The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 2, 1930 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
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Friday, May 2, 1930
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-I : -V- Entered as second class matter, Oct. 4, 1895, at post office at Tipton, Ind., under the act of March. 5, .1873 1 VOIXME xxxv, xo. isi TIPTON,"INDIANA, FRIDAY EVENING, >L4Y 2,' 1»3«. OF FEDERATION DREW CROWD Annual Convention of Federation of County Clubs at Library. INTERESTING PROGRAM Representatives of All Clubs Present and Active in Meeting. The splendid session I of the Tipton Connt'y Federation o£ Clubs at the library Thursday afternoon had a large attendance of members and visitors who enjoyed aii exceptional program. Mrs, G. H. W'arne county dent,, presided at the meet was assisted by her officcjs, Mrs. Billy Morris, secretary. Mrp. R. L llaskett, vice-president; M Jackson, treasurer and Jjlrs. V. R. Bender and Mrs. Carj Williams registration committee. "The meeting was opened with a beautiful piano number by Miss Alta Mount, who also was at the piano for the group singing of America. Mrs. O. U; Ma. .Tie led in an opening prayer. Mrs. Warne save, a glad greeting to tln> members and guests and expressed her appreciation of the cinpc'a- tion of'chilis'and members,'in the county work, during the, past year. At the business sessioi . two minute reports wore given by the chairmen of the different departments of tho Federation Mrs. Oris Jackson reported ft r the American Citizenship department Mrs. Sam Matthews for Art. Club Woman, and Federation of Reading departments, Mrs. 0. U. Mayne. Conservation, and Mrs. Oscar Siess, Blind. Three minute reports of. club activities were given by the presidents o" other representatives of the Federated clnbs. Those reporting we 'e Mrs,. — Charles Martz of the Tipt in Mn-i sicale, Mrs. Sam Matthews of thr D. A. R., Mrs. J. A. i Glo; son o? the Tipton Art Associatioi ; Mrs. Oscar : Siess of Tipton County Home Economic Asso nation, Mrs. Lewis Richards ; of Tipton Delphian Club, Miss Ruth Parker of Junior Art Club; Mrs. Lulu Hardy of Tipton Business and Professional Women 's -clua; and Mrs. P. J. Pentecost, Mother's club. The reports; of activities were especially fine, the honors • of the Federation : going .o the "Tipton County Home; Ecc nomics Association and the ; Tiptt n Art Association but the othe:' clubs received honorable mention. Special program features included reading* by Miss Gerai- . ine Civil and Mrs._E. ; L. Meeker, a trio-by Mesdames John Burkhardt, H. S. Matthews aid Herbert Morris and talks b;' Mrs. Russell Kramer, and 1 Mr;. John Roush -of Frankfort : and Mrs. Curtis .Hodges of Indianapolis. -The nominating committee composed of Miss Ella Kigln Mrs- W. E. Wells and Mri. J.'A Gleason, made recommendation of the re-election of the old offl-- cers, and the election was unani mous. - Another -Federation wolrk was presented byyMrs. Lnla Hi nter of the. BnslnessMland ,-• Prof sssional •Wfflpe«-«^*Ij«1 ».'.isecu -lng .a <*i^e1ta*6 ^reiitroom an 1 ladles JtSttbtisrcHmi^lKthe -court house. ...teraraa-' named ehalr „ Jrts - of- .the clans with three mem- presi- ng and s. Oris Wedgwood to Make 12 Plates to Show Scenes at Princeton Princeton, N. J., May 2. — The preparation of a series of twelve Staffordshire plates, each with a different campus view, to be made by the historic firm of Josiah Wedg.woodj of Stafffordsshire, England, has bff=n announcedby the office of the secretary of Princton .University. No early Princeton plate," such as the early pictorial plates made for "Harvard bj* Ridgeway and for Columbia by Clows, is on record.. COUNTY CORN CLUB PRIZES LIGHT VOTE IS Mother and Son Classmates Scarcity of Contests and Lack of Interest Will Be Responsible.. VOTER IS APATHETIC Returns From Many of the Frecincts Will Be Reported Early. Winners in East and West! There will be a primary eloc- Sections of County Will Get Trips. TO PURDUE ROUNDUP ! lion in this county .next Tuesday, i I This may be news to many . peo- i pie, or at least it appears that j few voters realize ah important j political skirmish is about to take ! place. No -one is excited about I the affair and unless there is a j decided change of heart very _, „-. . '„ . j soon, the polling places will af- The Tipton County Corn Club | I ford the election officials splen committee recently met in a spe-i ... t „ . . „ . • ,, did quarters to put in a day ot •cial meeting and decided t<5 make' ] oa fj n g. / V ^i»»^M<J'ilw '.