Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 10, 1957 · Page 5
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 5

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, June 10, 1957
Page 5
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Dial PA 2,4600 for a WANT AD Taker New Convent To Be Built By Dressman AttendaiiceAt Lutheran Mission totaled 6,204 EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., MONDAY, JUNK 10, 1957 Attendance at the Examinations for (he Naval Preparatory School and entrance to Ihe U. S. Naval Academy have Lutlicranjlapsed members will be rcstoredjbccn scheduled Augusl l and per- Naval Academy Exam Date Set Your Favorite! " lie contract [o const r net 3'» — — ---• —, --i—-• ••>•* > >»^ *.> u •• .*i H*, i vj-n/i ^u, w% \\ ^H,IH,MUH,U xm^uM. i unu \tvi • convent for SS. Peter and p au |! livan selism Mission held last; 10 membership by reaffirmatioiiisonnel eligible to participate must Catholic Church has hcen award-' wcc ' t tti to Henry Dies Thc bca! buil'li submitted Ihe loi has been award-' wedl < by (our area Lutheran': 01 '?' "• . h <= enlist ressman. jchurclics totaled 6 201 according. I K lg , hlcc . n ehiUlrcn were prom- Chief nl'iiiiK contraelo-'ln n™ c- o ,, f ,ised for baptism during the mis- petty off v bkl of S193 3M 1 ,r \-n i 1 ' My " S> , S J ' sicn work - 50 P romisc(1 to aUend'cal Nav rv slrucf ,re to bo recta P " l ' CS "" lal d " Sunday Sch(>o1 ' alld a "° llw 80 candidat . • UV " * ^-V-lUl . nOI'CrtHC iiilirt .•mrnn>.rt n rl I— 1L I *,.„„_ 41 he enlisted prior to July 5. (or the three-story structure to bo creeled on Norlb Sinalhvood, Street, according to [lev. Marius Jilswicr. pastor o( (he church, ' Urcssman's lowest of six. .... „„„,„„,,.„ ny local contractors, and was $1,100 bid was the all submitted by less than the second bid. Father Marius said (he trac( will he signed early , week and thai Ihe contractor plans to start work as soon possible. Results of Ihe rally, lie said,, were excellent, and compare fa-' vorably wild missions held during Ihe pas( (wo years by Ihe L'niled Lulhcran Church. During (our days of Ihe week, 192 visitors from St. Paul's. St. | John's and Si. Luke's congrega- Ihisjlions here and St. Paul's in Frostburg, made 373 completed calls to homes in Ihe area. They interviewed 622 persons ,,.,. ~ ulu , ., ,, u t ». ..•$>*/! ivitu lu I lie \v. vvii \tiv dgLO VI 10 atHl £1, Ull' personal pleas attended the mis-[ married, and high school gradu sion services. Mr. Myers said the 266 ..... ...j^,.> jt.m an\; iuo iu- v^iuvi utdi uui uu^.l, >vimau 01- nponses during the mission rep-jfict is on the third lloor of the '' - ' ' resented 42 per cent of interviewed. cer- ! and received 118 adult commit- niems expected to lead to --. responded to Chief Thomas 1. Scirborough, officer in charge of (he lo- \'avy recruiting station, said ndidates rmisl be males bethel v.ccn the ages of 18 and 21, uil- [ales. Chief Scarboroug'.i, whose 'of- (hose'l'osi Office building, said prospective applicants should apply The highlight of (he week, ho.'as soon as possible, said, was Thursday, nighl, when' 882 pel-sons attended services held in (he (our churches. No formal ground breakin emony is planned. Tho announcement <if Uie'church membership, award was made at masses yes-; Of Hie m persons. •>& agreed to lerday morning after (he bids]attend pastor's 'instruction class- were approved by .Most Rev. es. : s Francis P. Kcough, archbishop of! Another 23 said they would I Va Baltimore, transfer The new convent will be con- '-uthcran strucled o( lighl colored brick in YMCA Day Camp 24 gclism work Mr Myers ° hra i "H Cen <™' be hel(! lhe announced a Dav Camp will Y '™* ^ AH "*" C ' Uh b * .ransfer membership from other congregations and 19 the Capuchin Monastery garden, Cily Firemen Test -on-the-lower-side of th<H>asw^ en A ^ ,,,,, ,. 500 Feet Of:Hose convent. The Ursuline Sisters who teach in SS. Peter and Paul School and Ursuline Academy will remain in (heir present quar- (ers until the new convent is buill. . Plans 'prepared by Stickle and Associates, of Cleveland, call for the convent lo be L-shaped, fronting 39 feel on North Smallwood Street and extending 110 feet into the garden, with the back 68 feet wide. The basement door will contain trunk, recreation and laundry rooms, an enclosed porch facing the garden, rehearsal and prac- (ice rooms for (he music department o( the school and a utility room. The (irst floor will include a chapel, sacristy community room, dining room, kitchen, foyer, two parlors, two visiting rooms and a sewing room. The second floor will contain 19 bedrooms and an office for the superior. Last week 500 feet of new fire hose was placed in use by thc Cumberland Fire Department after undergoing tests. Youth To Griuiiinlc From Culver Academy Glenn F. liastian, son of Mr. and Mrs. Max W. Bastian. 