Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 29, 1952 · Page 22
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 22

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, February 29, 1952
Page 22
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TWENTY-TWO EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, JMUX FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 29, •v irnone 4bOO tot a Ai) iaktsr n ment: America' Farm Folk Greet Robb Family As Real Harbingers Of Spring (Reg. 0. S. Pat. Off.) By INEZ BOBB WHiD OAT FARM, Flemington, if. J.~(INS)—"Soon as I saw the car Sn the driveway this morning, I said to Emma—Mrs. Stanley, that is—'Motiier, Spring is here, the sap is running and the city slickers have returned to the land,'" said Mr. Bib Stanley, the dairy farmer across the way, as he pulled his chair up to the kitchen stove. "And Emma said Bib, you take these cinnamon buns over to Mrs. Robb to go with that coffee you two are always drinking. She doesn't get buns like these In the city.'" "You tell Emma she's right and I'm mighty grateful," I said, passing the coffee pot. "To tell you the truth, you and Mr. Robb are a sight for sore eyes," continued Mr. Stanley. "We country folks sure miss you city slickers when you don't come out in the Winter time. It's like I tell Emma, with you folks gone, there's nothing to laugh at in the Winter except Milton Berle." "Well, gcsh, thanks, Mr. Stanley," I said. "We farmers have only had one good laugh since you've been gone," he continued. "Some city folks caine out here to visit over in Frenchtown and were thrilled to drive through a covered bridge, only they complained it was mighty narrow. • "It was only then our friends discovered the darn fools had driven through the corn crib." "Mr. Stanley, will you promise not to laugh if I tell you what happened to us during the Winter?" "Yes and no/' said Mr. Stanley. "A squirrel got in the house and if you laugh, I'll cry. I really don't mind so much that he chewed the sills off the window frames and gnawed the Dutch door, but he didn't have to leave the house looking as if a cyclone had struck it I Just look at that window sill above the sink." "Land o'goshen! Looks like a buzz saw with one tooth missing had been let loose. How'd he get in?" asked Mr, Stanley. "That's what we can't figure out. You know how much work we had done on the roof to keep the wasps out, and still this squirrel got in." "Did he get out?" "No, he was smack dab in the center of the parlor carpet when we arrived. He had eaten all the mouse poison..Mr. Robb Is now out burying the remains. "And," I added, "if this place smells like a Joss house, it's because incense was strongly indicated." "I just figured after the first Everything Goes On Korean 'Lift TOKYO—(INS)—Moving cargoes ranging from dried fish to steamrollers, with a dismantled enemy fighter plane thrown in lor variety, is everyday routine for the crews in the Korean airlift. The 314th and 61st Troop Carrier Groups, currently engaged in airlift, have delivered almost every imaginable type of cargo in keeping with their motto "if it fits, we'll fly it." The 314th group, commanded by Col. David E. Daniel, Birmingham, Ala., originally was sent to Korea to conduct the Sukschon-Sunchon airdrop and remained to bolster the then young airlift operation. They later conducted the Munsan aerial Invasion while continuing the airlift. The 61st, commanded by Col. Frank Northwood, Pasadena, Calif., was stationed in Germany at the outset of the Korean war. The unit was moved to the Pacific coast .to -conduct the Pacific airlift and, in November 1950, transferred to Japan to join the Korea airlift. Among the various types of cargo flovm by the groups has been a load of dried fish for delivery to South Korean front line troops. Fresh green onions have also been part of their diversified cargoes, as have steam rollers and tip tanks for fighters. When Kimpo fell to the UN forces, a Russian-built Yak-9 was captured. Broken down and placed aboard a single flying boxcar, it was sent to the United States for examination and study. whiff that either you or Mr. Robb had taken to smoking opium," Mr. Stanley said, with a straight face. "Furthermore," I said, ignoring his pleasantry, "I've had to clean this house from top to bottom. That darn squirrel knocked over a box of soap powder and he tracked it all over the house, upstairs and down. When we arrived, the inside of the house looked as if there had just been a heavy snow. "He broke a lamp and two ash trays in the living room and a bottle of cologne in the bathroom. "And then he scrambled over the kitchen cabinets so much I had to scrub every one. And that isn't the worst, either! He knocked the wall plug loose fro--- the ice box] the one with the deep froeze compartment at the top. "Well, there was only one little steak in the freezer, but that was one too many. Quel mess! Quel smell! The only way I shall ever like squirrels in the future is in a coat." Mr. Stanley shook his head sympathetically and reached for the coffee pot. "I swear, I don't see why you city slickers insist on risking the hazards of country life year after year," he said. "If you have to live dangerously, why don't you take up steeple-jacking? Or hot-rod racing? It'd be easier on your nerves in