>re»ldeirt8 infe -tscOTUnw the grand prize in both the east and west junior cprn club sections a free trip to the Purdue Roundup in 1931. The awards will he based upon yield, exhibit, record and manp &ement. In judging yield the boy who shows lie has talten good care of his crop will be_ given due credit for his efforts. As to the exhibit " each boy who exhibits his corn in the Tipton county -corn showl w 11 receive full credit regardless -of. bis placing!. Each junior willinjceive he award he merits on his| corn in addition. . j' It-was jfnrther decided by ( the committee to arrange to take all ?orn club I members on an inspection trip ;to the Purdue Experimental Plots at Lafayette some time in August. The club members will be taken as a group and pend the day. All boys and girls who ;are in- erested .in growing and exhibiting good corn are urged to join the county corn club 'not later ban May 10th. Send-your name o your local township Corn Growers' Association chairman or to J. B. Oyler, Kempton. Help olace Tipton county to the fore. To date about fifty have joined the corn club. Their names will ippear soon. That the vote will be light is evident. The tickets are too short to compel much.attention and tho. lack of interest in the election is so much on the surface that only those who take real interest in politics and others with little'else to do next Tuesday will-do the voting. The working'fman will lie The officials of _ the , Plate "railroad, announce •conspicuous Tuesday by- T>ia ^ cn ;a nge s Sn train schedules affect-! anQ the May Term With Service Electric. Miss Wilma Henry, daughter ?t Mr. and Mrs. Ol Henry has taken a position as office girl at the Service Electric Company. 3he began;her duties there Friday noon, j sence from the polls, ft is believ* ed. Not very many women will ! take the trouble to^Ieave their homes to vote. ' ; In some of the townships battles for trustees" iwill aad zest to the contest and cause a heavier vote than would be polled ordinarily. Liberty has such a contest in the Republican primary and also for the advisory board. Prairie is fixed the same way in the Democratic contest and Madison has a contest on for advisorv board. .Following are the candidates' who are looking for votes in, the Tuesday election; Democratic .Ticket. For Judge, Glen J. Gifford, James M. Purvis; prosecuCbr, Alfred W. Bolton, Lemuel. S. Todd; clerk, Parker- A,* Dunham, John F. Heath; assessor, Landy R. Lee, John W. Mott, Francis M. Myerly/Roy C. Osier. Prairie twp —Trustee, Arthur Adler, Vernon Harlow, W. O. Henry; assessor, Guy McGraw, Denton Scudder. Madison Twp. —Trustee, Frank M. Ackels, James W. Swinford; advisory 'board,' J. O. Hall, Hoy Hobbs, Jesse & Myerly,. Charles Retherf ord. j (Continued on Page 2). Pilot Dives 7J000 Feet at Speed of 300 Miles Per Hour in Navy Plane Test I First Official Representative j i of Germany Republic to. I i • Visit Indiana. HONORS ARE GIVEN Last Bairooins An: Voted Oat —Gbuiv.'y Accepts Quebec .Law : Montreal, April 29. — The last of the barromms in 1 the province of Quebecc will! pass into history as a result! of a referendum this, jvveek. 'j Compton county, where-the barrooms still existed, voted by an overwhelming majority of 2,-650,'to 850 for repeal of the Canadian temperalnce act; generally known as the Scott act, under which the j 'county \ conducted its liquor business, j This was a^federal statute but Inever enforced. Hence[ while the county was "dr^V officially, strict teniperancel was niver enforced. -i IS §WF0R U. S. RIOTS jGrovery Whalen, N. Y. Po 7 - lice Commissioner, Offers Evidence. PAPERS ARS SEIZED MM . Pranjc Slutz and her son, • from Leland, will both graduate from Mount Union College, Alliance, Ohio, in June, the former, receiving an A. B. and the latter' a B. S. degree. Mrs. Slutz attended the college take a degree at that time, but subsequently attended jthe Universities of Chicago- and Cincinnati; as well as Wittenberg College. • ' | | .' (International Newnraoii Envoy in Indianapolis Weir coineil by Officials bit City and State. i RETURN FLIGHT iProacinent Siusian Officials ! in This Country Are I Directly 27amed. j Indianapolis, May • 2.