The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 1, 1930 · Page 8
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 8

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 1, 1930
Page 8
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PAGE SEVEN TRIBUNE CLASSIFIED ADS FOR SALE OR TRADE REAL ESTATE FOU SALE Oil TRADE—Good U- room house on improvied street. VOll- KENT — 5-room house Phone 4351. modern c-t£ LAWN MOWER jigrindiug and re- I pairing. George Manwarring i Garage, Atlanta. Call No. 9. I P -1S2 MONEY TO LOAN E. A. Foster. Phone 5S5. c -jlS2 FOR SALE PERSONAL PROPER' BY FOR SALE—No. 5 Uuderwoo real bargain at §35. ;The ' une Press. : A; a Irib- tf FOR SALE—Maiuhu soy b combined; tested for ger. lion; excellent test nudity. Phone Goldsmith. Wi A Phares. . LUIS. ina- ual- lniam C -if FOR SALE— soy beans, recelaned, first class in. every particular. J. \V. Wheat-ley. Kempton. 0-1 St 1 ! FOR SALE—Year-old large Duroc male! John Nien route 2, Tipton. l type iber. -IS 2 FOR SALE — Senator 13 1 strawberry plants. l .'i Brumficld. < n lap orge -1S2 FOR SALE — T\vo : younj; bred Hampshire males. I Findling. l'honc luXa. mi re 1. G. :-!Sl FOR SALE—Three -young" Willi pigs. T. A. Wilson, i 4. Phone 2. r .02. l .sow s mile -1S2 FOR SALE—Fordson tractor plows, in A-l condition. M. Tebbe, Plume 11X2. with lohn" -ISO FOR SALE — Wicker librar ble. Mrs. William O'l Phone 222G. • ta- rien. j -ISfj FOR SALE—Young Sliorhoru i with calf by side. Audy herr. Phone 4uXl. ; cow j All-! -1S2 FOR SALK—Manchu !soy lit Phone 3X1. 'Kay i-'indliuL laus. -1S2 FOR SALE OR TRADE — Ford coupe in first-class -i t Hl2G Midi- FOR RENT—Good house, good Io-' FEDERAL FARM LOANS at 5% cation; call at 441 North Main.j per cent; pre-payment privi- c-ifj lege., D. S. Phares. c-tf FOR RENT—House.. 5 rooms and j PLENTY OF MONEY AT 5 % per bath, 909 N. Main.; Phone 36; cent, from. 1 to 10 years, with or 4229. e-lf;- pre-payment priviliges; best loan in the state. Standerford & Standerford. c-tl FUR RENT — Modern house 416; West Washington . street; four; rooms and bath; garage. Phone 11 S3. - c-tf; I FOR RENT—Modern rooms; hot! water.heat, jliller Hotel, Trib-j une Bld$., E. Jefferson St. tf j f : •""OR KENT—Choice office rooms,! also light, housekeeping rooms, j modern, Masonic ; Opera House j Dlok. Inquire of Charles! Warnc, secy. Phone 271. tf! FARM LOANS — Best laans in . state, 5 to 20 years; interest . annual or semi-annual with full payment privilege. Fielding & . Fielding. c-tf The Daily Wheeze ! WALL PAPER cleaned satisfactorily; have canvas. "L. M. Clark. Phone 2295. C-1S2 WANTlOl) — Piau. gemd used piano. Manlove Hunter. pupils; also Mrs. Lula, Phone 2274.! we ve got tTainS twice c-lS WANTED WANTED—To buy three 6V four horses. Walter Fuller. Phone :utSX4 or 54. ' C-1S2 ''.'ANTED—To rent or buy four room bouse; >give full details. Address Kox 12, Tribune. p-lSl Uon; new paint: wiil trade for hogs, sheep or cattle; se Roy Reek or Fred Recobs. cjr call S3 FOR SALE — 120 pounds, lanta. !S shoals, av Will Leuiiari FOR SALE—Badeliocirs Haby chick starter contains Cot Liv er oil. Cod liver . meal, butter milk. Grows tliein belter, faster and bigger. Fear Campbell Co. tf fjrage . At- :-lSl FOR SALE—2-year-old cow heifer • calf by sidc:\lwo| old springer and one heifer; also bob-tailed pig. H. A. Prosier, 1110. l.OOK! XOOK-. l-arr While. U«ff •loltcs; Ituff Ori'ii'KU.nx —sa.oo iwr IO 'J: ?;-:.rr, piir 500; JSS.OO por l.'imi. White and Brown LvKhoin.- per 100 straight. Llvhi Hr:i $11.00. Adil 1c per ihi.k: wl; fere shipped. 2c M-IHII I '.T. 1] each Monday and V i ilncsday. horns each AVedncsd^y. Our C\vq eofd satisfactiiiii. You v( pleased.) Each order •ar .fiilly cd. Hoosler Hatchery town,. Ind. WANTED — Ambitious, industrious person to introduce and supply the demand for Kaw- leigh household products . in Nciblcsville (city), south Hamilton' county and various other ' towns or rural districts in this part,of Indiana; $150 to $400 a month or more profit; Rawleigh sales and service methods get business everywhere; no sell-, iug experience required; we supply products, outfit—everything you need; profits should increase every month; lowest prices; besl values; most complete service. W. T, Rawleig.h The Scotsman was showing his American friend round the country, "That's a fine'train for ye," said the former, pointing to an express which had just appeared out of a tunnel. "Sure." agreed the American; .is big. as that in the states.' I The Scotsman was silent for a while. "That'5 a fine bttildin' for ye," he said. "What dae you think o' it?" "Say," laughed the