Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 10, 1957 · Page 1
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 1

Cumberland, Maryland
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Monday, June 10, 1957
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The Weather fair ionifjht. Low 55-60. Fair, warmer tomorrow. Showers • Wednesday. High, 68; low, 57; noon', 68. River, 3.70 feel. Relative humidity, 72 per cent. VOL. LXXXVIIL—NO. 159 titu Smice— If tbolotox FINAL CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND, MONDAY, JUNK 10, 1957 latetnotional t Seme* 16 Pages 6 CENTS Ike Suffers "Stomach Distress" Two Nasser Aides Given Jordan Boot Oustc(! By Government On Security Charges AMMAN wi—The Jordan gov eminent today expelledlwo~Egyp> tian diplomats on security charges. They left by plane for Cairo. A government announcement said foreign Minister Samir el Rifai asked the Egyptian embassy in Amman lo withdraw its military allache Maj. Fuad Hilal aft ec he li'ied to enlist a Jordanian in a plot lo assassinate "certain official personalities in Amman " The announcement said the recall of Mohammed Abdul Aziz consul general in the Jordan sec- lor of Jerusalem, was demanded for "reasons connected with secu rily." • 'Misbehavior' Charged Hifai earlier told a news con ference Egypt had been asked lo replace its representative on the joint Egyplian-Syrian- Jordanian military command for "misbe havior." Rifai did not go into de tails. The Jordanian announcement was made several hours after Egypt's Middle East News Agen cy published a dispatch in Cairo charging that the Jordanian gov crnment "fabricated a plot" aimed al involving Hilal in "planning a conspiracy against the Jordanian government and King Hussein." The Egyptian dispatch, from Beirut, Lebanon, claimed Hilal had been approached by an emissary—who was not identilied — from the Jordanian army chief of staff, Maj. Gen. Habes Majali. The report said Hilal arrested the emissary, obtained a written confession "that llajali sent him to involve Hilal in an alleged conspiracy against Jordan and the monarchy," and handed him over !o the Jordanian authorities. _ ^ The Jordanian announcement 1 told a different slory. It said llilal "personally contacted a certain Jordanian citizen and Iried lo induce him with all sorts of material and moral promises to undertake criminal acts aiming at assassinating certain official personalities in Amman. He also promised to provide him with the necessary weapons to carry out the crime." The announcement said Ihe Jordanian "immediately contacted Jordanian military authorities and reported what the Egyptian military attache had asked him to do and handed over the weapons he was provided with to commit Ihe crime." Relations Strained Hilal also was accused of "stirring up ... other persons to commit crimes which would disturb order and security." Relations between Jordanian ident Nasser have grown increas ingly strained since the young : King in April ousted leftist and pro-Egyptian officials who dominated the Jordanian government. Hussein accused Egyplian propaganda agencies of aiding his enemies, and Ihe Jordanian government radio subsequenlly charged lhat Ihe Soviet Union, Egypt and Syria had plotted to dethrone Hussein, King Faisal of Iraq, King Saud of Saudi Arabia and Kin" Idriss of Libya. 'British Ruler Seen Visiting V. S. In October _ h", h?h H her husband, r i ,„!„ - r , -o Quoting informed sources, (he Machadoc Creek - ncwspapcr-s fill Mt rt will attend New ° York corre- C ° llp1e after going to Canada. It added they will begin a Ihree- _, ..,,,,, ---a"- " nm.1.-- mi uiuwnco wnue relaliv day visit lo Washington the next the boat, including Miller's ° andalld lhcir «"'" Ihrce hrew out life preservers. ° <:r ' llagerty Itcveals Ike's Illness Ike Aide Gets Plea By Girard Friends Storms Rake Florida And Kansas Areas By The Associated Press , ,.