551 Wednesday from Culver Military Academy. A member of (he Cordon speaker. Society at the academy, he will a e i g in the Mountain Top area all Oakland beginning August 25. ^ "• U- Smith general V ' h ° thc ™ 8 ™' Police, Fire Unit To Elect Officers will be elected at 8 ).m. today by the Police and - "iromen's Welfare Association at The service tesl, made with a a mceling at Shaw's Cafe Old- newly acquired IIOSB (ester, was town Road, conducted by city firemen in Incumbent president John Mor- charge of Assistant Chief Alvey rissey will be opposed by John ,? le - . . . , Chancy and Robert H. Meisier He said each length, of the 500 (cct of 21 2 inch hose was lesled under 400 pounds of pressure and held there for two minutes. All hose used by the depart- men!, he said, is tested once a year, usually under about 200 pounds pressure, which is about ai' it is required to withstand in normal operations. ,,, Transportation for boys and girls sewing flattering to Ihp shnrto Warren J3rehm is unopposedjm Frostburg and LaVale will be ,,,,,' £ ' r 'f '° lhe Sh ° rt ' or the vice presidency. arranged it there are enough! ler f ' Eulre ' Make several fo Vying for Ihe secretary posi- egistrahts from (hose areas. your £ »n"i'er wardrobe! ion arc Raymond Leidinger, incumbent, and William Winters. Republican Women To Convene In City The Sixth District conference of Ihe Federation of Republican Women's Clubs of Maryland will be held Wednesday at All Ghan Shrine Country Club and reservations can be made today. Mrs. John E. Lancaster, ', said Ihe'business session will open at 11 a. m., and will be and Charles A. Nave for his post. Three trustees will be selected >y the members of the associa- ion from William Briner, Frank j Damn, John Daum, Roy Hawse, c i eo Downey. John Sherry and Patterson Avenue, will graduate followed by a luncheon at which en (Jnd.) Robert K. Gray, special assistanl at the White House, will be the List Settlement In Damage Suits Setllement reports of two dam ige suits filed in Circuit Court lave been recorded on the doc- Those desiring reservations receive a silver 'A' (or academic may call Miss Ruth Screen (PA achievement at the graduation. 2-2396). IT' NAME ME AND WIN A FABULOUS PRIZE! . bruant D_:._. • pup! says the Grand Prize: 1957 GOLD CADILLAC ^ boys and girls from seven to 12 years of age. Central YMCA facilities will offer swimming, swimming in- - slruction, movies, rainy day pro 1 grams and gymnasium activi ies. The Shrine Club site will en or re-election. able the youngsters to enjoy making craft articles, Softball, group games, treasure hunts, eaten at (he site. The new day camp will be conducted five days each week. scavenger and Lunches will be ng over some 15,000 acres of vnn vncd Favorite with the half-sizers- this PRINTED Pattern is a nea step-in sundress, housedress, all day dress! Simple lines are eas> C. Long, treasurer, will _ i opposed by Richard Linthicum IveCcivCS HoilOl* . George C. Lease. The amount not listed. , Division 47. at its first annual dance recently in Baltimore. Mrs. Sahm graduated from Maryland School for the Deaf, •'rederick. in 1946 and was ac- ive in sports there. She is now employed by the United Stales Fidelity and Guar- mty Company, in ils Baltimore of settlement . One suit was brought by Mrs. rene Fay Lcyh against the Peoples Transit Company of •Vostburg. ffer husband, George Leyh, was killed January 3, 1856, on U. S. Route 40 just inside the city limits near the Narrows vhen he was struck by a bus. The other suit was brought by Palrick iMcGucken against Thomas Gibson, operalor of the roller ink* at the armory, after Mc- Sucke'n fractured his arm last fall while roller skating at Ihe armory. Thomas B. Finan repre sented the plaintiff and W. Earle Cobcy the defendant in both o these cases. Legion Auxiliary Officers Elected The Ridgeley American Legion Auxiliary held ils annual elec lion of officers 'last week. The-new president is Mrs. El sie Leighty; first vice president Mrs. Agnes McCutlough; second vice president, Mrs. Virginia Zimmerman; secretary, Mrs Nellie Franti; treasurer, Mrs LiJy Leighty; historian, Mrs Ruth Tabler; chaplain, Mrs. Ma rie Zimmers, and. sergeant-a arms, Mrs. Esla Bowers. Picture yourself driving around in a gorgeous golden 1957 Cadillac... completely power equipped ... the most beautiful car on the road! That dream • may come true.. .someone will win it by simply naming the Bryant pup! J 1 0 'Gold" Bryant Wafer Heaters will also be awarded in this sensational "Name the Bryant Pup" Contest! Two of these famous Bryant Crystalglas Water Heaters will be awarded right in this area! (If you do