The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1936
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS T"MP r\r\HiTTKT A \*rn %ir*ll»nt-i A »*»-n-. n n ..___. __ _ . -**.-' . . Y~**^r VOL. XXXIII—NO. 23'. Blylhevllle Courier lllythevllle Herald ?. DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUIU Blylhevllte Dally News Mississippi Valley Lender BI,YTHIj!VIl.l,K, ;AUKANSAS, TODAY, IDKCKMHKR 18, 103(5 SINGLF COPIES FIVE CENfS WIDOW OF VICTIM SEES MURDERER HANGED Shelling, However, Is Not Believed to Have Been . .•^'Intentional WASHINGTON, Dec'. 18. (UP)— The u. S. s. Erie, new 2,000-ton gunboat, today advised American authorities It had been under "fire at the Spanish- port of Gijon in •the'second iricidaiit involving American warships since Spain's civil war broke mil. State department officials, how-, ever, emphasized there was nothing 1 in the Erie's rsport to indicate any j 'deliberate intention to shell [hat American vessel.and no protest or' acllon of aiiy klnrt was Intended. The previous Incident, dropping : of bombs upon the u. R. destroyer Kane last August 30, drew a .sharp protest to-both Spanish loy- iiilisls and nationalists by the Am- criean government. ' Commander E. w. Hanson: ski"per of the Erie, reported to the navy department that a Spanish warship, 'tentatively identified a? the nationalist cruiser Espana, fired two shots at Gljon shortly after the. arrival there of th3 Erie yesterday morning. ' ... . The shots were nred from ,a range of approximately ... 10.0W yards, about six-miles. One shell fell about 500 yards from the Erie The other went overhead into the hills behind the port. The Esoana then steamed away in a westerly direction. Hanson said. Officials slid Hansons icport m tlicited the Spanish waislnp was firmo at the port which is con trolled bj forces loy-il to the Mn drid government. Textile Federation Head Killed in Auto Crash WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.. Dec IB (UP)—Peter H. Van Horn, 43 president of the American Feder ntlon of Textiles, Inc., was kill ed instantly today when his automobile crashed into Ihe concrete, wall of the Bath and Tennis club on Ocean boulevard Palm Beach. Police discovered his badly mangled body, dressed In even- Ing clothes, at C-'A-.'M. Tlie. car was demolished. Van Horn lived at the Hotel Plaza In New York.- His - vvife lives here with a son; Peter jr She had filed suit for divorce. MaVc This Dream Be True Bailey Expected Back at Little Rock Tonight LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 18 (UP) — Employes in the office of , Gov.- elect Carl E. Bailey today said that he was' expected back In fthe state tonight from Washington, where he attended .the meeting of Pretident Roosevelt's national farm tenancy commission. Bailey, is was said, would be at his statehousc oilice for n few hours Saturday nnd plans to study his legislative program during the week-end holiday. Employes of his office said that the civil service commission, which was named to plan civil service yi . state employes, would make : f^fcreport to the executive over the?week-end. choice, he said. -That has been the rule, he said "d it applies to the inajoiiu adeislnp as well The president in excellent spir i and looking exceedingly fit today held his first press confer n nce in more linn a month He fold nev\spap«imen that as las oeui hi5 custom he will dc "ef his annual message to con ?iebs in ,,er<on but did not null Tie vvhcthei it \vould be present c 1 at neon 01 at night Levee District Files •Tax Suit Against Frisco The board of directors of the St. Francis Levee District filed .suit in chancery court here today hgainst trustees of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway company, seekin» to force payment of 1936 district°tax assessments and penalties against the railroads-properties In this district of Mississippi county. Charles T.