„ ^ „.. „_, , 1M , ^ A . Stormy wealher which hit the ilosions, already are damaging plains stales and in the soulheasl- mman health all over the world, er/i section of the country ap- " -'•'-'- peared abating today, but more appeal that he . radioactive elements, put in the air by the ex- King Hussein and EgypaanP el ^^f t*^*™? '" St ° P ident Nasser havn =mwn i,,™,^ thc .l 05 " 1 ^ ° r a11 nuclear weap- It added "As scientists we have knowledge of the dangers involved and therefore a special responsibility ' e those dangers known. We t imperative that immedi: taken to effect an agreement to stop Pauling said he is now conlem- lating ways to enlist the suppori f scienlists everywhere for this appeal. He leaves tomorrow for a lee- lure tour in France. Four Perish [n Virginia DAHLGREN, Va. Hv-Virginia's worst boating accident of Ihe year claimed the lives of Iwo men, a woman and a boy yesterday. Eleven members of a family ishing expedition were heading r nvnrw /« TI, %. for shorc in a 2 °- foot houseboat to LONDON f.4V-The News Chron- escape worsening weather €C EliZabClh U and Thc boal «'as within 200 yards yar rince PhUip, will of the beach when Joe Miller blcd into ci Kht-foot-decp waters of In quick succession, the child's falhcr Melvin " anniversary eel- sister Airs. Pauline ilou'ch'ins. 35 i. Va., Oct. and her husband Wayne, 40 eaped to the .rescue. All drowned while relatives on I >!-,..., /^ 1 T TT ^lane Crashes Into Home, 3 Guests At Party Not Hurt PACOIMA, Calif. plane . . hit a house last night, killing the four passengers, but eight persons sharing a birthday dinner in the home were unhurl. Neighbors in this plane crash- conscious San Fernando U tore a jagged gash across thc roof over the dining and living rooms and wound up in a jumble of wreckage in the patio. Glass from a shattered piclure suburb of Los Angeles today were calling it "a miracle." Barry Worth, 30, and his family were finishing hamburgers and corn. A-cake with candles was on the table in honor of his molher- in-law's 57th birthday. Then Ihe rented, single-engine Piper Tri-Pacer plunged down onto (he oiie-slory, slucco tract home. the wreckage, but none of Ihem were even hurt. There was no fire/ 42 I . p y , Harris Sroilh ' Pcterscn, 52; and months ago. B , ; an i™ h,?«f CrSOn '- Ocklla r^. 33, rllCywei " ccnto pHotcd piloted bv S by Smith, company owner. Showers Due in Midweek — ---- ^, __....,,,, ,...,.., ...... -••^• wi * r *^**'*Nm«-3atBsnvM^Hn^^Higuj _ 9HE Press Secretary James Hagerty stands in the sun outside the While House loday as he announces that President Eisenhower suffered " an upset stomach" early today. He said illness had no connection with Ike's surgery a year ago or his heart attack in 1055. UP PhoMoxJ Pauling Plans World Appeal For Test Ban NEW YORK MV-4>r. Linus Pauling said today he is considering calling the scientists of all nations— Russians included— to join his appeal for an agreement to slop testing nuclear weapons. "I should like to see the signatures of thousands of Russian scientists, of British and French cientists, of scienlisls of ail the countries of the world, to this appeal," he said in an interview. Pauling is a Nobel Prize-winning California biochemist. He announced last week that 2.000 American scientists signed a stop - the - lests wrote. It said BALTIMORE W—Five-day forecast: Sunny and slightly warmer Tuesday and Wednesday or Thursday. Cooler Friday and Saturday. Temperatures will average near normal while rainfall will average light. , Normals for Ibis period are high afternoon temperatures 76 : BO, overnight low readings 60-65 except 51-60 from Cumberland westward. Pro-Western Backers Win Lebanon Vote BEIRUT Wi-Candidates backing Lebanon's pro-Western gov eminent today held 15 of 22 Parliament seats decided in Ihe first round of the little Middle East nation's general election. At stake'was the prestige and life of (he first Middle East gov crnmenl lo endorse Ihe Eisen ine. A government I have been a big boost for President Nasser uuuai lui i lesiuein i\asser ol ~.