—Ambas- i ;;sador of the German Repifblic 'to.; : the United States, Dr. Friedrich : .' ' jwiiheim vd n Prittwitz und Gaff- -, Leaves Nicaragiia for Hava nia Switch Run Between Tipton' Only 55 Civil Cases Are and Alexandria to Be 1 Pending With Close of Discontinued. i ! the Term LOCALS DO THE WORK NEW DOCKET IS Nickel! . The February! Iron Friday received honor's of the j city and state while* a guest of the. j'liidianapolis Association of; Credit Men at whose annual dinner meeting Friday .night he will be the principal speaker. J The hospitality of the Columbia Club, the.Indianapolis motor speedway and offices, of the may• or and Governor Were .thrown i open for the first official repi-?- j sentative of the Germaa Repnb- • lie. and party, ever to visit the j Hoosier state. Luncheon 'at the LIGHTij Indianapolis Athletic Club was to j~ the Pan -American Airways ; followed with. a"'trip to the In- i station -fiera. \yas adivised. New York, May 2.—flrorer Whalen, police commissioner. i.<>day made public photostats ot Russian documents seized by his V I secret police which . he said j showed. Cojnmunist Internatinn- ' ale of Moscow was directly re! sponsible for fomenting strikes NEWS : and riots in the United States. '.' . | There are references in the dorn- | . ! ments (••> expenditures for disor- Miami. Fl 'aV May 2— Charles! ^ anti 3U PP° rt °f strikers. A Lindbergh resumed his flight' One of the documents is on the to-the' United States with ! South | letterhead of. the Amtorg Trad- American ,'mail today, . taking off i ing Conjuration, official pnrchas- from Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua, int; agent in the United States for na With South American Mail. OTHER FLIGHT dianapolis motor Speedway and ;a ! ! visit to some of; the city's larger Lindbergh', flying •.mphibian of the a Sikorsky! [Pan-American ! term oE the Tip^ industrial plants. The Credit | Airways, took a course-'over ; h further! ton' Circuit Court closed FridaYjj Men v a j nne /.^ n held at 6:3^0 | Caribbean for Havajna, where hej .ho M« V opens Mondayj, pJ m in the ballroom of the ;Cp-| Panned to stop fprty-five min-i thirty men docket for j not heavy the! con ing freight movements on the \: morning. The Sandusky division between Lima! new term while and Tipton, which will'be in ef. tains several feet Monday May 5. At that time the switch run be- j being the -'$50,000 damage suit tween Tipton and. Alexandria, j of the American National Bank; which has been making the; 0 f Frankfort against Hez M. - Co- round trip daily, will -be discon-j hee; the suit tolset aside! the-will tinued and the work will be .done | of the late Harden H. Buiich. and; by local freights 57 and 5S, which; the tax cases brought ifor the now plybetwe'en Portland and j purpose of collecting taxess on Tipton. Heretofore local freights! property -in. this Icounty, which ac-!| 55 and.56 have been run daily be-j cording to the complaints'was not tween Lima and. Portland, butj legally assessed.! r'! !j starting Monday Portland will no! •_ ... .! longer be the terminal point for the locals. As now mapped out to start i-Iumbia Club with more than 100 j utes before continuing her I FriSay morning Judge Mount|| the youngest ordered the superintendents in about twelve or fourteen age proceedings! to file a Mitchel Field, L. I., May 2.— In demonstration tests for the Navy Department William Crosswell, chief test'pilot of the- Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor. Company, did-his best to break a plane apart in flight above this field this wee'kin a series of tests. His manoeuvers failed to dam-. • • i- - age any essential* part . of - the plane's structure. Civortlng about high over the field, he .looped in short - radiii rolled, - f pun '• and stalled the plane at Tartqusi altitudes, speeds and angles: Heuex- nausted one observer and 'avotber had to be taken into tbethlp^.Tne •rat observer ;waa R. B. Johison of the company's ji aerodyaiialcs Teaearch department.'