American, "that's nothing,; Weve got hundreds of buildings bigger and better than that." "Aye," returned the Scotsman, "I expect ye have. That's an asylum." and precinct at the time of the primary could cast his vote, Cause said. He explained, however, that "an examination of the election laws had convinced me that-a.voter at the"primary must he a qualified voter by having been a resident of the state' six months, the county or township sixty days and the precinct thirty days," Gause said. W. W. Spencer, Indianapolis, Democratic member of the board recently issued an opinion to Delaware county, in which he held thtt primary voters must be qualified. ; Gause said that the board was agreed on this policy. SERIOUS OPERATION. Condition of Will Smith Critical But Encouraging. ton, one in San ' Francisco and one in Los Angeles. In the order of their deposit :'strength, the Chase . National Bank of. New York ! is first with S2,1S7,1)09,000; the National t City Bank of New York second with $1,4 71,508,0.00; the Guaranty Trust Companylof New York third, with $1,133,,J3S5,000; the Continental-ililinois Bank, and Trust Company of Chicago fourth with $853,175,000"; Bank of Italy, California, fifth with $691,214,000; the Central, Hanover Bank and Trust Companylof New York sixth, with S542;,195,0b0; the Bankers Trust Company of New York seventh, with $537,S14,- 000; the First National Bank of Boston eighth, .with 522 inillinn dollars; the Irving Trust Company of,New York ninth, wilh Co., III. Dept. 1N-S222, Freeport, Th-204 LOST AND FOUND A scientist, is one who can reconstruct an ape man's skull from a fragment of some prehistoric elephant's jawbone. Prof. Will H. Smith of Elwood, who was operated Wednesday morning at; the Methodist hospital at Indianapolis came through the operation in very- good shape. Two goitres were removed, the operation being a very serious one. Mrs. Smith who had been at the hospital for the operation, was a Tipton visitor a short time Wednesday evening at the home of her brother, Ernest Rosenthal on South West street, while on her way to Elwood. She reported his condition as serious but encouraging. Later when Prof. Smith has recovered from this operation, it will be necessary to undergo an operation for correction of diabetic complications, which could not be performed until the goitre operation was over. said, "In .case after case the executive officers are now in New York. ;• Cash balances which formerly ran into hundreds of thousands of dollars with _ upstate banks are gradually rediiced and becoming small operating accounts." i So Rand and his associates bought into the Fidelity to regain for their organization many of these deposit accounts.. That's one reason—perhaps . the - controlling one. But there are others, too..A bank in New York can serve as register and transfer agent for stocks of companies in Western New York' now listed on the New York Stpck Exchange, and make substantial fees. Rand believes in stateVwide branch banking. As the state of New York does not permit it, his 511 million dollars, and the Se-. Kroup—the' Marine Midland Cor- Ql"ALIKIKI> VOTERS. Only Legitimate Voters Will He Permitted to Vote in Primary.. Indianapolis, " May • 1.—The state board of election commissions have interpreted- the state, laws governing priiriary elections! LE.ll) IX RANK DEPOSITS. Ten l J . S. Depositories Have More Thau 500 Million. Each. New York, April 30.- are ten banks in the •States whose deposits more than 500 million LOg'IV tify -Opal stud pin: Tribune. please uo- P-1S1 MISCELLANEOUS with ycar- UADIO SERVICE—We specialize I on experi. service work on all ! makes of sets; full line tubes. | batteries, etc. McJunkin Radio open 1 Shop. Phone 20X7. . -c-tt Inuroc .'lionet c-lSO lmras. <-n 50 •HVV'M 1..-C- ieks 111 l, e . sort- Mic^iisan- tf i MORE NICE STARTED CHICKS j —Week old, lie; two 13c; three weeks, 15c; growing fine; we sort all brooder (hicks good; you' will like them; tome; cannot be shipped;;open day. Hoosier "Hatchery, gantown, Ind. FOE RENT MOVING ANYTHING? Get Kaiser JUros. prices first; having a large truck just 1 added to our line, w.a arc equipped to haul large as well as small amounts of furniture, freight or livestock, any lime and anywhere. Clyde' 1149; George 1624. p-191) —There United exceed dollars i New York, one in Chicago, one in Bos- to mean that those who cast their j each - six of these are ballots in the May primary must be qualified voters, and the board will so hold this year, Fred C. Gausa, Indianapolis, Republican member of the board said yesterday.' Heretofore it has been "rather assumed" that