-«»i-~,ninvn Egypt and his leftist, pro-Soviet Cr revlslon of a Japanese-Ameri- '' can agreement under which U. S. soldiers may be tried by Japa' nese courts for offenses commit" 'ed while off duty. Opponents of a Japanese trial allies in neighboring Syria. The Ministry of (he Interior an nounccd that government cand dates, including Premier Sam Solh, won a s« seats in Beirut. i southern Lebanon, the othe m sjumcrn Leoanon, the other .,. nc- section voting Sunday govern- A ent ' They cllc . Borders to guard ment supporters won 5 of H con- Ammean «I'"P">ent on the fir- tests. Opposition and independent !?=' ™? gc - , T he Japanese argue candi rd or * rs - d ' d " ot o so far rain fell in most of the area. At least four persons drowned in the stormy weather which hit *ide areas yesterday. T w o drowned in a tropical storrn that swept across Florida from St. Petersburg on the Gulf of Mexico lo Ihe Georgia line. Some 200 families were evacu- alcd from lhcir homes at Perry. Fla., about 50 miles southeast of Tallahassee, which was hardest hit as the storm cut across the ilatc and headed out lo sea near -harleslon, S. C. More than II inches of rain drenched Perry, a town of 3,000. Two other persons drowned in loffeyville, Kan., as a bridge across the flooding Verdigris Riv- T collapsed. Tornadoes and severe thunderstorms struck across broad areas in sections of Kansas, Oklahoma and Soulh Dakota. No casualties were reported. Victim Of Crash Dies In Hospital jui.-utu vjciijaDui ^ liHtn inco al Ihe Community Hospital yesterday ..«. n . ., ai- u -nn compared ot injuries he received Sunday the big break of June 8, I95f> morning when his car collided nj . ...... ..... ..^..,«. «o Edwarrt E. Shaner. Crist said he fc . aner. rs sa e WASHINGTON <p _ The Su n ™? fCUmribC 1, t \ nlUUi , PlC fr; ! ctures ^eme Court today ordered a new , " n or ar>lo alruck driven by Charles Croft, ifornia sex lerrorist 63, of Westminster, Md. candidates look 3 seals each. The £^?, "*" ? d n ° l ?« independents are expected to op- llow hlm to sh ° o1 ' pose the government on domestic issues hut support its foreign policy, including the endorsement' of the Eisenhower Doctrine. .,, in ,- . .' V"7 The other « scats in thc newly "'" , an ° by ,," s real y c °m™l enlarged 66-seat Parliament will T 1 ! S , D ? d Wl11 n , ot rcnc B° on » he filled by ballotins in central ? ff ' C , Ia . 1 dec ! SIOn [o Iet Girard b he filled by balloting in cenlral and nurlh Lebanon on the next three Sundays. Two short but violent clashes Droke out in Beirut during the voting. Move Pressed To Block Jap TrialOfYaiik Fellow Townsmen To Sec President's Associate Counsel By IT(KJ) S. HOFFMAN WASHINGTON w — F e 11 o w townsmen of William S. Girard sarry lo (he While House today lhcir pleas that the soldier be ricd by an American court in the death of a Japanese woman. A delegation from Ottawa, III., .iirard's home lown, had an ap- loinlmenl lo confer wilh Edward A. .McCabe, associate counsel to /"resident Eisenhower. The group lopes to win reversal of an Amer- can government decision to allow jirard, a specialist third class, to )C tried by a Japanese court. Heading the delegation, which ncludcs several Ottawa city officials, was Louis, the soldier's ilder brother. Mothers Sign Petition En route lo Washington, Louis old newsmen in-Chicago yesterday, "My brother is an American citizen and f think he should be tried by an American court." The soldier's brother, a garage mechanic, said he was carrying a petition_ signed by more than G.OOO mothers living in ihe Ottawa area. He said the petition asked an American trial for his brother. Tonight, Louis Girard and his wife Shirley arc scheduled lo appear on the ABC television program Press Conference. William Girard, 21, is charged with fatally shooting Airs. Naka Sakai last Jan. 30 while she was scavenging for scrap me(al on a firing range used by American forces in Japan. Girard has said the shooting was accidental. The case has generated considerable ccnlroversy here and in Japan. Some members of Con- ;ress have demanded cancellation Ends Akron-California liikc Trip sweeping 10 of 11 ,"??,? , *, : la P ancsc 1 ™1 1( " for Girard contend he was on duty ' h ° ' lmccft)le Treaty Commitments Cited In Tokyo, a spokesman for (he apanese Justice Ministry said his "hopes Ihe United Slate c . Sla !es. A hearing j s dock- Selling Wave Hits Market NEW YORK. June 10 «1 — Th. stock market was hit by a frantic .,„-, rn „„.., ,„ „„,, . selling wave today on news that Son at cLn Wh 5 !.