The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 1, 1930 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 1, 1930
Page 6
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'*" TONIGHT IScandSSc All that you've ever hoped for in'' entertain: ment — romance, color, music, dancing,. singing, spectacle, society drama, comedy and much Jnore, all in one picture. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY CHATTUIfM 0. QaTumount C/^CTU/F It takes a. 'smart •woman to outplay a man at. his own gams -^and that mini her husband! You'll meet a clever wife in 1 this brilliant \V. Somerset Maugham comedy-drama! And you will laugh at.the smart trick that gives her what she wants. A sparkling cast in an. intimate, all-talking entertainment! Also Sound Newi, Fables and All-Talking Comedy Matinee—10c and 25c ' Evening—15c and 35c. NEARLY A HUNDRED USEFUL PRIZES GIVEN AWAY EACH NIGHT, MAY 9 and 10. Is o c i e t y Party Tonight. Moose Euchre Party. The Women o£ Moosuheart Le-1 ~i I gion, who sponsor the euchre par-. i ties at the Moose hall, enjoyed i another fine attendance at the. | meeting Wednesday night. Mrs. James Lugar was the winner of. the ladies 'high st-ore prize, a ' beautiful scarf, and Mrs. Mar- \ garet Henderson, the second , high score prize for ladiesi ai beautiful teapot. Lowell Green was the. winner of the gentle-; men's high score prize, a neck- j tie and James Lugar carried away 2nd high honor for the sentl"- ; i men a pair of socks. At the close ofthe evening' refreshments of cake and eoffoe • were served. i A friendly 'attendance contest in the Standerford Sunday school class of the .West'Street Christian Sunday school during the months of February, March and April, •closed'April 27th. The class Was evenly divided at the beginning of the contest. The "Strivers" were captained by Mrs. Rose Lyons and the "Thrivers" by Mrs. Dayton Recobs, with the "Strivers" the winners. The Thrivers will settle their losing obligation tonight by entertaining at a: party at the church. All members are expected to be present • and wear a house dress or pay a fine'.' The Strivers are also expected to wear men's hats while the Thriv­ ers will wear ladies hats. , Thursday an ^ambulance from Indianapolis was here and took Mrs. C. E. Hostetler from the office of Dr. A. E. Burkhardt to her home in that city. X-ray examinations taken Thursday did not show any serious trouble and it is believed Mrs. Hostetler • will make a rapid improvement. Immediately following the crash on the Range Line road, Monday, night in which Mrs. Anna Nutter was. killed instantly, > it was thought .Mrs. Hostetler was critically hurt; She was unconscious for many hours j following the crash. Thursday noon a Tribune reporter visited Mr. and Mrs. John Miller at their home on North East street and found them getting along as well as could be expected. Mrs. Miller had boi.h •bones of the left arm broken above the wrist and sustained frightful bruises to her lower limbs. Despite her injuries she was up at 6 o'clock Thursday morning and ate her breakfast in the, dining room. ' John Miller, civil war veteran, is suffering considerable from his hurts. He has a bad gash jn the left' forehead. Both hands are in bandages and his -chest was bruised soj badly that it is discolored all over. He also complains of a pain in his right ankle and may have a small fracture. Mr. and Mrs. Miller ^were : in the rear seat of the automobile in which Mrs. Nutter sister of the latter was killed instantly and it was some time before they could be extricated by persons who came to their assistance. Guardian Appointed. liiity Club. The [Unity Club will be enter-: taincd ' Friday afternoon at .2:30 ! o'clock at the home of Mrs. Otisj Moon, 510 North East street. Ev-j ery member is urged to be pres-j ent. Goldsmith Aid. The meeting or the Ladies Aid society of the Goldsmith Methodist church, announced for Friday afternoon with Mrs. Louie Ma.gnett has beenj. postponed one week. Members will please lake notice. . j !TOOK SODA FOR STOMACH FOR 20 YEARS "For'20 years i took soda for indigestion and stomach gas. Then I tried Adlerika. One bottle ' brought complete relief." — Jno. B. Hardy. . - Adlerika relieves GAS and sour stomach in TEN minutes! Acts on BOTH upper and lower bowel, removing poisons you never knew were there. Don't.fool with medicine which cleans! only PART of the bowels, but let Adlerika give stomach