Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 7, 1957 · Page 23
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 23

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1957
Page 23
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PA 2-4600 for « WANT AP Taker OUT OUR WAY LISTEN, SOU, KEEP VOOR EVE OM THAT ftk& ->. fO HAVE PLAWEROVERTHEBeX A ££,.. • WATCH EVSRV- 1 |F VOU THING HE DOES V TOOK THE VEH, ajT V00'c> MAKE A MESS Of THAT, TOO — BECAUSE TH' WAV 1HIW&S WROW& WAV SOU TOOK VUOULD BETH" RIGHT WAV FOR THEM TO TAKE; NEED A MAM, ^J ecxj-rE »J ^t-^rf^^ BIG THE SECOMP START EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, By R, J. William* OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAOR HOOPLE On itridf/v Defense Bad As Bidding ~ By OSWALD JACOBy Wrillen for NBA Service Kasl and Wesl did not distinguish themselves in (lie bidding. If either had bid four spades the contract would have been made since all they would have lo lose would be one hearl and two diamonds. However, South was allowed to play four liearls and East slarled out to defend as badly as he had bid. WORTH A S "4" VAK65J 4AQIOJ He discarded his king of diamonds! West had made a count of Ihe hend and had decided (hat declarer started with three spades, five hearts, king and one cluh and three diamonds. If those three diamonds included the jack then West's king would lie useless. If Kasl held the jack West wanted to make sure that he could get Ihe lead with it. i West's play worked. East did gel in with Ihe jack of diamonds and was able to lead the cluh before South had a chance to get n discard on the long diamonds iti dummy. Q— T6c bidding has been: '• North East/ ,S ~ 1 * . Pass ! H T Too, South, holS: "V « 10 9 7 «? * J093 » Q J 10 7 4 *754 -* KJ , Jfoonc ndneraMe Wot^Korlh ?, Eaot I* 'DooJjks 24, 3* *» pPa Pas \-}4 ' te, Openfae What do you do? .,, . A—BU t»o heufe. To* taw > in Utb cardt and not yo«r i TODAFSQirB „_ . Tou have the same baud'. Tour partner raises yocr two-heart bid to four hearts. ^What do you ttri 'iiiii/ Music School Schedule Set Enrollments in the six-week summer band and orchestra school can be made for school children until next Tuesday, according to W. Valgene Routch, supervisor of music education West opened the king of spades. East should have overtaken with Ihe ace and shot a club right . back. This would have insured t two club tricks for his side and beaten the contract since declarer would still have to lose a diamond. West looked disgustedly at: =7|i^:ts*=.«-«;--; * made either at the Board of Education or at the school where (he child is enrolled. Mr. Routch re- for Allegany County schools. The music school starts Monday, June 17. hand with the queen, led a dia-| and finessed dummy's mond queen. He returned to his own hand with a second trump and now West came up with a real defensive play. Army Accepts Project Phase The Corps of Engineers has accepted Section I of the Potomac River phase of the Cumberland- Ridgeley flood control project. The job was accepted Tuesday minded parents that because the classes will be held during the summer vacation there will be a modest charge. Children from the fourth grade through junior high school may attend Ihe summer musical school. The tentative schedule calls for intermediate classes in "3 S brass and woodwinds, drums and bells, and strings, as well as beginning classes in all three fields. The program will be directed by Frank Mimson, William Simpson, Robert Nutter. Monroe liar ris and from the E. J. AJbrecht Company, of Chicago, by officials of;i.[ there is sufficient demand the Washington District of (ho there will be classes at Flint- Miss Ann Thompson, all music teachers in county schools. Corps of Engineers. Officials of the Army Kngi- ters, Ihe conlractor and the City of Cumberland made an inspection of the East Hidgeley levee and the West Cumberland levee from Ihe Moose Home to the new Potomac River Bridge. 