- V" y ^"' President Eisenhower was s lrirk.llT_f, l -- C , amp 5 h '«">Bton, about President Eisenhower was stricken with "an upset stomach." Leading issues lost from 1 to .1 Joints and the high-speed ticker tape was 11 minutes behind in re- duced in courl in Washington. If such an order is granted, Ihi Japanese spokesman said, noth ing will be done lo delay Girard'' departure for thc United States • Army deten 60 miles from Tokyo. porting the transactions. It was Ihe greatest lag in the ticker tape since Feb. 29. 1956/I£ when Eisenhower announced he GETTYSBURG. Pa. in — A 29- would be willing to run for re- ycar-old Gettysburg man died al election. Today's sell-off compared with! Deaf Woman, 74, Killed By Train "•*-Lini~lil HI LUJIIIlLUvI LANCASTER. Pa. «v-Two sons Indiana land scandal, watched helplessly last night as •'-'-'•• train killed their tocks plummeted on new., wilh a Inick on Route 34 some ' nc President had suffered an at- 13 miles north of lown. tack of ilcitis. C. G. Crist. Adams County coroner, identified thc victim as Rc-licaring Gruutcit la h e in " licaring for Car>-| Chessman, Cal- cell aulhor. and prison , , , " Thc victim was 74-year-old'Mrs. Annie Bertha Kimmich of Lanca Not Related To Surgery, 1955Attack rly KcpnrU Dick Abboll, 21, gels a welcoming kiss from bis mother in Pacific Palisades. Cal., after ending 20-day bike trip from Akron, 0. Floods and storms forced him to ride 400 miles bv bH5-o n -his-2,445.milc-jaunt _.f4B-M.(oM. Seven Die, 83 Hurt By A Igerian Bom b ALGIERS—w>—A terrorisl bomb exploded under (he baudsland asl night as French couples danced the cha-cha-cha in a fashionable seaside casino. It killed seven young people and wounded 83- many of Ihem mcrnhcrsj>tj^o m iin;nt Algiers families. Union Heads Face Quiz In Road Scandal Authorities assumed the bomb was planted by Algerian nation alists, who have stepped up theii campaign of bombing and killing lo press their independence de on the French govern mands nent. BULLETIN WASHINGTON IT) — Frank W. Chapman, 300-pound general Ircnsurcr of (he Car- renters Union, today invoked' Hie Fiflh Amendment in refusing to answer questions .ihoul sharing in some S100,- 000 alleged profits on In- dhiiin road right-of-way land sales. WASHINGTON w - Three (op leaders of the Carpenters Union Arms and legs were blown fron. about a dozen of Ihe 300 persons attending a tea dance at Ihe Ca ino .dc la Cornichp, a building in a palm garden ove. looking Ihe sea at suburban St Eugene. None of Ihe dead were over 2 tried here." Ihe spokesman noted legal - ~i----— »".i« ..^uniii. w *i u^u- moves by Girard's American law- atc subcommittee investigating ycrs to have him returned to the tlle '"'liana highway scandal. llnilpH *xlalftc A !-i/s.-,,-•._ :_ _•_ , Tkn Cnniln !>„„,]„ i : Most of the casino's "Lucky Star way" orchestra were killed out right. The dead, dying and wound ed included young children at (ending the dance with their fam ilies. The bomb, timed to go off a fere summoned today to explain , .. - -- --- ' special bank account to a Sen- p ; '".' wasc h ' <Wen '" (fle con „ ...,!— „:,* : .: ,. Crete base of the hnnrklnnrl . Tl >e Senate Roads subcommittee in U. S. District Courl here issued subpoenas for Maurice A i . . srct Courl here ssue supoenas for Maurice A ., • -------tomorrow on an application by "ulchcson, international president „ ^ 1S '" D , ' ° b Girard's lawyers for an order di- of the union; Frank M. Chapman. , 0nc ,P°l'ceman said reding lhat lhl> Knlrlint- kn „_„ C.irnr>ntr.rt .,ir... nrnoMnnt ,M.I n ° l POHIICS. till ecting lhat Ihe soldier be pro- Carpenters vice president and '•"•"• ; treasurer; and O.'William Blaier. a union vice president. Chairman Gore (D-Tenn) said investigalors found that Chapman and Blaier lost year received a ' :al ol SI20.4JI; from Ihe Stale Indiana for 10 parcels of highway right-of-way land. Gore said this money was deposited in a special bank account in Chapman's name. Checks from thai account, said Gore, were written to Hutchcson, Chapman, Blaier and two former highway officials now under indictment in conncclion wilh Ihe Just a week ago bombs planted lower intestines. in three lampposts near crowdei bus and streetcar stops killed fou persons and wounded 84 in gicr.s. killed their mother ti? t 01 i i» « >n who couldn't hear bcl Shower' Kcporlrcl After Italian Tomailo PIACEXZA. Italy wi - You've "••"• ""•n.n.i- • ». t \ji.i .1 e*.