Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 10, 1957 · Page 6
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 6

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, June 10, 1957
Page 6
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SIX EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., MONDAY, JUNE 10, 1957 Dial PA 2-4600 for m WANT/AD 14 Area Men Enlist In AF Fourteen aroa men liavc enlisted in Iho Air Force and Assigned to Lackland AF BHSC, San Anlonio, Texas, for basic (raining, according to Sgt. liar- ol<! Ct Waldrop, local recruiter. Tiie recruits accepted are Carlos L. Martin, 603 Williams Street; Willard C. Aintower, Kid- ^eyille, W. Va.; Gene E. D.'iw- son, 222 Philos Avenue. Westernport; James M. Lark, RD 1, Ridgelcy; David C. Sutton, RD 'i, Keyser; Kus.scII L. Hymes, RD 1, Hyndman, Pa.; Archi- iaede Zivicllo Jr., 252 E;ist Main Street, Jay Dec Mosholdcr, Star Route, Conrod W. Leach, 2G Kast Fourth Avenue, and Victor H. Burket, all Everett, Pa., Wayne C. Arnold, RD 3, Samuel Foreman, RD 4, George R. Ritchey, RD 3. and Charles I/. Young, 445 Kast Pitt Street, nil Bedford. b'gl. Waldrop said Ihe men flew U,Texas from BaUimore by commercial air line and their basic training will be concluded in from four to six weeks. Cily Firemen Start —GirTruining-prugrnni:— Chief Virgil Parker of the Cum berlaiid Fire Department said a training program has been start ed, for personnel of the depart mont and will continue until nex winter. The training program, designei primarily for new members, i. in charge of Assistant Chie Robert C. Long. Chiet Parker said the work includes driving lessons, ladde evolutions and pump hookups. Talking Dictionary A talking dictionary has been developed with special applica lions in libraries and instructloi of the blind. It employs magneti' recording. i We Give United Stamps Custom Cleaning for the 'Particular' Call or Send Your Next Cleaning to us See the Difference 1 HOUR SPECIAL Cleaning Service Mary'sCleaners 157 N. Mechanic St. "V Programs All television program Hillngi ire supplied by the broadcasting *t»tlons Ihfniwlves, and art lubJecL Lo (ait- minute change* without notice. ' 'OP (CBS)> Cable 2, IAL, (ABO. Cable 3, (NiiO, Cable 4. G (DuMont), Cable 00-2 Big Pa>off 9 3 Pub. Defender 7 4-Mat. TheaLie 4 5 LiVx-race 5 Utfi Payoff 2 Mai. Theatre 3 .Mat. Thcatic 6 Big Payoff 10 30-i-Mob Crosby 9 3-Kcldic Cantor 7 5Cran'pa'i J'J'cc 5 Sffit't Storm 2 Shop Re i'Lew 10 45— Valiant I,ady 2 00—2-Pick Temple 9 3-IJnsriler Day 7 4 Queen for Hay < 5-Life With, Wiz. 5 Qucvn for Day 2 Hiighter Day 3 Queen (or Day 6 Blighter I-ay 11 14—3Secret Siorrn 7 Set-rrl Storm 3 Set-ret Storm JO :30~-a-Kfl«c Nishl 7 SUnexpCL-U'd 5 Kd«c of NiRhl 3 KtlRc of NiRhi 10 :13-1-M'd'n Ilom'ces 4 Cartoons 2 M'/i Ram'ccs 6 00—2-Ainos k Andy 9 3-Mirkcy MOUMT 7 •i Comedy Time 4 SAEill Grant S t'omcdy Time 3 Jung to Jim 6 Mickey Mouse 10 1S-- Movie 2 30—2-IJtlle Margie 9 I-5US1 & * Theatre Time 3 Hopalong 6 :00—2-Cisoo Kid • 9 3-Closvo Corner 7 4 City Detective 4 5-Biliy Johnson 5 Channel 3 Channel 7 Channel 4 5, Channel 5 KOKA, PHUImrtfi. VVSVA. Harri&onburf, WJAC, Johnstown, WKUC, AUoonij Channel 2 Channel 3 Channel £ Channel 10 MONDAY Cable Channel SporU 6 Annapolis M'n 10 5- W'd B'l Hi'oh 2 News 6 6:39-2 Spotlight 9 3 T'n i C'try 7 •t News, Wider 1 5-Fim