides an 125 SO for equipment. The address to which individ-'and yard money included $1,218.15 .. uals from all over the world may for labor and-$83.90 for equip-" 1 off r Look In the section In which your blithday comt* and find uhal your outlook It,, accordJng to the start, For Tuetdiy. June II, 13AJ MAHCII 21 TO APRIL 20 (Arlc*)- icady pate and a calm, intoolh r]lb]>OM(itm IK-!J> >cm Ihc •-•1.11111 i , u. „ i dm giuu vu \n»w -it -it L ' * ish your grateful endorsement^" 16 for councl1 antl h °P e - Also ment. if the humane value of Al-Anon'sj' 1 serves as a source of confi-| ln the final breakdown the center for relcvent books, pam- your attention. , .— For the benefit of those not pl ^' S a " d a m °" S " ly " ews " !ltcr - "emiliar wilh Al-Anon's story,L p i icrhaps I should —-'-=-• " -• '->> on equipment. The April Toad funds were person- spent i n 28 different election dis- an office staff oC; ldcls , n cjghl dislricls the cx- rouKh places <lf any) (his stimulating day. Show f\iia Initiative and interest for belter results AI J RII, 21 to MAY 21 (TauruO-A ]ilfaiani. u'MJlliul day tor you sturdy, intelligent and pr.'iclk-al folks. L-hanrflslriR. iaV;injj slock, handling inodilicA ol use to family, community and e<-neirtl need* now honored. MAY 23 to JUNi: 21 «JemIn[)— This (lay't. ic-hUlls will eft pent! large!) on you. HifJu ult in a tiers may require mo t e effort on you r p a i u also Hie/ice; familiar Idiks can run uooirily. profitably. JUNK ^2 to JL'I.Y 23 (Cancer)— carvful about c mot Ions ai:d >our per ilurtc; il mi«!il be tcinpling Ic t you r I f nipt f or private opinions get out of hand. You can havi a tuippv ;ind rebuLlful day il you uisl) JULY 24 l( > AUOU.ST 23 (l^o)~.Mi)i influences, Uc wist-. Don't If t over ronfideni-'c or a tendency to do ml nee drfeai the attainnipnl uhich can b yours. L'oopcraie chr«rfully, but hok (irmly to jpur prlncipli ADJUST n This group has Jio; toi . llle mo tclatives or close friends ol al- uints, bul transmits group think- AI-Anons say: Mm. is an admit-ing, over all," concerning ways was spent. Others with and means of surmounting the ted fact that only man fully understand another alcoholic. And it is equally true that only a person who has lived with, or deeply cared for, an alcoholic — anil has experienced the mental anguish that goes with it — can appreciate the problem of emotional attachment and concern." Meetings are devoted fo un derstanding the common problem, sometimes through question- Al-Anon's problem.— M. H. Mary Hauorlh counsels through her column, not by mall or personal interview. Write to her in care ot The Evening Times. (King features Syndicate) gethcr wilh a group that has thi common problem. The personality changes (fo the \vorse) in the alcoholic's spouse* are as much In need offmembers recognize that they too correcting, after years of dreadjare powerless over alcohol, and Dr. Ralph Roth Wins Fellowship Dr. Ralph Roth, this city, has and-answer and sion periods. And 832.82; District 16, North Branch, $1,715.42- District 2, Oldlown, $1,- iti4.34; District 7. Rawlings, Sl,458.69; District 21, Gross, $1,'.56.14. and District 18, Ocean, $1,031.38. Other district expenditures: District 4, S4.90 on Creek Road; District 5. North Knd suburban been awarded a one-year fellow-j arca ' $552.21; District 6, West suspence, drinker. as are those of the put themselves in line with God's Surely many women will profit by knowing that understanding. viously wasted energies arc di- discus-| S |j,-p- to siydy ,- n England under Side suburban areT, $190.30; Dis- .1." !^"l an American Cancer Society ict 8 - Westernport suburban ""[grant. A son of Mr. and Mrs. DeCojr- ;y A. Roth, 49 r. Roth was SCHEKUY OlSTIUm CO.. H.Y.C. UEKOED WHISKY, 66 riQOF, 6SX HUH HtUTIAl SnillC ._ as ati X-ray specialist hy ihe " American Board of Radiology. Dr. Roth practiced here for | about two years, with an office jat 202 Virginia Avenue, and three jtyears ago decided to specialise in radiology. He began his studies in Jefferson Medical College, Philadcl- 'phia, and then transferred to Johns Hopkins at Baltimore, where he will complete his thirci 'year of studies at the end of this month. He will come here about July 1 and remain for about three ]months, spelling Dr. R. Rhet Rathbone and Dr. Frank