~\, it (i it 1,11 — i ou VC tcr. Her sons watched in horror heard about it raining cats and from a distance of 50 feet as an dogs? It rained eels here last 87-car Pennsylvania Railroad night-dozens and dozens of them frcighl look her life. about four inches long. The fish (""viutujui Ill^n^O lUII^ The three were out for a walk were sucked from the incar Pcquea. a Susquehanna Riv- ler summer colony near here. - - . sea by a minalurc lornado and dumped over the town. Lost Frogman Mystery Revived *** *** *** • * * * Body Wearing Diving Gear Found In Harbor CHtCHESTER, England body of a in a frogman's dark rubber suit has been found floating H miles from where British frog- ,.... n iiLuto iiuiu wiicre unusn irog- slik •» WCIr . e Owen Sun ™«™ raan Cmdr. Lionel (Busier) Crabb rearing frogman's diving gear known,to be missing in thc area. Thc body was found yesterday by a fisherman in Chichcsler Har- „.„„„ „ ,„.„,„„ llos 1H . vt . r ucl , n nor, which adjoins Portsmouth officially explained. Sir Anthony Hflrnrir wham Ihti *n*f* it'^^u \t)_.« TT*J.— *i -._• _ ... Harbor where the ace World War disappeared 13',i . Exports were attempting today b°dv. which had . '" a P lane1ol5 g l!csn immersed in water. construction- • - ......... the heavy oxygen cylinder whichithat a reply might slir up inter- —leave town or he bombed frogmen cairy on their back be. national complications. The Rev. Dan Whitsctt vc: C3ITIC ClCtaPflPn. T?urc-inn rAn n -. A ».' A « it-- ^-i_J_L- J __t i . . - ^ ar en, en prme mnster was II frogman disappeared or, a mys- questioned in thc House of Com- terious diving operation near a *•"""«• ^KI,,* «..i,~ti — ^__^L i__ , Russian warship. Tides and currents have often pushed the bodies of drowned persons from Portsmouth to the Chi- . Eden, then prime minister was Ordzhonikidzc, which brought So- vict Premier Bulganin and Communist party boss N'ikita Khrusli- .,.. . .. . ni- munis pary oss 'ta Khrusli- «M r 'hh "'H V T " C ^", " Ca - " W8S s P««'*^«l«!V«<>BrlUhi In April last!™" said Ci-abo was the only person the body came to the surface aflerJEdcn declined lo answer, hinting - • —'•••("•*-«..IVMIJ. *ii^ mj%. utin tvnuscu ycstcr- r™ kl C - • , Russian seamen on (he Ordzho- day sard an unidentified caller .nlSu. 5 ™!.^.™ n i la l" cv . or .! 5CCn nikid2e rc Portcd they sa^ a frog- warned the wife of the Rev. Newman—presumably Crabb —near ton Malony Saturday night lhat their vessel in Portsmouth Har- unless ihe Malonys and Whitsetls -- bor. Russia protested. The Brilish leave lown within 10 days "vour rnons abwt whether Crabb had reply expressed regret and said house and child will be blown to been spying' on the Soviet cruiser that what Crabb was doing was bits " nrrt,hn«ii,M,» „*:„•. K,...^. o. " Complcle ]j, unauthorized." Whitsctt is pastor and Malonf The British Admiralty would associate pastor ot ihe First Melh :retc base of the bandstand. French police searched the Al s area for an Algerian stew who vanished from his job a > before the bomb wen iis is murder." Officials say the bombings a parenlly are aimed at getting , favorable settlement to the 31 month-old Algerian rebellion fron whatever new French governmen replaces Socialist Premier Gu; Moltct's caretaker regime. Fish Poisoned In Lake As Biggest Experiment CALDERVYOOD. Tenn. W-Thc conservation experiment ever undertaken in ihe Southeast, Two Specialists Have Been Called WASHINGTON' Wi _ President lisenhower was stric-kcn today ''• t h -^in_ut!scl__!aomae!w^— »MS— White House called in heart and 'ntcstitial medical specialists. Bringing in the specialists was described as "purely a precau- lionary measure." Press secretary James