Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on December 1, 1977 · Page 6
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 6

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1977
Page 6
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Garden City Telegram Thursday, December 1,1977 Errna Bombeck's AT WITS END Next To Her, He Looks Young I'm always intrigued with those picture stories they do on the President of the United States that compare how he looked when he entered office and how, within a few short months, it has aged him. There was one in the paper last week of President Carter. The article was quick to point out that within just 11 months in office, there were "new furrows in his brow, deeper creases in his cheeks, fresh lines around his eyes and more flesh beneath his chin, ''Diamonds Hot. S55.95 ENLARGED TO SHOW EXQUISITE DETAIL c Pendant Headquarter* (or Star of Africa Diamonds suggesting an aging process unrelated to time." Big deal! Beside Delores Finfrock who just taught her teenage son how to drive, he looks like Donnie Osmond at a Prune Festival. Delores was a beautiful girl ... taut skin, smiled easily, with deepset eyes that looked right at you when you talked. I dropped in on her yesterday. "Dorian Gray lives!" I shouted. She shoved a slick of gum into her mouth without taking off the wrapper. "Don't kid around," she snapped. "I'm not kiding, Delores. You look terrible. What happened to your hairline? It couldn't be receding. "Of course it's not receding," she said irritably. "I may have pulled out a few strands when Roger pulled over and parked just to change the knobs on the car radio." "What's the matter with that? Sounds like he used good judgment." "On the median of the ex. pressway?" "You look like you could use a good night's sleep." "I haven't slept since he parellel-parked. I put two garbage cans in front of the house and told him to park between them." "What happened?" "He sideswiped our mailbox, ran down a 200-year- old blue spruce, and sunk the rear wheels over the septic tank." "You can't go on like this. You're looking more like Abraham Lincoln every day. President Carter looks better than you." "Why shouldn't he?" she snarled. 'All he's got is the energy program, Lance, the Panama Canal and Andrew Young." We heard the wheels spin, the brakes screeched and a garbage can rolled into the street. "Wait'll Amy'gets her temps. You'll never see those straight, white, smiling teeth again." To iraurf publication a SociaLtfr ilrms 'club reports> pleue tutxnit no later than tbrcr days following tht club Hin* Content* nf reports will be uvd at thr discretion of the Women'* Pur Kdilor. and nonr will br accepted ovrr llw irlrphonc Printed forms are jvailabk at Thr Trlntrwn. and may he mailed ur deposited through thr drop- at the front door nf The Trlegram Unction* should br referred to thr Wnmrro' Page Editor between the hours vi 8 a.m and 1pm ATbuchofBlass gets intimate. tiiff ISlati Jtiiyni intimatt falhioni with a JflicaU difftunct — -Jolia^i, tin luih print that uiinjt ill way around tht bordin of kit n*ur bras and pantiii. ^/l L/ouck of /a'aii intimaUt. tJtcauM tht rifht touch it aft it tain. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tyler, Sublette, would like to announce the marriage of their daughter Jo Ellen, to Larry Surface. Larry is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Surface of Eldon, Mo. The wedding was Tuesday, Nov. 22, in the First Baptist Church, Sublette, with Rev. Adrian Tabb officiating. Organist Mrs. John Menzie, aunt of the bride, accompanied soloist Larry Annable, Sublette High School C/t<r Mr. and Mrs. Karel Roberts, 2111 Buffalo Heights, will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary with a reception Sunday, Dec. 4, from 2 to 5 p.m. in the Nazarene Church Fireside Room, 1013 E. Kansas. Hosts for the occasion are the couple's sons, Kris and Todd, of the home, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Graham, Kismet, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Parr, Pierceville, and Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Parr, Hanston. Relatives and friends are invited. The couple requests no gifts. Mr. and Mrs. Roberts were married Jan. 4, 1953, in Garden City. SELENA MARIE is the name chosen by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Otero, H and H Trailer Village, for their daughter. Selena was born Nov. 18. SABRINA DEON is the name given their daughter by David and Mandy Phelps, 1206 E. Laurel. Sabrina was born Nov. 22. EDWIN JOE is the name selected for their son by Mr. and