-'Coleman, Little Rock, special counsel, and Burk Mann, tlie'distrlcfs attorney, filed the suit. ,;.«,- f -S M S 5 S $&* <w\^ ^' -s5\5 -* s* H $•§ I *y ^ ,\v .t v- "&\ I .|. 41 |I i C4 IS By Clement Clarice Moore XXIII A,»'ink of h'n eye and a livid of /?ii head, 5son gave me.Co j^nolv / had .nothing to dtcad; (Continued in Next Issue) ONLY 5 SHOPPING DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS Declares While House Will Not Intervene in House Contest WASHINGTON. Dec. 18 (UP)— President Roosevelt today said emphatically Hhat the White Home will adhere strictly to Its mle of non-interference in the 'election of a Democratic house leader. Mr.. Roosevelt pointed out thil fjince 1Q33 there have been tluee speakers, and two house an wo ouse ' rancy tlltEe clllltlren lv "0 tneir hearts desire ot Christmas J6j involving '»;-• sueakei-shlo To > !l ' o'oUilne a ipnrkling tree, and a bounteous store of food •• nil. II IIILU 11UU51 studiously refrained from takim WI ' ite House But lts Ol1 hl fanc> •ny part whatsoever In the n Wi ""™ looge lnM actlm "> lhe > «'» B et »° thu ig But until a con- Choice, he said. tribiition to the doodfellowi Christmas Fund you cm turn magician ind «a\e the magic wand to nil their stockings ind place food on Asks Nanking , Not, to Proceed 'Agains( 'Marshal Chang,. His Captor. SHANGHAI, p=c. 19. (UP)— The Central News agency here. reported today that Generalissimo' chian» Kai-shek expects to return to Nan- king on Saturday from 'Sian-fu, in Shensi province, where h e has been held for a week in a .sudden uprising by young Marslfal Chan? - ' • 5 Hsueh-liang. General Ting-tvon re- g-tvon released by Marshal Chang at Sian- fu to aid in . the negotiations for the generalissimo's release, brought War Minister Ho Ying.chin a personally signed letter from clilnn» Kai-shek. The generalissimo wrote that he expected to return to the national capital by Saturday and requested full suspension of all military measures against Marshal i^nang in the meantime. New Orleans Cotton NEW, ORLEANS, Dec. 18 (UP) -Cotton gained 4 to 6 points today in a small market. Additional denials from Washington regarding alleged plans to release pool cotton and better foreign markets occasioned most of thc buying. Jan March May July Oct Dec open high low 1210 1210 1206 1213 1220 1211 1204 1212 1203 1198 1204 1196 close 1201b 1214 1206 1199 Spots closed steady at 1260, up five. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III., Dec, (UP)—Hogs: receipts 10 000 Top 10.30 170-230 Ibs 10.20-10.25 , 140-160 Ibs 7.50-10.10 Bulk sows 9.00-9.40 Gallic: receipts l,50o Steers 6.00-9.40 Slaughter steers 5.50-11.75 Mixed yearlings and heifers 5.50-7.50 Slaughter heifers 4.50-11 00 Beef cows 4.25-5,25 Chicago Corn • ' open high low Deo 108 5-8 109 3-4 108 i( IOC 104 i-a ic knottledge that actually nd soon they must awake to thej will get nothing But until With Chiistmar/Only a Week Away. Fund Is Fat From Adequate Last jear there were 540 poor families of Blythe\ille, who had a happi Christmas because Good fellous club members gave $633 in cash and a large amount of cloth m» food toys and the like This jear there are almost 300 families in need—but only a small amount of money has been contributed Al though BlytlieviHe has'had an exceptionally successful business year, people who have made money apparently are, not thlnklii" of the less for tun a te^ it ; was sa Id to clay. It wos-plarihed-by'tlie'committee in charge to have the donations made voluntarily but this plan failed as only three contributions were made voluntarily before this morning, so today "a committee, headed by Russell .Parr, is'at work soliciting in the business ssclion. The A Dozen Aircraft' Start Systematic SeaicK foi Lost Linei 6ALT LAKE CITY Dec 18 (U ?)