The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 17, 1936 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1936
Page 9
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK,) COURIER NEWS Here We Come-With Our Christmas Pictures! THURSDAY, DECEMBER : 17, 1936 Was no W 'Gjay, local Jresnytci- Inn pastor,; 6av?- an Inspirational talk on "Duly' ! -Toward Work.' Alterwards, the chapters voted to again have n Father-Son banquet, time and ptncc to be set later. Officers Initiated of the three counts' chapters, and the vlslfms! Campbell chapter, arc as follows Canil)icrsvilje--Ed Losslng, president; [loljwt Pike, vice-president, Herbage nrynnt, treasurer; Hubert Porter,' secretary; Alfred Tli- man,:; reporter;*. Edwin- Robertson, wntch dot'. Floyd Barnhart, local Vocational Agriculture Instructor, Is adviser. There were 20 Inltll'cd as "Green Hands" from the local ichool. . • Siwlc — Lewis Woodnrd, president; George Harnes, vlcc-presi- dcnt; Earllnc Burroughs, secretary; Bert-Wells, treasurer; L. M. Harper, reporter; Robert Lovelace, ttafch (log. T. A. Haggard, Steele instructor, is ; adviser. Twelve were initiated as ''.'Green.. Hands." Cootcr — Joe Azbill, president, Wpsial Rlrtdlck, vice-presldcn't Jnmes Brown,"; secretary; James Owen,'.'VcnsuVer; D. Williamson, reporter; .Chayles Wagster, watch dog. . James Wallace -is adviser Eight were Initiated as "Green Hands," ' ' Campbell officers — Bufux Runnels, president; Charles Buckley, viee-pre.sident; Ryland Wliitaker, secretary; J. W. Davles, reportei Vernlce Thrower, wntch , do" 1 Olenn 'Anderson is adviser to/the elm liter. e slide in their toboggan, ,lght into the thick of the biiowy, happy Ch.islmns season come tho D.onnc quintuplets And they will elide right Into the hearts of then admirers, too, In this new series of exclusive pictures ^l.lch show that the quins have ~ Jound. like millions of other girls and boys, the tuic spirit, of Christ inns. So, in this first, of the new series, it's "Santa- Claiis '; Ahoyl '.' ^ rom Aimcllc, perched on the toboggans nose, and Em.Iie, Mnrie, Yvonne and Ccclle, In oulei, behind her Read Courier News Want Ads :No-Trump Declarer Leads to . Weakness and Makes Contract BY WM.'E. McKENNEY Secretary, American Bridge League There aie many general piln- w ciples of bidding nnd play which ^everyone should master, nnd -f was safe, and he made it-solely, because he disregarded "the maxim "always lead from weakness up to strength." 4AJ1084 V62 •> A53 '+AKQ AQ93 ¥AJ10 *K9 * 109 87 6 4765 1 VKQ987 « J82 + J2 ' | Duplicate—All vul South!.'West North Fast Pass Pass 1A Pass 2 V Pass 2 * Pass 2 N T. Pass 3 N T Pass Pass Pass ' Opening lead—* 10 n •which should ' be follo^oV. unless there Js soumi i reason for adopting a contrary course. But Ihc real bridge player has few things which lie 'always" does, and fine \\orld 'never 1 Is equally Infrequent In Ills biidge vocabulary I Todnj's hand anothci contrlbu-' tlon fiom my fiiend, Fail Biynn, of .Cleveland, Li one on which n contract was made because declare) violated one of tho "always" i commandments laid down by those who seek to [each play | It was taken from one of..the recent sessions or the- Downtown duplicate League In Cleveland, and only the man who refused to, follow tradition fulfilled Ihe con- [ tinct of thice no trump, which was almost uniformly reached: ! The opening lead was won in' dummy, -mul; when llic declarer studied the hnnd, he'saw Hint lie hnd only one cntiy to his own hand—an honor in hearts. There was no chnnci) to take Ihe spade finefso twice, hoping foi n ipllt in the, hoiiois and thus making fom Sliarte (ricks 1 Squlh had nnolhei icsoiirce, nonet cr, nnrt led the •spade four fiom dummy East, with n singly guarded king, went up nnd icluin- ed :a diamond. Declarci let Wesl.hcJd this trick with the nine, but \\hcn West Ve- luined the king he won nnd led a licnit to his king | From this point his contract Today's Contract Problem ' Soutli Is playing lh 0 hnnd nt three no'trump, On tlie opening piny. East wins with the ace nnd returns :\ diamond. If dctlaier plnjs the piopci (.aid lo tuck one West rmi} make the mistake on Iricli two that should give declarer his contract. Can you follow tho play? 4Q10975 V A43 » J32 + A.T AKG32 VQJ10 » A87 *K107 er AA3 ¥K752 + Q98G4 N i: S vul Openei— Solution in next Issue. ' 17 'television, experimentation in th(! united stales Is' : in the hands or pnvale cntciprlse,. bnokcd-by thousands'of slockholdcls, while in Europe it Is In the hands of state officials. Future Farmers 01 Two Counties In Joint Meeting CATlUTEIEnSVILLE. Mo—At n Joint meeting here of PemLscol and Uunklln county chapters-of the Future Farmers' • of America, attended by more than 150 high school boys, new chapter officers were formally installed and '40 bojs weie Initiated as "Green Hands." The Steele, ..Cooler,: Caruthers- Ulle and Campbell chapters, the lallci only recently organized, were represented. < The Cniutlicrsvllle chapters, under, the direction of President Ed tossing, conducted (he opening ceremony Steele had charge of the induction and the Cooler chnplei held the Initiation ceie- mony. 't!(«l*1 Following the Initiation, ReV, TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY CO. Abstracts, Lands & Loans E Mf. Terry. rr«>. and Mgr. ORDER A CASE OF GOOD CHEER MADE WITH ARKANSAS RICE • , 'Distributed by MIDWEST WSTRIHIITLNG CO., niylhevUle, Ark. - - - phone GJ W-A\NTED Government Loan Cotton Phone 107. APPLEBAUM BROS. COTTON CO. Berlig BWt. ;.. Blythevllle, Art. "Shucks, there ain't no use of wcrkin' so hard!" , — Specially Since We Got A New ALLIS CHALMERS TRACTOR You coiildn'l blame Pa... He spent 40 years behind a emery mule before (he hoys finally convinced him he could gel his plowing and cultivating dime three limes as quick, iind a \vholc lot easier and cheaper, with ope of our Allis- Chalmers Tractors. • Today's Greatest Tractor Value! • 19 Horse Power On « Removable Cyliud e r Dr.w-Har Sleeves Calling all shoppers! Calling all shoppers! Santa Claus speaking! Go to Mead's at once! Smart gifts for men arc being shown by Fred Sandefur, Oscar Bailey and all the lads! Get a prep suit for every young man in town! Better hurry! That is all! For the future ihan-about-'town • First With 5-Minule Hitch High 'lYaction fcrcntiaj ' • Inserted Valve Seats t Shockless Steering FULL 2-PLOW ALL-CROP POWER Sold Exclusively By PAUL BYRUM IH.vthcvillo, Ark. Hart Schaffner & Marx PREP SUITS $O>t 50 Here's a happy suggestion . . . why .not n smart Hart Schaffner & Marx, prep suit for (hat young future man-about-town in your family! -Every one is slyled by Robert Surrey, ace H.irl Schaffner & Marx fashion liniler. Sporf models and double breasteds. Oihcrs at $20. ; As usual the best gift is always at MEAD CLOTHING Co. 315 WEST MAIN STREET Home of perfect 'gifts for men of all ages Banchw.Shops By Air MT W'HI'TNPY, cni n H. cimpbell ranchmaiii on e eastern slopes of tlif Sleui adre Mountains, jias abandoneii e automobile In favor of ills pri- te QlrpiRne for shopping trips to, os Angeles and other cities The mocking bird actually Irri- oves on the music of oilier birds id Is more 'melodious than .the ghtingale. It has, a Breatef va- ety of : notes 'and- the' gift', of uslcal compo-sltion. American air lines, carry.''more assengcrs than are carried', in nil e rest of the world combined^ Wanted To Sell $3 00,000 Furniture Half Down - Halance Nc\t Fall - Buy Now Hubbard Furniture Co. ' In 1841, you could get a square meal for o cents and n week's boiiU foi $1 m niral Maine Thetc have been npproxlinallyi 1500 biographer of Abiarnin Lli\ coin IGRUNOW RADIO Offers the Yoai's.Greatest linpnivenienl.s • An cloven tube (all metal 'Tor t lie price til ii Hix, violin hhitpcd cabinet, 12-inch ''speaker). WjJnul cabinet (not Gum wood). • II Tubes $79.93 Terms' '•'•'-" V> Tubes S 100.50 Ask Anyone Who Owns One The Sloi'c of Practical Gifts SALES & SKRVICH E, B. GEE SALES CO, toe.' Aik. f, /,Phone (,7 SOLVING AND FAMILY Everything Points -i 6 PONT1AC -For Christmas America's .finest low-priced ;c makes America's finest Christmas iiftl Joyner Motor Sales Co. THE IDEAL GIFT1 THBATRE , COUPON BOOK For Ihe. family or friends. GOOD ANY TIME! ; »2.50 and $5.00 Ritz & Roxy Theaters Let a New Dodge Car Say "Merty . Christmas" to Her! This gift would serve the entire family. Barnett Auto Sales *' * * " Make Her Happy With' A Permanent! $2.50 ' up. WORK GUARANTEED. ELAINE BEAUTY SHOP • * * ; . Nothing would be nicer 'than to give, Her a HOME for a Christmas gift! A small cash payment ^will buy any of our attractive homes listed. • ' •:• '•',:. Thomas Land Co. : '-: : ' • ' » .iV» .»''