The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 8, 1985 · Page 7
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 7

Salina, Kansas
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Monday, April 8, 1985
Page 7
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On the Record The Salina Journal Monday, April 8,1985 Page 7 Deaths & funerals Elmer H. Frohn HERINGTON - Elmer H. Frohn, 88, Herington, died Saturday, April 6, at the Lutheran Rest Home, Herington. Mr. Frohn was born on Dec. 26, 1896, in Hickman, Neb. He was a retired farmer and a World War I Navy veteran. He was a member of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Herington. Survivors include his wife, Marie of the home; a son, William Frohn of Santa Cruz, Calif.; two daughters, Marlene Hays of Wichita and Carol Olson of Manhattan; a brother, Frank Frohn of White City; a sister, Amelia Larkin of Manhattan; and seven grandchildren. The funeral will be at 2 p.m. Thursday at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Herington, the Rev. G. G. Press officiating. Burial will be at Sunset Hill cemetery, Herington. Memorials may be made to Our Redeemer Lutheran Church's audio system fund. Friends may call between 2 to 9 p.m. Wednesday at the Puryear- Brockmeier Mortuary, Herington. Mrs. Violet Stoker MORROWVILLE - Mrs. Violet Stoker, 65, Morrowville, died Sunday, April 7, at the Washington County Hospital. Mrs. Stoker was born Feb. 29, 1920, in Edgar, Neb. She was member of the First United Methodist Church in Morrowville and member of the American Legion Auxiliary, Morrowville. Survivors include two sisters, Bernice Barnes of St. Joseph, Mo., and Gladys Swiercinsky of Palmdale, Calif.; a daughter, Linda Vytlacil of Guam; three sons, Arthur Stoker of Morrowville, Richard Stoker of Winton, Calif., and Charles Stoker of Marysville; and nine grandchildren. The funeral will be at 2 p.m. Thursday at the First United Methodist Church in Morrowville, the Rev. Joe Reagan officiating. Burial will be in the Washington City Cemetery. Friends may call between 3 and 8 p.m. Wednesday at the Ward Funeral Home, Washington. Oil reports Maud E. Harvey BELOIT — Maud E. Harvey, Beloit, died Saturday, April 6, at the Hilltop Lodge Nursing Home. Mrs. Harvey was born in Spartanburg, S.C. She moved to Texas in 1918 and to Wichita in 1935. In 1983 she moved to Beloit. She was a membewr of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Beloit. Her husband, Arthur, died in 1973. She is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Patrica Dockstader of Beloit; a granddaughter, and a great- grandchild. The funeral will be at 1 p.m. Wednesday at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, the Rev. Theron Hughes officiating. Burial will be in Elmwood Cemetery, Beloit. Memorials may be made to the church. Friends may call at McDonalds Funeral Home in Beliot. Annabel Bergman MINNEAPOLIS - Annabel Bergman, 46, Minneapolis, died Saturday, April 6, at a Topeka hospital. Mrs. Bergman was born Nov. 22, 1938, in Minneapolis. She lived in Minneapolis for most of her life. She was a waitress at the People's Cafe for many years. She attended the Church of the Nazarene in Minneapolis. Survivors include her husband, Bennie D. of the home; three sisters, Irene Baugus of Blackwell, Okla., Lois Jagger of Concordia and Betty Rathbone, 528 W. Republic. The funeral will be at 10 a.m. Tuesday at Shields Funeral Home in Minneapolis, the Rev. David Heikes officiating. Burial will be in the Highland Cemetery in Minneapolis. Memorials may be made to the church. Friends may call at the Shields Funeral Home. Lester Gauby WASHINGTON - Lester Gauby, 78, Washington, died Sunday at Washington County Hospital. Mr. Gauby was born Dec. 16, 1906, in Washington. He was a retired farmer and a member of the Christian Church, Washington. His wife, Inez, died in 1983. Kansas operators announced 84 new locations, including 21 wildcats, and completed 51 new tests last week. Included in the completions were 19 oil wells good for an