—A dozen aircraft including two-seater scouting? planes -and 10-passenger transports, took r off from here today lo make an acr ial survey of 14.000 square miles of mountain and. desert area In •which a. Western Air Express transport, missing three days, Is believed to have crashed. Western .-Air Express officials abandoned-'hope of finding the plane's, seven occupants alive but Ihey pressed Ihe ;- ' • at least to ' find hunt, hoping wreckage or, if the plane.'landed safely, notes or directions that might tell where,; the survivors had attempted to seek 'shelter from the 'snowstorm a,nd bitter cold. : Those directing the search abandoned for the time being day for toys, which ' they will repair under the direction of j A Puckett. Toys to be given, not in need of repair, should be taken to the American Legion hut' where the baskets will be packed. There arc already «S toys on hand to be repaired but more are needed as calls for more baskets are being received almost hourly. • It is hoped that the benefit show Saturday morning at the Roxv theater will give the club a substantial amount of merchandtse Many are enthusiastic over the show as it will give the children a hanc<! . Organization of n Blythcville hospital staff: for thc municipally owned institution, operated prl- valely under lease by . Michael M>ng, superintendent in charge Mis announced today by Dr V O. Smith, slaff secretary. Dr. F. L. Husband, former sur?eon in charge of the hospital. -—— -.._,, u.uticu nas been chosen as head of tin- .planes to deploy lo every point surgical division of the hosuitnl Jof tbn r- nm ™« vtaff with Dr. j. M. walk nnd Jr. Paul L. Tlpton as members Dr. J. A. Sallba has been riam- '1 of the ear, eye nose and division of the staff with nig in uic uusmess sscllon The "•"*"""" c " '«" me time being voluntary donations made early to- ' e coll( =entratcd search by foot day were: Mrs. c. W..AIIllck $5- i P arttes nll<1 .airplanes of the area E. B. Lymah, $5; Courier News ' aromlcl J^ ne Peak. They ordered $10. '.planes to deploy to everv mint. Both money and merchandise are' ° f " IC C ° mi needed. The toy project Is gotn-* ~ ~ forward with the Boy Scouts mak- C<ln 0 ;,*~ Vf I n • ing plans to canvass the city Mon- LlOSlUg btOCk I'riCei 1163 1169 1163 H66b thcir Christmas with poor boys and I165b 1170 1170 H 68b girls. The show, which will be"m ed stead ' cl . , w e"m at 9M . °' cl o<*, will be especially • for children and • admittance wiil be at least ten cents worth of merchandise. The need, while not as great as last Christmas, is such that the .„ Goodfellows expect to have at least 350 calls for baskets. r n these will be placed food for Christmas dinners, loy where Ihere are children and gifts for all members of the family in the way of clothlne or Ihe like. Anyone knowing of a needy family is asked to call the Rev. Carroll B. Ctoyd, pastor of the First Christian church. Contributions may be made to R - p - ^!l\i-_>?«* Hwson be ^j^^t buno i.c.o-o,io vi in*- x^wuiici • i>ewo anci will Kn Ciiltcrs and low cutters 3.00-4.00 acknowledged in tlie courier daily! Chicago Wheat NEW YORK, Dec. 18 (UP>- Lcadlng industrial shares declined on light traduig'on the stock exchange today to bring an Irregularly lower tre'nd to the market. A. T. and T. 184 1-2 American Waterworks .... 25 3-8 Anaconda Cop ., 50 1-2 Beth. Slcel \] 74 i_ 2 Chrysler ',[ 121 Cities Service -. 33-4 Gen. Am. Tank .....:.... 743.4 •4 67 1-8 100 ; . 13 65 5-8 43 10 1-2 Gen. Gen. M.otOrs '.'..'..!! Int. Harvester ....... McKesson-HobBlns Montgomery Ward ... N. Y. Central "' Pliilllps Pel .......... '.,',[] 47 1-2 ........ ....... St. IjOiiis-San Fran. Stand Sludebaker Texas Corp. 45 50 U. s. Smelting 35 j. U. s. Steel '.'.'.'