0(iier'R o i Hr y parts of the contract were ac-' ccpted last fall. Participating in the inspection for the Army Engineers were Thomas E. Dickcn, North Allan- tic Division: R. L. Wadsworlh, chief, and W. D. Phillips, of the Planning and Report division; William n. Kllis and P. II. Lowe, Washington, and Rex E. Dexter, resident engineer. The contractor was represented Albrecht. E. E. Grnnbach. former project manager, and Hoy L. Hubble, present project manager. , Mayor Roy W. Eves. Commissioners William ,!. Edwards and *'ilifam II. Buchhollz and City Engineer C. R. Kuzum represent- to the City of Cumberland. stone, Oldtown. Beall, Valley, Bruce and Pennsylvania Avenue or West Side in Cumberland. Last year some 80 pupils attended the school which was held exclusively at Wesl Side School. , JUNE 7, 1957 TWENTY-THREE COMGf?ATLX-AT|CMS, MARTHA / MY ricPKEW ULYSSES. WHO CHYesiTHAT/^ r GET • VJHY, THANK YOU,MRS.GARMey PROMISE MEYOO WON'T SCREAM- M&YOOf? HIT FOR A4ODEST OtAe Pe£p vtoeo ycm? FRI6NDS/ A LOT OF TAL6MT' STEVE CANYON By Milton Caniff WAS8Y Aait>£»;r T V,S LESCKSD HE e flBcxrr cooi 5TKAAVV AND WHAT ME WAS UP TO WE STARTED Prentice and Fred Dickenson COME ON, BELLE.'THESE THROUGH TRAINS DON'T rilE NIGHT TKAIN RACES WfSr IV/W FOUR f£f?SOt/S YOU WON'T AT LEAST TAKE A 68 Presently 69 Over there <pocl.) «0 Golf mounds «I Pall month <ab.) 17 Masculine i nickname 1 18 Wiser 19 Added 21 Story 23 Musical direction 24 Owned 27 "Harp DfsnuEo ro CROSS. usical instrument 11 Hang 16 Rasps 20 Make amends 45 Norse'iegends 22 Household -46 Remain ,. I?* 5 J •» Therefore 24 Stringed •:.. 1 43 Curved harmony ough fRbrlc «Paul Bunyan, f or instance DCWN I Violin partners IHANK VCW, SIR. 1 tOVE THE ACVENTUKE OF AN UPPER 8EEXH. Z5 Toward thsV, 50 Weather sheltered siSe indicator 26 Entertainmeol 5t Upon 28 Burning --\S2Cave' 'r i 80 Musical temporary fa passage $5 Highway«tr* ?r 2D Formerly 32 Straightened 34 Resentment/ '36 Amend , 37 Horses ' 38 Little Bo- « Birds' homes ' SI Former!* Dmdley Fisher CAPTAIN EA51 _. MUST'UE PROVOKED TH05& QUARKEIS CROW A, . V.WLE WE SEARCHED FOR HIS gooy, HE mo w THE ROCKS. """ SUPPED WWTOWN OfTSK PARK 1 Gl-^SOOW 80* PULLIN.S f/1 S « IT ML NOW, EftSYi"\ QUARKEIS WH^ Vs PKIW60 US FOR. \ gKOtHER. FOR. OUR HIS-MURDER HIS FEP.R OF SIR MJfiUS WISHING WELL FUgUlered V. 5. Patent Office BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES •jr EJgmr Martin ftS SWE CWLVS. WJ B*£-- ' ' "* " Eive y esigned lospelj out you EJcal . Atomic Energy Talk "Atomic Energy" will he the topic of an address by I/enry II. Starlznian, vice president of the Potomac Edison Company, at a meeting of Ihe Cumberland Rotary Club next Tuesday at noon in Central YMCA. StarUman was graduated from ic School of Engineering o{ Johns Hopkins University in I9ia. Later he was associated with the Wcslinghousc Corporalion but has been with Potomac Edison since 1928. He has been a vice president f the company since I954. General Grant did not demand he surrender of General Lee's at Appomatlox Court f „ . i .. - esgne ospe out your fortune mo« .ubtrV ."/ V) ^° Ur fi "' "* mc - )flhe m ™ b " 0( lelt«r" s 6 or more subtract 4. If the number is less than S add 3 The result f« ffni^T^' S1Srt "' tht Upper >«"'-*"rf ~,«r o? he r«! ' Ck '' of y<>> "> key numb *"' le " lo ffeht. Th7n i > ' . Thn letters under the checked figure* give you. Horoscope l-ook in Ihe section itt which your irthday conies and find what your utlOflk is, according to Ihe stars, MARCH 21 to APRIL !0 <Ari«) — An interesting day for extracurricular activities — your favorite tiohby, sports I —once essentials are completed. Don't scatter jour efforts. A nice disposition attracts friend*. AVRI1. 