estimated 226 barrels of oil a day, two gas wells, 20 dry holes, five service wells and five temporarily abandoned wells. The total footage drilled in the completions was about 193,302 feet or an average of 3,790 feet a test. Drilling completions for the week as reported to The Independent Oil & Gas Service: Ellis County Helmerlch & Payne Inc., No. 5 "D" Simpson, 9-11-17W, 920'FNL & 920'FEL, NE/4, Upper Turkvllle field, temporarily abandoned. Liberty Operations & Completions Inc., No. 1 'E' Beach, 22-1I-I7W, 2280'FNL & 150'FEL, NE/4, Bemis-Shutts field, abandoned location. John O. Farmer Inc., No. 1 'C' Vine, 26-11- 19W, SW NW NE, Solomon field, abandoned location. Murfin Drilling Co.. No. 2-36 Rusco-Davis, 36-11-20W, SE NE SW, Star West field, salt water disposal well. Franklin Kennec, No. 1 Schmidt, 34-12-17W, C N/2 NW SE, Schmeidler SE Ext field, oil well. Franklin Kennec, No. 3 Phannenstlel, 19-12- 18W, 340'FNl 8 1610'FEL, NE/4, Hyacinth, dry and abandoned. Franklin Kennec, No. 1 Frank Joy, 20-12- 1BW, 70'W, C NE NE NE, WC field, temporarily abandoned. National Development Co., No. 1 "A" Crlss- man, 1-13-18W, C W/2 SE SW, OWWO Ubert field, salt water disposal well. Franklin Kennec, No. 1 Hlatt-Madden, 7-14- 18W, 400'FSL & 300'FWL, SW/4, WC field, temporarily abandoned. Weilert Oil Co. Inc.. No. 2 Rohr-Schmeldler, 32-14-18W, SE SE SW, Engel West field, oil well. Weilert Enterprises, No. 3 D. Kraus North, 16-14-19W, SW SW SW, OWWO Krous field, oil well. Weilert Enterprises, No. 6 D. Kraus, 21-14- 19W, 100'E, C SE SW SE, OWWO Kraus field, oil well. Canoday Oil Corp., No. 1 "A" Gottschalk, 10-14-20W, SE NE SE. Pleasant Ext field, temporarily abandoned. Thorton E. Anderson. No. 2 'B' Munsch, 4- 1S-18W, SE SW SW, Ruder NE field, oil well. Ellsworth County John Roy Evans, No. 3 Stumps, 30-17-10W, 359'FNL & 1220'FEl, NE/4, Bloomer field, 10 barrels of oil and IS barrels of water a day. Gave County F 8 M Oil Co. Inc., No. 1 "A" Courtney, 29- 13-26W, C SW NE, WC field, dry and abandoned. American Energies Corp. & Bonray Energy Corp., No. 2 Dean, Lundgren SE field, salt water disposal well. Berexco Inc., No. 2 Jasper, 31-15-29W, SW NE NE, WC field, dry and abandoned. Graham County A. Scott Ritchie, No. 1 Frozey, 1B-6-21W, 250'E C SW SW NW, WC field, oil well. F 8 M Oil Co. Inc., No. 1 "B" Shuck. 9-6- 23W, C N/2 NW NW, WC field, 13 barrels of oil and 36 barrels of water a day. Frontier Oil Co.. No. 1 Davis. 15-6-23W, SW SE SW, Wt field, dry and abandoned. F & M Oil Co. Inc., No. 1 "J" Moore, 15-6- 24W, C NW NW, WC field, dry and abandoned. Liberty Operations 8 Completions Inc., No. 1 'B' Worcester, 10-7-22W, SW SW SW, Alda Ext field, abandoned location. Mid-Continent Energy Corp.. No. 1 Babcock. 21-8-25W, SW NW NW, Schmied field, abandoned location. American Petroflna Co. of Texas. No. 15 'B Cooley 17-9-2IW, NW SW NE, Morel field, oil well. John O. Farmer Inc., No. 1 Broadway Properties. 4-10-25W, SW SW NW, Elrick field, dry and abandoned. Mid-Continent Energy Corp., No. 1 Bellerive. 29-IO-25W, NW NW NE. Gurk SE Ext field, dry and abandoned. Logan County Wendell J. Long, No. 6-10 Lois Mai. 6-11- 33W, NW NW SE, WC field, dry and abandoned. Chief Drilling Co. Inc., No. 1 Kruse, 12-11- 33W, NE NW SE, Cook Ext field, abandoned location. Petex Inc. Abercrombie Drilling. No. 1 'E' Bertrand, 26-11-33W, NE NE SW, Cook So. Ext field, dry and abandoned. Marlon County Range Oil Co. Inc.. No. 1 'A Hett, 12-21-3E, 170'W, C NE SE NW, WC field, dry and abandoned. Osborne County Rains S Williamson Oil Co. Inc., No. 1 Pfortmiller, 31-10-14W, NW NW NW, Henry Ext field, 12 barrels of oil and 56 barrels of water a day. Rawlins County Magnus Oil & Gas, No. 27-12 "A" Cahoj. 27-3-36W, 10'S, C SW NW SW, OWWO Cello South Ext field, oil well. Rooks County Damson Oil Corp.. No. 3-19 City of Stock- Ion, 19-7-17W, 15 ! N, C NW NW NW, Rlffe field, 40 barrels of oil and 32 barrels of water ° Energy Three Inc.. No. 1 Witmer. 