anyone who was D. t resident of the state, township curity-First National Bank of Los Angeles tenth, with 509 million dollars. Five, of the first seven in power are in New York. Rural banking is weakening as city banking grows stronger every month. In no field of industry is the merger movement more pronounced than in that of banking. poration—has bought control of seventeen banks throughout the state, although' all of the direct tors in these various banks are : local, men. ~^ ~ The clear-cut Rand tesitmonvv Why not get the highest pos sible price in the least possible time by the one sure and efficient method? R. C. POLAND Real Estate Auctioneer ' Noblesville. and the Worst is Yet to Come FOR RENT—Six-room semij ern cottage; 221 J : X. "i J. -II. Co'lenian, FOR SALE OR TRADE 1929 Essex Coupe. 1928 Essex Coach. 1925 Studebaker Sedan. 1925 Dodge Coupe. George F. Rand of Buffalo, head of the largest group banking organization in the East, wheii questioned by the banking, and currency committee of the house of representatives as to his reason for buying into the Fidelity Trust Company of New York, intimated that this action was forced on his banking group, because the control of many successful manufacturing and industrial corporations in Buffalo and its surrounding territory has been transferred to New York. "In an ever increasing measure we have seen independent manufacturing companies in Buffalo and Western New A'ork merge or sell out to other companies iii a similar line of- business," Rand AUCTION: Without -reserve,! toj highest bidder, Saturday, May ; 10,j at 10 a. m.; 80 acrjes and cleanfup sale of personal property at west edge of -Montpelier. Oliver ;'H. Riceinger, ow^nor. j R. C. Fo-Land Auction Co., auctioneers, Noblesville, Ind. • j <SG5333B&fr c ALWAYS LOOKS «BLACK- TO FOLKS , WITH THE BLU £5— . SHEEft- UP f- , Tune out the blues with a superior, distance-reaching radio set—one that will make your home a temple of entertainment. Our' radio counsel is free for the asking. Come In. Here's Where Your Dollar Gets Distance" LINEBACK & SONS TYRE AND BATRI MEN Phone 38. Tipto* . We Are 44 Tean OM — We Hare Liied ' Oowtry's HMICU Depreaalona and Panics Solas . 44 ¥ean aad Have Never Paid Leaa.Ihaa «% am • 'Omt *BDB FUEL SKHflFICANCE OF THAT STATaWaWT. Assets, April 30, 1930 ...... $642,654.61 Contingent Loss Fond .. • - 15,000.00 Undivided Profits, April 30, 1930 14,252.34 Next Dividend June 30, 1930 TIPTON BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION THE OU>BST SAVINGS INSTITUTION IN TIPTON Talk It Over With Oar Secretory, i. A.Xewia shows, very distinctly the Ivay the wind is blowing in the banking field. With • Washington crowded with American business leaders for the annual meeting of the National Chamber of Commerce, Julius H. Barnes reports that "Big Business" is following its blue-penciled "outline adopted -titer last fallls crash. "American industry is fully carrying out. the construction TJrdgram forecast last December," says' the Barnes report, which has placed the total of building con-lness leaders will struction for the first quarter of ] story-more graphically. 19:10 at l.luu million dollars and sta^e and local highway mii- struction for the year at 1,801 million dollars. The survey reveals that for iti -i first quarter corporations bav.; obtained new capital totaling 1 .- 5S1' million dollars. . And wliEI• • this is 2 per rent less than f>>r the. first quarter of last year, bond offerings are about in per cent higher. The chamber meetings for the next three days will cover plenty of ground, but the friendly iut;>r- mal conversations between ha"i- tell tin' r« si On May 1st, we assume management of the Tipton Ice Plant and ask all patrons to place ice cards, in a conspicuous place and prepare ice . boxes early Thursday morning to insure prompt service. r If you have been missed on our regular run, please Phone No. 12 and we will make prompt delivery. LISTEN FOR THE BELL ON THE HORSE Abso Pure Ice & Coal Co. (Successor to J. N.. Russell) Phone 12." Wanted 10,000 Pounds BEST PRICES PAID Will Send a Man to Shear Your Sheep ZEHNER & ZEHNER WINDFALL, IND. PHONE 37 y Increase YourBudget ^ty'BaiGmer'' nm-mmmdt mlutt urn. #36 tut SUMETf Irin. I Mill TS HMK UHEXPEOtt OP REPHRKUS/ yaw inn arru | manatrvasE VBirwu-wcUcuT OUTTTCAB RtMlRS -rnmitmow „ Chicks DO YOU SELL IS WIXTKKl HCKiS; MIEKE IS THE WAY TO IK) IT! '.'Try our BABY CinCKS and set? the diCieretift' QUALITY CI LICKS TIT AT LIVE, LAY AN'I> PAY Gall or write for prices. Fear - Campbell Tipton, Iuilianii

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