and bowels a REAL cleaning and sec jhow good you feel; Bue Front Drug Store. In Atlanta by B. R. bverdorf, druggist; in Windfall by C. E. Dennis, druggist. In the hearing Thursday morning on; the. application of, the Hoard iof Children's Guardians for the custody of Martha Beam, the court awarded the custody to the board. The father was ordered to pay the sum of S3 per week and the mother S2.25 per week for the support of the child, when it was necessary to reimburse the county for funds expended 1 . ~ The parents of the_14-year old girl have been living apart for some time, the wife having a divorce' action ptfnding in court.' Attack of Flu. L. W. Fuller of the Leavell & Fuller real estate agency "is confined to* his home on Colunibia Avenue'; suffering from an attack of flu and stoma-ch complications. Dr. J. S. Ragan of Plainfield was the guest of Dr. W. B. Huron of this city Thursday. EXTRA SPECIAL. A thousand Tip Top Reds, hatched Monday, $9.00 per hundred while they last. Tipton Hatchery. c-l»0 : De Luxe ring binders, and style or size. Tribune Press.' • TAKEN TO HOME. ' ; . ' ' y" • Accident Sufferers Slowly Recovering From Their Hurts. WILLIAM DROEGE OKAII. Paralysis Proves Fatal After Illness of Two Years. Word was received. Wednesday by Philip Sweitzer. residing northeast of Tipton of the death at New Bethel of William Droege, 65, at"the home of his sister and brothers in that place. Two brothers and a sister reside tft New' Bethel on the old homestead. Two other sisters reside in Indianapolis, i Williarii Droege |vas a man who had many friends in this county who will regret much to" learn of his death, be resided on a forty acre farm in this county for more than 35 years, dwelling alone, he never having married. He was a splendid farmer and an" industrious, upright citizen who had the confidence and respect of all. Two years ago Mr. Droege suffered a stroke of paralysis and was taken to the home of the sister and. brothers in New Bethel. He never recovered from the et- fects of th<k_attack~and gradually grew weaker. His condition for the past week had been critical. The funeral service will Be"held at the home of the. sisters and brother in New Bethel Friday afternoon and burial will be nt that place. Mr. Sweitzer who resides just opposite the Droege farm has been attending the place since the owner left it. DR. WERT HERE. State Hoard of Health Man Inspected City Building. Bee Snppttes Everything lor the Bee Keeper lives, Sectiins, Flirtation, Extractors, Etc. GET OUR PRICES n SATISFACTION : GUAEAMT1ED Dr. A. E. -Wer.t with the state board of health in > Indianapolis was here Thursday inspecting the city building and trying to find the cause of the gas which has compelled the city officers to move headquarters - across the street. Dr.. Wert was unable to discover the origin of the gas and made arrangements for a detector to be brought here from, the slate bureau of mines. This detector indicates the presence of poisonous gas, v *t any and it is believed when .this instrument is secured, the! trouble here will be located^ - ; • AT VALPARAISO. Miss. Irene -Richman Attending the Lutheran University. The bi-weekly bulletin pub- !S YOUR LIVING- ROOM LIVABLE? C ERTAINIY—a living room has a personality of its own. You know those rooms with the gleaming floors! and glowing woodwork. Such rooms are-hot on iy good to loo k at they're actually brighter and cleaner to five in. Contrast them with the lifeless.rooms—where even the furniture seems sullen and sulky! SEMDAC LIQUID GLOSS imparts a cheery warmth to all woodwork. A little Semdac'on your floor mop docs the -job. It enriches the appearance of your furniture; preserves the wood and keeps down the dust. Get a tin today. SEMDAC Furniture Dressing ' for fine furniture and lacqut r At Your Dealers STANDARD OIL COMPA! (Indinnn) .! lished= by the Valparaiso University in its issue of this week carries a.picture of a group of stu- | dents who are attending the University. Among them is Miss .Irene Richman, daughter! of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Richman j of South Independence street a student there. . lip Five years ago the Valparaiso University, which had been conducted for years as a normal school, was .taken over j by a group of laymen of the Lutheran' church, and was put on [its feet and has become one of the ranted universities of the middle'west. It "w3s taken into membership in