17-7-19W, SE NE SW, US-24 field, abandoned location. Alcona Oil Co., No. 1 'C Lesage, 4-7-20W, C NW NW, OWWO Todd SE Ext field, 15 barrels of oil and 40 barrels of water a day. The Gene Brown Co., No. 7 'A' Stamper, 20-B-17W, NE SW NW, Dopita field, 30 barrels of oil and 40 barrels of water a day. Energy Three Inc., No. 1 Barlos, 22-9-19W, NW SE NW, Jelinek field, 50 barrels of oil and 25 barrels of water a day. Liberty Operations & Completions Inc., No. 4 Wise, 19-10-18W, NE NE SE, Ordway West field, abandoned location. Energy Three Inc., No. 1 Blanched, 33-10- 19W, SE NE SE, Palmberg field, dry and abandoned. Russell County Solar Petroleum Inc., No. 73-30 'B' E. Miller. 30-14-13W, 100'N, C NW SE SW, Hall-Gurney field, 21.42 barrels of oil and 184.58 barrels of water a day. Solar Petroleum Inc., No. 1 "B" Wilt. 3-14- 15W, C N/2 NW NW, Gorham field, oil well. Solar Petroleum Inc., No. 1 "A" Will. 4-14- 15W, 50'N, C SW/4, Gorham field, 25 barrels of oil a day. Solar Petroleum Inc., No. 2 Wilt, 4-14-15W, C S/2 SW, Gorham field, 25 barrels of oil a Solar Petroleum Inc., No. 3 "A" Witt, 4-14- 15W, 330'FSL & 450'FEL, SW/4, Gorham field,. 12 barrels of oil and 200 barrels of water a day. Solar Petroleum Inc., No. 1 "A" Dortland, 5-14-15W, 1230'FSL S 330'FEL, SE/4, Gorham field, oil well. Solar Petroleum Inc., No. 2 Black. 8-14- 15W, SE SW SE, WC field, dry and abandoned. Solar Petroleum Inc., No. 3 Black, 8-14- 15W. SE NW NW, Gorham Ext field. 32 barrels of oil and 10 barrels of water a day. Solar Petroleum Inc.. No. 1 Furthmeyer, 9- 14-15W, NE NE SE, Gorham field, oil well. Solor Petroleum Inc.. No. 1 Sander. 9-14- 15W, NE NW NE, Gorham .field, 10 barrels of oil a day. Solar Petroleum Inc.. No. 3 SWD Sander. 9- 14-15W. C NW NE, OWWO Gorham field, salt water disposal well. Solar Petroleum Inc., No. 1 "B" Mudd 17- I4-15W, NE SE NW. Gorham Ext field, 10 barrels of oil a day. National Development Co., No. 1 Luermen, 29-15-12W, C SE SW, Hall-Gurney field, oil well. Derrick-American Oil Inc.. No. 4 Berry, 33- 15-13W. 50'S, C SW NE NE, Trapp field, salt water disposal well. Solar Petroleum Inc., No. I Boomhower. 25-15-14W. NE NE NE, Tropp field, dry and abandoned. Sheridan County Mid-Continent Energy Corp., No. 1 Brown, 25-8-27W. SW SW SE, WC field, dry and abandoned. Petroventures Inc.. No. 8 Breeden. 13-9- 27W, SW NE NW, George West field, 60 barrels of oil and 13 barrels of water a day. Trego County Osborn Heirs Co., No. 1 Weisner, 10-11- 21W, SW SW NE, WC field, dry and abandoned. Stoeppelwerth Drilling Inc., No. 1 Larson- Hulchinson. 3-12-2IW. SE SW NW, Kohl West field, 26.5 barrels of oil and 1.5 barrels of water a day. Marexco & Pelex Inc.. No. 31-16 Garrett. I6-12-22W, 100'S, C W/2 NW NE, WC field, dry and abandoned. Zenith Drilling Corp.. No. 1 Fabrizious, 3- 14-22W. SE SE SW, WC field. 86 barrels of oil and 124 barrels of water a day. Frontier Oil Co.. No. 1"A" Hille. 7-15-23W, SE NE SE, WC field, dry -jnd abandoned. <1 Survivors include three sisters, Hazel Smart of Beattie, Viola Cope of Washington and Leota Bell of Oakdale, Calif.; two sons, Lee Gauby of Washington and Lyle Gauby of 1111 Dover Drive; a stepmother, Rena Gauby of Washington; two stepsisters, Fern Luhno of San Juan Capistrano, Calif., and Murle Brent of Topeka; five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. The funeral will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday at the Christian Church in Washington, Steve Burkum officiating. The burial will be in the Washington City Cemetery. Friends may call between 3 and 8 p.m. Tuesday at the Ward Funeral Home, Washington. Gladys Plank UPLAND, Calif. - The funeral for Gladys Plank, Upland, will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday at the Rosebank Church in Christ, Hope. Burial will be in the Rosebank Cemetery. Other survivors include her husband, Cecil of Upland, Calif.; four brothers, Stanley Book of Hope, Chester and Jim Book, both of California, and Abram Book of New York; and three sisters, Lillie Speer of Abilene, Ester Miller of Indiana and Laona Hershey of Newton. Soviets (Continued from Page 1) Soviets