. 77 i-, \V~arner Bros 17 Zonitc si-8 New York Cotton NEW YORK, Dec. 18 (UP) — Collon closed steady. open high low close 1217 1220 12H 1219 Jan March May July Got close Dec 1218 1225 1209 '1215 1202 1209 1166 1174 1217 1220 1206 1209 1199 f203 1162 1169 steady ' at 1280, I wo ^ Membei s, of Bandit I'lio Aucsted; Sto'cn Cai Recoveicd r«o of thicc men who participated . in the robbery of a Divls- h street service station here ear- this momlng weic nppiUiciulid police within a short time af- (er tlie robbery occurred, a stolen cai used b> the tilo In an attempted gel away was rccoveied, and' tlie Identity of the 'third'was -ilablished. Police Chief td Rice announced lociaj lhat A o Cuillej of Lon- olc Ark nnd Ra> Hodge of Bins- Held Ark hud confessed a part lilt robbery 6f an employe of Ouj Gcins service •itnllon In hich approximately $22 was taken at pistol point He said llicy had named Eddie Plpps of Bi hull) Aik said Io be an e\ con- ilet as the Ihlid mini In UIL lob- rerj and Ihe ilng-lendei rheir :oinpiinlon icmntned at llbcrh to- clav Thei robbery occurred about 2 oclock' Ihls moinlnB Police wuc uo'ified and Ieo»ar<i Mnjo, pollcc- nmn and V L lomllnsoii, mci- ohants' pitiolmnn weie seeking he tilo when (lie latter attcmpt- ng to speed away from the sta- Sees Mate's Killer Die pissed the Highway GI tu rn ont o sse e Highway GI tu rn ont o - , mng o eorge McKcevci-, Iowa Chlckasawba iuuiue ami wrecked ''^I'crado, at. Pillion Mo. Her icquesl that her ohlldun he nllovotl Wa l ° """^ ^ c " ccnl nrd T»m .. the to Elliotts icsi- -- - ls- deuce at Hearn and Division The machine struck an outhouse and 'be bandit's fled nfoot Latei Curtlej and Hodge, about '0 nml 22 jears of age were lak- •'n into custody separately when inch .actions aioiind cafes In the Smliwss dish let around suspicions Smlness dish let aroused suspicions, ' J T M/T- H I f.,111? *Uie mitigating offfcers Jail-; „ L 1 L L I! eU; (hcj .confeW.lli robber^ -,T V L' M W officers smd, K nnd fiamed' PlpUi, o<r i* fc '' ' L ' IB the ilnglcader Thoj said he had ~ ' l * —jr '/'' on J been icleascd from Jail ul Brinklej yesterday and had stolen an automobile owned by a Brink- lej ucftspiper nun in which they drove here Merribevship Consists of Local Physicians : and Surgeons ... „» I.ILL, aUtlll Dr. Floyd Webb as member Dr. Max o. Usrey has been Jlected head of the medical staff wllh Dr. C. S. Slovens, Dr I R. Jonnson, Dr. Smith, Dr C E' Wilson, Dr. Hunter C. Sims 'and Jr. B. L, Boyd as members. o r.^- M ' Owens P f Armorel, O'. D. C. McLain of Yarbro Dr •>• L. Tldwell and Dr! i. A. Luck?« of Dell have been chosen ns •onsullants. Mr , Slrlctly on °'*» may send their patients to the kian« u ,-- r " P>" e e sl , c J|»w « well as local physicians, fusion. -' ' "The local worked out a "wM.t Jj/UJOlViiitlia. physicians Iiave Vi JI • • • • ^ i » — U"Art«J i " " " ~ -"•"- "• "j«J "-laiLO UH.L'IKI11LK 1MI.SS r,a."5- Rl » dio ' Hl-4 "o,^ ".^"'o »*crcby ley said that the rare VmccnU 2 U2 w^n h « M ? f , lhc modlc91 slnff scrum treatment that she has l£ Will DC SUbiWr. tn nn\nffrnn A .. T, I _._... . 0 ° tvin, ii, ••»-'""" •"' « v « weens, tonaition some but since sit 13 N2 In it, °X S mcmber s lo serve been confined lo her bed en m in is cn»nrlt.v In v^rrt + t^,, TT«I.I_ «„ .. In •5 I , h e . x ^ ""iplia by patients who desi the oxUeme ,1" "ic hanging tills morning of George McKcevci-, Iowa cvccntlon was denied. Holding tv plclure of hei Main mate, Sgl Ben Booth of the Missouri stnto highway prUrol, Mu Booth Is shown above with hci children, Ovvnmin, 11, and Wesley, 12 Tiagcdy, Results W.h en Earlc Marshal, Sentenced ' Lodger Falis'iAsl^p to Pi'ison, Is Admitted With CigaieltpV-, ,- '', •'to 'Probation NEW YORK, „,_ ... Fire, started \\hen la-'l.o . v JONESBOiioi Ark, Dec. 18 )gcr'{wejit —The ( slavery .'case ngnlnst. .