Mrs. David Pool, H and H Trailer Village. Edwin was born Nov. 23. JEREMY KENT is the name chosen by Mr. and Mrs. Cedric Hands, South Star Route, for their son. Jeremy was born Nov. 18. ERICA RENEE is the name given their daughter by Mr. and Mrs. Mike Katz, Deerfield. Erica was born Nov. 28. ace vocal instructor. Members of the wedding party were Lynne Tyler and Joni Hickman, sisters of the bride, Jim Huessner of Satanta, and Christopher Hickman, nephew of the bride. Sean Tyler, also the bride's nephew, was ringbearer. Chris Ricketts served as usher. Mrs. Jan Tyler, aunt of the bride, attended the guest book and gift table. A reception followed the ceremony in the home of the bride's parents. Hostesses were Mrs. Kenneth Menzie, grandmother of the bride, and Mrs. Gene Ricketts. Assisting were Lynne Tyler, Joni Hickman, and Traci Ricketts. After a wedding trip to Missouri, the couple is at home in Copeland, where he is employed at Copeland Cycle Rinse. Fashions Help Services Fund/ Garden City School of Fine Arts modeling department presented a benefit fashion show November 20 for the Health Services Fund. Dr. Gary Viterise, Chairman of the Health Services Committee, explained the committee's purpose. "Fashions On Parade" was a family show with talent presentations being made by dance students of the school. A total of $120 was donated. Lamaze Series Begins Wednesday Duplicate Bridge Winners Named Forty duplicate bridge fans met for Mitchel play, Monday evening at the Civic Center. First place went to N-S, Sue linger and Florence Burris, EW, Les Cline and John Turner. Second was captured by N-S, Duane Schneider, Ross ANN LANDERS This Wife Complains Well DEAR ANN: This is for Bereft: You're luckier than you think, dear. At least yours works and makes a living. The last series of Lamaze childbirth classes for 1977 begins Dec. 7 and 9 at 8 p.m. at 1111 N. 6th. These classes meet two hours a week for six weeks and are designed to help prepare the expectant husband and wife for labor and delivery. This series, taught by Monte Mathias, R.N., will be for couples due mid-January through the first week in April. A |25 fee covers all the materials for the course. Topics discussed and practiced during the six-week session include: body building exercises, labor stages, maternal emotions. and sensations, husband's role, admission procedures, breathing techniques, active relaxation, back labor, Calendar of Social Events THURSDAY SANDHILL AMATEUR RADIO CLUB — 7:30 p.m., Pizza Hut, 209 E. Kansas. Bring the family. Officer election. RSVP Nov. 28, to 276-3317. ' FRIDAY CHRISTMAS IDEA DEMONSTRATION—1:30 p.m., 4-H Building. Learn to make wreaths, card holders, and other Christmas decorations. No charge. 'CHAPTER X PEO — 1:30 p.m., Mrs. R. J. Maxfield, 1103 E. Hazel. SENIOR CITIZEN'S COVERED DISH SUPPER — 6 p.m., 4-H Building. Christmas program, but no gifts. CHAPTER FF PEO —1:30 p.m., Mrs. Ray Caliban Jr., 2225 N. Center. Gift exchange. MONDAY EAGLE FORUM — 8 p.m., Mrs. John Melcum, 1306 Pat's Drive. FINNEY COUNTY GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY - 7:30 p.m., Garden Valley Retirement Village. "Most interesting ancestor story," by members. Public welcome. BRONCBUSTER LION'S CLUB LADIES NIGHT — 7 p.m., Coffee Ann. analgesics and anesthetics, and complications. For more information, call Monte Mathias at 275-1782. Thombrugh and E-W Betty H ow would you like to trade Deaver, Bernadme Lange. pi aces ? Third place was won by I can offer you a 40-year-old Loretta Thronbrugh, Dorothy husband, six-foot, blonde, Rutter and Da Haflich, Jane slightly Haflich. Fourth: Dorothy Bock, Veretta Tuttle, and Jess Whitson, Lucile Whitson. Buffs played the . computer hands that were in last week's ational Charity Game. The monthly unit game Sunday, Dec. 4, will begin at 2 p.m. All duplicate players are reminded that Monday evening, December 5, will be the Garden City Duplicate Bridge Club's annual Christmas Party, with the officers of the club furnishing the refreshments. Starting time for Swiss Team play will be 7:30. Any persons needing to fill out a team of four players are asked to contact the club's director, Vern Holmes, before 6 p.m., Monday. Phone: 276-2840. overweight, affectionate (very), sexy (extremely), likes to go places and do things. You will have to provide the money because he's been on Disability Social Security for quite some time. But he can pick up the corner of a house if someone cute is watching. He can also fish all day in the broiling sun. I'm the one who isn't a good companion, but then I work 40 hours a week, come home, cook