already have a 10-to-l advantage over the United States in warheads. Gorbachev coupled his SS-20 offer with an expression of interest in meeting with Reagan. But Speakes said the Soviet leader's statement added nothing new to what already was known about his views on that subject. Gorbachev's decision on INF deployments evoked memories of the peace offensive Moscow carried out in 1983 in an attempt to persuade the allied countries to reject the installation of cruise and Pershing II missiles. That bid failed and prompted the Soviets, in the fall of 1983, to walk out of the intermediate-range weapons negotiations as well as separate discussions on intercontinental missiles. It is generally thought that the Soviets agreed to return to the bargaining table last month with one priority objective in mind: to negotiate an end to the "Star Wars" research program, formally known as the Strategic Defense Initiative. The Soviets' actions to date indicate they are eager for an early agreement that would involve both cuts in intermediate and strategic missiles and a ban on advance missile defense research. The Reagan administration has been pressing the Europeans to endorse the "Star Wars" concept but the response has been mixed. Some Europeans have expressed support, but British Foreign Secretary Geoffrey Howe said recently he is worried that SDI could touch off a new round of arms spending aimed at finding ways to penetrate the new defensive shield. In addition, Britsh Adm. James Eberle, a former NATO commander, said this past week that the SDI program is "potentially the most divisive issue the alliance has faced." Schroeder out of hospital, but he's not yet out of the woods LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - Artificial heart recipient William Schroeder is out of the hospital, but he will adjust slowly to his limited freedom, his wife and doctor say. The 53-year-old Schroeder, who on Saturday became the first artificial heart recipient to be released from a hospital, spent a restless first night in his new home Saturday, said Bob Irvine, a spokesman for Humana Inc. Margaret Schroeder said she and her husband will develop a daily routine at their specially equipped apartment across the street from Humana Hospital Audubon, where he spent 133 days convalescing after the mechanical pump was implanted. "We're just kind of going to work it out on our own so that we get all the medical care taken care of," she said. "That's most important. From there we'll just go." Implant surgeon William DeVries said "the important thing about moving him over there, for the next couple of days or next week, is getting him comfortable with his surroundings." Fishing trips, one of Schroeder's personal post-hospital goals, might come later. Schroeder, a diabetic, is prone to mild seizures and strokes, though he hasn't had one recently and they appear to be better controlled than they were, DeVries said. He might require occasional blood transfusions to replace red blood cells broken down by the Jarvik-7 heart. He is too weak to walk more than a few steps and will continue to receive liquid food through a tube in his nose for up to two weeks. Schroeder's memory and speech, debilitated by strokes on Dec. 13, appear to be improving but the healing process will take months, DeVries said Saturday. None of the medical problems is life-threatening and the family decided he would be happier out of the hospital, DeVries said. "I think one of the big goals people have set in the past is that life wouldn't be worthwhile if you have to live in a hospital," he said. The Schroeders will be unable to attempt any spontaneous major activity. They will have to clear all trips, such as neighborhood walks or van rides to the market or around town, with DeVries or other members of the implant team. "Over the next several weeks we're going to find out what it's like with a patient in a home environment," DeVries said. Mrs. Schroeder, who lived at the hospital following the Nov. 25 implant, will regulate