The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 1, 1930 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 1, 1930
Page 2
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AG 13 TWO THE TIPTON DAJLT TKIBUN2 It Doesn't Pay You lo Take Risks When Goodyear Pathfinders Cost So Little You'll be proud to have a set of Goodyear Pathfinders on your car. They give yon wonderful performance, mileage and satisfaction. It's a good looking tire and before you buy another tire, see hew much more we offer for your money. EAL/.OONS mivJ.IO JYi.bfindcr *."">.7!> .l..">0 Pathfinder S(>..~."> • :!llxl.r.(> Fathliud.-r .S!i.r>:> 28x1.75 i'alhlhider .VT.S."> 2!>\4.75 Pat blinder !>7.!IS :tO\'.|.?.~ P ithtimii l ... U!l\.">.(i(i P..tluiii.icr - ss .:i:> :l!'\5.oi> blind-r SS.I!) ;it\ Pathiinil.r KK.7!S :$:iv.~.iii! Pathiimicr , ."r't(!.:i."> 2Sx."5.^5. Pailil'miler _.•>!).:;."> .-2!l\.">.25 Pat blinder :!(l\."i.25 !|-.-ti blinder ; »i».S7, 3IV-.2.1 r -illitinili i- SI(l."l5. 2«\5.51I Pal blind) i- _• X!<>.:;."> U!)\5.5(» rVlilliuIrr e_.' SI'».«•' .•{l)\5.5(l Pathfinder S;l(>.5!l.. :il\(i.(!(t Pathfinder _„ !>i^."(l 30x4.50 Pathfinder $6.59 29x4.40 -8 Pathfinder $5.79 TRADE IN NOW We i;iv \<>n :i liberal allowance for your oid tires. SKIC IS TCtDAV!- F ®Vr INSTALLATION jaUiLi 0F ALL TIRES Goodyear Garden Hose Gocd.v ar liirce lirai<! cor- iim.tlcii extra' heavy hose. wUh ru::p!cr anil' nozzle. ci:niplc»e 50-ft. Lengths ....$5,50 25-ft,' Lengths .. ..$2.75 Any :1111<>11111 of lmse up Spark Plugs Yol:r spark phi^s should he changed every .lo[,000 miles. We Carry, a Complete Stock of Champion . and AC Plugs. OresiG Bait Casting Outfit Here's an idi al le-Iiin:; oir'.lil lor any '>ne ol' ibc family, ('(insists ol' sice!" p:d:. i»as\)ircno and lleil Head artificial h.tit South ISciM li 'Vi 1 -wiini. an', i-haek lash i eel and 15-!l>. <>-si line. : Set Complete '$8o^§ The New Goodyear Heavy Duty It's a ^ood looking tire on a ear. with the extra Chick All-Wcalhi r Triad armar­ ium a sturdy six-ply Super- Twist Cord carcass that jiives extra endurance and e\tra miles. BALLOONS .^!t\ i. 1(1 AU-Weather :;(l\l..")(l All-Weal her 2K\'I.7."> Ail-Weal her AII-YVea'lhcr :> 1x5.25 Ail-Weather II. 1). 2!l\5.5il All-Weather II. !). :iix«i.(i:i All-Wcaiher II. !>. :;:!\(;.(i(i All-Wcafhci- II. i). — _—-JHU..-50 sr2 .:t(i S12.70 Si ;;.!>.•> !jii«.:J5. ... Sl«i«5 $18.50 1-_S1!>.5<> High Quality Lawn Mowers At Unuolially Low Prices light running. Here's attractive open iiuiwcr i!ue<|iialleil rjtlality lor the priel inch open wheels •H'-aiijir'Ihig hrass le-ariugs- wi wheel.* ill:: t limy' i :li inch liladcs. Ituilf for years'of s-i vice money hack if YOU are not satisfied with it at the of tlicr season. Otlser mowers w.rlii ](; and lK-inch cutting blades unusually low prices; see our line of mowers lirst. 14- Voti r end Polishes -aft-: DUCK Polish Xu. 7 H5f Siminiz Polish _44c Siiuoniz Kleoner__ 14c ;i yards Polishing flirt h 33c. Milieu Duster _50c Chamois 50c up. Smith's Dust f lot lis 33c SEAT COVEBS < 'ome in iiiul let us show you the a'ltrartive new patterns; wc have covers for all cars. ; ALiVIN HOWE, Manager. Cor. Jefferson and Independence. .' Phone 291. 'BONE DRV" PRIEST. Explains Why He Is Against the Prohibition Law. Dramatic Struggle for 17-Year-Old Girl : 7 -year-old girl, shown jin the Pro­ late Court at Cincinnati, Ohio, Vith her grandmother, [Mrs. Marie ianke, who is fighting [desperately igainst the claims of) the girl's nother, Mrs. Hugh Keppel Bethell, jf England and India, who has made to abolish intemper-j-<> m e all the way from Ir.dia to lemand custody of Marjo: *. (Intornatlonal Ncwsreell I • Philadelphia, May 1.