^ ,, L ire sared «hen ia-'lodgct^wcnt -The, slmory .'cnre ngnlnst city o sleep with i, clsaictfc ,h^}h Ntarslml p n ul D Pcnchcr of Earlc hnnd, caused 1 the death of-tliiet ,Atk. 'wns f disposed of this nftei- uoincn, a bnbv and n innn *m n nrvm ii,>mii «« i „ *^/.n n «___ women, a bnby and a four-story brownstonc "lopinhii; house on the upper west side today. The man was crushed to death when he -jumped from the 'top floor of the building and the other four were burned: to death. The dead: Eleanor Dufficld, 27, and her son, Henry Dufficld Jr.,-.'nine' weeks old.'. : Nancy ' Green, 25, saleswoman.. Marjorle Green, 28, bookkeeper. Aligust Frank, 43, mechanic. John Horn, 25, a clerk, was burned seriously when he raced through the flames to safety. The dead anil Horn all lived on the fourth flora of the building. Fire Marshal William P. Bro- Phy, said the fire started In the bed of William Hoffman, who lived on the third floor. "I had three bottles of beer last night," Brophy quoted Hoffman as having said. "I went to bed about It p. m. I was smoking a cigarette in bed. I was awakened '. by smoke smothering me. I felt hcnt under me and I got scared and jumped out of bed and' rail down the stairs." Streptococcus Sufferer Needs Blood Transfusion LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 18 (UP) were e m , a " n f mcnt ° r s «»"*ln e tor persons whose blood that of Miss Jaypcc j v<i «I"-M ,ii,n.v,,i^, umi, ui iviiss jaypcc in that all physicians Easlcy, 20-year-old artist, In order th^lr ,,,n.,,i, ,. .... ,, iat th(J young womanj sufrcrjng mpn.r ™. ""d Attend them there, from a strepcc , nfectlon of 8 01lt -° f - towr " Ph>" the heart, might be given a trans' Physicians allending Miss Eas- " '- mrove er for two weeks, condition some but since she lad for lo inter- leal strength was gradually be- Mrs. p. for treatment of emergency ta5 . ^ ay „,; f. and.provide attention for those 12 hours. Who have no preference on en-1 terlng the hospital. „— regained consciousness Farmers i- today after lying In MEMPHIS, Dec. 18 (UPJ-More , 2>50 ° cm P I oy« at Gensral Motors-Fisher lumber olant he/P received bonuses ranging from $35 to $60 each, today. , ' followed I Will Keep Postoffice Open All Day Saturday TIio Blythcville. postoffice \111 be open all day Saturday, be- <,„,(, ne Ravlsetl jmcneii and ir?t S °H f , f ;imtmns b^iness. ter that a compulsory contract the • JJliaslcr - noon when He paid a $3.600 fine . and accepted n Iwo-yeai proba- llon former Crlttcndcn county - deputy thc fine to Mrs. Beth Mnlhu dC])uly U. S. clerk. ' Peaclicr was found guilty by a [old , or pay the S3.500 fine and serve two years on probation. ' weeks trying lo raise the money. Drunken Driver Barred Townsfolk Resept Interlude to ''Christmas* Season ' l| " 1 ' FULTON, Mo\ Deo. 18 (UP^ ft Ucn Booths widow watched trie, f ..lute hang Oebrgc McKceYCi-^ln 1 an old bnrn loday for the' slaying > of her husband . ,?^ Mis Alice Booth snt calmly as ' McKcevci walked steadily upittiei U .steps lo (he gallows, Tlie trap was sprung at 7,33 a. in ancMw ' wos pronounced dead at 7-45, >' > ' NtcKcevci hesitated an * Inatant befoie he stepiied undei the hooto nnd asked "forgiveness for Injury ' l|tivo caused anyone." . l^,/ His, Booth, still composed, salfl after McHicver wn% pionounced dead that she thought "Juslko i.«l bcun done" and considered McKcever's scaffold statement >u aitmlMlon of eullt" / ^ McKcovei had steadfastly main-" lalned his innocence. V- Ten women Including Mfa, Boolli nnd Mrs Rogei Wilsoti, ' to of the Boone county sheriff who was killed with Highway Patrolman Ben Booth, were in (lie ciowd of 160 that watched the execution. •' Town Resents Han«inr_ L Perhaps a hundred other per-, sons stood deep In snow outside Iho tarn, Its timbers . blackened with i age, although Oils small Missouri town resented to the last tlie execution. Townspeople said it "hung a pall' OH the ' OhrlstrruH season. Many residents left town for the day. i«"« ~ Mrs Wilson said slie felt Mc- Kcevci- "got what v,ns coming ,w 'I would have felt much bet- lei „ If the otlitr one had up there ^Ith him,* she Mli rrancis Mc^eilley, c.