the North Central Association of colleges and universities three years ago and $1,000,000 "has been raised toward a $3,000,000 jen- dowment putting it- ou its permanent basis." Will Sell Real Estate. In the case of George E. Watson and others against -Mary Gladys Moniker and others, being an action to quiet title and for partition of real estate, the title has' been quieted as prayed. Judge Mount who heard the evidence appointed .1. W. ' O'Malley and, Christopher Weismiller to appraise the land and Oliver Clark as commissioner to sell and divide the proceeds. The commissioner's bond was fixed at S20,- 000 by the court. "EIGHT BOTTLES K0NJ0LA ENDED MY SUFFERING New Medicine Scores Another Remarkable Victory and Wins Eager Praise From Indianapolis Marl. .MANY PRIZES. Rilz Gift Shop Next. Week Has Hundreds of Presents. Friday and Saturday of next week Manager Wilson of the Ritz theatre will have a Gift Shop jfor his patrons and hundreds of presents have been dona.ted for these two days by local merchants. There' will be a : matinee on Saturday and many gifts, over one hundred, will be given at this time and more on the two nights. A. W. Dittmore, hand-duff king,. arrangeil this affair and! ho will he present for exhibitions and will lecture at each show. Mr. Dittmore says he was with the underworld in Chicago for! eight years. His talk'wiTl be on the crime subject! •Niece 111. J. • Mrs. Elijah Perry? of Windfall received word Thursday of the illness of horj niece, Mrs. Jeanette Steele Stout of . Anderson. Mrs. Stout who has visited frequently in ^Windfall Jwith her aunt and at the St. Vincent hospital at Indianapolis where, she was operated upon Wednesday morning at 1|0:00 o'clock for appendicitis. She came through the operation nicely and ' her condi-' tion is reported to be encouraging. .. ' ! ! Visited In l*r::iric; SMERAGS. "Eight bottles of Konjola end: od my| suffering and I am glad to tellLethorS of my ay.perierice," said Mr. 1 Gjuy' JB. Smerags, 431 West Illlncns street, Indianapolis. "1 sffeced from a complication of ail ntSnts. -My stomach was in very poor condition. My liver also gave me a great, deal of trouble. My color was bad and I sufferey severe' dizzy spells, particularly upon getting up in the morning. I was scarcely ever free from' headaches; and - became seriously worried, over my condition." - "My stomach and liver arc in first class^ condition .today : and neither." giro me t,he least hit-of j trouble. I,have new strength and energy:'.and I really enjoy>.-'njyj work.. .1 never .thought fchare was. a medic'neyiihai could da all that! Konjola has "done-forJme... I^onak that others who suiter, as,-I did r will 1 be. induced byw this tesUmo ^j nial togive tnls great. medicine?a i.J ^A -iTvs ^TTw .'J.^'SyffJS^I?*" 91 Mrs. Forest Dunn and | children and -Mrs. Myrtic Haskellj of Uussiaville, spent Tuesday afternoon with the hitter's daughter,Mrs. Jessie LaGardo and family. Mrs. Haskell formerly of Prairie township just returned from a two-weeks' v^sit with her son, Roy Haskell and family at Sweetser. iv FARM BUREAU. Meeting of Cicero Township Unit Friday Evening. Moved This Week. Mr. and Mrs. David Compton moved this week from the' doti hie of Mrs. Alice Kigin on wjest Washington street, to the ,: Mrs. Newton Robinson house on East Madison street recently vacated by William Briest and family Left For New York. Mrs. T. F. Burke of Mill street and Mrs. Eln or Greene of North. Gonde street, left Thursday afternoon for New York City, where Burke's son, few days. . Robert Burke for a they will be the guests :of Mrs. Euchre party, Red Men's haU,. Friday evening. I_p-l81 ^^^^^^^ mmmmm The Cicero Township Unit (of the Tipton County Farm Bureau, will hold its regular monthly .meeting Friday evening May 2nd at the Lutheran school building at 8:00 o'clock. .Following -|the business session the special .address of the evening'will be giv-. en by Mr. Summers of Indianapolis: A social hour with entertainment features will follow the 1 address and refreshments will be served. , "The Farm Bureau also wishes to announce to the members that the' Farm Bureau warhou'se at j 538 North Main street. is open I each day from 7:00 o'clock a. jn. j until 6:00 o'clock,p: ni. excepting^ Saturday evenings when the of- 1 fice will be open until! 9:00 p.