House 5 fUn '1 in Tin 6 Penna. Today 10 $;45-r;<iwards New* 9 1-Sports 4 Newsrcel 2 Kdwardi News 3 Kdw'ds News 10 7:00—2-S'dcrs of F'ne 3 3-Ncus, Sports 7 4-KLIery Queen \ 5 f;Uder&lceve 5 J-'ro^tier 2 SKowcaEC Celebrity Play 6 Phi! Silvers 10 7:l5-3-J. Daly New* 7 News, Weather 3 7:30—2-Robin Hood 9 3 Wire Service 7 4-N'al Cole 4 51 Spy Federal Men DiineylamJ Teacher Award (5 Rold, Journey 10 7:4S—4-NBC News NBC News 8:00—2-Burns Ar Allen 9 4-Lancclot 5-Alovletitne County Sheri/I Ijncclot Burns-Allen -firSl^g^Mhui' Clodtt^ 3-BarIow Orfc 4 Wells FarRO Ilarlow Ork Gold; IThouse 3 Wells t'Jijgo Art'r nodhey 1 €»bl* ' ChiBUflj 00—2*1 l-o\e lAicy 9j 3-Prcss Conf, 7 i 4 Tv-enty-One 4 : TJr. Chrisiian 2 Lucy Show 3 : Tuenty-One 6 I tjtve Lucy 9' I lx>vc Lucy 10 a:30-2'[)cc'ber Bride 9 3I-*wr'ce W«Lfc 7 4-nobt. Mont. 4 5-Co ill idem la I 5 Advcn. Search 2 Dee, Bride 3 noht. Mont. 6 Dec'ber 11 ride 10 10:tXt—2-Studio One Studio One 5-Fighls S lx>retta Youn; Studio One 10:30-3-StuClo 57 4-Cochlse Sherill 4 Panic Jim Bowie 11:00—2-11 p.m. Report 9 3-Ncivr, W't 4-Scw* News 10 New* 11:15— 2 l^ate Show 3 Spts., Alystery 4 Weather, Spts. S-Ncws Gateway Studio 2 Wrestling Winer, Movfa H:i&—4-Tonlghl Uncovered I2;00— News, Sporti 12: IS— Movfetlme 12^3*>— News, Mov-i« Marine Center Work Underway Construction and interior paining is underway at the Marine section of the Naval and Marine torps Reserve Training Center. The Clark. Burk .and Nexsen •onlracting company has begun he erection o[ a garage and storage shop, in which Ihc Marine Jorps vehicles will be housed. The unit's vehicles consist of a slation wagon,' jeep and trailer. The garage, according to contract, is due for completion on July 7. . The garage will have heating laeililies, electricity and water. The project will be the answer lo problems of storage and vehicle protection from the weather. The building's approximate cosl is 513,000. Progress has been "rapid in painting of the Marine Corps sector of the training center. The work started this week and is scheduled for completion June 26. The n. R. Lands Companj of Roihsville, Pa., is handling the job and when second floor of completed, the. center the wil have the appearance of a modern business office. The colors used will be. two 4-lnsplrationi oca! Sailor Taking 'art In Navy Review Ilichard A. L. Brant, quarler- lasler third class, USN, is serv- g aboard the USS Randolph, at- ack aircraft carrier, in the in- ernational naval review being eld at Hampton Roads, Va. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. . R. Brant, 2)6 Robcrls Street, nd the husband of the former liss Janet L. Scbaidt, city. Vord To The Wise EDMONTON, Alia. —W —Con- Lables were puzzled when they et up a gadget to catch speeders n this city, only to find all Iraf ic moving cauliously under the peed limit. Suspicious, they checked ant ound a sign a block down the irect: "Caution, cops ahead!" At least 51 of the cities of the vorld have populations of 1,000, 00 or more. litsicnl Instruments lecovcrcd By Police Three musical instruments aken from Fort Hill High School ave been recovered by Citj 'olice and action is pending gainst three minors who have idjnilted taking them. Lt. James E. Van said the case was broken when one of the nstrumenls wa» sold to a second land 'dealer, repossessed by an ither person and taken lo a music tore for appraisal. It was re urned lo the owner after the pro irictor of the music store callcc mlice to check the ownership The other instrument were found hidden in Ihe woods off Pine Avenue. ADVERTISEMENT Rheumatism-Arthritis Neuritis-Sciatica Belief from those torturing pains or ho charge. Only one trip required. Disabled persons . ma? end a friend, 45 South ML Ver non Ave., 500 ft. off Rt. 40, Union own, Pa. Office hours: Daily JO 6.