most activity within the apartment. Nurses and technicians will be on hand to attend to Schroeder around the clock, but she can ask them to leave to give her husband more privacy. Theft victim becomes vigilante HIALEAH, Fla. (AP) - A crime victim turned amateur detective faces a possible life sentence on charges of kidnapping two men he claimed committed burglary at his home. "It's a big, unfortunate mess," said Gary Venema, a police detective in this community adjoining Miami. "It appears that this is another case of a citizen doing what police get paid to do. Somebody could get killed. People could get hurt." Antonio Torres, 35, was held without bond Sunday on two counts of armed kidnapping, and single counts of aggravated assault, resisting arrest and a violation of gun laws. Each kidnapping count carries a possible life sentence upon conviction. Torres' wife, Anna Maria, 39, said she was driving away from their home March 15 when she saw an unfamiliar black car near the house. She returned an hour later as the car was pulling away. Suspicious, Mrs. Torres, a part- time jewelry sales clerk, wrote the automobile's tag number on the back of a grocery receipt. "When I opened my door, my house was upside-down," she said. "Everything was gone." Correction Journal Photo HOMELESS — This full- grown male cat is ready for adoption at the Salina Animal Shelter on State Street Road. Shelter hours are 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. The family estimates the total loss was $50,000 — including gold jewelry that Mrs. Torres had for sale, cash from a week's sales and the family's personal jewelry. There was no insurance. She called the Hialeah police, who took a report, but said she forgot to tell them about the unfamiliar car. Last week, while cleaning out her purse, she found the grocery receipt with the tag number on the back. She didn't call the police. "I knew they weren't going to do anything about it," Mrs. Torres said. "Can you imagine how many burglaries there are in Miami, every day, every hour?" Instead, the couple tracked the car down. A friend told them he had seen it parked at a nearby trailer park. On Friday, Torres visited the trailer park, his wife said. He found the car's driver, announced he was from out of town and said, "someone told me you had some jewelry to sell." The man Torres found, identified as Marcial Rodriguez, 28, and an unidentified friend drove with Torres to a Hialeah apartment complex. Outside the building was Arnaldo Santana, 21. Reportedly, words were exchanged and Santana tried to run away. Witnesses say Torres then pulled a gun and chased Santana, shouting, "Halt! Police!" Santana reportedly was forced into the car at gunpoint, and he and Rodriguez were taken to Torres' house. Police said Torres released the men after about five hours and drove them home. The men then led officer to Torres' home, and he was arrested early Saturday. Looting erupts after martial arts fibn PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Looting and vandalism erupted downtown Sunday as crowds of youths left theaters showing martial arts films, and as many as 18 people were arrested, authorities said. Mayor W. Wilson Goode, calling the melee "a case of too many young people being in one area at one time," said police estimated that 5,000 youths were in a three- block area during the hour-long disturbance. Goode and police Commissioner Gregore Sambor said they did not know what caused the rampage. For your information Because of a Journal error, it was reported in Sunday's edition that the Cloud County women's track meet scored zero points in Saturday's Bethany Invitational in Lindsborg. Cloud County's women did not attend the meet. Pet off the week Hospital admissions Asbury — Richard L. Holcom, Rt. 3; Jessie Lauffman, 623 S. Third; Marshie J. Laster, 1036 E. Iron; Janet M. Westberg, 2047 Starlight Dr.; Dale R. Barta, Wilson; Lori A. Geist, Delphos; Estel J. Heath, New Cambria; and Daisy Mathes, McPherson. St. John's — Mabel 0. Lesperance, 