the long run." It's through hard work that people get on to the point where they're well off. Your Horoscope Look In the section in which your birth- 1 day cornea and find what your outlook is. according to tlw stars. For Saturday. Mxrcb 1, 13K MARCH 21 to APRIL 20 (Aries)—Opportunities galore IP you are alert, thinking and ready to sacrifice come. New methods, ideas with sound possibilities freshly sponsored with right of w»y. Heart Interests mixed. APRIL 21 to MAY 20 (Taurus)—Some slightly adverse tendencies, as we all have at times. Be thoughtful In act, speech. P. M. offers attractive aspects, use all aspects and advantages well: Shun foolish discussion. MAY 21 to JUNE 21 (Gemini)—Both personal and business matters In the favored class, and ask your bent. Industrial, government and scientific Interests; manufacturing favored, along with most personals. JUNE 52 to JULY 23 (Canctr)—• Slow down a bit so that you can get things well under control In case of needed quick changes, or unexpected switch In conditions. News may change outlook; be on the beam, observing. JULY 24 to AUGUST 22 (Leo)—Certain progressive events boost an Improved outlook. Take sufficient time to .think about items you encounter. Know values fully and you won't go far astray. Day can be gainful. AUGUST 23 to SEPTEMBER 23 (Virgo) —Some contention likely in personal affairs, maybe In business. Financial and business matters can be bettered. Set aside DAYS IN "The African Queen" ARRIVES! WASHERS Universal - Whirlpool WITH PUMP EASY TERMS 77 BALTIMORE ST. 1952 • WASHERS • RANGES * REFRIGERATORS NOW ON DISPLAY fioodyear SERVICE STORE 817 N. Mechanic St. Phone 3S Schwarzenbach 9 s FEBRUARY FINAL! Nationally-Advertised Men's Suits and Topcoats Nationally famous men's suits and topcoats at these dollar-saving reductions: Reg. $50.00 $42.75 Reg. $55.00 $46.75 Reg. $69.50 , $57.75 Reg. $80.00 $66.75 Reg. $90.00 $76.75 Sports Shirts $3.88 Colorful washable rayons. Reg. $5.95 Tee-Shirts 3 for $2.00 Combed cotton. Reg. $1.00 each Shorts 'n Shirts ... Both fine cotton. Reg. 79c each 2 for $1.00 Wool Gabardine Slacks $12.45 Reg. $14.95 all wool gabardine Gabardine Slacks ...... $8.95 Wool mixed gabardine. Reg. $10.95 Pajamas $2.95 Coat and pullover styles. Reg. $3.95 1/2 OFF! Group: Suits . Coats Shirts Topcoats . . . Sport . Slacks . . . Dress . . Neckwear . . . Winter Jackets. Also, Reductions in Our Second Floor Boys' Dept Including: Poplin Jackets . . . Junior and Cadet Longies. . . Cotton Plaid Shirts.. . Dungarees... Corduroy Coats and Socks. Men's Depf.—First Floor Boys Dept.—Second Floor personal desires, concentrate on due matters tor best status. SEPTEMBER 24 to OCTOBER 23 (Libra) —You can afford to wait lor hours till you have analysed outlook carefully. From Noon, things should rua smoother, fewer problems. Use moderation, tact and your own sympathetic attitude. OCTOBER 54 to NOVEMBEH 22 (Scorpio) —Dip into your resources for pertinent affairs, rightly used they can advance you in each project or chore. Keep temperament even. You hare clever ideas when you put your head to it. NOVEMBER 23 to DECEMBER 22 (Saglt tarlus)—Excellent aspects in your day's astrological chart. Avoid petty outbursts Being cheerfully cooperative will UrJnj many gains. Marriage, social affairs have new impetus. DECEMBER 23 to JANUARY 21 (Capd- Complere Line of OLIVER Tractors & Farm Equipment STilNLA Motor Company 218 South Mechanic Street corn)—Planetary influence on up trend. Mojt of day favors your talents. Wisely combine abilities Tlth advantages and your progress In surer. Smile the while. JANUARY 23 to FEBRUARY !0 (Aquarius)—likely little offered in a truly generous way but that does not mean you cannot advance. Hard work, sensible consideration and use of possibilities afford best tools. Be economical. FEBRUARY 21 to MARCH 30 (Pisces)— Time out lor planning essentials. Somewhat mixed day. Move In thoughtful manner with good use of resources. P. M.: some hidden advantages for sharp, alert eyes. Keep trying. YOU BORN TODAY are Idealistic, thoughtful, able. Lean toward the scientific and philosophical. Fond of good company and travel. Build your selfassurance: correct any retiring attitude that holds back accomplishing aggressiveness. Associate with more aggressive people than yourself. Sometimes you are contradictory In behavior. Are truly understanding, affectionate. Don't let a CROSLEY APPLIANCES ALLEGA1VY FURNITURE CO. Joseph H. Reinhart, Jr. _ 526 Virginia Are. ^ seeming Indifferent »rtltud» come upon you. The happy medium Is tost in long run. And pep up in mutters less interest* ing but necessary. You m&y nave hidden talent for creative expression. Blrthdate of Win. Dean Howells, novelist: Dinah Shore, singer; Augustus Salnt-Gaudens. A school teacher says the art of talking pleasantly should be painter. (Copyright. 1952. Features Syndicate. Inc.) One thing sure to produce wind is getting a man to run for office. WINDOW GLASS ALL SIZES Can Cut Odd Sizes • Putty and Glazing Points WESTERN MARYLAND LUMBERS f-KitPAKK/NG MvKtv^WAdASl M e M UIL E N -/tiahaa y -Phone Oil SO taught to all pupils, A cheery "heilo" is a good buy! GLEN SAVAGE DAIRY'S HOMOGENIZED MILK IS BROUGHT TO YOU FRESH FROM OUR OWN GOLDEN GUERNSEY HERDS .... Phone Mt. 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