-Sunday 10-4. Permanenlly la cated. A proven herb remedy for the past 15 years tone gray for the walls and a deep navy blue for the woodwork The colors selected were done si with a view toward better visi )ilily in the offices and ston rooms of Ihe 6lh Special fnfantry Company, USMC and Inspector- Inslructor Slaff. , Naval Reserve Recruits Training At Bainbridge Forly-lwo members of Naval Reserve Surface Division 5-9 left •esterday for Iwo weeks of the 5ainbridge Naval Training Cener for bool (raining. Part of the ' detail will return icre June 22 after two weeks of >asic (raining. Others will board he USS Hemminger in Baltimore June 22 for a training cruise vliich ends al Norfolk, Va., July C, according to Lt. Cmdr. Paul M. Arhogasl, commander of he division quarlered on Me Kaig's Hill. Leaving for Ihe Iwo-week lour al boot camp were Itoberl J. 3oeman, Frostburg; Donald R. 3enson, city; Gary B. Burgess, \cyser; Charles F. Crowe, Frostburg; Ivan L. Campbell, Keyser. Waller S. Church, Ml. Savage; Jerry L. Corley, Harold F. Couni- ian and Charles S. England, city; Joseph W. Groves, Keyser; George M. Haller, city; Paul G. Iser, Rawlings; James T. Kegg city; Wayne II. Kncpp, Frost burg; John E. Lester, cily. Charles L. McBride, city; Rich ard Mellon, McCoole, Robert V MUfenBerger, LaValey~Gary E Midlothian; Kennelh .W. Reiber, -ily. Joseph J. Sarver, city; Howard C. Shoemaker, McCoolc; Henry R. Stewart. Eckhart; Charles T. iwaugcr, cily, and David J. Wilson, Frostburg. Scheduled for Ihe additions wo weeks cruise aboard the USS lemmingcr are Bernard C Booth, Frostburg; Guy H. Chaney and John F. Cross, city; William p . Hansrote, Ellerslie; Charles E. Knippenberg, cily. Donald K. Long, Flintstone. D. Neff, Thomas S. Reed Moore, cily; George E. Neely city; Raymond W. Parry Jr. Callouses t<* tha fiutart rWirf fen.j- ioibl^ u» 5uptr-&yt Dr. ficboll'i Zlon-padB. Thay al«o Mmova callouaa* ooa of th» nulckect wayi known to nwyUcal »ri«nc*. At DniK. Shoe. Dept.. 6-IO« Slore«- NOW SHOWING "I died a thousand times" Starring JacV Pa I one* CARTOON PLUS "\ TS« PRIVATE WAR WScholls lino-pad^ S r cw Stale Hospital Will Be Dedicated A local delegation is expected 0 attend the dedication of the .Vestern Maryland Stale Hospital at liagcfslown this Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. Governor McKcldin will olfi- ciale. Representatives of the 1 e a 11 h Department, Allegany 2ounly commissioners. Welfare 3oard and other units which will lave contact with the hospital plan to atlend. Hirohito's Hobby Emperor Hirohilo ot Japan, a noted marine biologisl, maintains a laboratory in Ihc Imperial Pal ace and has published a scholarly hook on sea horses, Ihc National Geographic Society reports. WE GIVE S & H GREEN STAMPS 9 x 12 Rug Beautifully Cleaned . 