^He^sald ion landing that ttie- 'terrkcp ^»M #s dnriag'tba him too 111 t6^r#«:i One,* of >tk« by Crosswell. In the new. plane, a two-^eat fighting plane of new design. Climbing up to 8,000 feet, the pilot suddenly thrust the nose of the plane at an angle'eigh­ ty degrees from' the horlxonta'l with the 425-horsepower motor wide open. Downward ^toward the hangars the plane roared for 5,000* feet. The spectafrers, army pilots, companyxandriiavy officials stood breathless it - descended on a line aa ,^raigh \aa a Uut string. With a iuddenpull^qn the control stick -CtoMV«fl^attened out- at ISOtmilaa *aaj>oar ' at 3,-' ooo ^^um^imn, pun* Monday, local freights 57 and 5S ; no( . j^ ter than will operate daily between Mun-| tne • 6xiLCt status cie and Tipton and 55 and 56 between Lima and Muncie, making Muncie the terminal. The locals operjating between Tipton and Muncie will do the switching- at 1 Alexandria and other points between Muncie and Tipton. The abandoning of the switch run will! affect several trainmen in Tipton who have been employed on this .run. x deorge Mahan the conductor on the switch run-will! either have his Sunday layover at Tipton or Muncie. His brakemeh C. E. Talley and N..C. Neff will take runs' where their seniority permtis. The engineer on this switch 'run has for some time'been L. E. { Roberts of Tipton and Mr. Roberts will either have his layover at Tipton or Muncie. James Lambiel, fireman on the run, will also be privileged to a choice between Tipton and Muncie: . The railroad figures that with the slump In business and the consequent dropping off of shipping the locals can handle the work-heretofore -cared ::for- \ by drain-! report 1 ^lay 15, showing;! of the proceedings at this time. Some of these proceedings had been on 1 docket for somej time with no re-! port having been made.. The case of the State the Soviet government. It has offices in New York and has- transacted hjudreds of thousands of dolk'-rs woi'ili of business in thU country- . This letter lists the names of and women sent to New York by Moscow as bcini; hard to replace and says the recall of any one of them might result in a serious handicap in the work. V.'halen said the list of thirty •• mes includes that of a Delgass. whom he described the - most dangerous of the undercover criminal secret police of Moscow and one time personal secretary to Dzerginsky, organizer of the Russian cheka. Whalen also called attention to the importance biven in the docu- • . i , ments to Boris Shvirsky, "the un- endurance record. „.,„,- , .... - L . „t •"• • | official Soviet ambasdidor ami recognised here, set .by Marvse I . . • ~ head of the Russian information bureau at Washington, who, he ! said, is revealed as handling the ] money for the Amtorg O. G. P. I". ,i to information from Washington,'the air throughout the afternoon, i section." He explained the O. O. tne i • 1 • -•• — ..I ; P. U. as "the undercover criminal ' secrej. police of Moscow, Willi brandies operating in all cuan- important c.i*v» . . 3C the citv in attendance. Louis i which Will be, tried, themjj Llld!oWj representative in the' congress from the Seventh Indiana district, will introduce the speaker. i '• Dr." von Prittwitz; who wvis born of Silesian nobility, began bis diplomatic career soon after completing his education in t/e University of Bonn. At the age ?f forty-five, he is international fig- Pa- i j members and business executives j s 1 Rower, co-pilot, and Bert DP-, nicke. radio operator, accompanied him. j • The flight, completes hie.. op»ju-, ing. of the Pan-American'r! new' weekly, air mail servicce between' the United State's -and Argentina, j Le Bourget, France, May 2.—; Mile. Lean Bernstein, who took \ off ^yesterday on an endurance; flight, continued aloft today, more \ than twenty-s:ven I. hours ; aft ( i r 1 her.start. This was in excess of: the fsminirie endurance record. tire in the diplomatic world and ambassador- in Washington-. His part in the building of the German republic.;Bastie has been an important one ing the commendation of Prerii-lMlle Bernstein dropped a message i dent yon Hindenburg,. according Uliat she expected to . remain in July 28, last year, of 26! where he likewise . on the; relation of .