—rTlie Rev. James H. Gillis, C. S. P., Editor-in-Chief of the Catholic- World, an ardent temperance advocate for years, flays the Prohibition Law from the pulpit of the Cathedral. He has challenged critics to prove that he is contradicting himself in his opposition to the Eighteenth Amendment. "I' find myself in a peculiar position." Father Gillis said. "Personally, I am 'bone dry," yet I oppose the dry law. A lifelong advocate of temperance, I have persuaded tens of thousands of men to take the pledge. Yet I resent the denial of their right to take a drink if they wish, to." In harmonizing his stand on the Prohibition Law and his personal attitude toward drinking in i general. Father' Gillis asserted | that "a total abstainer is not ipso ! facto ah enemy of personal liberty." ! "From a hundred pulpits and | platforms I have found intemper- | ance," he declared, "and. now 1 from an equal number of such ! vantage points I proclaim the fol- i ly and the injustice of a. law that ; was j ance. Is my attitude paradoxi- i cal? Inconsistent? May I be ac; cuscd of carrying water I on both | shoulders? Or what is' worse. I water on one shoulder and wbis- ! ky on the other? ! "Hut I see no need of a miracle [ to inakc men understand that a I crusader for temperance need not j lie a fanatic. A tota.l abstainer is j not ipso facto, an enemy of per- i sonal liberty. For good and suf- i ficicnt reasons he declines to i drink. For similar reasons ho [tries to persuade others to take] ; no drink. But if they refuse, he • has no divine commission to j bludgeon them into submission | with a hi.w. \ "It is likewise consistent with • Catholic, theology. The church ' teaches that if drink is a proxi- j mate occasion of sin lo a man, he 'must abstain totally, But if it be i not an occasion of sin he may do ! . as he pleases—take it or Icivc ' it alone. | "Well, then, admitting on one | side the egregious., abuses that [ made the dry law possible, and to ; on the other the absurdity of that law,' what is to be done? We must j come back to the original and ; only true plan for improving the : world —education, exhortation, ; moral suasion. 'Slow methods,' ! says the impetuous drys. Yes,! : but every moral agency must! I work slowly. I "When the prohibition i are repealed, or modified • shall have to commence all ; again to help America sober. J 1 Evidently there is work ahead of; ! u's, work that we are perhaps ilis-1 i inclined to attend to— 3 .he workj ; of settling a huge problem right-] than ?!) pe | ly after the wrong settlement' i has been disposed of. That will I require more brains, more- good| will, more patience and more in- OFFICIALS. (Continued from Page One.) , j PRAIRIE TOWNSHIP-. Precinct 1.—Inspector; Allen 12 YEARS AGO Fern the« 17-year-old daughter of .Air. and Airs.-John Lorts north ;F. Spaulding. Judges. Richard j of Sharpsville 'was .critically ill Llithy. John Kenworthy. . Clerk's, appendicitis. Dale Mot.t. Clifford'Linobick.: j . -.- * • ! Precinct .2.—Inspector. Isaac'- Mr.-?.- Howard A.-.Kaul'.iman of Mrlnlii-p. Judges. Owen RaU'. Kempton was • .operated for re- Cliff. Edward Ramsaycr. t'lerfes,; mov-al of tonsils and adenoids. H.-C. Watson. Ross Rose. ' | , ''» *' * Precinct 3 .^-Inspector,' Koyj Jani 'i s .1.. ' Uomack and Wy r.i •Wooldridgc. Judges. Claude Isiuiek'had several sheep crippled Political Announcements. The Tribune, from now until the date of the primary election, "will carry political announcements in this eolunri; payment for the same must be made in advance. For Judge. As a candidate for the Republican-nomination for judge of tie: Tipton circuit, court, I hereby n- spectfullv'solicit your support. S. A. CTI.VKK. Barr, Robison A. Uomack. Clerks. Dave Smith. Fred Worilen. | WILDCAT TOWNSHIP," \ 1 Precinct 1.