not need a new water heater, the value can be applied on Bryant Air Conditioning Equipment.) • 5 5 "Gold* Bryant Furnaces will be' awarded in this "Name The Bryant Pup" Contest... one of them in this area! And these are the finest home furnaces on the market today! (Here, too, a winner can apply the value of the award on Bryant Air Conditioning Equipment.) Thus, in this simple-tr> enter contest, you have many opportunities to win! Come get your tnn-y Blank today I Come in.' We'll be glad to give you full detaik ... even help you complete your entry blank! Remember: You may u-in a wondertul~Gold"1957 Cadillac! ACT NOW-CONTEST ENDS JUNE 30th! R. H. LAPP & SONS PLUMBING & HEATING ?IG Oldlown Koad - |»,v J-66>0 ROBINSON PLUMBING & HEATING CO. 2(7 X. Mechanic St. 1>,\ t-0147 SIMPSON PLUMBING & HEATING CO. IK Bedford SI. p\ 2-J330' WALTER N. YODER & SON * McMuItcn Highway ' p^ 4-0610 [Steady Rain Replaces Wnlcr Guns At Festival BENTO.V. Kj-.-Ul—Each yea the Tatcr Day festival, young ers would run amok with water stols. Finally, the city father itlawed sales of the toys. But that failed to keep, th< orfd from getting soaked thi ar. A steady rain fell all day bruant "" -Mrs. Mary Lou Sahm, Balti- your Prinled Pattern 4701: Halt Sir es 14!i, ISVi. 181i, 20 ] ,2, 24',i. Size 16',i takes 4VI yards 35 inch. Printed directions on each pal tern part. Easier, faster, accu nore, daughter of Mrs. Mabel ra '°' lones. HOB Oldlown Road was' Scnd Tlnrly-five cents in coin :hosen queen of (he Nalional for thls Pattern—add 5 ccnls fo •'ralernal Society of the Deaf c ' acl1 f atlern '<"' Ist-class mail ifiice. Her husband is Miiton Sahm ing. Send to ANNE ADAMS, car oE The Evening Times, 42, Pal tern Dept., 243 West 17th SI New York II, N. Y. Print plain ly NAME, ADDRESS with ZONE SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. The Soviet government's firs statistical book published sine 1039 listed the estimated USSI population (April, 1950) at '20 FIVE Soull, Mounlaln pork. S prawi.! Un ; qi|C Bui j,| Ul U. ovr ' ' „„, buiWj ri •• am c i , nd is compassing 52,000 square feet ofqucnlly. Tires (hat arc undtrin- L f ' m "" c '! )a ly.wlumn-frcc space, is the home of flated or overrated or wheel. park, and a favorite pic- the Institute of Design of Illinois (bat are out of alignment create o agnmen creae (Institute of Technology, Chicago.! abnormal wear and tear on tirei. For the man of the house with a thrifty spouse OUR 1-POLICY "HOME PROTECTION PLAN" makes one premium do the work of three! Here's a convenient new way to buy fire, theft and personal liability insurant*) for your home. Just one premium. It can save you as much as 20%( •...or give you more protection than separate polities...or both. Call us for details./ PA 2-2500! antwwd- Ir., an employe or (he'Ballimofelmiliion, 200-thousand persons. News-Post. GENERAl INSURANCE AND SURETY BONDING Clark - Keating Buiiding-5Q Baltimore St, Joiiuty Availing Route 40 Plans The Board of Commissioners ol \llegany County is awaiting a se( of preliminary plans tor Ihe re- ocation of U. S. Route 40 in the Flintstone area. Information on the plans were received in a letter from Clar ence W. Clawson, engineer o: road design for the State Roads lommission. Michigan's upper peninsula — acquired as a consolation prize from Ohio after thc "Toledo r" — is as large as Connecticut. Delaware, -Massachusetls and Hhode Island combined. GET RID OF PESTS Stake Your Future on VOGEL-RITT Inquira about our Termi-Siake Plan which helps fo dcfacf Tcrmitt* orgund your propnty Coll or Wril* VOGEL-RITT 165 E.dloid St. Phon. PA 4-1781 Jane Parker WHITE BREAD Loaves for Ann Page PEANUT BUTTER Special 24-ot. Jar Jane Parker CHERRY PIES 43" Each Juicy CALIFORNIA LEMONS 6 ,„ 25* Our Own TEA BAGS Pkg. of 100 We use our phone as our bargain shopper I'm a mother with three small children \vho arc too young to be left alone. As a result, I can hardly ever find thc time to go to a sale in person. So I've made my phone my bargain shopper. And docs it save inc money! Last month, for instance, 1 saved over $60 on a TV set. They were on sale but, as usual, I didn't have the liine to go to the sale. I phoned (he store and explained my situation. They were nice enough to .send one out on (rial, which we liked and bought. We also use our phone to hunt for bargains, such as one-day sales on play clothes for thc kids, gardening needs, many things a growing family uses. Our telephone bargain-hunting savings arc often small. I?ut \ve believe they add up to enough so that our phone pays for itself—and we know our phone gives us more time lo live our lives as we like. THE C & P TELEPHONE COMPANY OF MARYLAND Gives so much—cats so Hit/a

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