C. Hag. I'rty described Eisenhower's new distress as a stomach upset but •-aid in a statement (hat there was "no indication that this digestive ipscl is related in any way I., he President's recent operation (for ilcitis) or to his heart attack' 1 of Sept. 24, J955. Engagements Canceled T.ast Saturday was the first anniversary of Eisenhower's ileitis- attack, (or which he underwent surgery. llagerty announced shortly after 10:15 a.m. that Eisenhower's business engagements for the day liad been canceled on the recommendation of (he While House physician, M,aj. Gen. Howard Snyder. llagerty also told a news conference that Col. Thomas W. Mattingly, the heart specialist who attended Eisenhower in 1955. has been called in from Walter Reed Army Hospital here as "a purely precautionary step." lie said Maj. Gen. Leonard D. Hcalon, the Walter Reed commandant and surgeon who operated -on-tnc -Pre si denr Jus t a-year" ago yesterday, also would come to the While House later in the day. Hagerly a!so described that as precautionary step. Hagerly called newsmen to his office at 10:15 a.m., and read this statement: "The President had an upset stomach early this morning ap. parenlly caused by something he ate which disagreed wilh him. Dr. Snydor recommended that the President's engagements he canceled today and that Hie President remain in bed. Temperature Normal "The President's temperature is normal as is his blood pressure. "Electrocardiogram shows no change from the many that have been made since his recent heart attack. "There is no Indication (hat this digestive upset is related in any stucco way to the President's recent op • eralion (for ileilis) or to his heart attack." Hagerly (old newsmen, in response to questions, that Kisen- " •• — "-7. 1.1101, J^iJ^tU- hower .suffered during the night from nausea and that he vomiletl two or three limes. Responding lo olher </uoslions Hagerly said he thought the pos- sibilily lhat ileitis had recurred could be ruled out. Hagerty said Eisenhower's distress (his lime was in his stomach, rather than in the intestines. Ileilis is an inflammation at the juncture of the large and small intestines. The ilcitis attack a year ago caused partial blockage of the Doctors operated early on June », ia>6. (o relieve (he obs(ruclion Al They said later they had no al- (Conlimicd on Page 2; Col. 2) ; n Egyptian Gets DeathPeiialty CAIRO lf>— An Egyplian court today sentenced one Egyptian to death for spying for Britain but postponed verdicts on four Britons and n other men until June One court source said postponement of the olher verdicts prob- icd no olher death sentences poisoning The Ifi defendants "\Trt-.'r, , „ ,. . ' •- »""w""K >"<; m aeietKi.inis. along wilh of allI fish between Chilhowee Dam four other Brilons who lelt the K"AFl dC :"™"-:?: as c ^ ricd , out coumry before lhcir arrests were ticials to ordered last August, are accused rainbow of spying for ISrilain lo overthrow [President Nasser's government. make room for 75,000 trout fingerlings. Dixie Pastor Threatened, Kicked Over K.K.K. Cross SYLACAUGA. Ala. w — T h cifamjly [amily of a young minister whol lnr cats knocked over a Ku Klux Klan bad received numerous in thc past. , Crosses were burned near tha cross faced an ultimatum tod 8 yl^ elho ,, disl /"'' t ' irsl Ba P' isl ua> churches of hylacauga hy robed night. A meeting asor o e rst Moth- lawn across Ihe street from his say only that Crabb 46, was prc- odist Church here. Whitsolt, who church. When Ihe service ended sumcd dead after failing to rclnrn has taken a sland for modcralion '•- ••-"—' - •• from a tost dive Anril h). 19SB. in men rni^iirti^c C^M »,:said his own Klansmen .Saturday KKK group also held „ ..,^,,, s in thc high school football stadium which was addressed by Alvin Horn, head of Alabama members ot the IJ. S. Kbns, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Malony was conducling a youth rally in thc Methodist church when Ihe cross was set up on a lawn across Ihe strccl from his he walked across the street and kicked over Ihe cross.

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