—Inspector. Nowton : Foueli. Judges. Albert Gibson, j William MeClish. Clerks,.- ,Abe; J Marton. William Malstrom. Precinct j 2.—Inspector. Charles : Stevenson. 1 Judges, Ralph Pugli-.' | William-Kenworthy. Clerk's. Fer-i : ris yaiiHorn, Andrew Clapsadillo. j ; Precinct 3. —Inspector, Guy. i Dean. Judges. Roy .Johnson. John! ; D. Baker. .* Clerks. -M. F. j Paul .Mitchell. I Precinct -1.—Inspector-. . ,T. A. :. Butiier. Judges. Hugh McXevv. , Willard Brown. Clerks. Joseph . Guyman. Jesse .Courtney. • ; XiIRERTY TOWNSHIP. ] Precinct 1.—Inspbctor, .Lewis • Lindley. Judges. J. F. -Mills. W. B. Swing.. Clerks,'Emory Darke. j II. E, Tyner. I Pj'ccinet 2.—Inspector. Ross ; Spears. Judges, Charles II. Smith. by dogs. , - ^ + * The s.-nl news was li'i-eivi-il .Myron • Scriglu had died at San Antonio. Te.v. 'I'le- county .heard of edm'ati--'!. appiMiiti '-d Allien ."(.''rip" IJar;-|- irnan't -offici.-r. • For fourtty Treasurer. I am a candidate for the nomination of treasurer of Tipton cdiiniv, subject to the Republic!' primary. May fi. llKl". I shall appreciate any assistance given in tn'v campaign. T11 OS. B. B A RT HOLD ML' W. bil Couch*:'- ' •• • opernt ii! Ha'rdy was ci I'unp'-nt .hospiial l),. with append^ 'iil'ie-d in a at fiilnm,. itis and was (if-nrtr I-'i-a Jtvtiai -for.a blac!; s->w jiounds which had l;is jit-r.-miscs. .•as allvrlis- • -i-.'hin..' 2i"i traced fi-iini For County Clerk. I hereby announce mysi-If as \ candidate for the nomination (• ••; clerk of the Tipton circuit con--, subject to the decision of tie- ll'-inoi-ratic voters'.it the primary 'election to he held .May 1. in;; 1 '. PARKL'R Di'MIA.M. I 1 have auiiouiici'd a- a I>• -rs.. • at ic candidate for tl.e iioniii..:- ; i i»n for 'lerl; of tlte Tipton cir;'••:;!! court, subject to the primarc '••lection - May B, lf>::». - Any sup' pert riven me will lie sincrelv appreciated. JOHN F. HKATH. P, A. Ra.ile. '.va-s.-ecnVined Y\'..r> ne, p-'iiv at tin for : he .". civil war .veteran, ili. a liu-pital at -Ft. •rit-TU in mi an iper- ia-nioval ol a 1 tiinor. Rome's Social Leader Gets High Papal Honors Grover Xauss. Clerlw, 'Melvin ; Kennedy,- W. T. Xeimann. Precinct. —Inspector. uel| ilogue. Judges, John J. J. Cottingham. 'Clerks-.' ley: Pickett. Marble Snyder. FOR SALE For Trustee. I hereby announce myself a-= 'a cniuliilate for the nomination fifr trustee of Cicero township, snl.- j je'ci to the decision of the Demo- jcrat voters at tile primary el-r- ithiii to h.: held Tuesdav Mav il. i lU ,"i>. i RfcX L. HASKETT. Sa in-, Pool.' 'liar-' IIOMK IT.OM HOSPITAL Ilea til ifu!,' .-Ha" Schal'f IM;:;.«•••- Piano, like n v. - . •.•.iiaraiileeil: pav balance :''Js.",, at -ouJ-y SI" per !i ! givi- refereuci- vie; i.ncev wh.-r- 'I be seen.' Alldr r.i-. 1 11 i i ilte V.Ttl> will .!'!».*•- Miss Klorence Thiimpsou !l;is K roviTi 'd l.ler Health. I. SHIRLEY U(4. a, li.ii. I am a candidate for tlie !>e:n- locralic nomiiiatioii for tins' ••• of ; Cicero township and .will a-ppr. M -iate any aid that is •-•jven lee in j lay campaign and in the -primary j election. JOHN C. liOZKLL. j I ani a candidai.e for the Ki pnl» I lii'nu'nomination lor trustee of ! Libert'- township. Vniir. support [at the primary. May i;. i:i:;n. w;,l be fully, appri'cial i -d. i H'THKU UllLKIi. I laws j wo 1 I over I The' beautiful Marchess Gods de Godio, the acknowledged social leader of Rome and J wife of the noted Italian diplomat. The Marchesa was photographed wearing the decoration bestow[ed upon her by His Holiness Pope|Pius XI. It was the second highest honor ever bestowed upon a woman. The Marchesa is the daaghter of W. H. Kay, of England, arid is a well- known authoress. 