^™™ •ilajcfl of Sheriff Wilson*. Is tserv- Ing a life sentente t MoNellley le«lflcd against McKeever. ' ~ Sciftold In Barn Loft *• The-wooden scaffold, willi a 39- squarc-lnch ' t,rap door openHig'ttt Iho middle, was built In the loft of an old barn One end of Ihe build- ' ing was removed and canvas vail? ' stretched bcWeen It and the"jail' to make more room for ullnesses." McKcever's m o t li e r, without' i^jj? 3ss dents At contributed Testimony at Trial s trial, over the r . BMlhad federal' district court Jurv heie r e r . BMha November 25 on seven of eight shot Into his chest after counis charging he "aided and stopped by the officers to' Le ' he d as^±s "' 8l l0 He° S'sen,eS-to two years on each of the seven counis, McKeover was brought to trfal'U the sentences to run concurrently, nillon, on a change of venue af or a tei a Uo-ycar investigation mto tne murders! first belle ed ?o hafe . rers irs ele ed o ha He had spent the past three been committed by 'Pretty Boy" eeks trin fine Floyd and Adam Rlchettl, the lat-ter under death sentence In coV ruction with the Ifnton Station" massacre In Kansas City. ,' McNellcy, a brother-in-law of El- ' From Using Automobile the Wilson killing and" was'"sen"" A. \. Moody was fined $100 In tenced to life after taking the stand thc. police division of • •municipal ' against McKeever McKcever plead-* court yesterday on n charge of dilv- cd not guilty at his trial, and has ing while under thc Influence of li- "ever changed his story, quor and loday thc court's judgment was certified to the sheriff's office under provisions of a state net whereby Moody is prohibited from driving a car for one jear. The act whereby persons convicted of driving while Intoxicated are Farm Tenant Leaders Two Persons Are Suicide r Victim* at Little Roct LITTLE ROCK, Deo. 18 (UP)-----o .,.,..„ ... vv «i-_*»w\< nit Two suicid&s were commit ted h6ro prohibited from driving for a pe- today within the space of a few nod of a year has been in effect hours. N . for some lime but has seldom been * invoked here, under terms of the act the offender Is subject to a fine of not less than $25 should he drive a car at any time during the prohibited period. A poslal emploje, Joseph H. Stoddard, 35, fired a pistol-shbb through his head behind the registry window at the postoftice while Christmas mailers crowd- cd the lobby, Coroner Howard Bishong said •' Dr. Blshong.'a few hours later,* ..«..* ux.»u«.*o was called to the -washroom of Uniform Pnnfrart thc Bcn MC G<*ee hotel, one of uniiorm Lontract tho , nrgcst here to . hold an ta _ quest o\ci 4 the body of a man ho identified as E. G. LeLaurian '45' - Pino -•-"• LITTLE ROCK, Ark. chell and Howard Kcs', .... secretary and organizer, re-r •H. L. Mit- of Mcm- Unlon, conferred with j Commissioner E. I. Me- Kinley yesterday regarding a proposed uniform landlord-tenant contract. Mr. McKlnley said lie suggested said he advised Mitchell' and Kes- adop- negotiation with landowners Arkansas — cloudy and slightly Colder Temperature near frec7in» In northwest portion tonight. Saturday partly cloudy, ?> Memphis ard vicinity—cloudy and colder tonight. Lowest temperature tonight 34 to 38 Saturday partly cloudy. Tho maximum emperatufo hern yesterday y\as 49, 'minimum 34,' deal, with M of an Inch rain- , fall last night, according to Sam'-" -I uel F Norris, official weather o£. "•' server. ^,.,

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