221 E. Beloit; Jerold M. Gaines, 2212 Wesley; and Eldon H. Lay, Hope. Hospital dismissals Asbury — Leland E. Bradford, 333 W. Jewell; Burbank baby boy, 201 S. Third; Cross baby girl, Rt. 1; Mildred I. Ford, 818 W. Iron; Kenneth Johnson, 1329 Cheyenne; Donald R. Maxwell, 333 Sunset Drive; Joanna J. Skidmore and baby boy, 813 Hemlock; Lalita R. Whitaker, 710 N. Fifth; Norma Bern Wiley, 817 Sherman; Mary J. Bradley, Narka; Edythe M. Emerick, Mankato; Rodney K. Eye, Abilene; Brenda I. Miller and baby boy, Solomon; Charlotte A. Persi- Weather nger and baby boy, Bennington; and Sarah E. Schleicher, BeUeville. St. John's — Arlene M. Rudd, 808 E. Iron; Sharon K. Simmons, 415 S. Connecticut; Laurence M. Smith, 826 S. Santa Fe; and Thomas L. Svaty, Lucas. Births Girls: Robert N. and Janet M. Westberg, 2047 Starlight Dr., 6 Ibs. 15 M: ozs., born April 7. Lendell and Kathene Williams, 15 College Ct., 71bs. 10 ozs., born April 6. Police blotter Theft — 235 S. Santa Fe, N.E. parking lot, hood ornament stolen from 1973 Rolls-Royce owned by Jerome Carrico, Beloit; $500 loss. 1846 N. Ninth, Mid-America Inn, person left without paying for 17 long distance phone calls, $359.86 loss. Damage — 251 N. 10th, Saline County Sheriff's Department, glass door broken, $100 loss. 600 block of State, rear windshield broken on 1979 Camaro owned by Diane Ownes, 605 State; $100 loss. Hydrant flushing The Salina Fire Department will be flushing fire hydrants Tuesday at Fifth Street and Gold Road; and at Fourth and Fifth Streets at South Street. The flushing may cause muddiness and murkiness in water. Officials with the fire department recommend that residents of the areas do not wash clothes, especially white-colored materials, because the muddy water could discolor the clothes. The water is safe to drink and to bathe in and will clear up in a day or so, the officials said. EXTENDED OUTLOOK Wednesday through Friday A chance for showers or thundershowers Friday. Lows in the 30s and highs in the 60s Wednesday. Lows in the upper 30s to lower 40s and highs in the low to mid-70s Thursday and Friday. ZONE FORECASTS Zones 1, 2 — Mostly sunny today, highs in the low 50s and southeast winds 10 to 15 mph. Mostly clear tonight, lows in the mid 30s. Mostly sunny and warmer Tuesday, highs in the mid 60s. Zones 4, 5, 7, 8 — Mostly sunny and cool today, lows about 30 and north winds at 5 to 10 mph. Mostly clear tonight, lows in the low to mid-30s. Mostly sunny and warmer Tuesday, highs in the low to mid-60s. Zones 10,11 — Mostly sunny and cool today, highs 50 to 55 and winds north at 10 to 15 mph. Mostly clear tonight with lows about 30. Mostly sunny and warmer Tuesday, highs 60 to 65. ZONE I—Cheyenne, Rawlins, Sherman, Thomas. ZONE 2—Wallace, logon. Greeley. Wichita, Scott. ZONE 4—Decolur, Norton. Sheridan, Graham. ZONE 5—Gave, Trego, Lane, Ness. ZONE 7—Phillips, Smith. Rooks, Osborne. ZONE B—Ellis. Russell. Rush, Barton. ZONE 10—Jewell, Republic, Washington. Mitchell, Cloud. Clay. ZONE 11—Lincoln. Ottawa, Ellsworth, Saline, Dickinson, Rice. Marion, McPherson. ELSEWHERE IN KANSAS Sunday highs-lows to 6 p.m. Belleville 56-28, Beloit 57-30, Chanute 56-36, Coffeyville 59-42, Concordia 53-27, Dodge City 57-37, Emporia 54-35, Garden City 59-39, Goodland 57-32, Hill City 59-25, Th« Forecast/for 7 p.m. EST, Mon.. April ' Cl " High 80 Temperatures Showers Rain Fkifries Snow FRONTS: Warm w - Stationnrv * N.ihotwl w<».irho< Svivice NOAA U S D«ol '>• Commerce Hutchinson 58-34, Pittsburg 5640, Russell 57-30, Topeka 55-35, Wichita 58-36. SALINA WEATHER At City Airport, 9 p.m. Sunday: Temperature 49F;' Barometer 30.36 in.; Wind NW 8 mph; Relative Humidity 50%; 24-hour Precipitation to 7 p.m., none. Sunday's High 56; Record is 91 in 1896. Sunday's Low to 9 p.m. 31; Record is 22 in 1928. Today's Sunset 7:07; Tomorrow's Sunrise 5:53. Broadcasting of local, state and regional weather conditions continues 24 hours a day on NOAA Weather Radio WXK-92 on a frequency of 162.400 MHzFM.

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