•' .* Toasters, Percolators, Mixers, Irons, Roasters, ; Coffee Makers, Waffle Irons, Sandwich'-- Grills, Lamps, Vacuum Cleaners ,': Electric Ranges, Tree Light Outfits and Replacement Bulbs, 'All i- Kinds of Toys, Electric Trains, -Winding Toys, boll Dishes, Trucks, -Wagons, Toy Stoves, Automobiles and -Tricycles. ••>'•'.: Walpole Electric Shop 208 W. Main Phonp 314 ,"The Complete. Electrical , Store '"'" A -COPY OP THE EDITION. of the COURIER, NEWS would '.i make n .. clever; Christmas thought : for friends and relatives living elsewhere.- They are-10c each or we : will. mall, copies anywhere in the United States for 18c, including cost and postage. Call 306. 32-piece Genuine JAPANESE 'OHINAli3.95 3 Attractive" Patterns Shoiise-Henry Hdw., Co. * « • i Before making ..your Christmas purchases see the -• Largest and Most Complete Stock of Gift Merchandise in Northe'ast • Arkansas. PARKHliRST'S ": SEND "HER" A SUBSCRIPTION' TO THE COURIER NEWS A Xmas gilt which will come daily. '. :• Call 30G for Rates * * • Give Her Fiesta Ware! That new china, trt colorful shades, which is the':• newest thing. : PLATES, 20c UP . Other pieces as inexpensive. Other dishes moderately priced.- Hubbard Hdw. Co. * * - * Mothers.-'.Love to Look Pretty! Give Her n Permanent. .- i ELAINE BEAUT* SHOP ^ A COPY OP THE CENTENNIAL EDITION of the COTTRB3R. 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Also Silver and Glasswsre, Vanity Sets, Compacts, Costume Jewelry, Lamps, Pictures, Novelties, Pottery, Artificial Flowers, Evening Bags, candlesticks, Vases, Leather Handbags, Fitted Zipper Cases, I Week-end Cases,' Purses, Bulova and Elgin Wrist Watches, Dinner Rings and Diamonds. Pat O'Bryant, Jeweler » 9 » - "- • Pretty clothes make Her look better, but one of pur pennanents Mil make Her look beautuul. She'll be' happy Christmas wltn a new Permanent." ••-' We Give- Iifachlneiess ptrrnsncnts JACKSON'S BEAUTY SHOP Remember your friends' with a gift of good liquor' this Christmas. We have the best -whiskies, brandies, wines, etc., .on, the market. Bottles already fixed up in special holiday gift boxes. CAMP MOULTRIE LIQUOR SHOP ' * * • * Make Him Happy With Cigars in special Christmas boxes, Humidors, Razors. Leather Bill Folds, Flashlights, Clocks, Pen and Pencil. Sets,. Belt Sets,; La pel Watches, Fountain Pens, Smoke Stands, Tie Racks,'Desk-Sets, Pipes, Thermos Bottles. ' '.-- : , FOWLER DRUG CO. '• •* * * V" '• Fine liquors Make Fine Gifts! Oiir stock.includes such brands ,as Canadian Club, Cascade, Old Taylor, Old Grand-Dad, Old Schenley, Kentucky Tavern, Walker's DeLuxe, Imported Rum,' Imported'- Benedictine, Imported Creme De Men the, Garrett's -. and California Wines, Brandies'of all kinds. ' CKOSSTOWN WHISKY SHOP * > * •* Who Wouldn't Appreciate These? Corona Portable .,Typewriter Waterman Fountain Pen A. W. Faber 4-color Mectianical Pencil . Respirator Chair Cushion Leather Zipper Case Ace Stapling Machine YOU'LL FIND THE NF.WEST OFFICE EQUIPMENT AT Acton Printing Co. 122 N. Second Phone I( A,' COPY OF THE CENTENNIAL EDITION of the COURIER NEWS would make a clever Christmas thought for friends and relatives living elsewhere. They tire lOc eacj or v,c will mall copies anywhere in: the United States for 18c, Including cost and postage', Call 306 •.i * * * • New Bolt Sets, Leather Billfolds Military Sets, Diamonds, Rings, Fountain Pens and Pencils, Pocket and Wrist Watches, Clgaretti Cases ana Lighters. Pat O'Bryant, Jeweler High grade pebble grain leather, ; valve bladder. - Official size $1.50 Shouse-Henrv Hdw. Co. Big line of Wagons. Autos, Tricycles, Skates, Scooters, Bicycles, .22 Rifles; Pocket Knives, Flashlights, Watches, Hunting Knives, Buck Jones and Daisy Air Guns, Boy Scout Knives and Axes. , Burke Hardware Co. "We Sell For Less" * " * 33x15 Roller Heavy Coaster Wagon $2,75 Shouse-Henry Hdw. Co. : VISIT :OUR TOYLANDI Biggest In Northeast. Arkansas Complete stock of Dolls, Wagons, Tricycles, Scooters, Doll Buggies, Desks, Air Guns, Blackboards, Electrio Trains, Cars, Flie Trucks, Rocky Horses, Mechanical Toys. Musical Toys. KIRKINDALL'S s, - W s, 1 '

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