and clean, do the laundry and wait on the big galoot. At bedtime I'm, supposed to be peppy and willing. No one is ever as sick as he I am not suggesting that the is or hurts as bad as he does, physician treat the com- He has no friends to keep him pulsive gambler, but he should company. (They go to work direct him to the most ef- during the day.) He also has feciive organization for the no relationship with his ireatmenl of the problem, children except to yell at them That organization is Gamblers for room service. Anonymous. The spouse As for a social life, what's should also attend GamAnon, that? What am I doing in this a group for the families of mess? That's what I keep compulsive gamblers. Please asking myself. Just sign me — print this letter for those who TIRED AND CONFUSED need it — and millions do. — ROBERT L. CUSTER, M.D. DEAR DR. CUSTER: didn't ask for any advice so I Thank ?,™ lor . ^ !«"£• x won't offer any. I think you'd am - Wel1 a q ua ' nted wth G.A. DEAR T AND c : if you don't know, who does? You Soc/'a/ife Deadline for Social Calendar items is 8:30 a.m. for same^iay publication. Items may be called in between the noun of Band 11 a.m. each day. but none will be taken after 3 p.m. Typed or written notices also may be mailed or deposited in the drop-slot at the Telegram's front door. BUFFALO CAMPERS Garden City Buffalo Campers had the Nov. 18 meeting and supper at the Optimist Club. Seven camper family members of Dighton Broncos group were guests. Seventeen Buffalo Camper families answered roll call. The group approved the 1978 campouts and members paid 1978 dues. The Christmas meeting will be a dinner at Sirloin of America at 7 p.m. Dec. 16. Patches of Pratt Frolic will be December. and can vouch for the terrific job they do. The emotional support offered by individuals who share the same problem is unbeatable. It is the best therapy going. I urge anyone who wants more information to write to the National Council on them. The topic: compulsive ^P" 15 ^ Gamblers, Inc., gambling. rather complain. You do it so well. * * * DEAR ANN: I'm a physician who reads your column regularly. I was surprised to discover that many other physicians read Ann Landers. This letter is for UP TO HER KNEES IN BOOTS! Rugged, outdoorsy Boot on a new, natural bottom. Side laces are the perfect finishing touch. Available In Medium Width *28 95 Generally speaking, the compulsive gambler or the spouse is not likely to present the problem to a physician. However, if a patient speaks of a disturbed family life, financial irresponsibility and psychosomatic symptoms, the question of gambling behavior should be raised. A simple test can assist the physician in making a diagnosis. If a gambler answers yes to one of these two available" in <l ueslion s, he or she is likely to be a compulsive gambler: (l) '_ Is gambling making your home life unhappy? (2) Do you ever borrow to finance your gambling? RAWHIDE RUST LATIGO Jumping-Jacks Most feet are born perfect. They should stay that way. Downtown Garden City The most beautiful offer you've had all year ; iZ e: Size A $25 value, only $4 with any $6.50 or more purchase of Merle Norman cosmetics. We've saved our best offer for now. An elegant smoke-gray cosmetic tray filled with carefully selected Merle Norman cosmetics. Now through December 31 or while supplies last. Available only at your MERLE nORfTlfln COSfflETIC STUDIO 113LUOTI 27M4B Open Sundays 1:005:00 Until Christmas For Your Shopping Convenience! SPEAKER WILL BE FATHER HIEM Chaplain of St Cathwiw Hospital COORDINATES THUR. FRI. SAT. ONLY PANTS 142 East 29th Street, N.Y., N.Y. 10016. Phone: 212-6866160. IS ALCOHOLISM ruining your life? Know the danger signals and what to do. Read the booklet, "Alcoholism Hope and Help," by Ann Landers. Enclose 50 cents in coin with your request and a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope to Ann Landers, P.O. Box 11995, Chicago, m. 60611. LIVE EVERY NITE GRAIN BIN "POLITE FORCE" 9:00 to 1:00 .THE SAVING PLACE _ LOOK/ MA! "The/gofmy PersondKty" 5x7 Personality Portrait Only 38*. A Personality Portrait Is more than a picture. And this week at Kmart, a color Personality Portrait of your child is only 38*. You get a choice of eight backgrounds. And such a huge selection of sizes and prices, you might even want more than one. Mj«L Thure. Fri Sit Sun. 11-30 12-1 12-2 124 124 Dii>:10A.M.4P.M. Sunday: 12 Naon-5:aOP.M. 1210 H«mnfc Garden Gty One sillmg per subject II 00 per subject lor additional subiecU groups, or individuals in llw some family.

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