- Deloris DlllmanJ against Curtis .jWainscott,| a pa-;! ternity proceeding, was ordered dropped from the docket) i until is. generally admired for his. qualities ; - cf statesnianship and personality^ Was Operated. I :Roscoe Wilkins, the^ son of M_u- and Mrs. George Wilkins, Jr/'who such time as the defendant is ap^j reside north of. Hqbbs, who has •been ill for several weeksT: was operated upon. Friday morning prehended. Waihscott disappeared from Tipton when the affidavit -was filed; against- him and] for removal of diseased tonsils. Dr. Cotton of Goldsmith operated at his offi-se ^ in- Goldsmith,, the boy coming through.the operation in very. gopd. condition .'and was later removed to his home.- is. said to be in yirginia. The case was filed February 5, J 1929. [ In the case of Roxie . Henry against Benjamin Henry in which the wife asked a divorce and the husband filed a cross complaint; also asking for the' decreet - the I judge made a ;finding fori bothj and the husband filed a ; cross; complaint also asking for the de -f tries. • .Perpiguan, France, May i2. Jean Marmoz, French aviator, took | off from here today jfor St. Louis, j Senegal,- west African coast, on I the first' lap'of a projected trans- j atlantic flight; From; these he will i . j ~ take off as soon as possible for,' Miss Ncl ^ i ^tn» VUMn* Conn- Natal. Brazil. His ship is. a pos-| hydro-airplane, carrying; four! IN CASH* TOGETltER. ty Health Surw Here. tal passengers and crew* Mr. and Mrs. Gerald McColley moved Friday from the Mrs. J. L. Shaw double on East Jefferson street, to the Harker double at 203 South East .street. cree the judge! made a j finding for both and" the divorce j .was granted. i . |- | The Court entered a finding ofn Growth of Ceil Tissue Laid to Sulphur by Scientist; Stimulates, Stops \Growth judgment .on the verdict [of* thei I'-.!- Philadelphia, May 2.—The most mysterious -of all life processes, the growth of tissue and i; reproduction of living matter, by ir- jury; jn the case of the Riverside,,, .„ -, , , , , , ..„„„ ' L i. ^ !• .'x ill 1 W 'cell division, was explained here . Goal Company against the Penn-i;. " switch run and Jf business increas . ed to the point where it is again I sylvania/rallroad company.] The needed: It wlJl: be restored.: verdict -gave the plaintiff i ¥43.20 I ^ato-Ho^lHtsI; {fori a shortage .A handled, by the 1 1 in a|car of, coal railroad company. Flavia Brown, guardlkn - of! Mrs. ; Wi!l Hill, living "east of] Agnes Brown, filed a,,; 1 Noblesville hbspltal in the.Shaf-, 800 In bondsiarid |871 fer - ambulanica, TlArV^ Inc. Mrs, HI1L was brought-home Tilopai •^ribtfcaypolaftljnaa. animal tissue, acts as a-stimulant to cell division in -the early stages of the life of a cell,land then, by a series of chemfcal changes becomes a deterrent and V stops, the growth of tissue. . i- i r f :- Dr. Hammett's presentation of | his findings before i ther 20^ isci- en(i8ts r ; philosophers; and e"(|ncat- C6mpanr /«a r «^Uan. of W|£H^r!|);^*^ iPif" 1 !^"'* •rtW^llSt^W^i; therefore' .n,^ . , ^^^^f^^m ^iiU..: , >.^.|»^. > -th. ewntual flnj»« '« this week rbefore the American Philosophical Society as the pro-, duct of a definite -chemical reaction,^ expressible • , in ordinary chemical formulae and <alreadjr |lor8 Attending the society's aqnual demonstrated in 'the : laboratory. meeting here, was greeted with a burst «f applauses for the- irapli- catjomrj'of Jils-theory tweret, ton- ceded J to beitremendous/Roti only doa^tffiBfovide'a raltfonal |W to onelbfj iheideepast-pussies of4lfe.' in ^theioutspoken -^viefr ot. many- of Hffltljl^iglll 'If ! Miss Rhuie Caster, county health nurse, is'enjoying a visit from Miss Nelle Pettus. R. S, of Koch, Mo., and the two nurses are having a wonderful visit. This is their first visit together since they left Camp Lee. Virginia, twelve years ago where both were engaged in government service. Miss Caster, Miss Pettus an* Miss Maude Welsh of Kokomo were all - at! Camp Lee, the latter -being a clasmate of Miss Caster, and they will visit Miss Walsb at Kokomo over the week end. Miss Pettus Is In charge of tho T. B. Ward at the government hospital at IKOCII, MO. IS WELL PLEA8KP. formerly thje ^. N. Coal Co., la with the MaM||<!r ;.ot prised M George Freeman, manager of tho Abso-pjura, Ice A Coal son here is 6B two' wai handle the ple«.atly voiama ot which the- apeafnc ot tkt>ie>- •V «Uac. ara*hetk«

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