2\ to MAY 21 tTaurus) — Cooperation will be required in family matlers. Show the affection you feel for loved ones. The position ol Venus. •ur nilir Add to Outdoor Enjoyment You'll g«l more fun out of summer activities by chewing cool, deliciou* Wrigley's Spearmint Gum word louse. LITTLE Mo5( trouWes ore couscrf by too much bone in the hcod ond rxit enough In the bock. < •*, * fake some with yoa. Cor coniislcnl application- A *jslcmsiic procram ^nrf a rjlm demeanor. , MAY 22 l& JUNK 21 IGcmini) — I aricly is In order now. Both rt-stful iU zcslful weekend A arc sponsored.| lake your chokr. Artistic and literary interests especially favored He cheerful. ' JUNE 22 to .)U1,V 23 (Career) — Yours (5 the Sign of Ihe C'rab. *ym- liilng ictiacily. cr.ditrins lojalty, love home. Yet the urce Is strong now In travel, loo. and lo far places. Condi restlessness, moodiness. JULY 2^ lo AUGUST 23 (!,«>» — You can make fine headway now jf you jgivc adequate oullel to yoaV talents. UM> your ft\eculive ability on worthwhile projcels. Keep your rye on high goals. AUGUST 24 to SEPTEMBER 23 i Virgo) — There i? no task too difficult if you put your mind to It, Sue- cess is possible now in pursuits where your analytical powers can be utilized. You will Ret Kreat sallnfaction out ol aiding others less lortunale lhati your- J1KPTFAIRF.R 24 lo OCTOBKR 23 i^hra) — Without so much vigor as overtax yourself, aim for hich ^o» host returns. Where you can help Chcr, don't hesitate, Ubia. in bcxl Torin, do*» Rood deeds almost automatic-ally. OCTOBER M to NOVEMBER 22 (Scorpio) — Urcxcrclsed talents arc hlcis. Kavf cnoiiRh pride lo e yours, if problems arise, e the a Id of ft-iser he a ds. Avoid Iremcs. NOVEMBER 23 to DECEMBER 21 f Sagittarius) — Your planet, Jupiter iles hroadly now; encourages the success of ti well-rounded program Gi%*t a Rood ptrfomnanct, DHCE.MBF.H 22 to JANUARV 20 (Capricorn) — A practical approach Is bcM. BrS^hlen routine with A workable novelty. Avoid tny tendency b« ricadilronR There 1* mart to be ined by diplomatic moves, JANUARY 21 to FEBRUAUY 19 ss; love travel and can fiet n of a I rip lhan many. You quick lo K-C advantage in a new i device, and will attempt anil thai offers «ain<«. You are not alrait of hard worfc. Don't antaRonire other: criliciic loo quickly; be patio n h slower people who often arc nuiti ahlc. CONCK\TBATK: rfon't be hasty. Be sctvsihlc in cxenisc; sec quietude in prayer; develop your \ti satility. BLrlhrfale of: Chas. Reade novclist-d;rjimati«i|. (Kine l-'calurcs Syndicate, tnc. (Aciuarius) ~- T*u! objective Ihinklr > your plans. Wasted cllort eanm be regained. Where possible, en>o weekend activities in unison with f.i iy. loved ones, maintain your sense o KKBIUlAnY 20 to MAHCIf 20 IPis rjnn'l look backward except to a: I anil correct mistakes. Kxpc-n ences. Experiences of the past w< fortii.r sou for what lies ,->hc, Inject your winning personality- i VOU'HORN TODAV arc eaEfr nowledcc; are interested in new Ifcallli F)nparlnicnL Gets Hexed X-Kays I.OS ANGKLES «>—Before ha\ ing a Health Dcparlmcnt ches X-ray, a local wag tucked insid his shirt a profile of a girl's hem cut from tinfoil, which is impci vions to tlic penetrating rays. Then he signed his brother', name lo the identification card When Ihe brother rccoverec from the shock, this was his re venge: He cut I wo letters froir a sheet of tinfoil, slipped them under his shirt before being X rayed, and gave the Health De partment the first brother 1 ? name. The letters which showcc up on the film were "T.B." Longest known flight by ?& homing pigeon was from Arras France, to China, a distance o 7,200 miles. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDa By Mtrrilt Blaster /. WMTtL^bU-TASTE Mr? SL)fir»£f-MO OME ELSE CAN MAWT FACT.PO TO KNOW MV SETTER .' 'tan, •KXI COMETt) DIMMER. 70ME,LWy— // SHALL CrftGOT O6U6EO/ By V. T. Hccnlin . H>V VCU M&.N. 7\\EU.. .HE r-COT I nt,cop:j WWT WZER YH*JTr:.i\JG MICKEY MOUSE 6> Walt Oitney NOW seas sous j A V £* : =L ? _*.1 V ,.> J

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