T. Cawley, local X-ray specialists. ||BaIl Field Work IjIVcar Completion ( Improvements on the ball field , at Post Playground have been j: completed except for seeding according to Eugene Mason, act ing recreation director. Tlie seeding. Mason said, \vil not be done until ihe ball seasoi ea, $21.05; District 10, Lona- oning suburbun area, $15.85; 'istrict 13, ML Savage, $584,65; inat-hmcrj vchii-Ics. tools, etc.. oUieruisc. m ad» - ant'C in your occupation, b ippy in domesticity, NOVKMHKH 23 lo DKCEMISEII 2 (Sagitiariusl — This day's influence- while somtwhni mild,, ncvertln less. challt-nRC your line ability I product*. DC more than is expctirtl i ct-upaMon or Jine ol ti (tcavor. C'rCAtu DKCKMBKIt 22 lo JAN U AIIY (Capricorn*-Mark time, icriecl, the statl ftrmly on iour schedule. A planned program ahiai s makes greater ?Ase. and less anxiety, natlor how difficult Ihe lacks. Be du conl idcnt; rion' t w or r.v. .JANUARY 11 ttt KKRRL'ARY AquaisU5)—Crand influentca from yo Uranus nnd ihe on to bigger am iislrict 15, Lonaconing suburban rca, $372.-5G; District 17, Vale ummit, $273.^0; District 19, haft. $426.50; District 20, Ellers- c, $97.05; District 22, east of umberland. $67.22; District 23, ast of Cumberland, $442.52; Dis- •ict 24, Eckharl, $565.02; Dis- rict 25, Pekin, SG2.BO; District Frost burg suburban area, 101.49; District 27, Gilmore, 324.25; District 28, Frostburg uburban, S41.17; District 30, lihlman. $36.87; District 31, Me- !oole, ?566.73; District 33, Kifer, 148.68. ain a re bo loon better fict slailcd early at your tasks, red-leltrr da. able tempo and FEBriUARV 20 lo MARCIT 20 (P ces>—This day is in your hands— and handle as your natural nr c (1 i c I a tcs. However, b* ca ful to avoid exlremw, 'over-ronfiden Remember, even small achivejnenl gain. YOU PORN TODAY arc acliv«, vo satitc. imagLnathe. highly gifted a idaptable; arc affectionate, and so sacrificing, hut otien your quality (arc manifests ttsetf in moods wh( use you to h« iiilsundcrstood. Co rcntraiion of cffoit. Alcadino.ta of PL e and Contentment with projects—al bt until you have £ivrn them a a nee 10 pjove tliclr worth—arc :KDS. Curh abruplncis, impatience ironies. You have tuch »arird US ;s anJ capabilities that you must no 1 sic their postlMWlc* »)roue> an^eabllily. Hirlhdate:. John Con ibK-, landscape painter; nich (KJnR h cat u res SynrSlcate, Inc.) "wo Divorces Granted Here Two divorces were granted am Pax Collections lil 8209,000 Collection of stale and county real estate taxes at the office of fax Collector J. Wallace Close at he Court House totaled $209,000 during the first five collection days. Collections from Monday through Friday last week avcrag-l cd almost $42.000 a ilay. They arc' expected to accelerate as the June 30 deadline for the five per' cent discount on county taxes nears. In July a four per cent discount is allowed and in August the discount drops to three LEARN TO SWIM ^ I guarantee to teach anj-orfe. ' Class now farming. Transporta- :ion can he arranged. CelaneSo'". Pool: Phone PA 2-9705. "Ike" Law, Instructors ' Adv. N-T June 6,7,8,10,11,12 even equity suits filed last week 1 per cent. A penalty at the rate of Allegany County Circuit Court. Eleanor Lorraine Martin was ranted a divorce from Robert ranklin Martin and custody of icir three infant children. William Sailes obtained a ivorce from Maureen Sailes and lie has been awarded custody of icir three minor children. ; The bills of complaint- were .tied Florence M. James vs. obn M. James, liussell C. Diehl s. lona .M. Diehl. Klhcl Virginia Jrcwer vs. Cecil C. Urewer, Hanah S. King vs. Henry A. King, lyrl Arthur Gibson vs. Donna can Gibson, Mary Ella Powers p s. George Arthur Powcrs~~atKf Uary Annas vs. Robert Annas. one half of one per cent a month is added for each month beginning with September. HOOVER SERVICE Upright, Canistor and Tank Cleaners Marine Corps Training iciiter Area Repainted Interior of the Marine Corps section of the Naval Training Center, McKaig's Hill, is being •epainled. Work is scheduled to be completed June 26. FREE! 3 Try our Pineapple Cottage Cheese Service by Hoover trained men uung genuine Hoover ports (DRESS) SHIRTS Laundered Perfect if brought in with dry cleaning order of $1.00 or more sffer good eveiy day eKCep) Sa1i>rda/ Same Day