- m.; BIG: 'CARP BANQUET. -| Advertised By' KiWanis Club For'' . Friday Luncheon. | A big carp banquet, is advertised by the Kiwanis club for the luncheon Friday noon at the R°itz. Coffee Shoppe. The banquet will be furnished by a few of the' Ki- wanians, who played in an attendance contest under the colors of Purdue. The squads Of Indiana, Butler arid Notre Dame will be their guests. •-'... The Purdue squad, composed of" F. Robinson, - Glen Gifford, C. Stemen, E. Kirb'y, Lee Leatherman and Rolla Hobbs, finished in the cellar in the attendance scrap and as a result these members have to funish the "grub" for the luncheon. Whose Spring?' A seven inch coil spring about one and one-quarter inches in diameter was found on the road by Omer Straley and left at: this office for the owner. The spring looks as if it might be from a riding plow or other farm impler .ment and is painted a dark red or maroon color. The owner, can secure it by calling at this office. SILKS.. Graduation Afterwards FLAT; CREPE dot yon may easily transform into charming, lustrous graduation and party frock* . . . 39 mcba wide and priced « A r\ yard j....... 1.49 I ' ' ' " ' Mother* art nuking krrely dresses foe daughter, for them selves of RAYON FLAT CREPE ... white and pastel colon ... wash* able. 39 inches; wide. Cost* QQ only yard yOC i - 's* i , •'.•'' Tan, rose I and other graduation colors may be found in this glowing SATIN CREPE. t>| AO Soft and drapy; 39 inches wide; yard #lo »0 The Young Graduate and her Under-Graduata achooltnates will thrill over filmy, feminine GEORGETTE CREPE. White and pastels. 39 inches wide. Yard * $1 49 J.C. PENNEY CO. HAVE LEASED GARAGE. -AMo. to Re Up. Forrest Persinger of Indianapolis .who was brought to the home of his mother, Mrs. Dye Moon several days ago, suffering with a threatened attack of pneumonia, is recovering nicely. Thursday afternoon he. was able to be" up town for a short time, Mrs. Persinger, his bride of a week, is here with him.- . ' . MS mm I Mrs. Jennie Weakley of North East street is visiting for'a few days at-Kokomo with her daughter, Mrs. Guy Griffith and'fam­ ily. ' • " " O. A. Davis and wife were Indianapolis visitors Thursday. Jesse Coleman and Ray Cox Took . Over Lease Thursday. - Jesse Coleman, ex-chief of police and Ray Coi, who has been in charge of Hie Farmers Oil & Tier Co. gasoline station at the Junction, have leased the Ellis garage at the corner of East arid Jefferson streets! and are now in charge. C. R. Martin sold his interest in the business and has purchased- a garage at Michigantown. The deal was made by Roy Purvis, who recently entered the real estate business. . WAR VETERAN DIES. Walter Wise hart, 4~>, Succumbs to Long Illness. Mrs. J.-W.' Hamilton has returned to ;her home on North Green street after a few weeks visit with relatives in Rush and Henry counties j and at other points. ! i Eveready glue battles, a handy office accessory. The Tribune Press! Walter Wiseheart, 45, a World War Veteran, died at his home on the William Newlon farm near Russiaville Wednesday afternoon, after an Illness resulting from being gassed while in France with the American forces overseas and was. in some of the thick of the fighting prior to the signing of the armistice. Surviving are the widow, who was formerly- Miss Flora Hadcliff. daughter of William RadcliS. residing near Russiaville and two children James and Donald. He is also survived by the father, James Wiseheart. who made his home with the son. . The funeral will, be a military one but; full arrangements have not been made. Chicks Guaranteed VmcKr/ to live T IP-TOP CHICKS are making a reputation for themselves. They live when others fail. HERE IS A GUARANTEE THAT MEANS SOMETHING! ! We will guarantee that you will raise 85% of your chicks past the critical age. r This protects the buyer. This removes the chance in starting chicks. This makes you safe. Let the triangle sign be your guide. ; I With every order of 250 or more chicks a written, binding guarantee goes with the chicks. E If you have bought chicks and I cannot raise them— try TIP-TOP CHICKS -^you take no risk. - 1- r Tip-Top Chicks may cost a little more than; some chicks, but the difference you pay will be the best money you can spend. The Tipton Hfttchery: is. always a kadcr. Tip-Top Obieks aiie liatclMd ciean-r -every efg^dij^^-^ven, chicks and incubators are fmnigated. Tip-Top Oliielu broad, Wnding! guarantee. ' A I \ \ WE HAVE A JIW HTJTORED STARTED CHI0I8 PIVOILVTOBELL ' A.

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