1 (International Newareell Frank Thompson of Kentucky. Avenue was tit Anderson Thursday and was accompanied - home bylhis daughter Miss : Florence Thompson who has been a -patient at-the Klla- B. Kearer Tubercular; home.for more than a year. Miss Thompson, who at Hie time her- illness began was a student in the Tipton schools, is completely -recovered and is a perfect"'picture of health. That she may continue ;lie stm batjhs and the open air-mode of. living which has featured in her cure at the tubercular h.nnio. Mr. Thompson has built ii sun porch and an. open air sleeping porch at Hid home on Kentucky Avenue and •everything was in readittess f :ir. her home coming . Thursday Ovening. . Kifeh'nTinf Enamel For Woodwork and .Walls Brighten Ur> Your Painted. Wall.'i With This . Sttperior - Washable Enamel. ' TIPTON, IND. "A Good Place to Trade'.' Drake Beauty Parlor Ciraduate of Haiiihow Academj Call .1.1 for Appointment Second l'loor, Ma-onic BldR. M. & N. SHOE STORE Nothing Over $4.98 COUKTKKY OCK MOTTO CIRCUIT coun": COUNTY WEALTH. X '(Continued From Page 1.) Sheep . are " averaging belter head, the assessors ! having listed -l.iiTi \vitIi a total 1 value of S-1-2.S0!). j Brood sows are cont.iiniing itellectual honesty than have thus! average belter than i far been shown on eitljer side of j sensors ' having listed the prohibition controversy." r ?2(i' the ,2!Mi ; AVere at Perkinsville. Mrs. John Hash, Mrs. Claude Mc-Now and Airs. Ed SimmOnds j were at Perkinsville Thursday I visiling at the home of Mrs. Sim- j monds' sister, Mrs. William Likens and family. I Mrs. Likens was also enlertain- t i ting the Ladies Aid society of thei Perkinsville Methodist church atj her home at an all day -'meeting. M' 011 ami ttlc assessors^ have listed nulls having a value Of 9141.SOL Other hogs, to the number of S17, TS7 have been listed with a total valuation of S10S/IR2. The amount of poultry in ilie county, remaining uuslolen is so far (IS.052 fowls, hav ng an aver- I. i (Continued From Page 1.1' j ceiyer -for tlui real estate during: : ' he pe'rioii of redempf-iou.-' [ i A k .inotion lo strike out the -re-,' i moTrstranee tiled by Charles A."' i Heron to the amended rs'pori inj ithe Zittinger -Irainage proceeding i tiled by the petitioners. ' ; At tile reiiuest of the attorneys j'in .the case.of Smith .Vs. Bunch l 0 j ; nil others, an action lo set aside the! Vtill of the late Hardin Bunch, the trial date for this has .-, been changed to May -t\. The case was as 1- o h;f?e hern tried May 12. A iin. a'lli- veniie se and I statement was made thai. I davit for a change of. ! would he,'' filed' ill the. c ..ludgl! Mount lixed'the new date at a -time when he .will be at Xtiwcastle as special judge in- a ge value of better than S9 per, ^ ,„, lhiyUl . nvy t:iriuit , dozen or a total [valuation ol Sa5.