Service • Thorough ct«4mng and lutxicatkxi , • Renovate bag • Pidt <^ and PA 2-4800 HO 3-2363 STERLING ELECTRIC CO. TOO N. Centre St. HOUR SERVICE ON DRY GLEANING daily '(ill 5 p. m. Six New Homes Will Be Built The Allegany County Assessing Department last week issued II uilding permits, with six of them oeing for new homes. George V. Foster of Rawlings has obtained a permit to con itrtict a $10.000 brick dwellin_ garage and breezeway on Lol 5 if B Street in Election District 7 Walter Thomas, RD 3, Bedford ^oad, was issued a permit to mild an $8.000 stone dwelling in Election District 23 east of the citi Harold R. Reeves was granted permit (o build a four-room stone veneer dwelling in Election District 8 near Wcsternport for ,000. John Boone. RD 6. obtained a permit lo build a 54,500 frame in-oiling in Election District 6. Elmer K. Flanagan was issued a permit to build a .54.000 frame Jwelling and garage in Election District 6. Paul R. Sanders, RD 1, obtained a permit to construct a concrete block dwelling on an existing foundation in Election District 29. lie did not estimate the cost of Ihe project. SINGER Floor Models and Demonstrators Limited Quantity Bedding time is here 5Vnd lots of those lovaly weddings are being paid for—more comfortably, easily—out of savings accounts peopl* hav« with in. Whether it's a wonderful weddin'g ... a college education ... when you're planning things for your children, remember, there's no sounder place to sava than ijbur Insured Savings and Loan Association. jThese days, people all over th« country put more dollars Into Insured 'Saving*" and Loan Associations than Into any other type of savings Institution;. The returns are excellent... and your savings are Insured for safety _and stcurity. Why not drop in and see us - and «ave for something wonderful for your family. Where you save does make a difference SAVINGS AND LOAN VOUNOATIOM Open Your Savings Account Here Today with as little as $1.00? FIRST FEDERAL Services Held Al Ml. Royal Closing exercises were held last week at Alt. Royal School, with the principal speaker being .Mrs. Paul Gipe. mother'of one of the pupils. She spoke on "How Dues Your Tree Grow?" Invocation was delivered by Rev. George S. \Vidmycr. pastor of Potomac Park and flidgeley Evangelical United Brethren churches. Miss Winifred Greene, an elementary school supervisor, and Miss Grace Filer, principal, presented certificates to 'the sixth graders. Attendance recognition was by A, N. Lloyd, a sixth grade cacher. Thc class history was recounted by Ricky Rosenbaum am James Wilkinson, and members of the class voiced their expecta lions of high school. . * The pupils sang various selec lions, and the advanced bane played to accompaniment by Harry Malcolm, inslrumen'.a music teacher. The class sang a farewell .song at the close of the program. Processional and re cessional music was by Mrs Margaret Carroll, music teacher FROM LIST PRICE WHEN'NEW A wonderful opportunity for you to own this fine SINGER Fingertip Automatic at dramatic savings -...lo make hundreds of decorative jlitcho at the flicV ofa lever—all automatically. Perfect for straight stitching tool All are demonstrator and sample machines, kept in top working order by SINGER Mechanics ... Vours as a console or portable... tOW DOWN PAYMENT EASY BUDGfT TERMS SINGER SEWING CENTERS Main Street, Keyset, W. Vo. SAVINGS & LOAN ASSN where the current rate of dividend is 141 Baltimore Street Open Today from 9 until 3 & 7 until 9 Attention Knights of Columbus All members of Cumberland Council No. 586, Knights of Columbus, are requested to meet at the Stein Funeral Home on June 10, 7:30 p. m. The rosary will be recited at that time for the repose of the soul of our late brother Waller' .F. Veach. THOMAS t. CARROU Grand KnTgM 65 Baltimore Street, Cumberland COCHRAN HOLD-TITB b a remarkable new boiue paint which will not peel or blister due to the presence of moisture when used on new or old wood surfaces not previously painted. COCHRAN HOLD-TITE House Paint when used on painted wood surfaces will greatly lessen tbc possibility of peeling or blistering. TESTED AND PROVEN Phone PA 2-5575 SWEEHE PAINT & SUPPLY Open Mondays Until 9 PM 301 Baltimore Avenue facing Decalur Street

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