495 FREE . . . FREE Plastic Moth Proof Garment STORAGE BAG With Every 2 FULL Garments Cleaned and Pressed For Pickup and Delivery Call PA 2-3322 South End Cleaners & Dyers i219 Virginia Ave. . . . Cumberland Branch Store , The laundry industry In Amerca was originated about 1827, rilh the invention ot the detach- ble. collar. Aside'from slight variations. United Stales systems ot meas- urements'are based on British standards, • COOL • •] LAST2DAYS! The TV Idot Who Became Drunk With Power! ^EllAftZAIi»~«T». BUDD5CWLBER& FEATURE TIME: U:25-2;45-5:05-7:25-9:45 GREAT STARTS HITS! TUESDAY! Wilier F. liolley, Louis W. Saylor Jr. and Dennis E. Shumbaugh ill of Cumberland; Robert W tokes. Flintslone; Raymond R iVeiscnberg, cily, and Jackie N iVagncr, Fort Ashby. rM^^XJrl^J b the powi M o d«xlhr gone ot tttt sto fortvi* Wtfin) eid intetsolicool i«trij«t! MCK HUDSON O*PS RAFFERTY • ROD TAYUOR * PLUS 2 Color Hits IT'S A LAUGH-A- SECOND JOY RIDE! •. C6AN <>-< JERRf J MARTIN LEWIS* HOLLYWOOD . or BUST FATHER'S DAY GIFTS Last Day! Naked Gun & Abbott & Costeflo! CLOVER LEAF GOLF BALLS 51.35 ir . I 3 fo Carion$C.4G 12 3 WESTCLOX TRAVEL ALARMS 'Walnut- A —jr fjp Black or «P / •"«> lyory * flMEX SHF-WIND WRIST V/ATCH THERMOS BOTTLES PINT SIZE 'm* - $2.09 # J284 - $2.25 Gold Graft Chocolates Ib. $1.49 ... '2,00 Kaywoodie Pipes CIGARETTES CARTON of 200 Regular Size . . 1,80 -King Size .... 1.90 r fi!ter Tip .... 2.00 MOST BRANDS PIUS 4c TAX Plus Big Drama DANCE REVUE GIANT DOUBLE; ON OUR STAGE Wednesday, June 12th FEATURING SWEAT )- YAICS present* BAT illUSO H1UREEI O'fliFU CL1UDE RIIIS HOME FURIEMJT City Cleaners and Dyers 501 N. Centre St. 752 Greene St Rug Storage Available LISBON fa N ITOUUU • meou* •1th FUUKIS IEDFJIE1. > BEMWIIC PtMUCTKM WE GIVE S & H GREEN STAMPS BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW FROM STUDENTS OF EITHER STVDIOI NOW -"- JEAN SIMMONS A PAUL DOUGLAS >C3 AfJTHOfJY FRANCIOSA J Starts WEDNESDAY ROCK HUDSON LAUREN BACALL i ROBERT STACK His Profession UDIE MURPHY-GEORGE NADER DOROTHY MALONE «DWB- BURGESS MEREDITH WESTCLOX WRIST-BEN $«» Plain Dial 0 WESTCLOX WRIST-BEN Luminous Dial QUART SIZE - $3.45 "5454 - $3.45 EOPLEm SERVICE S DRUG STORES Gillette Super Speed Roror ...... 1 Gem razor with Rise Shoving Cream . 1 Old Spice Smooth Shove ...... ... 7 King's Men After Shove Lotion .... 1 Seaforth Groom Stick ............ 1 Sportsman Shaving Lotion ........ 1 Old Spree Pre-Electric Shave ...... 1 Breck Brilliantine ............... l Old Spice Hair Groom ........... 1 Old Spice Mcns Talc ............. 1 Old Spree Stick Cologne . ......... 1 Seaforth Deodorant Stick ......... 1 Brock Shampoo ................ 1 Mcnncn Skin Bracer ............. 1 Old Spice Body Talcum ........... 1 Chorbcrt. after Shave Lotion ...... 1 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 OLD SPICE GIFT SETS Polaroid SUN GLASSES r&r Sj.O Brownie Hawkeye Camera Outfit SI 4, 9 5 0 SQ.OO to 0 Chic Hair Trimming Set §8,98 74 BALTIMORE ST. Good grooming, of course! A clean, fresh shirt every day is a "must" for the man getting started on the way up! We launder his shirts just the way he likes them . . . return them looking like new! DIAL: PA 4-1400 ANY TIME We now have 24-hour telephone answering service. STA-NU DRY CLEANING NOW! * POTOMAC * ON THE WINCHESTER ROAD ! 2 SMASHING HITS 2 ! MONKEY- 10*30 JOHN DEREK Four JOHN SMITH

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