- '• i 207. -i Money IO ihe amount of Sl-12, •1!)2 has been given in for taxa- Insurance of All Kinds Life — Auto — -Accident Protection for Whatever Your Personal or Business Needs May Be. LEE F. GRIi'FTH INSURANCE AGENCY Phone r >7. W. A. Pumphrey, D. C. CHIKOl'KAt'TOK Ollice Over Foster Jewelry Store. , Phone U.11. Tip! on'. I nd. LOANS iSlil to S:5(H)—Your Own Secur ity—(Juick and Coiilideiitial Peoples Loan '& Credit Co. Km. -I, Jlasonic ISIds- N. Main. with a pitchin dinner at the noohj. G 0 diamonds having hour. The. Tipton ladies' had j .uation' of S8.S20 or timed their visit to enjoy thisi of S147 per stone have been list- meeting and to partake of ' the bountiful supply of delicious favorite dishes which featured the dinner. Card of Thanks. tolal val an averagi cd. In the county the have already' listed 2,fi71 sets of household goods with an aver- ago . of better than §163 per set or a total valuation of S437.092. Sixty-five stocks of merchandise have been as.sess.ed so far with an average valuation of S2 ,r 291 or a total valuation of S14S, 914. '" . -I court. Card of Thanks. : We wish lo sincerely tliank all the: neighbors and friends wl'm assisted us in aiiy.".way dufin'-' the long illness and 'after.-the- .de.ilh of our darling wife. ;lioth-.»r. assessors | daughter and sister. Mrs. ilermtin Goodman. Also to express to all We have several excellent piano values: now is the tihio to start the children in music f|or'the sum- mot. Leathcriiian's. c-17S . We wish to thank the neighbors and friends and all those who assisted us in any way during the illness and after the death of our dearly loved mother, Mrs. Louise Honijold, and express our appreciation of the many courtesies and kindnesses shown us at this time. We wish to personally thank Rev. T. E. Schwann for his message of comfort, Miss Kohlmeyor and the Lutheran choir for the excellent music, Mr. Leatherman T and Mr. Morris,..the funeral jdirgfitprs, jthe nephews' wholja>tedj° aa>t pall • bearers and the teachers who acted as flower bearers and for the ninny . . .. expressions of sympathy in the I.™* ««»K« the; skin dry land, drawn, i- . - f A Stays on longer, keeps shine beautiful floral tributes. nW! , y and ia vory ,, oneflQ , al t0 lhe Miss Opal Honnold. -complexion. You will Hove MEL- Mr. and Mrs. Earl Reese. I LO-GLO Face Powder Most Nurses Use :„ New Face Powder ',. M.WfcJLq^LOv the. hew wondeiv ful'French; Process' Fajce jpowde'r, lis preferred by nurses| because of | its' purity, and they. say. it-doeg ourj deep apprei iation of the many kindnesses and courtesies shown lis in deep sorrow. We also, wish to especially thank the undertakers.-' lim min-. ; ister, the singers, pail bearers and flower hearers and to all for-j the many beautiful flowers sent • in loving s.viupatl|-y.—Herman I Goodman and family, Mr. and;'. Mrs..Isaac Falconberry and.fam-j ily. :. . . ' With evej-y' of a pint or more of Jap-A-Lac. Tile fibre board wastebasket -(.511c valued is unfinisheil so (hat you can enamel and :.ieneii it any colors you like. .The' illue Bird stencils (S1.00 valuei can also be used for breakfaM ^ct'^, walls and other places. (,' This offer is good for limited time only. J, P. SMITH Lumber Co. Phone 72. See— YOUNG & MASON Suits, and Eurnishingrs 6 East Jefferson St. RADIO SERVICE We 'Go Anywhere — Aerial Work—-Full Line Accessories McJunkin Radio Shop Phone ^l>\7. ! See physical training' exhibit [at jjym, Friday, 7:30 !r>- pi.: lOc admission, c-181 "The Store for. Dad arid Lad." Automobile Insurance I. FULL COVERAGE Fire Theft Windstorm Collision Property Damage . ^ Public Liability. Personal Adjustment of Losses ' first National Insurance Ageucy Charles Warne, Manager Opera House Block Our Xew Spring Woolens Arc Arriving—fonu- and Sec Them CHARLES-FOUCH Tailor and Men's Shop 108 North Millie Strict. Wo Trade for Tour OM Ti»es LINEBACKS . • i .- Wect Jefferson St. rOPC IiAB PK^CED SHOES HOME TE^DK SHOE East Jefferiott St., Tipton

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